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4 Genuine Reasons Why He’ll Never Forget About You

4 Genuine Reasons Why He’ll Never Forget About You

Breakups are never easy. There’s sadness, grief, and hurt on both sides.

No one forgets the painful emotions you experience when your heart is broken into a million pieces.

But the truth is that even though the relationship ended, know that you’ll be on his mind for a while.

Why? Because you’re an unforgettable woman.

You know how to love a guy. You know that for a healthy relationship, two people must sacrifice a lot of their time and dedication.

You’re aware that being in a relationship means giving pieces of yourself to the other person without expecting anything in return.

However, sometimes, fate has its cruel way of saying that you aren’t for each other after all.

It’s important that you know you gave everything you had into the relationship because you won’t blame yourself for not being with him anymore.

You’ll remember the happy times and you even might mourn for a while, but you’ll be okay.

You have learned how to pick yourself up after being broken countless times, but he hasn’t.

He’ll never forget how you made him feel, how you overlooked all of his flaws and made him a better man.

He’ll most definitely miss you. He won’t be able to forget you and he’ll look for you but you’ll find your home in somebody else’s arms.

He’ll never forget about you because:

1. You showed your love by being yourself and honest

DONE! 4 Genuine Reasons Why He'll Never Forget About You

Today’s dating scene is quite rough.

Most of the time, people pretend to be someone they’re not, and it’s hard to find people who are just honest and authentic.

And he knows that. He’s aware of that fact because he has dated other women who pretended to be someone they’re not.

But you were like a breath of fresh air to him. You were completely upfront with him and that’s why he’ll never forget about you.

He’ll miss how real you were with him.

He will miss all those times you were honest about your feelings for him.

He’ll miss those times when you told him what bugged you about his behavior.

He might have thought that you were nagging and being clingy, but eventually, he’ll know that’s not true.

He’ll miss those times when you didn’t like something and you were sure to tell him that.

Even if it annoyed him when you two were together, he’ll secretly wish to have you back so you can give him your honest opinion.

It’s true what people say; everyone needs a person who grounds them and he’s aware of that.

2. You showed your love through your smile and your eyes

DONE! 4 Genuine Reasons Why He'll Never Forget About You

Those moments of true happiness that you experienced with him will be forever stuck in his mind and heart.

He’ll never forget your smile because it showed all the love you had for him.

All of the emotions you had for him made up that one big genuine smile you had when he made you happy.

It’s true what people say – the eyes are the windows to the soul – and he knows that.

Through your eyes, he could see all the feelings you had for him and he’ll miss being able to look into them and see how deeply you cared about him.

He’ll most certainly miss those moments when you looked at him with so much affection and he won’t be able to forget about you.

He’ll miss those signs of endearment that you gave him, which only confirmed how much you loved him.

I think he’d give everything he has right now just to hear your laughter once more, but he can’t. He threw away his chance with you.

3. He’ll never forget about you because he felt safe and secure with you

DONE! 4 Genuine Reasons Why He'll Never Forget About You

You gave him a sense of home that was much needed.

He was lost before he met you and he didn’t really know what it meant to have a romantic relationship with someone.

At the end of the day, this is something we all crave – to find someone with whom we feel safe and secure.

You gave him that, as you were very open with him, and you proved to him that it’s better to communicate with your partner than to hold in all the troubles that bother you.

You had great communication on your good days and he’ll miss that.

He’ll miss those long days where you had deep conversations, and that’s why he’ll never forget about you.

4. You always like to go after meaningful connections.

DONE! 4 Genuine Reasons Why He'll Never Forget About You

He knows that you aren’t one of those people who only establishes a connection with someone just because they’re afraid to be alone.

You want to make sure that the connections you have with other people have a deeper meaning and he knows that.

That’s why he’ll never forget about you.

He knows that you don’t waste your time on casual relationships or flings.

You seek purpose in every relationship that you have, no matter what that person means to you.

The bonds you create with other people aren’t just superficial. Those people really do matter to you and that’s why he’ll never forget about you.

You always love wholeheartedly and unconditionally, no matter what.

That’s the type of woman you are and no one’s going to change that.

Yes, life might have hit you hard a couple of times, but you learned how to quickly get back up.

You don’t hold back when it comes to love. You learned that the hard way and he’ll miss that about you.

He’ll miss the fact that you didn’t have any problem letting him know what you actually felt about him and he’ll miss experiencing the love you had for him.

4 Genuine Reasons Why He'll Never Forget About You

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