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Will She Come Back? 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Will She Come Back? 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Will she come back to you? Does she miss you enough to come back to you after the breakup?

These questions will run through your mind at lightning speed whenever you think of your ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes, it’s not about who dumped who or why the relationship ended in the first place. It’s about the aftermath.

You miss her. You want her back and you want it to happen as soon as possible.

Women are masters at hiding their feelings and very often, you’re left to wonder what she might be thinking.

However, if you were the dumper, she obviously might feel like you are the one who doesn’t want her anymore.

Because of that, she won’t be forward about what she thinks and feels about renewing your relationship.

She will show you that she wants to come back to you through little signs that you have to pay attention to in everything she does.

Will she come back to me?

There are clear signs she wants to come back to you. She will do things differently and you will be able to recognize the signs if you know her well.

However, here is a fair warning: If you really want her to come back to you, make sure that the second time around, you treat her better.

If she decides to come back to you, don’t ever let her go again!

1. She wants to stay friends

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

A good sign your ex will come back to you at some point is if she wants to stay friends.

She will do this to make sure that she is still around you as you won’t forget about her this way.

Staying friends with your ex isn’t the perfect scenario, because you both want and need some time apart.

However, staying friends with your ex means that you two are still too scared to let go of each other.

She doesn’t want you to walk out of her life that easily, even if she broke up with you.

You will be able to figure out her intentions if she chooses to stay friends with you. You two will still be around each other.

2. She’s still there for you whenever you need her

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

The first time you talked to each other after the breakup, you saw that she had always been the one who understood you best.

You two can open up to each other quite easily, because of the entire history you share.

She’s always the first one to respond to your messages and she’s always there to be your shoulder to cry on.

The possibility remains that she is doing this tactically. She saw an opportunity to stay close to you and she took it. 

However, she still genuinely cares about you and the problems you’re going through.

It’s easier with her, as you don’t have to explain the context of things to her because she was there throughout a huge part of your life.

Will she come back to you? She just might if she’s the one who’s always there to help you fix your problems.

3. Will she come back if she asks your friends and family about you?

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Even if you two are strict about the no contact rule and you’re not communicating, you still hear that she’s constantly asking about you.

Your friend may have come up to you a few times already and told you that they saw your ex and they talked for quite a while.

They told you how happy she was to hear that you’re doing OK.

She goes out of her way to ask your mutual friends and your family about your whereabouts but not in a creepy way.

You actually begin to appreciate her concern because you tend to ask about her as well.

It’s actually a very common sign that she will come back to you after the breakup. 

4. She goes to places where she knows you hang out

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

So, you went out with your friends to let loose for the night, but when you turned around, there she was; your ex. 

You know that she usually wouldn’t have chosen a place like this to go to, so why is she there right now?

Well, it is kind of obvious. She still hasn’t gotten over you, she still has strong feelings for you, and just seeing you for the night is enough for her.

She has probably thought about where she could ‘coincidentally’ bump into you and this place was her best bet. 

You might find this to be weird, but if you were wondering if she would come back to you, this a very good sign that she is definitely thinking about it.

5. She is still single

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Either you two are still talking or you found out through a mutual friend that she isn’t dating anyone.

She is still single and she doesn’t seem to have any intention of dating anytime soon.

The most obvious reason for this is that she still isn’t over her ex-boyfriend.

This is one of the common signs that she will come back to you, because she’s not trying to find someone to replace you.

She had more than enough time to fall in love with someone else, but she chose not to.

However, she is an intelligent and gorgeous human and she deserves to be loved.

A huge number of men would love to snatch up a woman like her to love and treat right.

On the other hand, what if she’s trying hard to fall in love again but she simply can’t? Her feelings for her ex-boyfriend are simply too strong.

6. Will she come back when she flirts with other men just to make you jealous?

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

You know that she was never much of a flirt.

Yes, she was always very communicative, but even when you two were in your talking stage, you were the one who did most of the flirting.

So why is she all over another man whenever you’re around? The simple answer: she’s trying to make you jealous.

She only flirts with other men in front of you to get a reaction out of you.

You don’t have to wonder whether she will come back to you, because she’s doing all of that for your attention.

A huge number of men become desperate when they see their ex with a new partner.

So she might start to post pictures of other men on social media, flirt with men right in front of you, and so on.

She will call men the same nicknames she called you, and you will see the same captions under her photos as she wrote under the pictures you two took together. 

This will make you go crazy until you make the first move and talk to her. She wants you back, you just have to see through her facade. 

7. You text on a daily basis

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

You never wanted to give up messaging your ex-girlfriend just because of some made-up ‘no contact rule’.

Both of you are fine with messaging each other whenever there’s something exciting happening and you have maintained a good relationship.

​A lot of people would say that you’re both crazy for doing that, but you don’t care.

A lot of time is spent just talking about important things and you don’t think that it’s a problem.

You make sense of it by saying that you can’t just avoid all types of contact with someone with whom you’ve spent so much time.

Will she come back to you if you text on a daily basis? The chances are quite high, to be honest.

Neither of you is able to let go of that special connection you built up over time. 

It becomes even more obvious if she’s the one who initiates most of the conversations.

She also doesn’t reply with one-word answers but rather asks questions and makes it easy for you to continue the conversation.

It’s a really clear sign that your story still isn’t over.

8. She texts and calls you when she’s drunk

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Not even her best friends can keep her from texting and calling you when she’s drunk.

Your ex feels most vulnerable when she has had a few too many drinks and she chooses to call you.

This is the moment when all of her boundaries are gone and she can’t think straight about all the rules she had for herself.

She promised herself that she wouldn’t talk to you or reach out first, but the alcohol in her system has a mind of its own.

It doesn’t matter whether she calls you to pick her up, to hook up with you or to simply hear your voice – you were the first one to cross her mind.

I have to ask you to think things through when she does this. Please don’t take advantage of this situation.

You will be able to show the best version of yourself in these circumstances if you choose to be there for her instead of taking advantage of her vulnerable state.

9. Will she come back if we still hang out?

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Let’s be honest for a moment here; you two broke up, so why are you still seeing each other?

A good sign that she will come back to you is if she’s always finding an excuse to hang out with you.

You turn to each other for advice and you are always there to help each other.

Because of this, your love life is non-existent, but you still don’t want to let go of each other.

It’s really obvious that you two haven’t moved on from each other and she will come back to be with you.

She knows that you’re a nice guy and doesn’t question your intentions, but secretly, you both enjoy your time together a bit too much.

10. You’re still in contact with her friends and family

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

You might be wondering, “Will she come back to me?” but it’s quite clear she will if you’re still on good terms with her family and friends.

Why? Because it means that she didn’t go out of her way to tell them to cut off contact with you.

You know that when a breakup is really bad, your friends won’t stay on good terms with your ex.

The people most close to her still play a huge role in your life and you are grateful for that.

However, you have to be aware of the fact that whatever you say to her dearest ones, they won’t keep it from her. They will tell her everything.

If you really put in a good word or two, or say that you miss her, it just might motivate her to make the first move.

Your ex-girlfriend wants to know what you think about her and your breakup to know whether she’s going to come back to you.

11. She asks about your dating life

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

The last time I checked, you shouldn’t be meddling in your ex’s love life.

But whether you are looking for a new relationship or not, your ex-girlfriend wants to be informed.

Of course, she doesn’t try to make her curiosity obvious, so she makes it sound like a normal conversation.

However, you can sense the way she tenses up whenever you talk about your dating life or ask her about hers.

She wants to know whether you have found someone better than her or if there is still a possibility you two could end up together again.

If you have a new girlfriend, she will always ask about your new relationship.

She will use the information to store in the back of her mind for if you two ever get back together.

12. Will she come back if she brings up our past?

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

A good sign you will get your ex-girlfriend back into your life is if she mentions your past a lot.

‘The past’ as in your relationship that you both haven’t fully abandoned yet.

She always finds a way to nostalgically bring up your past, with all the what-ifs and should-haves. 

Even if she isn’t aware of doing this, she still wants you to justify your actions, no matter who the dumper was.

She wants to know that you miss the old times just as much as she does.

The fact that she brings up the old days means that she still harbors feelings for you and she can’t let go of the past.

She misses the committed relationship you two had and obviously to her, nothing compares to it. 

13. She posts pictures on social media that make you believe she still thinks of you

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Have you seen a picture on her social media that has a very distinct caption? You can tell by the caption and the picture that it was a message aimed at you.

It may be an inside joke you two shared or a nostalgic message. Whatever it is, you see it as her way of reaching out to you.

She doesn’t want you to think that she’s publicly provoking you, as that’s not the desired effect. 

Rather than that, she wants you to know that she still thinks about you.

It’s a silent plea for you to message her first and talk to her about your breakup.

Will she come back if I do see these posts?” To be honest, only time can tell.

She might use her social media platforms as a coping mechanism more than a way of indirectly communicating with you.

If you really want to know, why not reach out to her?

14. She’s telling you that she has changed

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

The real reason why she’s always telling you how much she has been working on herself is that your ex has thought about coming back to you.

Will she come back to you for sure if she’s telling you all of these things? It’s actually up to you how you receive these pieces of information.

If you encourage her new behavior and her motivation for becoming better, then she will continue working on herself for both of you.

Of course, you really should consider working on yourself on the behalf of your relationship too.

Don’t just expect her to change. The breakup happened because of both of you. It wasn’t just her.

Unless you show her that you can change as well, she won’t come back to you.

She will come back if you do these things:

You can’t just sit around and wait for her to come back to you, no matter who the dumper was.

You have to realize that she won’t put herself down to the point where she will chase after you, ever.

As every strong and capable woman knows, no matter how much she loves a man, no man is worth the wait or the chase.

So you better start doing things that will show her that you are ready to get into a committed relationship with her once again!

1. Flirt with her

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Don’t just flirt with her to get your way. Don’t flirt with her to show your dominance or whatever. Flirt with her in order to compliment her.

She will feel like the queen of the world, even because of subtle compliments that are thrown her way.

This is especially relevant if she’s the only woman you flirt with. 

2. Be the first one to reach out

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

You want your ex to come back to you and you always get excited when she texts you first, but won’t she feel bad about always doing that?

Be the first one to reach out at times. Show her that you still care and that you want to talk to her. 

Don’t make her feel obligated to always call and text you first; instead, have a healthy balance and keep it that way.

You won’t seem desperate and she will feel validated.

3. Work on yourself

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

Give her a reason to come back. When she comes back to you after the breakup, you don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

If you were insecure and jealous before, work on your confidence and trust issues.

If you were controlling or self-absorbed, please don’t make the same mistake twice. Women know to run away from men like that, as far as we can.

Instead, give her a reason to believe in you and your good traits. Show her that you can change and that you will do all of that just for her.

4. Be open about your feelings

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

A woman who’s truly interested in you will appreciate it when you open up to her.

She will come back to you if she sees that you’re being honest with your intentions.

Don’t play games and don’t shy away from talking about what you feel toward her. She will feel validated and she won’t try to hide behind a mask anymore.

You really have to be open about your intentions. No one appreciates a liar or a man who plays games because he’s scared of being vulnerable.

Your vulnerability is precious, don’t forget that.

5. Give her time

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

I know how hard it is to stay away from someone who you feel so drawn to, emotionally and physically.

However, if you’re truly asking yourself, “Will she come back?” you need to give her time.

You two broke up for a reason, one known only to the two of you, and it caused heartbreak.

Both of your hearts are in a lot of distress, so let them heal.

Give her time to come to terms with the fact that you’re ready to change for her. Don’t push her, and don’t make her rush into anything.

This way, she will come back to you by herself.

Will she come back? Conclusion

DONE! Will She Come Back 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure

If you are seeing these signs and if you are doing your best to get her back, your relationship will become official again.

You have to keep an open mind at all times, but always look out for your own heart.

Don’t get too caught up in trying to get her back to the point where you forget to take care of your own mental health.

Give yourself all the attention you need and she will come back to you. 

​She will come back to you when she sees that you have learned to take care of yourself and her the same way.

Will she come back? The next time you ask yourself this question, make sure to look out for these signs!

Will She Come Back? 14 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back For Sure


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