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When A Woman Stops Arguing, She’s Done With You

When A Woman Stops Arguing, She’s Done With You

To all men who keep making the wrong conclusions about women, know that when a woman stops arguing, she’s done with you.

I know that there’s one thing you all hate, and that’s a woman nagging.

Even when they know that they’re wrong, men hate to hear it said out loud. They hate it when women keep telling them that they’ve made a mistake.

“Why do you always want to argue with me?” would be their response.

But there’s one thing for sure. When a woman keeps fighting with you, nagging at you, or pointing out that what you did was wrong, it only means that she cares about you.

She loves you, and she wants to help you become a better version of yourself.

She wants you to see the mistakes that you’re making so you never make them again.

DONE! When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

That’s why she looks for the words to help you understand that what you’re doing is wrong.

She looks for ways to show you that you could be so much more than your mistakes.

And she’ll keep doing that over and over again until she realizes that you don’t give a darn about the words she’s saying.

You don’t care about her efforts to help you become someone better, someone wiser.

She could be standing in front of you for days with the intention of helping you see your mistakes but you would probably turn off and keep doing your own thing.

“You always want to argue with me. I don’t get it,” you’ll tell her, unaware of the reason why she’s ‘arguing’ with you.

Exhausted from the useless words that she keeps repeating, exhausted from the energy that she wastes on you, this woman will suddenly replace her words with silence.

You’ll hear nothing. Not even a sound to know that she’s listening to you, not even a nod of her head.

You’ll get complete and utter silence, but you probably won’t understand that at first.

I know that you’ll feel relieved in the beginning. You’ll keep repeating, “Oh, she finally stopped arguing with me. What a relief!”

But what you don’t know is that when a woman stops arguing, it means that she’s done with you. Nothing will ever be the same and you’ll realize that soon.

DONE! When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

Your instant relief will slowly turn into worrying about why she doesn’t care about you anymore.

Whatever you do, she’ll completely ignore it and fail to say a word.

She’ll let you do things even though she knows that they’re wrong and she’ll no longer bother to raise her voice.

She’ll no longer tell you that you’re making a mistake.

Instead, she’ll let you take the path of downfall, without making a sound about it.


Well, a woman will stick with you through anything and everything you serve her with.

She’ll give you her whole heart, and she’ll fight for you like her own life depends on it.

She’ll be there for you whenever you need her, and she’ll make sure to always have your back.

But the moment when a woman realizes that you don’t appreciate her, she’ll stop doing all of that.

She’ll give you the world you always wanted. The world where you can ruin yourself by doing things that are bad for you; the world where she won’t say a word.

When that happens, you should know that you’re done. There’s nothing that can make things the way they used to be.

When a woman stops arguing, she’s done with you. She has no energy anymore for someone who doesn’t see her value.

DONE! When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

She doesn’t want to prove to you any longer that what she’s saying is right and that what you’re doing is wrong.

After trying to help you many times, she got tired and she’ll start to slowly walk away.

Firstly, she’ll stop arguing and criticizing you for your actions. She sees that she can’t change anything so she simply gives up.

You could finally do something about what she already told you could ruin you and she wouldn’t make a move. She would simply turn her head and ignore your actions.

She won’t be bothered to speak up and tell you what’s wrong. Why would she do that when you taught her that her words don’t matter?

You taught her that whatever she says, you’ll find a way to show her that you don’t care. She got tired of that feeling.

From now on, you’ll get nothing in return and hopefully, you’ll see the mistakes that you’ve made.

Forget about the times when this woman pushed you forward. She’ll now give up on you completely.

DONE! When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

From now on, you’ll be on your own, because the day when she’ll leave you is coming.

This woman has been there for you. She tried to help you become the best version of yourself.

She pushed you and tried to get you to the stage where you’d be happy about what you’d become, but it looks like you never wanted that.

You’ll get yourself to a place where the only thing you’ll hear is silence. And that silence will start suffocating you.

The longer it lasts, the harder it’ll be to get through it. You’ll realize that you’ve made a mistake and you’ll be sorry about it.

So, no matter what you do, don’t let a woman stop talking to you. Don’t let her stop arguing because as long as she does that, it means that she still cares about you.

The second she gets quiet, know that she’ll soon be gone from your life.

And one more thing – don’t mistake her silence for weakness. She’s not weak for deciding to keep quiet.

DONE! When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

It’s actually the other way around – she’s stronger than ever because she decided to keep quiet even when she has the most to say.

She decided that she’d been fighting for your happiness for too long.

And now that she sees that you don’t care about that, she decided that it’s time to fight for herself from now on.

When that happens, you can be sure that she’s not coming back. Your time is over and you lost the game.

When a woman stops arguing with you, she’ll be gone from your life faster than you think.

And trust me, you’ll be sorry that you didn’t appreciate her while she was still there.

But it’ll be too late for regrets.

When A Woman Stops Arguing, She's Done With You

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