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The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

Breakups are never easy. It is surely a painful experience that everyone tries to forget.

However, there seem to be instances when your ex starts to feel guilty, whether he broke up with you or not.

Maybe you are wondering whether he is truly miserable after everything that he did to you.

The thing is, there is a term called ‘dumper’s remorse’.

If you have ever wondered after he dumped you whether your ex feels guilty for what he did to you, that is what this term is all about.

Now, it is hard to read a person’s mind and to know exactly what they are thinking.

The separation might have been hard, but maybe your ex is regretting leaving you in the first place.

If he has a good heart and is a genuinely good human being, then he might even feel guilty about leaving you and treating you the way he did in the relationship.

After a breakup, everyone needs some time to process what happened. Give it time and you will start to see your ex’s regretful behavior from a mile away.

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

Don’t fool yourself. He won’t express his guilt to you directly.

That would be too easy for you, with him taking all the blame. It would also be a huge hit to his ego and it might also hurt his pride.

Be aware. It will be hard to accurately work out how your ex is feeling.

He might create a false impression if he wants to make you feel like you were the one to blame for the breakup.

However, if he feels guilty, the subtle signs will appear eventually. You just have to be aware of them and that is where I come in.

By no means am I saying that these signs are the only ones, but I have found that they are the most common.

If you are curious to know whether your ex regrets breaking up with you and whether he feels guilty, then you should read carefully.

1. He posts pessimistic quotes

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

An ex-partner who feels guilty will openly express how miserable he is after the breakup.

The thing is that he might try to amp up everything that he is feeling into sad quotes that he posts on his social media.

He spends more time on the Internet now so it is not an issue for him.

I know he might be sending mixed signals, but most of them will be pointed toward you because he needs to express his guilt somewhere.

He needs to ease the pain that he is feeling. What better way to do that than to post sad pictures and quotes on his social media.

You never know, you might be inclined to give it another shot.

If you see him acting weirdly on social media, then this is the time to try to fix the things that were once broken.

2. He is worried about you

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

One of the most obvious signs that your ex is feeling guilty is when he keeps asking you questions like, “How are you?” or, “Are you OK?

He might even go a step further and ask your friends about your emotional state and how you are holding up.

The reason why he keeps searching for such information is that he feels guilty and needs to know whether you have recovered from the pain that he inflicted on you.

The reason why he feels guilty could range from the way he broke up with you to the fact that he caused you pain.

By constantly asking questions about your emotional well-being, he is showing that he actually cares about you.

The more hurt you are, the more he finds it difficult to comprehend and realize what he did.

His actions might have been intentional or unintentional, who knows.

However, the more you seem to be at ease, the less weight he will feel on his shoulders and it will be easier for him to talk to you.

The thing you should worry about is whether or not you want your ex to come back to you.

If you are considering rekindling the flame, then you should not make him feel guilty about dumping you.

3. He speaks very highly of you even after the breakup

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

When your ex makes an effort to make sure that other people still know that you are still a beautiful and strong girl, believe me, he is feeling guilty.

You would never expect that to come from an immature little boy who doesn’t know what respect is. He takes responsibility for his actions and the breakup.

Despite his harmful actions, he doesn’t want to cast a negative light on you.

He still cares about your feelings and doesn’t want you to suffer just because of his actions.

Even though he decided to break up with you, he still doesn’t want any type of negativity to be spread about you.

He is still protecting you even though he isn’t with you anymore. This is a classic example of him feeling guilty.

Be careful, though.

Sometimes a man might be being manipulative by using this as an indication that he still wants you back, just to hurt you all over again.

4. He tries hard to show you he’s doing better without you

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

Human psychology and behavior are fascinating.

How many times have you seen pictures of your friends and you thought they looked happy, but they actually weren’t at the time?

This could be applied to your ex in a similar way.

If he wants you to see him in a positive light, he will try as hard as he can to present himself in a way that seems appealing to you.

What he does or posts on his social media depends on the dynamics that you had in your relationship. However, there is a general rule for this.

If he now does all the things that you asked him to do when you were in a relationship, then you can be sure that he is feeling guilty.

He works hard to get your attention and the best way to achieve that is by being a better person, right?

5. He says it’s him and not you

DONE! The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

This is a classic breakup line that everyone has heard at least once in their life. It often means that your ex wants to take the blame for the breakup when it isn’t actually true.

He is using what is called reverse psychology. It’s one of the best ways to know that he feels guilty.

It is designed so that you feel better than you actually should.

It works in the way that you are alleviated from the pain caused by the breakup.

He doesn’t want you to blame yourself too much because it will make him feel even more guilty than he already does.

What it actually means is that he is encouraging you to move on with your life because you are better off without him.

Or maybe it is just a simple lie that he keeps telling himself.

Either way, don’t fall for his empty words.

Keep in mind that if your ex decides to ask for your forgiveness, you hold the power of whether or not you will actually forgive him for leaving you in the first place.

Don’t let him take over because the choice is yours and not his. If you are capable of doing so, forgive him and move on with your life.

The Top 5 Signs Your Ex Feels Guilty

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