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If She Stops Arguing With You, You’re No Longer Worth The Fight

If She Stops Arguing With You, You’re No Longer Worth The Fight

The thing that many men fail to realize when it comes to love and relationships is that women don’t accept or believe in mediocre love.

They will never decide to hide or suppress their feelings as they know it won’t do them any good. Those emotions will remain and they won’t go away any time soon.

That’s why women are always honest about their emotions and verbalize them, while most men express their feelings through their actions – or at least real men do.

Perhaps you’re thinking you have a naggy girlfriend who always seems to find a reason to fight with you, but you fail to see the bigger picture here. You don’t notice how many emotions and feelings she’s bringing to the table while arguing with you about a particular matter.

So, next time she gets angry at you, it means that she cares about you. And when her jealousy kicks in, it’s because she’s afraid that she might lose you for good.

DONE! If She Stops Arguing With You, You're No Longer Worth The Fight

And many men will tell you that they classify their girls as being clingy or needy once they start arguing with them. They don’t see them as being possessive or controlling.

They’re not talking about those women who reject them because they aren’t good enough or keep putting them down.

We’re talking here about the girls who give their best to help those men become better and more mature. Those women who invest their time and energy into guys who don’t deserve them in the first place.

And they do everything in their power to make everything work and fight for their men.

You shouldn’t believe that every relationship is idyllic and perfect. That’s not what true love means.

Those kinds of relationships don’t exist as couples each have their own problems that they have to face together.

Sure, there will be a lot of arguing, but that doesn’t mean that two people can’t love each other despite having their fair share of disagreements.

But you have to realize that your woman wouldn’t pick a fight with you if you meant nothing to her. She would never raise her voice on you if she didn’t love you

That’s why you shouldn’t worry if she’s angry with you.

Don’t worry if she bombards you with questions while arguing, asking you to tell her where you’ve been and what you were doing. She fears the worst because she cares about you. She’s jealous because you mean the world to her.

I know this might be confusing to you, but you should know the truth.

If you catch your woman crying at night because of something that you did or said, know this: That woman let you into her heart and now it’s up to you how you’ll treat her.

But you should always worry if a woman goes silent.

DONE! If She Stops Arguing With You, You're No Longer Worth The Fight

Be worried when you notice that she’s stopped picking fights with you. Worry when she no longer calls you in the middle of the night to talk to her. And worry when she stops trying because it means you’re no longer worth the fight.

You should ask yourself what you did wrong when she stops sending you text messages. And when she doesn’t bother replying to your messages right away.

You’re no longer worth the fight when she remains indifferent to anything that you say or do, that would otherwise hurt her feelings.

When she stops arguing with you, it’s because she realized that you’re not worth her effort or time. You didn’t appreciate her enough when she went out of her way for you.

You didn’t even apologize when you took her for granted.

And you proved that you’re not the same person she fell in love with a long time ago. You’re just a boy who’s okay with treating her like the last option.

If she stops arguing with you, it means there’s nothing left to fight for.

DONE! If She Stops Arguing With You, You're No Longer Worth The Fight

You hurt her with the way you treated her and you were okay with that. And the truth is that she doesn’t want to be with someone like that. At least, she won’t anymore.

So, if she stops arguing with you, it’s because you have lost her forever. She’s telling you something by being silent, you know. Her silence is more dangerous than all those angry reactions or emotional outbursts that she has.

She doesn’t have the energy to fight for you anymore. She’s already half-gone and it won’t be long before she walks out on you.

There will be no more begging, ultimatums or chasing… only silence on her end. She’s reached the point of no return.

Don’t think that she will give you another chance because there’s no turning back now. Nothing that you say or do can change her mind.

That’s why if you have a girl who argues with you, it means that she still has the strength to keep fighting for your relationship.

The only reason she starts those arguments is because she genuinely loves you. You should never forget that!

If She Stops Arguing With You, You're No Longer Worth The Fight

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