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An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

“Why are you so upset?! She’s a friend. Don’t worry about her. I’m in a relationship with you, not her.”

Those were the exact words he would tell me whenever I brought you up, whenever he said you were coming over to his place to chill.

Every single time, I wanted to be happy for him, because he had a good friend like you. However, I could see that little spark of anger in your eyes.

There was no mistaking the fact that you wanted me gone from the very moment I set foot in your life and stole him away from you.

How long did you plan this? Did you have other ideas before I came along?

Did you want him all for yourself from the very start and then I barged in, uninvited?

I know that I made quite an impression on you, if I may say so myself.

When we went up to you so that he could introduce us, your eyes almost flew out of your head as you were scanning me from head to toe.

Did you like what you saw? Or were you angry that his new girlfriend was actually this hot?

Not to toot my own horn, but I knew back then and I even know now that I am a catch. Someone who takes care of herself physically just as much as emotionally and mentally can’t be overlooked.

From the very beginning, you were the girl he told me not to worry about. You were ‘one of the guys’ and ‘the sister he never had‘.

My first thought was to befriend you.

DONE! An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

Through his stories, I gathered that you were an interesting and loving creature.

I thought that you would be happy that your best friend had found a girlfriend. I thought that it was common sense that you’d be proud of him.

Nevertheless, the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy ride.

You spat out my name like a curse, but when I flinched, the smile on your face froze the blood in my veins. You were actually happy that you made me feel bad.

I never wanted to be one of those girlfriends who would tear down friendships just because of jealousy.

You were there before me, you saw him at his worst and his best. When I wasn’t even in the picture, you were the one he talked to.

Because of that, I had to ignore the gut feeling that was creeping through me.

I should have said something even back then, but I was afraid to lose him so I kept my mouth shut.

When things got even weirder, I still stayed on the sidelines, examining what was happening.

At one point, I even became fascinated by how blind my boyfriend was.

DONE! An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

Or at least I thought he was.

I was so scared to seem jealous and controlling even when you invited him to hang out. Just the two of you.

Nonetheless, I swallowed that fear down and confronted him. Many unpleasantries were exchanged and you’ll be happy to hear that he defended you.

He said that it was normal for you to be defensive and that you wouldn’t like me.

“I mean, you are taking something away from her.”

Yes, those were his exact words.

I would love to see you grinning like a Cheshire cat while you’re reading this but I am so past these petty games.

You must be wondering why I would tell you all of this right now, when you have obtained the only thing you wanted from the start.

It’s so you know the consequences of your actions.

You probably won’t ever be able to see the full extent of it from your selfishness, but you are being held accountable.

I just wish that your little scheme hadn’t involved breaking my heart.

DONE! An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

You might want me to sit aside and suffer in silence, but I hope that there is even just a little bit of empathy underneath your cold shell.

You must have enjoyed watching me tremble to the ground when he left me for you. There was nothing innocent or good about what happened.

Your relationship is built on someone else’s tears and I know that it’ll show. One way or another.

Just know that I don’t need to see your pictures on my social media. I blocked you both.

I’m not even going to acknowledge your presence when we’re in the same room, as I don’t need a reminder of how horrible a person can be.

I would be lying if I said that I wish you both the best but you both deserve each other.

You deserve someone who’ll stab people in the back to get to where they want to be.

You two have found your way to one another after all. The sad thing is that it happened after you both crushed my aching heart.

At least I won’t have to hear lies anymore about how he’s going out with the boys just to hang out with you.

I won’t have to watch you both pretend to be friends and I won’t have to pretend that I’m not hurt.

You will never again have to see me, because I know that I deserve better than that.

DONE! An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

I deserve better than this little game you two played for far too long.

There’s nothing for me to ask for anymore, except the freedom of knowing that I will never cross paths with you again.

Have fun. Both of you. You deserve each other.

I deserve someone who, first of all, won’t be a bad person. Someone with a kind soul and a kinder heart.

I deserve someone who won’t put me aside because someone else asked for their attention. Someone who will make me their priority!

That’s exactly what I will find in the world one day, while you two will be stuck in each other’s toxic embrace while you’re trying to flee.

If you think that I’m overexaggerating, just wait and see. Time will show you just how bad a relationship that started from the pain and misery of someone else can break you too.

Good luck.

An Open Letter To The Girl He Told Me Not To Worry About

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