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What An ISFJ Woman Is Looking For In A Man?

What An ISFJ Woman Is Looking For In A Man?

We’ve been dreaming about our perfect man since we were little girls and we kind of created an imaginary (for some not) checklist of the traits our future husband has to have.

I mean, he has to be tall, handsome, and kind. He has to treat me right and he has to love animals. Oh, and he has to have green eyes! Do you still have that one?

I’m in a long-term relationship now and sometimes I just look at my boyfriend and think about all those things that I once concluded were my perfect man’s must-haves. I’m not going to lie, he checks many of them.

But, have you ever thought that you need a certain type of man based solely on your personality type? If you have, and that’s the reason you’re here, let’s not delay it any longer.

If we break down the four letters of ISFJ according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, “I” stands for introverted, “S” for sensing, “F” for feeling, and “J” for judging.

A person with the ISFJ personality type needs a lot of me-time and prefers simplicity. They follow their heart, and are empathetic and sensitive. Most of the time, they tend to be stubborn and don’t like changes.

If you’re an ISFJ woman, you’re caring and affectionate, especially in a romantic relationship. You’d do anything just to see your partner happy. You take commitment seriously and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize what you already have.

I assume that by now you’re nodding your head. But what do you actually need from your partner? How should he treat you? Time to find out!

You need someone who embraces all of you

DONE! What An ISFJ Woman Is Looking For In A Man

As an ISFJ woman, you need someone who’ll accept you, flaws and all! Someone who’ll constantly remind you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re clingy in relationships.

You don’t ask or request too much from your partner, but you do need to feel loved. He has to show you how much he appreciates you and everything you do for him. Even if he does the smallest thing, like paying you a compliment, it means the world to you.

Being an ISFJ woman is not easy and sometimes you tend to shy away and close off, even to those who are the closest to you. That’s why you need someone who’ll love you regardless of those moments.

You need commitment and loyalty

Since you take relationships seriously and take good care of your small circle, you also need someone who values everything that a romantic relationship stands for. You need a partner who’s committed and loyal.

When in a relationship, you trust your person wholeheartedly, and you ask for the same in return. The love relationship is sacred for you, so you do your utmost to never hurt your partner. You don’t want to be around someone who’s not ready to do what it takes to make things work, and you’re clear about that.

Since you have strong people skills and you’re highly compassionate, you’re able to sense when something is not right and you try to help your man the best way you possibly can.

You need someone who supports you no matter what

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Yes, you seek support – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! There are moments when you push yourself over the limits. In those times, you need a man who won’t let you fall, but rather uplift you.

You need someone who lets you be vulnerable yet also appreciates the strong woman you are. Since you’re not the one who’ll give up on your partner or your relationship after the first mistake, your lover has to be the same.

You’ll always be standing in their corner when they fight battles and you’re ready to support even his craziest ideas.

You need a great communicator

There are times when you misinterpret what the other person wanted to tell you, and you get hurt easily. You occasionally draw quick conclusions and you are likely to take things personally.

For this reason, you need someone who’s able to clearly express themselves. You need a great communicator – someone who understands that because of your sensitive nature, you’re a bit more vulnerable.

You tend to avoid conflict, so you rather stay silent when someone hurts you. That’s why your partner has to be the one to read between the lines, stop your overthinking, and be persistent in solving problems that may arise.

You need someone who turns your world upside down – but in a good way!

DONE! What An ISFJ Woman Is Looking For In A Man

Yes! You need someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone. You are naturally drawn to men who are passionate about life and adventure. Your curiosity and their somewhat mysterious nature are a perfect match.

He turns those sparks of life that you already have inside into a real fire! Because of him, you experience life differently, only if you accept to be spontaneous sometimes. You have to forget about schedules and arranged plans and let him lead you.

As an ISFJ woman, absorbing all his life stories is your favorite pastime, so you’ll enjoy that in the long run. Embrace this exciting experience and mess up that agenda of yours just a little!

What An ISFJ Woman Is Looking For In A Man?

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