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11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You

11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You

When a man starts to lose interest in you, it’s very silent. You just feel that something isn’t right and that there’s more to the story than he’s letting on.

You simply feel like he’s not as present as he usually is, which makes you wonder if you did something wrong. But even though you’re asking him what’s going on, he seems to avoid answering that question. All he does is remind you that this isn’t the man you fell in love with.

You’re wondering if he’s actually losing interest in you, and it’s making you sad to even consider this possibility. However, it could very well be true. So, what if you’re right?

There are some things that you should consider before coming to this conclusion.

11 things he’ll do when he starts to lose interest in you:

11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You

1. He doesn’t mention the future

A man who loves you will always remind you how special you are to him. He’ll make sure to talk about your future together. He may even talk about things like kids, a house for your family, plans for the wedding, and so many other things.

This man would always tell you stories about his relatives, and how he can’t wait to introduce you to all of them. However, now there’s no mention of that. It seems like he forgot about the things he would talk about for hours.

Well, that’s a sign that he’s losing interest in you. He doesn’t see you as part of his future anymore, so he starts acting strange whenever you bring up this topic.

2. He doesn’t ask any questions

When he starts to lose interest in you, he’ll also lose interest in your life. At the beginning of your relationship, he made sure to always ask you about your day, your feelings, and your thoughts on certain topics. However, he doesn’t do that anymore.

When you come home from work, it’s like he doesn’t even register that you’re there. That’s definitely a man who doesn’t see himself with you anymore. When he loses interest in your hobbies, your emotions, and your relationship, that’s when you’ll know that he’s lost interest in you as well.

3. His friends are his only priority

When your boyfriend is losing interest in you and your relationship, he’ll turn to his friends. He wants to feel something because your relationship is leading him to feel empty inside.

This certainly happens in most cases. He doesn’t want to spend time with you, so he finds any and every excuse to go out instead of spending time with you. This is quite an awful way to go through life while you’re in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how many dates you plan or how many special days are ahead of you, he always finds a way to avoid them because his friends somehow need him.

4. He’s defensive and rude all the time

When he starts to lose interest in you, he’ll also become extremely rude towards you. I mean, have you tried talking to him lately? Everything seems to be a trigger.

You’ve probably brought up the issue that’s been bothering you right now, and he doesn’t even consider your point of view, nor does he consider his behavior. He immediately becomes extremely defensive and doesn’t even try to save your relationship.

He starts blaming you, telling you that you’re just too obsessive and that you should probably chill. This doesn’t happen when you’re in a relationship with a man who genuinely wants you to be in his life.

5. He constantly tries to argue with you

11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You 1

Even if you’re not even trying to bring up an issue, when you’re just telling him about your day, when you compliment someone, actually, when you do anything, he tries to start a fight with you! This man seems to have made this his life’s purpose because it’s been months, and you haven’t been able to talk to him in a normal way.

He’s starting fights left, right, and center! Even about the things that never bothered him before. Suddenly, everything seems to be an issue, and he doesn’t even try to conceal his anger. He just lashes out at you.

Even if all of those things were true, and he’s always been easy to trigger, if he genuinely liked you, he wouldn’t behave this way. He would try to communicate about everything instead of acting like this.

6. You don’t spend any time together anymore

Of course, any couple would spend all of their time together when they first start going out. However, those couples that are genuinely in love with each other don’t mind spending every waking hour with each other.

When he starts to lose interest in you, you’ll see a huge change in the amount of time that you spend together. Suddenly, the man that you loved and adored couldn’t care less about your need to spend more time with him. He just seems to avoid you.

7. He’s constantly annoyed with you

Even if he isn’t the type of person who’s very confrontational, if he’s truly losing interest in you, you’ll see that you annoy him in the most subtle movements.

He doesn’t look up from his phone when he’s talking to you, he doesn’t look at your face when you’re telling him something, he rolls his eyes at you, and he becomes dismissive. That’s what a man who doesn’t care about his partner truly does.

8. He doesn’t flirt anymore

11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You
11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You 5

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always so special when you flirt with each other. You make sure to compliment one another, and you love the way he would look at you, wink at you, and touch you seductively.

However, all of those things are gone. When he starts to lose interest in you, he’ll also start flirting less. With each passing day, it’s obvious that he cares less about you, so he doesn’t even initiate anything. He doesn’t flirt with you to show you that he’s still in love with you, or that he’s still attracted to you.

And when you tell him that you’ve noticed this, he may just throw a jab at you and tell you that you’re together and that there’s no need for flirting anymore. He couldn’t be more wrong.

9. He’s never intimate with you

Let’s be honest, physical intimacy is important for a healthy relationship. And this doesn’t just include some steamy moments in the bedroom; it also includes genuine hugs when you’re on the couch watching a show. It also includes kisses and random touching.

Intimacy is when you sit down together and talk about deep topics that you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with anyone else.

When he starts to lose interest in you, those moments will become non-existent. All you have right now are memories of when intimacy wasn’t an issue in your relationship.

10. He doesn’t include you in his plans

Before he started losing interest in you and your relationship, he would always include you in all of his plans. Whenever he would go out with his buddies, you were invited. Whenever he wanted to travel somewhere, he made sure to include you.

This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It’s like he wants to act single even though you’re very much in a relationship. He doesn’t ask you if you want to go with him, he doesn’t even bother to invite you, he just makes plans and he’s off. This man doesn’t even try to tell you where he’s heading.

This is extremely sad, and it’s a sign that something isn’t right in your relationship anymore.

11. He doesn’t even reply to your texts as fast as he usually would

11 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest In You

With all of the things above, it’s hard to pay attention to the details. When he starts to lose interest in you, he’ll also start to text you less and less. You’ll convince yourself that it’s because he’s busy with his job, but he’s still doing the same thing as before, but now he doesn’t have time for you.

This is very weird because someone who cares about you would always make time to reply, as it doesn’t take longer than 5 seconds to do so.

If your boyfriend is really losing interest in you, then you’ll see most of these signs at once. So, I hope you’ll be able to act before it’s too late.

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