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How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You?

Marriage is one of those big decisions that could change your entire life so there’s no exact answer to the question of how long it takes a man to know he wants to marry you.

It all really depends on what your relationship is like, how connected you are, and how he feels about you.

However, he also needs to be ready for such a big step.

Do you two understand each other completely? If so, that’s a great sign that you’ll be hearing wedding bells sometime soon.

To figure out how to know if he wants to marry you, we’ll have to look at the signs that show he wants to… but we’ll have to look at those that show he doesn’t as well.

I know that you’re eager to see him down on one knee, but you shouldn’t force it.

If things are going great between the two of you, enjoy it, and the time will come when he’ll pop the question.

Still, you can’t help but wonder when a man knows that he wants to marry you…

How long does it take a man to know that he wants to marry you?

There’s no specific time frame, but on average, it takes a man a year to know he wants to marry a girl.

However, you shouldn’t stick to that time limit, because it all depends.

Your man could be ready instantly, or it could take him years to know he wants to marry you.

The timing is different for every man because their intentions are different, and it depends on the situation.

You have probably heard about arranged marriages, and that’s when the decision to get married is made instantly.

However, in many other cases, it takes years for a man to be sure he wants to get married to a woman.

Are you in a relationship with this man? Then you have to take into consideration several factors.

How long have you been together? Do you have great chemistry with this man? How much do you trust each other?

All of these things matter when you want to find out the answer to how you know he wants to marry you.

If the two of you have been dating for only a few months, you should definitely give him a little more time to figure things out.

As I said earlier, marriage is a very big decision, so let him have more time to decide.

However, if the two of you have been together for years, there could be something wrong.

You should try to figure out what that is and what you can do about it.

How to know he wants to marry you shouldn’t be the only question on your mind… You should also ask how to know he doesn’t want to marry you.

To answer both of these questions, you need to pay attention to some signs.

The answer to how do you know if he wants to marry you is in the signs he is ready to get married to you but let’s first look at some signs that he doesn’t.

Here are the signs he doesn’t want to marry you:

1. He makes all sorts of excuses for why he can’t get married to you

When does a man know he wants to marry you?

He wants to marry you when he doesn’t make excuses for why he can’t.

If he doesn’t intend to marry you, he’ll make all sorts of excuses for that but you should know that when a man wants to marry you, he’ll find a way to do so, and nothing will stop him.

If he wants you to stay with him for the rest of your life, none of the problems he mentions will matter to him.

So, if your man makes excuses, you should keep this in mind.

2. He gets angry and defensive when you attempt to talk about marriage

Before you can answer how to know if he wants to marry you, you need to answer what happens when you talk about it.

Does he get angry, uncomfortable, or defensive when the topic of commitment or marriage comes up?

If so, the root of this is actually his feelings of guilt. He knows, even if not consciously, that he doesn’t really want to get married to you.

However, he also wouldn’t like to leave you.

Therefore, when he’s put in a position where he needs to admit that he can’t do what you want, he resents it.

All he wants is for you to leave that topic alone so that he doesn’t have to face the truth and deal with all that, which comes across as frustration and anger.

3. He doesn’t ever want to get married

One of the biggest excuses is when he says he simply doesn’t ever want to get married.

How could you force him to get married when he wants to be single forever?

Don’t fall into the trap of forcing him and making him do something he doesn’t want.

To be honest, he probably will get married one day, but it most likely won’t be to you. So, when he says he never wants to get married, believe him and let go of him if you don’t want to waste your time.

4. He tries to change the subject whenever the topic of marriage comes up

When we don’t like a topic someone’s trying to talk to us about, we tend to try to change the subject.

Much like when he gets angry when you try to talk to him about marriage, it’s the same point when he changes the subject.

He will do anything to avoid talking about marriage, including trying to distract you in whichever way he can.

You might be able to talk about him about anything, but that doesn’t include marriage.

5. He couldn’t care less about your plans for the future

Whatever goals for the future you have, he couldn’t care less, so he doesn’t care if you want to live in a different country or go to college.

The reason why he doesn’t care is that it won’t affect him since he doesn’t see your relationship as a long-term thing.

He doesn’t talk to you about his plans for the future either, or they don’t include you.

How to know if he wants to marry you? If he plans a future with you, it’s a good sign, but if he doesn’t, it’s a major red flag.

6. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends or family members

Have you been dating for a while now, but you still haven’t met his family or friends? If he keeps you at a distance from them, it’s another major red flag.

Maybe you have met them, but you haven’t really gotten to know each other yet, which is still bad, but not as bad.

If he doesn’t invite you to family events and doesn’t include you in his social circle, you should be worried.

He doesn’t care if you’ll become familiar with those he cares about because he’s not sure he wants to keep you around for a long time.

If you’ve just started dating, maybe he needs more time, but if you’ve been together for a while, this is a very bad sign.

7. He is scared of commitment

A man who doesn’t want to get married to you will never be able to commit and the reason why he doesn’t want to commit to you is so that you won’t be able to blame him afterward.

He gives you no hope that he’ll ever get down on one knee.

Now that you know the signs that a guy doesn’t want to marry you, do they apply to your situation?

If so, you need to stop wondering how long it takes a man to know that he wants to marry you and face the truth.

He’ll never be husband material, and you don’t have to wait any longer for him to make up his mind because he already has.

Of course, he could change his mind eventually, but do you want to wait for that to happen not knowing if it ever will?

However, if he doesn’t show any of these signs, it’s time to find out whether he’s interested in marrying you or just on the fence.

How do you know he wants to marry you? He’ll show signs he’s ready to get married to you and here they are:

1. He makes plans for the future that include you

Does your man love to talk about his plans for the future with you? Do they always include you? If so, it’s possible that he’s considering marriage.

Maybe he’ll mention what you’ll do when you’re an old couple and how you’ll look.

He may talk about how you and his mother might not get along, but how he’ll manage to get you to like each other.

It could be something small like that, or you could talk about what your house and children are going to look like.

Whatever he talks about, as long as his future plans include you, it’s a great sign.

He could even jokingly bring up growing old together or having children.

Maybe he’s just kidding, but it’s equally possible that he wants to see your reaction.

If one thing’s for sure, if he jokes about getting married, he’s thinking about it.

2. He wants you to live together

Has he suggested living together? If he has brought up the idea of starting to live together, it shows that he wants you around all the time.

That’s a big step, and it leads to marriage, so if he wants you to have a life together, it’s a great sign!

A lot of couples move in together before getting engaged and married.

It’s like a test period to see if you’re compatible enough to move on to the next big step, which is marriage.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you? Well, my husband and I talked about it early in the relationship when we started dating.

However, after about a year of dating, we decided to first live together, which we did for about two years before we got married, and we were engaged approximately half the time we lived together.

3. He brings up the topic of future children

Have you ever talked about your future kids? Maybe he mentioned what names he would like them to have.

Has he told you about how many children he would like to have? Maybe he specified which gender he would like them to be.

If he has talked about how he’ll play with your future children, it’s very likely that he wants to marry you and the best sign is if he ever told you that you would be an amazing mother.

4. He feels comfortable talking about weddings

We all know that some guys freak out at the very mention of weddings. Even when their friends are getting married, they don’t want to talk about it.

If your man is different and brings up weddings without feeling uncomfortable, it could be the sign you’re looking for. If he’s comfortable talking about all wedding aspects, such as whether to choose a DJ or a band, he’s at least thinking about marriage.

5. He has introduced you to his family members

Have you met your boyfriend’s parents? Meeting the family is a big step, and it shows that he’s serious about you.

He wants you and his family to get to know each other because he’s planning to keep you around for a long time.

Does he also invite you to family events? This is a very good sign that shows he plans on making you a part of his family.

The same way, if you haven’t met his friends and family, it’s a bad sign, as I mentioned, especially if you’ve been together for a while.

6. He’s always thinking about you, and he misses you

Is he always ready and willing to talk to you because he misses you every time you’re not around?

He blows up your phone because he can’t stop thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing.

He also says the L-word a lot and tells you that you’re the first person he thinks about when he wakes up and you’re the last person he thinks about before he falls asleep.

If he has told you that you’re constantly on his mind, this shows that he’s comfortable enough to share his deepest thoughts with you.

He’s probably thinking about marriage because that’s the way he would get to be with you all the time.

7. You’re the only girl in the world for him

It seems like all the other girls don’t exist for him because he only sees you. His eyes never wander, and you’re all the girls in the world for him.

He thinks that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, so he doesn’t feel the need to look at other women, which shows that you’re the one for him, so he’s probably considering marrying you.

8. He shares every thought with you

Guys don’t usually share all of their thoughts with anyone, except when they are deeply in love so if your man shares every thought with you, it shows he trusts you completely.

Does he confide to you the most difficult and important things about his life?

He may also talk to you about something that’s bothering him in order to get your advice and opinions.

When a man values your input, you have a level of intimacy that leads to marriage.

9. He wants you to introduce him to your family members

The road that leads to marriage starts with meeting the family.

Has he said that he would like you to introduce him to your parents or has he already met them?

Does he also show interest in attending family events?

He wants to get familiar with them, and that is a great sign! If he wasn’t serious about you, he would never want to meet your family or attend family events.

10. He wants to find out your ring finger size

The ring finger is what wedding rings are made for.

Is he trying to find out your ring finger size? Then he’s planning to put a ring on that finger.

You don’t need me to tell you what that means and let me be the first to congratulate you! There’s a good reason for you to be happy and hopeful!

11. He’s planning a vacation with you

Is he planning a vacation to be alone with you in some new place for a while?

This shows that he has built a level of comfort with you that proves things have gotten serious!

You need a certain level of openness to go on a vacation with your special someone.

You’re going to spend 24 hours a day together for a while, and that’s not so easy.

When he commits to a vacation, it shows that he’s able to be relaxed and open with you, even in unfamiliar environments.

12. He gives you presents for no special occasions

When a man loves you, he’ll be generous with you, and he’ll want to surprise you so he’ll buy you gifts for no other reason than his love for you.

He wants to make you happy in whichever way he can, which is a good sign.

However, this doesn’t mean that your boyfriend doesn’t love you if he doesn’t buy you gifts; it’s just that it’s a good sign if he does.

13. He invites you to work and religious events

Work is an important part of our lives where we often spend more time than anywhere else.

Has he introduced you to his co-workers? This shows that he’s confident you’ll stay together.

Just think about it; those are the people he sees every day, and they’ll regularly ask him about you.

Who would want to have to explain their break-up to their co-workers?

If he has introduced you to them, it means that he doesn’t intend to let that break-up ever happen.

As for religious events, is your boyfriend religious?

If he is, and he invites you to those events as well, his intention is to connect with you on an important spiritual level.

He wouldn’t do that unless he thought of you as wife material. If he plans on marrying you, he’ll share his beliefs with you.

14. It’s the right timing

When does a man know he wants to marry you? 

Well, a study has shown that most men who decided to get married did it because they felt it was the right timing.

The time was right for them to settle down, and that’s when they decided to get married.

Important factors include his finances and his age, as well as how long he’s been independent of his family.

For most men, it’s also important that they feel established regarding their work.

Maybe you’re ready to settle down, but is he?

15. He’s sure that you want to get married to him, not just get married

Many women make the mistake of talking about marriage too early in the relationship, which makes men think that these women just want to get married to anyone.

When you don’t know the guy really well yet and talk about getting married, he gets the impression that you don’t just want him, but anyone.

It’s also important that you don’t want the wedding day much more than you want the marriage.

He doesn’t want you to see him as just a provider or a baby maker, but as an individual who you love.

16. He said he wants to get married to you

Of course, if he has said it himself, it must be true. This is the best sign there is because you don’t have to guess what’s going on in his mind.

In any case, trust me that you will get married when the moment’s right if you’re with the right man.

However, don’t hurry to figure out if everything’s right and don’t rush to get married.

Enjoy getting to know the man you’re with… and don’t forget to say yes when he pops the question!

Good luck!

How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You?

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