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15 Spiritual Ways To Get Your Ex Back And Rekindle The Flame

15 Spiritual Ways To Get Your Ex Back And Rekindle The Flame

What are some spiritual ways to get your ex back?

You still see him in your dreams and you’re not sure if you can handle this any longer. Your brain is filled with images of you two and you can’t seem to forget about him.

There’s this undeniable need to rekindle the flame with your ex. You believe that there’s something more in your relationship and you could make it work if you just handle your problems the right way. 

You want to use your feminine energy and your spiritual power to try and get him back into your life. For some reason, you still believe that your ex-boyfriend is your soulmate.

​That idea isn’t leaving your brain any time soon. It doesn’t matter that you went through so much heartbreak because of your ex-lover. The heart wants what it wants. 

He’s the love of your life, whatever your best friend might say. 

So, have you really thought this through? Once you go down this path, there’s no way back. When you tie your soul to him, you can’t expect to find a way to run away from him. 

True love can take you into unknown territories of positive energy. However, if he’s not the right guy then you may activate the negative energy your relationship has been creating for so long. 

There are so many spiritual ways to get your ex back, and there are also a lot of love spells. The only disclaimer I have for you is that you’re the one making the decision – I’m just the girl who’s helping you out. 

15 spiritual ways to get your ex back

1. Understand where your emotions are coming from

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The first step toward success is to understand your own emotions. Understand where they’re coming from and what’s triggering your response to this whole situation.

For example, if you’re feeling like you can’t live without him, then that’s a huge red flag. Either he manipulated you into thinking this or you’re too insecure to continue your life alone. 

When you believe that he’s the only guy that you’ll ever love in your life, that’s a huge problem. You’d probably be better off going to therapy than doing everything to figure out the spiritual ways to get your ex back. 

However, if you feel secure in yourself and you’re happy alone, but you also truly know that he’s the perfect partner for you – then you can go ahead and give him a second chance. 

​If there are any negative emotions like desperation and anguish going on inside you whenever you think of him, you can’t have a healthy relationship. The right person wouldn’t evoke these emotions in you, because the universe would make things go smoothly. 

You shouldn’t want your lover back if your heart continues to hurt. 

2. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship

I understand that many relationships have ups and downs. It’s not always rainbows and cupcakes, nor can you ignore the fact that sometimes things aren’t okay between you. 

The truth is that if you can’t find anything positive in your relationship to focus on, then you shouldn’t ask the universe for your ex back. He’s obviously not the right guy for you if you need to be delusional in order to love him. 

There are times when people part ways because of the circumstances rather than actual issues in the relationship. Because of that, you should focus on the positive aspects of your past relationship. 

The law of attraction doesn’t work if you’re focusing all of your energy on the negative parts of it. You need to think of memories that awaken certain feelings within you. If you focus all of your energy on negativity, then you’re inevitably going to push him away from you. 

For that exact reason, whenever you think of your loved one, try to shut down any negative thoughts. Focus on everything that makes you love him even more and the universe will guide him back into your arms. 

3. Visualize the two of you together

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 10

Visualization works for many different things. The psychology behind it says that we tend to work harder for things that we visualize. 

I mean, it’s still one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back, but even on a rational note, it works wonders. For example, visualizing yourself with your ex in a happy relationship again can give you the required motivation to work a lot harder to regain his attention. 

When you start to imagine your relationship in your mind, what you’re actually doing is that you’re creating little stories for you two. You can go through every scenario in your head without any trouble and create the perfect outcome. 

I understand that this can be seen as a way to escape reality, but it can also become a way to make your dreams your reality. 

4. Use affirmations in the mornings

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to get your spiritual energy back on track. And when you use them for a loving relationship, you can put yourself on the right path. 

What if you start your day off with these affirmations? If you have any limiting beliefs, then now’s the time to leave them behind.

You see, affirmations are always spoken aloud but never in a way that suggests that you’ll get something in the future. What you need to do is to say your affirmations in a way that describes the things you want as if you had them right now. 

A few examples of this would be: 

“I am loved because he loves me.”

“There’s nothing that can keep us apart.”

“Our love is undeniable and can withstand everything that the universe throws our way.”

“He wants us to be together again.”

These affirmations should be spoken first thing in the morning. They’re so strong because they rearrange your mindset to attract the things that you want in your life. 

If your mind is telling you that he doesn’t want you and that you’re doomed to live a life without him, then you won’t be able to rekindle the flame. You need to have a positive mindset and treat your lost love as if it’s still a part of your life.

5. Let go of any judgment towards him

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

This may be a tough one. It’s one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back because judgment implies that you don’t understand him on a deeper level. 

Once you start to see the reasoning behind his actions, you can also see that he isn’t doing things because he’s a bad human being. There are so many different reasons he may be acting this way towards you. 

He may have had some traumatic experiences from the past or his insecurities are getting in the way. However, you feel like letting go of him isn’t an option right now, which means that there’s something to hold onto in your relationship. 

He’s probably a much better person than you’re allowing yourself to admit. As his ex-girlfriend, you saw sides of him that he didn’t show to anyone else. 

Once you let go of any judgment you have towards him, you’re actually creating space for better things to happen. There’s no space for good if you still hold a grudge against him – you’ll only end up in a toxic cycle.

6. Focus on the present moment

Spirituality is all about the present moment. It’s said that people who live in the past are depressed while the people who live in the future are anxious. 

All those emotions can take a huge toll on your body and mental health. That’s not something that can give you better chance at getting him back. Simply because your entire life would be focused on one thing only.

By all means, dedicate a certain time of day to these spiritual practices, but you can’t completely forget about the rest of your life. 

Your life is moving past you at an incredible rate. There’s no way for you to pause it or wait for a moment where you’ll be able to finally experience the wonders of this earth. 

Focus on yourself and the life you have. With or without him, your life still belongs to you. You’re only creating a bigger issue for the both of you if you’re not giving yourself the time you need to live your life. 

Focusing on him will only drive him further away from you. If anything, you’ll be even more attractive if you seem like you’re not paying him any mind. 

7. Forgive yourself

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 12

Are you blaming yourself for the end of your relationship? Do you feel like you were the issue and the main problem in your entire encounter? 

If so, then you may have some healing to do. You shouldn’t just believe that you’re the problem without any particular reason for that, especially if you were doing it the only way you knew how. 

Sometimes, we’re only able to see the issues in our behavior once we’re removed from the relationship. While you were together, you thought that everything was okay, but now you’re not able to forgive yourself for the things you did wrong. 

What you should do now as one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back is to write down all the problems you thought you brought to the table. If you feel like you can’t forgive yourself any of those things, then you definitely have some soul searching to do to find the answers. 

Then, once you’ve written these down, you need to say them out loud. Say that you forgive yourself and that you simply didn’t know better at the time. That you’re going to change your behavior but you’re also going to learn along the way. 

Everyone makes mistakes. But you shouldn’t let them define you or keep you up at night. You can always find something to blame yourself for, but your heart is pure and you deserve a second chance just like anyone else. 

8. Don’t force things

Why would you want to force things in the first place? The universe doesn’t let you have things that aren’t meant for you. Especially if you choose to chase them instead of attracting them. 

So, stop trying to force this to happen. You don’t have to beg him to come back to you or spend all of your time trying to cleanse your energy because you want your love to finally work. 

Your compatibility depends solely on the universe and the way your energies align. If you don’t believe that things can work out in your favor, then you’ll only be slaving away for something that’s not meant to be. 

Forcing things will only lead to exhaustion and even further away from the things you genuinely desire. He could start to hate you simply because he feels like you’re trying too hard. 

9. Stop blowing up his phone

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

All those text messages you’re sending him could easily be interpreted as spamming. You probably heard of the no-contact rule and the power of ignoring your ex. 

While this might not be one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back, it’s definitely a very effective method to rekindle the flame. Right now, he’s getting all the things he’s been looking for. 

He wanted freedom and a life without you in it. That’s why he’s so adamant in keeping himself at an arm’s length. When you start to infiltrate that with your constant texts and phone calls then he’s going to run for the hills. 

That’s not exactly what you’re looking for, is it? 

10. Meditate

What does meditation have to do with the spiritual ways to get your ex back? Well, it puts you in the type of mindset that keeps you focused. 

Meditation has so many great benefits that you could use this trick for every aspect of your life. Although, in this situation, you can use it to visualize and attract the future that you want. 

During meditation, you keep your head clear and your body aligned with the things you’re looking for. You can use this sacred space as the perfect playground for the dreams you’re trying to bring to life. 

There are many guided meditations online that can help you if you don’t know where to start. Look for affirmations, the law of attraction, or simply meditations that’ll help you attract your ex-boyfriend back into your life.

11. Express gratitude

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 14

One thing you always have to remember is that the universe won’t work in your favor if you’re not grateful for the things you’re experiencing right now. There are so many people in this world who don’t know if they’ll have something to eat tonight and they’re more grateful than most of us. 

Expressing gratitude is also necessary for you to be aware of all the blessings that you already have. Just because you’re desperately seeking one thing, doesn’t mean that everything else is meaningless. 

The more gratitude you start to express, the more it’ll become a standard part of your life. You’ll learn that life is beautiful without him, so it won’t matter if he’s there or not. 

This is necessary because otherwise your head will be clogged and you won’t be able to receive other blessings. And why would the universe give you what you’re asking for if you’re not even grateful for what you already have? 

12. Accept your current emotions

In order to feel freer and more accepting of a life with or without him, you should accept your current emotions. There’s so much going on in your system right now and you can’t keep beating yourself up because of the feelings you’re experiencing. 

Your heart is telling you that you’re hurt, angry, sad, happy, and in some ways even relieved because of everything that’s been going on right now. You can’t tell me that you haven’t been overthinking all of your emotions because I know – I’ve been there. 

Accept all of your emotions just how they come and go. Express them in healthy ways that can free you from that pressure in your body. 

If you need to cry, then do it. If you need to go and punch something, make sure that you do it in the gym where no one can get hurt. 

You know, all of those things are safe as well as good for you. You’re not hurting anyone if you’re simply making sure that you’re expressing your emotions in a healthy manner. 

13. Take yourself on dates

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

Why is taking yourself on dates one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back? Can’t you just wait for him to take you out instead? 


The most spiritual thing about all of this is that you can actually get to know yourself better than anyone else. Once you start doing things for yourself, you’re actually giving yourself permission to raise your standards. 

Giving your ex another chance won’t end well if you don’t do that. You’ll accept minimal effort once more just to realize he’s not going to change no matter how many chances you give him. 

By treating yourself, you’ll be able to see when he starts being inconsistent. Raising your standards will also allow you to understand what type of behavior you want and expect from your partner, without being narcissistic. 

You’ll start to understand your worth this way. I guarantee that your divine feminine will be extremely thankful to you. 

14. Use relationship shadow work

Have you ever heard of shadow work? It’s a psychological practice that has helped millions of people all over the world. And it can be used as one of the spiritual ways to get your ex back.

This type of work is best done with a professional, like an actual therapist who’s educated on this practice. That said, there are also many journaling prompts that can help you with shadow work. 

All you need to do is sit down and write about everything that comes to mind. You’ll be able to dissect your entire relationship and understand what’s been the cause of your problems. 

Of course, I’d recommend you do this with him in mind. Don’t answer questions for him, but rather use the actual knowledge you have of him if you don’t talk to each other anymore. 

If you feel like he’d do this with you, then you could do shadow work together. The problem here is that this is very spiritually and emotionally taxing. 

You’ll feel like you ran an entire mile just from one session. It would be best done over a number of days, but if you don’t have the time or energy for that, then it’s completely fine. 

15. Allow the universe to do its magic

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 16

Sometimes, you have full control over the things that happen in your life. Other times, you have to rely on the universe to take over and to give you what it thinks you need. 

If the universe doesn’t think that you should be with that man, it doesn’t matter how much you want him next to you. You can plead and beg, but in this lifetime it simply won’t be possible. 

So, stop stressing about everything. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

There aren’t many things that you can do when it comes to this, but there certainly are a few that could help you on your journey. Focus on the things you can control – your own mindset and the love you have for yourself. 

A man isn’t a necessity in your life, no matter how much you may love him. That’s why, if the spiritual ways to get your ex back don’t seem to work for you, maybe it’s for the best. 

Allow the universe to guide you because its magic will lead you into the hands of the right man for you.

15 Spiritual Ways To Get Your Ex Back And Rekindle The Flame

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