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He Lost Interest In Me: Here’s Why And What To Do

He Lost Interest In Me: Here’s Why And What To Do

I thought that he loved me and everything seemed to be going fine, but then he lost interest in me, and I don’t know what to do…

If you can relate, let me help you figure things out.

Maybe you used to spend a lot of time together, but now he keeps making excuses and doesn’t ask much while you talk. His face doesn’t light up when he sees you, and he frequently ignores your messages or gives you one-word replies.

Maybe he even picks fights and never reaches out to you first. Your relationship has been at the same stage for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be progressing.

You either don’t engage in physical intimacy anymore or it’s all that’s left of your relationship. Most importantly, he’s being weird around you and you can sense there’s something fishy going on.

So you come to the conclusion that he lost interest in you and fall into despair. Wait though, because you just need to find out the reason he started acting differently.

Why has he lost interest in me and what to do about it?

Let’s dive into why men often lose interest in their partners. If your man has lost interest in you, it’s likely for one of these reasons, and here’s what you can do about it.

1. He doesn’t feel like he needs to make an effort

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe you’ve made everything too easy for your man. Sound strange?

Well, it’s in men’s nature to “hunt” and chase. He needs to feel like he has to put effort into being with you, otherwise, he won’t appreciate you.

He’ll take you for granted because you don’t give him the thrill of the chase. Instead of making him work for it, you serve your love on a silver platter.

Then you’re left thinking “he lost interest in me, and I don’t do what I did wrong” because you just gave him love. It’s not how things work though.

Your man needs to pursue you and keep pursuing you even after he’s already won you over. If he feels like he doesn’t need to make an effort to be with you, it won’t be long before he’ll start to lose interest.

To truly value you and recognize your worth, he needs to chase you.

All you need to do is to challenge him and make him put a little effort into being with you. It’s not about pretending that you don’t care – just don’t make things too easy for him.

2. His personal/professional life need his attention more than his love life

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

While you’re thinking he lost interest in you, he might be simply focused on his career.

Other aspects of his life need his attention, so he is less focused on his love life. You interpreted his lack of focus as a lack of interest, but he may actually just be busy.

Giving him some space and time to sort things out is all you can really do. After all, you don’t want him to think that your relationship could jeopardize his career.

Most importantly, you don’t want to make him feel pressured. This is especially true if he is already under pressure at work.

Give him a chance to get his business in order, support him where you can to help lighten his load, and he’ll be right back.

3. He doesn’t like you anymore

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe things were going great while you were only dating, but as soon as you stepped into a relationship, he started losing interest.

Are you wondering if he has lost interest in you because he doesn’t like you anymore? Unfortunately, you could be right.

While you were dating, you didn’t know each other well enough. Once you became an exclusive couple, though, he started seeing you in a different light.

You stopped being a mystery he needs to figure out and he started noticing why you two aren’t such a great match.

What can you do when this happens? Well, you have only two choices: Either you let him go or go after him.

If you want to get him interested again, you can try, but what if it doesn’t work? In that case, you simply have to accept that he’s not the right man for you and let him go.

I know it’s easier said than done, but you don’t really have a choice. Besides, why would you even want to be with someone who doesn’t like you when there are those who would love you?

4. He never wanted a serious relationship

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Not all men are looking for love. Some just want someone to hang out with and have a romantic adventure. Well, I sugarcoated it a little, but let’s face it – some guys are simply players and jerks.

Maybe this man never intended to stay a part of your life. While you’re looking for something serious and meaningful, he just wants to have fun.

Your attention boosts his ego, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. He doesn’t want to commit, so you should definitely stop making excuses for him.

Your love won’t change him, so it’s best to let him go before he wastes any more of your time.

There’s no use in trying to force someone who doesn’t want a relationship to be in one. It’ll only end badly, and you’ll get hurt.

Don’t you know that you deserve better?

He lost interest in you, so don’t sit around and wait for him to figure out what he wants! Tell that to yourself and don’t let this bad experience make you think that all men are the same.

5. You rushed him and expected too much from him too fast

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Can’t we all say that we’ve been guilty of doing this? We fall in love so deeply that we just want to jump straight to the happily-ever-after part.

Men prefer taking things slower though, and tend to run away when they are rushed.

Maybe you wanted him to meet your parents and the rest of your family. How soon in the relationship did you want to introduce him to your folks though?

You might be moving too fast for him if you expected him to spend the holidays with your parents after a month of dating. Maybe you’re forcing him to make plans for the future with you or you don’t want to see another woman around him.

Trust me, I get it, but these things are just going to make him panic and head for the hills. Even if he’s not scared of commitment, he might simply not be ready for the big steps you’re suggesting.

He’ll wonder what you’ll end up expecting from him later down the line when you expect this much off the bat. He may even feel like he’s trapped and fear losing his freedom and independence.

The only cure to this problem is that you slow down and let him slowly discover what an amazing person you are.

6. He wants more “me time” for himself

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe you want to spend all your time with him, but what does he want? His friends probably mentioned to him that they don’t see him as often as they used to.

He may then start thinking that he has no life outside of the relationship, and this can make him freak out. You assume he’s losing interest in you but he might simply need some time for himself.

He’d like to spend more time with his friends and less time with you, which sounds bad but isn’t.

You both need to maintain your friendships and have some me-time. It will actually be good for your relationship and your man won’t be scared that he’ll lose his freedom.

7. You’ve changed

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe you were casual and relaxed while you were dating, but then when you started really liking him, you changed the way you act around him. And he noticed the difference.

Maybe you started being needier and overly affectionate. Perhaps you started revealing your flaws to him.

Whatever it is, it’s pushing him away and he wants to go back to the way things were when you were dating. Try being more relaxed around him and act the same as back then.

8. You’ve developed a few irritating habits over time

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe he’s still interested in you, he just thinks that some of your new habits are annoying.

Perhaps you’ve become messy or you’re constantly on your phone. These things could annoy him so much that it seems as if he has lost interest.

Luckily, this might be the reason that’s easiest to fix. Simply ask him what habits you’ve developed during your relationship that annoy him.

Maybe he’s been waiting to tell you that he can’t stand it when you toss your jacket on the floor as you walk in, or whatever else it is that you’re doing. If he gives you an honest answer, you’ll be able to fix the issues in no time.

9. You want to change him

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Why is it that we always want to change men? They know this, and they hate it.

Your man might become distant if he realizes you’re trying to change him. He wants to be who he is, so the last thing he wants is a woman who’s trying to make him into someone he’s not.

You can help him improve himself, but you can’t turn him into someone else. Most importantly, you can’t keep pressuring him to change – you’ll only push him away.

Eventually, he’ll want to be with someone who accepts him the way he is, which is what everyone wants. If he wants to become a better version of himself, by all means, help him. But you can’t make him change.

10. He doesn’t feel like you need him

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Your man wants to feel important. He needs to be your hero. But if you instead always do things on your own and you’re too independent, he’ll think that you don’t need him.

Men need to feel needed. It’s one of the things that make them feel like men.

If you don’t ever ask for his help and handle everything on your own instead, he won’t feel needed. Most importantly, he won’t feel respected or important, and it will make him retreat.

Don’t say “I don’t really need a man” – even if you don’t. If he thinks that you don’t need him, he sees no reason to stick around.

He will also feel unappreciated and might even think that you’re the one who isn’t interested in him.

Let him know how much you need him, but don’t just say so. Show him by asking for his help from time to time and going to him for advice.

Even if you don’t think you need any help, he’ll be glad to offer it and it will make him feel like he matters in your life.

11. He’s not infatuated by you anymore

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Those butterflies in our stomachs are great, but eventually, they fly away.

Maybe you think that your man has lost interest in you just because he’s not crazy about you anymore. He used to act like he’s madly in love, so what happened?

Well, the honeymoon phase passed, and you’re in a long-term relationship now. Maybe he seems less affectionate and doesn’t make as much effort for you as he used to.

Perhaps he even started to spend less and less time with you. It’s normal that these things make you worried, but there might not be any reason to worry.

He’s probably just become more comfortable in the relationship and the initial excitement has worn off. This happens in most long-term relationships, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less interested than he was.

He just doesn’t need to prove it anymore, so he assumes it’s understood. Let him know that you’ve been worried and he might reassure you that he still cares about you as much as he did in the beginning.

He’s just not infatuated by you anymore, and that’s okay.

12. He’s unsure about the relationship

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Unfortunately, he might be having doubts about being in a relationship with you. He’s not sure whether you’re the one for him and that’s worrisome.

There’s not much you can do about it though, so just try not to make things worse.

If you want him to stay with you, don’t pressure him. He needs to decide what he wants and have some time to think about it.

It might not be fair, but you have no other choice than to give him that time and space if you don’t want things to end.

You need to know where you stand with him, but right now, he doesn’t have the answer to that. He doesn’t know what he wants, and if you act desperate, it sure won’t help.

Give him time to decide, or decide for him and walk out of his life.

13. He’s dealing with a lot of stressful things

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe he’s depressed or stressed out because he doesn’t know how to find the solution to what’s bothering him. It could be related to his life or work, and not have anything to do with you.

While he seems like he’s losing interest, he’s actually dealing with a lot of stressful things. Maybe he’s having financial difficulties, which can put an enormous amount of pressure on a man.

He wants to provide for you, but he is in debt or has made a bad investment. Maybe he’s trying to work more to get the financial stability he needs and it’s making him stressed out.

There could be problems in his family or someone close to him is having a crisis. Perhaps he even got in trouble with the law.

God knows what could be bothering him, but he might simply be under a tremendous amount of stress right now. To you, it seems like he’s losing interest in your relationship, but he’s just dealing with a lot.

Maybe he doesn’t want to tell you what’s bothering him because he’s ashamed of it. He doesn’t want to make you think that he’s a loser and lose you because of it.

This is especially true if his problems are related to money and work. It’s very important that you show him that you won’t judge him if he opens up to you.

Let him know that you’re there for him no matter what, and give him some time to work it all out.

14. He needs some alone time to process his feelings

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Maybe something happened recently that he hasn’t yet coped with. If someone close to him passed away, he’ll need time to grieve in peace.

It might be something smaller instead, but whatever it is, he needs to deal with it alone.

Men deal with feelings differently than we do. If your man is the strong, silent type, don’t expect him to talk to you about what’s bothering him.

He’ll instead withdraw into himself and seem distant because he’s processing his feelings in his own way.

Unless you see the signs he’s not interested in you, his change in behavior has little or nothing to do with you. Give him time to deal with things on his own, and try to understand what he’s going through.

15. He’s scared of commitment

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Things were going great until they got too serious for him. After dating a while, he seems to start pulling away just as things are about to get serious.

It’s the very reason he’s doing it. Maybe he has a bad past experience or he just got out of a serious relationship.

Perhaps he has trust issues or he’s scared that you’ll eventually break his heart. Maybe he’s not even sure that you’re the person he’s supposed to be with.

Whatever his reason is, he is scared of commitment, and pressuring him will just make him bolt.

Saying things like “If you aren’t interested in me now, you won’t ever have me” isn’t a good idea if a man is a commitment-phobe.

He’ll be much more scared of committing to you than of losing you, so your ultimatums aren’t going to work. In fact, they’ll just push him away even further.

All you can do is try not to pressure him, but rather slow down and make him see that you’re not out to strip him of his freedom. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and do things without you.

Get him interested again fast by taking a step back and giving him some room to breathe. I know that you’re freaking out because he might leave, but he’s freaking out because you want him to stay.

You both need to take a deep breath and relax. Let things move at their own pace and don’t rush to make your relationship official.

If you like each other, you’ll end up together eventually. Don’t wait for him forever though, because a commitment-phobe is not exactly husband material anyway.

16. He’s met someone else

DONE! He Lost Interest In Me Here's Why And What To Do

Sadly, what you fear the most might be true. The most unpleasant reason he might seem like he lost interest in you is that there’s someone else.

Whether he cheated on you or not, he is probably not going to tell you the real reason. Instead of saying that he found someone else, he’ll sugarcoat it by saying something like needing to take things slow.

I’m sure that you can figure out if there’s another woman in his life. If so, just let her have him and forget about him –let him be her problem now.

Make sure that it’s true first though because something else might be the reason for his strange behavior.

Maybe he didn’t cheat on you, he’s just not sure that you’re the person he’s supposed to be with because he met someone interesting.

If you care about him and he hasn’t betrayed you, show him what he will lose.

Don’t forget that you can get him interested again fast, so don’t lose him if this is something you can overcome. As long as he still cares about you, there’s always hope that you’ll work things out.

Good luck!

He Lost Interest In Me: Here's Why And What To Do

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