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When He Doesn’t Call For Days, Here’s What You Can Do

When He Doesn’t Call For Days, Here’s What You Can Do

You meet a great guy and the conversation is flowing back and forth. Everything seems to be going well, but suddenly, you stop hearing from him. What do you do when he doesn’t call for days? Is this a sign that you should give up on him?

Understanding men isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes, their behavior really needs deciphering before you can realize what’s actually going on.

A sudden lack of messaging and calls is sure tough to wrap your head around. It all starts great and you have a great time communicating with each other. He replies to your calls and messages the same way you reply to his.

And then, out of the blue, you stop hearing back from him. It’s been a couple of days and you still have no idea why he hasn’t been reaching out to you.

At first, you thought it was no big deal. You gave him some time and waited for him to call you, but then the only thing you got was radio silence. A big fat nothing.

Right now, it’s all starting to feel like a huge red flag. There must be a reason he hasn’t called you for days. It feels as if the guy went MIA and you’re still waiting for him to reappear in your life.

Should you even bother waiting for him? And why the heck hasn’t he called or texted you in a while?

You’re about to find out.

What does it mean when he doesn’t call for days?

There are many possible reasons a guy ends up not calling you for days. Some of them are easily fixable and don’t immediately signal the end of the relationship, while some are a bit more serious and you can’t do much about them.

Here are all of the possibilities that will explain to you why he hasn’t been picking up his phone lately.

1. He’s waiting for you to call

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

When he doesn’t call you for days, it may be because he’s actually waiting for you to reach out to him first.

In some cases, a guy doesn’t want to make the first move because he’s not really sure if you want him to. Maybe last time he texted you, you didn’t really give him a reason to do it again. Or if he took you out, maybe he got the idea that you didn’t enjoy the date.

That’s why he’s not really sure if he should call or text because he doesn’t know if that’s what you want.

In this case, he’ll rather wait for you to call him first so he knows that you want to keep the communication going. That’s why he doesn’t plan on doing anything until his cell phone rings and your name appears on the screen.

2. He’s busy with something

A guy may not call you for days when he’s busy with something. His head has been all over the place and he simply forgot to call you.

I know what you’re thinking right now. Even though he’s swamped with work, surely he can send you a short text message just to see how you’re doing? You’ll text him back and let him know to call you whenever he can.

And you’re right, it would be nice of him to let you know that he’s busy and that he’d love to meet with you as soon as he finishes all of his obligations that can’t wait.

But if he’s really busy with something then he probably doesn’t have time to even think about anything other than what needs to get done. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, then you know how focused your mind can get on a priority task and how easy it is to ignore everything else.

3. He’s playing games with you

DONE When He Doesnt Call For Days Heres What You Can Do 2

Unfortunately, when he doesn’t call you for days, it can be because he’s playing games with you. He’s doing it on purpose because he wants you to chase after him.

In this case, he’ll give you the silent treatment because he wants you to pursue him. Knowing that a woman is putting all of her efforts to win him over feeds his ego and he loves that feeling.

If you reach out to him first, he then may start ghosting you, thinking it will make you run after him harder than before.

And maybe you fall for it at first, but as time goes by, you’ll realize that this isn’t the kind of man you need in your life. There’s no way that you’ll be able to create a healthy relationship with him as he’ll probably keep playing games with you even once you’re together.

You don’t need to be a relationship expert to know that you should steer clear of a guy like this. There’s a high chance you’ll end up heartbroken if you allow yourself to play by his rules.

4. He’s not that into you

I know you don’t want to hear this one. You probably keep distracting yourself with other thoughts so you don’t consider this possibility at all.

But still, when he doesn’t call for days, it might just be because he’s simply not into you. Reading these words hurts just as much as heartbreak itself, but it’s always better to know the truth than to live in denial.

It doesn’t really matter if he’s a good man and you like him a lot. If he doesn’t feel the same way about you in the first place, then there’s not much you can do.

You can chase after him, but after a while, the pain will get unbearable. So, if he isn’t into you then maybe it’s for the best that you give up on him.

Even though it was never a part of your plan, sometimes, you must do unexpected things for the sake of your happiness. I know that you like him, but you must put yourself first, no matter what.

And if he isn’t interested in you right now, you and I both know that his feelings likely won’t ever change. So why waste your time and possibly miss a chance at meeting someone better when he doesn’t even want to text back? Think about that.

5. He’s been away for a few days

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

It’s a stretch, but it’s still a possibility. When a guy doesn’t call you for days, it may be because he’s out of town on a trip.

You can easily check this out by scrolling through his social media accounts. If he’s on vacation, the chances are he’ll post updates on his profile.

Look out for check-in posts on his Facebook or an Insta story so all of his followers can witness the good time he’s having.

So, if he’s been gone for days, then definitely see if he’s been away by checking out his profile. You’ll be able to find that out in a matter of seconds.

6. He hasn’t been on his phone

There’s a chance that he simply hasn’t been on his phone and that’s why you haven’t heard from him for days. I know that this seems impossible nowadays, but there are still some people out there who don’t always carry their phones with them.

He may be the type of guy who loves to turn off his phone over the weekends. Instead of opening his Snapchat first thing in the morning, he rather makes himself a cup of coffee and enjoys a little tech-free time.

If this isn’t the first time he hasn’t called you for days and if you’ve noticed that he’s a bit more old-fashioned than you’re used to, then maybe this is why you haven’t heard back from him.

He’s not glued to his phone the same way most of us are and that’s why he’s not used to using it to stay in touch.

7. He believes you’re not interested in him

DONE When He Doesnt Call For Days Heres What You Can Do 4

You had your first date and you think that things went well. But maybe you haven’t let him know that you had a great time with him.

That’s why he’s been on the fence about whether or not he should call you. He doesn’t know if you had fun with him and right now, he feels like you’re not interested in him.

He’s probably worried that you’ll ignore his calls and texts because you haven’t shown any signs that suggest you like him. And he doesn’t want to end up looking like a fool and being rejected.

He would rather ask your mutual friends if you’ve been talking about him and then try to figure out his next move. But in this case, he’d love you to text him first because that would be a clear sign you like him as much as he likes you.

8. He’s afraid of commitment

Many guys are petrified of commitment. And even though they like a girl, they often choose to not do anything about it because they’re afraid of finding themselves in a serious relationship.

Your man may be one of them and that could be the reason he hasn’t called you for days. He knows that keeping the communication going will lead to something more serious and he’s not really sure if he’s ready to take that step.

So, instead of diving headfirst into things, he’d rather take some time to figure out his next move.

But what he probably doesn’t realize is that the longer the no-contact period continues, the harder it will be for him to get you back. With every day he doesn’t reach out to you, he loses you a bit more.

9. He doesn’t know how to strike up a conversation

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

Even though you’ve already seen each other, a guy can still feel the pressure when he wants to call you. If he’s shy by nature, then it won’t be easy for him to start a conversation.

So, when he doesn’t call for days, it could very well be because he’s been avoiding it since he doesn’t know what to say. What should he tell you when you pick up? Or how does he even start a conversation over text?

To him, it all seems way harder than it is since he’s not used to it. He probably keeps telling himself that he’ll call you the next day since he needs more time to pluck up the courage.

10. He already has a girlfriend

When he doesn’t call for days, he might already have a girlfriend. Ouch, I know it hurts, but it’s feasible.

To be sure this is actually happening to you, pay close attention to the way he’s been acting with you.

Does he text you only late at night and go missing throughout the day? Does he keep making plans to meet you and then often not show up? And has he ever blocked your number so you can’t reach him out until he calls you?

These are all red flags that suggest your guy is already in a relationship and he’s treating you just as an option. In this case, the best dating advice you can hear is to run away from him as fast as you can.

You don’t want to have anything with a cheater as he can only break your heart and make you lose faith in love.

What you can do when he doesn’t call for days

Now that you know the top reasons a guy goes missing and stops calling you for days, you probably want to know what you should be doing when that happens.

You need real relationship advice so you can finally know what you’re supposed to do when he disappears for a certain period of time. So, here are all of the answers you’re looking for.

1. Don’t call or text first

DONE When He Doesnt Call For Days Heres What You Can Do 6

You got up this morning and there was no “good morning” message, even though he always does that. You didn’t bother about it much as you thought that he was probably busy with something.

But days have passed and you still haven’t heard from him. You want to make sure everything’s okay.

Fortunately, you stumbled upon his best friend who told you that everything is fine. He just had coffee with your perfect guy and he didn’t seem to mention any issues.

It then hits you that he hasn’t been calling on purpose and you instantly feel upset. You want to text him to see what’s going on, but let me tell you now, that’s the last thing you should be doing.

The moment you realize a guy has been avoiding you on purpose is the moment you need to be willing to walk away from him.

Don’t even think about reaching out to him if it becomes obvious that he doesn’t care about you. Why even bother chasing after him when he clearly doesn’t deserve you?

2. Focus your attention on something else

No matter how much you like a guy, when he doesn’t call for days, it’s a sign that you should stop paying attention to him.

This won’t be easy, but you must find a way to do it. Instead of overthinking about what went wrong, instead, focus your attention on something else.

Are there any hobbies that make you happy? Do you enjoy playing sports or going out clubbing with friends? 

Now’s your chance to do whatever makes you happy, as long as it means that you won’t be thinking about him.

If you still feel the need to meet someone else and forget about him, there are many dating sites that can help you to get to know a much better guy who’ll appreciate you for who you are.

3. Do something fun and make sure he sees it

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

Most times, it’s not the best move to try and make him jealous, but sometimes you need to do it in order to move on.

So, when he doesn’t call you for days yet you see him hanging out with other people, you must do something that will help you stop thinking about him.

And instead of spending your days alone at home, thinking about all of the what-ifs, you should go out and do something fun. And make sure that everyone knows just how much you’re enjoying your life.

This will help you forget about him for a while. Plus, it will help him realize that he lost an amazing woman.

4. Let his call go to voicemail

Eventually, if he calls you, don’t instantly pick up the phone. He had his chance and wasted it. That’s why he doesn’t deserve another shot – at least not that effortlessly.

It won’t be easy to see his name written all over your screen and ignore a call, but it just may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

You made an effort and did your best to make things between the two of you work. In the meantime, he decided to ignore you, and now that he sees he lost you, he wants to get you back.

This is called playing with someone’s feelings and you don’t deserve to be treated that way. You’re worth more than waiting for a guy to eventually make up his mind.

And by ignoring his phone call, you’re letting him know that.

5. Accept the fact he’s not the guy for you

DONE When He Doesnt Call For Days Heres What You Can Do 8

No matter how much you like him, when he doesn’t call for days, it becomes obvious you have nothing to wait for.

He had his chance and he decided to waste it. That being said, he doesn’t deserve any more of your time or effort.

In this case, the best thing to do is accept the fact that he’s not the guy for you. He doesn’t deserve you and you shouldn’t let him treat you as less than you are.

Wave goodbye and move on with your life.

6. Don’t even bother trying to get answers from him

When he doesn’t call for days, you naturally want to know what’s going on. This can make you think that you should call him and try to get some answers from him.

But the moment you do that, you’re actually showing him he won his little game. His behavior upset you and you had to find closure in order to move on with your life.

This then makes him think that he has a great influence over you and that you’ll keep running after him. It feeds his ego, which isn’t something you want to do.

Instead, choose to treat him the same way he treats you. Don’t call or text and don’t even think about meeting with him face-to-face.

He’s not worth your time and you must show him that. Remain high-value, even though your heart is breaking because he’s able to ignore you so effortlessly.

But if you give him the same treatment, he’ll then start to regret the fact that he lost you. The only thing is, it’ll be too late to get you back.

7. Remind yourself of your worth

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

Just because he gave up on you, it doesn’t mean that you are worth anything less.

You’re still an amazing, capable, and strong woman and you deserve to be happy. And even it turns out he’s not the guy to make you feel that way, it doesn’t mean you’ll never meet someone who will.

This world is filled with men who would do anything to have you by their side. And one day, one will walk into your life and make you realize why things never worked out with anyone else.

He’ll show you how real men treat women and how it feels when someone finally shows you how it feels to be loved unconditionally.

You deserve to be happy and if this guy can’t make you feel like that, then you must walk away from him. When the right time comes, you’ll finally meet someone who’ll shake up your whole world and with whom you’ll feel like the luckiest woman.

Good luck with finding the right person who’ll finally show you how real love should feel!

When He Doesn't Call For Days, Here's What You Can Do

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