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When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won’t Be Back

When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won’t Be Back

When a woman leaves you for herself, it’s a moment you will remember forever. You will question everything you thought you knew about women.

She doesn’t need you. That was her last goodbye.

Women tend to invest a lot into relationships and they don’t mind being the one carrying the relationship for the most part.

Just look at every single relationship and marriage around you. Be honest: Every single woman seems to hold the relationship together.

That’s why it has become such a common thing for women to leave their loveless and bad relationships behind in order to be happy.

The woman of your dreams might leave you for herself as well if you don’t pay close attention.

When a woman leaves you for herself, she has made a decision to be her own priority rather than to accommodate you and your needs.

For her to make a decision like this is no small task.

It’s a hard decision to make because we are not really taught from a young age to make ourselves a priority.

But she made sure to be that person who will change history and choose herself over a man.

This means that the woman who has left you for herself is a strong and independent woman.

And even if you refuse to believe it, you must know that there were certain reasons for her behavior.

Let’s get into the reasons why a strong woman will leave a man for herself and then I believe that you’ll understand better.

When a woman leaves you for herself, just know that you have lost the most precious being you have ever known.

When a woman leaves you for herself

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

I would love to be the one to tell you that she will come back.

When a woman leaves you for herself, she has spent hours, days, months thinking things through and this is her final decision.

I’d like to think that every man wants to be chosen by an independent and confident woman. One who knows what she wants in life.

That’s why you shouldn’t be weirded out or confused when she decides that it’s finally time to walk away from you.

When a strong woman chooses to leave you for herself, she does it because of her healthy self-esteem.

She believes that she deserves better than you were able to give her.

This doesn’t mean that she isn’t loyal to you, it just means that her loyalty to herself is much stronger.

You might think that it’s selfish, but why is that necessarily bad? She is giving you an opportunity to find someone more suitable for you.

She is leaving you for herself so that you’ll know how to treat the woman who comes after her.

But don’t think of her as heartless because she truly isn’t. She is someone who went through internal turmoil just to be able to make this decision.

There were probably so many times when she cried while choosing what to do. Don’t think for a second she made her decision lightly.

She had her own reasons that you need to listen to understand before you judge her and her character.

She did this for the greater good, because leaving you was the best thing she could have done.

You wouldn’t have wanted an unhappy woman beside you either, right?

That’s why we are here to help you understand that when a woman leaves you for herself, she’s not coming back.

Reasons why a strong woman will leave the man she loves

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

You might think that it must be a joke: Why would she leave a man she loves?

Bear with me and you’ll find out.

Women don’t always stay out of love, they stay out of convenience. That same theory goes for a woman who leaves her partner.

She doesn’t always leave because she doesn’t love him anymore, she leaves because of many different reasons you might not be able to understand right now.

So without further ado, when a woman leaves you for herself, this is why:

1. Lack of mutual understanding

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

A strong woman has so many things she wants to do and achieve in her life.

She is probably extremely opinionated and people might be intimidated by her at times.

However, as her partner, you need to realize that she really is someone who will always stay by your side and understand your struggles.

She will listen to everything you have to tell her and ask you to explain if she doesn’t understand what you mean.

Unless you give her the same open-minded approach in return, when she leaves you for herself, she’ll never come back.

You need to understand and respect her boundaries, wishes, and dreams in order for her to stay.

If you want to lose her, then you can continue being ignorant.

2. Lack of communication

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

There is nothing more important to a strong woman than communication.

There is something so magical about being able to talk about anything and everything with your partner.

Even more magical than talking is being able to listen to your partner.

So what will happen if there is a lack of communication?

You will know that when a woman leaves you for herself, communication was truly the key to her heart.

She is intelligent, so she needs that type of stimulation. Talk to her about her favorite books and about the things you’re interested in.

Don’t hold back your emotions, but rather let them be known and listen when she has something to say.

Don’t just think that communication is a luxury. Communication is the core essence of every romantic relationship!

If you choose to ignore this important need of hers, she will walk away before you even realize what’s happening.

3. Lack of common interests

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Common interests are extremely important for a strong woman when she’s looking for a partner who she wants to spend her life with.

These shared interests ensure that you two will spend time together doing things that you both love.

For example, if she loves to read, she’ll be looking for a partner who enjoys the written word too.

If she loves to hike, she will want a partner who will be able to accompany her.

If you’re constantly bringing down the things that she is interested in or loves to do, she will realize that you want different things in life and she’ll leave.

When a woman leaves you for herself, you will realize just how different you two actually were. You might even agree with her decision.

4. Lack of physical intimacy

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Physical intimacy is as important to women as it is to men. If you aren’t able to meet her needs, she will walk away.

Her needs are, of course, far more complex. A woman needs sensitivity and an emotional connection before that.

She needs to know that you will stay and cuddle with her, and that you will continue to praise her and care for her.

A physical act is more than that to a woman who knows what she wants. It’s her way of showing her love for you, so she wants the same thing in return.

She wants you to be open about your needs and be able to meet hers. If you can’t do that, she will walk away from you even if she loves you.

5. Lack of support

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

A strong woman is not only looking for a romantic partner, but also someone who will be her partner in crime.

You have to know that she is looking for so much more in a partner than someone who will merely shower her with flowers and compliments.

A strong woman has her own battles and her own dreams. She doesn’t need you to fight those battles for her, she just needs you to support her.

If you tell her that she can’t do something or if you forbid her from doing the things she loves and cares about, you will know firsthand how it feels when a woman leaves you for herself.

Your lack of support will be the downfall of your relationship with a strong woman.

She will always be there by your side to love you and support you, but once she realizes she’s not getting the same treatment in return, she will walk away.

When this happens, you have no right to ask for her attention again or ask her to stay by your side.

Your support means the world to her – a lack thereof is only a sign that you don’t cherish her as much.

6. Insecurities

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Your insecurities can be a result of a lot of trauma and unsolved questions swimming in your mind.

Is she too good for me? Am I enough? Does she like him more? What if she realizes she can do better?

All of these questions can cause you to lose her. A strong woman is also a confident one, so your insecurities are a real problem in your relationship.

Your insecurities will lead to jealousy, the need to control her, and so much more. She won’t allow herself to be drawn into a relationship like that.

You need to be able to love yourself if you want her to love you, too.

If you are an insecure person and you show those insecurities in a toxic and manipulative way, that’s when a woman leaves you for herself.

She will be much happier alone than with someone who’s so insecure that he does stupid things like trying to control her.

7. Selfishness

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

A woman wants to be a priority, not an option.

So the very moment everything else in your life becomes more important to you than she is, that’s when a woman leaves you for herself.

She doesn’t want to be treated like a part-time obligation or to be loved only when it’s convenient for you.

Your selfishness will be the doom of your relationship.

She’ll walk out the moment she realizes that you aren’t giving back the same amount as you receive from her.

She’s giving you all of her time, effort, love, and support. The fact that you don’t bother to give back the same things is alarming.

A strong woman knows that she deserves better, so why would she stay by your side for any longer?

There is someone out there who won’t be so selfish and will give her everything her heart desires.

8. Lies

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

If she catches you in a lie once, you’re done for. She will walk out that door faster than you can blink.

If you lie, you want to deceive her.

You want to lose her trust and you’re clearly doing a great job of it. If you truly loved her, you wouldn’t dare pull one over on her.

Whatever happens in your relationship, she’d much rather have you tell her the truth than lie straight to her face. No one wants a lying boyfriend.

When a woman leaves you for herself, at least she knows that there won’t be any more lies.

There is no plausible reason for you to lie in a relationship. Ever!

You should know that the first time a lie crosses your lips, if she catches you, she’s packing her things and getting outta there.

She deserves better than that and she knows it.

9. Insults

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Why are you with her if you’re just going to insult her?

However, this particular reason isn’t just about her and your relationship. It’s about the way you treat everyone around you.

If you are rude to the waiter, she will notice. If you insult the poor customer service worker, she will notice.

God forbid, you don’t treat animals with kindness – she’ll be out that door before you even know it.

When a woman leaves you for herself, your insults won’t matter anymore, because she will have herself.

You can’t expect her to sit around and wait for you to realize how awful it is to have to watch you being rude to her family and friends (or maybe even to your own).

A strong woman wants a man who is kind and generous, just like she is.

She always pays a compliment to a bystander, always greets the waiter with a smile and tips him just a little bit more.

It’s not because she wants anything in return, but because she can’t stand rudeness.

You’ve got some learning to do from her.

10. Physical abuse

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Try and raise a hand at her once and you’ll see how fast you can lose a person that actually wanted to be yours.

Men who think that it’s okay to touch women roughly instead of lovingly are utter trash that don’t deserve to be loved ever again.

However, many women still don’t seem to understand this, even though it seems obvious. You can’t say you love her and then raise a hand on her.

A strong woman who knows her worth will walk away from you and never look back if you so as much as touch her without her consent (let alone hit her).

When a woman leaves you for herself, it’s because she knows that she doesn’t deserve to be physically abused and she will never, EVER come back.

11. Emotional abuse

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

There is nothing a person can do in this world to deserve to be emotionally abused.

This can also be very obvious in emotional terrorism, which is when your partner constantly belittles you, even in public.

Things like this are truly unacceptable and if you’re someone who does this to your partner, you deserve to lose her.

Emotional abuse is something extremely serious.

When a woman leaves you for herself because you were abusive toward her, don’t expect her to come back ever again.

No self-respecting, strong, independent woman would ever let herself be a part of this sort of relationship.

She deserves someone who listens when she talks about her emotions, someone who doesn’t call her crazy for being sensitive.

If you’re not someone like that, you truly don’t deserve her.

12. Addictions

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

There is nothing more gross to a woman than a man who has unhealthy addictions.

Those addictions can be cigarettes, alcohol, casinos, drugs, or anything like that.

A strong woman is someone who constantly works on bettering herself and always strives to become the best version of herself.

Your addictions are not only keeping you away from a happy life, but from her too.

That’s why you need to understand: When a woman leaves you for herself, she does it to save herself from a man like you.

She knows that it’s not her obligation to get you back on the right track. She isn’t obligated to stay and endure your torment just so she isn’t lonely.

There is no way a strong woman will stay with a man whose addictions are more important to him than she is. She should’ve been your only addiction.

13. Toxic masculinity

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

Toxic masculinity is defined by traditional gender roles that are extremely outdated in today’s society.

Because of this, no strong and intelligent woman will stay by your side just to watch you objectifying her.

Toxic masculinity really has no place in society nowadays and it’s, as stated previously, extremely outdated.

A strong woman today wants a man who is in touch with his emotions. A man who knows that sensitivity isn’t a bad thing.

No one wants a man who bottles up emotions just to explode at some point.

When a woman leaves you for herself, it’ll teach you a lesson that toxic masculinity isn’t something you should be proud of.

Instead, realize that you have to be able to express your emotions truthfully and without thinking that you’re less of a man because of it.

Toxic masculinity makes everything that is traditionally considered to be feminine seem weak and bad.

14. Controlling behavior

DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

We already talked about how insecurities can make someone become controlling in a relationship.

However, there are men out there who believe that controlling a woman is the only thing they can do in order for her to stay loyal.

She is a strong and independent woman. She knows that staying loyal to her partner is the biggest priority ever.

That’s why there’s no need to track her location, have the passwords to all her social media accounts, or forbid her to see her friends.

If you do these things, you can’t be surprised when a woman leaves you for herself.

This woman knows she can be free and still find someone who’ll love her for who she is.

And you are obviously not that person.


DONE - When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

When a woman leaves you for herself, she won’t be back. It’s different than when a woman leaves you for another man.

When she leaves you for another man, she might realize the mistake she’s made and want you back.

But when a woman leaves you for herself, that’s a whole other story.

She’s leaving you for herself because she knows that loving herself is her biggest priority ever.

She knows her own worth better than anyone, so you will never be more important to her than she is to herself.

If you can’t realize that and you choose to treat her like she’s disposable, she’ll know it and simply walk away.

My advice to you is that there is no one more worth the fight than a strong, confident woman.

You have to be willing to work on yourself and change the things that will make her want to run for the hills.

You might think that she should love you just the way you are, but if she’s working on herself for your sake, you should want to do the same thing in return.

Don’t forget that a relationship is a group effort. Don’t forget that she’s worth all the work you put into that relationship.

If you don’t want to watch her turn away from you, then make sure to give her a reason to stay.

When A Woman Leaves You For Herself, She Won't Be Back

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