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Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

At the beginning of the relationship, he tried to get her attention. He did everything he could to win her over.

His focus was solely on her, trying to stand out from the other guys, so he could be the one whom she needed.

When he accomplished what he had in mind, he started to ignore her and he became cold, cold because she was no challenge to a man of his caliber and he took her for granted.

He thought that she would be there for him no matter what he asked for. And as time passed, she was sickened by the whole situation.

The point is when a guy ignores a woman, she comes back stronger. She learns how to become stronger and how to live without a man.

A message to all the men out there: Don’t try to use the ‘playing hard to get’ card.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

It is outdated and you won’t get the attention you so desperately crave and want.

Because of this reason, men tend to lose women more often than ever.

It has become some sort of a routine where a man ignores a woman to achieve his goal and that is to win her over.

Don’t ever say that men are not creative because they create this false narrative in their mind that the push-pull technique will work, that the woman will be drawn to them.

However, let me tell you straight-up that the technique you have learned from the movies or from your friends does quite the opposite.

It just pushes away the woman you like and are trying to impress.

Others may think that when they belittle a woman, she will come crawling back to them to ask for validation and approval because for goodness sake, she needs your approval.

They are wrong, they are so wrong.

Those manipulative ways will not get them far, they will fail in their attempt, and they will eventually regret doing anything.

You want to know how to lose a woman? Treat her badly and she will walk away instantly, no matter how inexperienced she is.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

You see, a real woman isn’t into playing games that much.

She is not attracted by a man who is not sure what he wants and has a difficult time making up his mind.

A real woman knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for anything less.

She won’t be another option, she won’t be that late-night call or answer any ‘You up?’ texts.

Her priorities are in order and she wants that old-fashioned love, respect, dignity, honesty, and complete attention.

When you ignore a girl, you are giving her the most precious gift of all, and that is the lesson of strength.

Strength to move on from guys like you. You are actually helping her to live a life without you. And trust me, she will find a way to do just that.

Because she is a strong and fierce woman.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

This girl will seize the opportunity to learn how to be on her own without your approval or attention. Ignore her and she will distance herself from you.

That is a one-way ticket out of her life if you try to waste her time.

If you ignore a woman in an attempt to win her over, believe me, she will immediately presume you are not a valuable or decent long-term partner.

A real woman won’t go and waste her precious time with someone who is never honest about his intentions and emotions.

Everywhere you look, there are a bunch of guys with such qualities.

She needs to know that she can trust you.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

If she can, then she will invest her time in you. Otherwise, you are in big trouble.

You know, no matter what they say, girls like to be treated like princesses and they should be treated like them.

No woman likes to be treated hot and cold. A real woman wants a reliable guy, who is always there for her when she needs him.

When you love someone, you can’t hide it and you cannot deny it.

A guy who likes a woman showers her with affection and proves his love for her in any way that seems fitting for such a strong woman.

Real love takes commitment, you know. Real love is more about transparency, honesty, and respect.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

If you know your woman has a busy day ahead, would it take much to send her a quick message that you miss her and support her?

No, it wouldn’t. So, do it.

Don’t pull away just because she is busy, thinking you will make her miss you. You won’t.

She will miss you no matter how busy she is. If you ignore her, don’t expect her to miss you.

You were everything to her. She wanted to spend every second with you. Now she is just hurt because you were not around when she needed you.

However, the tables are turned.

She has stopped missing you because she learned to live without you and she learned that she can lean on herself first, and then on others.

She learned that she could have better and she learned that it is better to be alone than with someone who is not worth her time.

If you believed that she would stay even if you treated her badly, you are wrong.

A woman won’t stay with you no matter what you do to try and keep her. You need to show her respect and love first, and then expect her to support you.

A woman can put up with you only to a certain point and then she will walk away. Those nights when you left her alone will be a thing of the past.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

She will realize that it is better for her to just walk away from you and find someone who will put in as much effort as she does.

You reminded her of who she is or who she was before she even met you.

She remembered what she deserves and what she wants in her life if she wants to be truly happy.

If you want her by your side, love her, respect her, tell her that you miss her, and fill her life with the happiness and joy that she deserves.

DONE! Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

You need to be there for her, to be her shoulder to cry on in tough times. Devote your time and attention to her, and she will reciprocate.

Don’t just disappear when times are tough. You need to prove to her that not all men are the same.

If you want her to be with you for the rest of your life, be THE MAN in both good and bad times.

Prove to her that you are the one. The one who fulfills her needs, protects her emotions, and gives her the comfort and contentment that she deserves.

Once You Ignore Her, She Will Learn To Live Without You

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