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Here’s What Narcissists Hate The Most: 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy

Here’s What Narcissists Hate The Most: 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy

Narcissists are people with complex personalities who love to be in charge. They thrive on the feeling of control, and you would assume that they keep all the strings in their hands. But even so, there are some things that can make them lose their minds and drive them crazy.

They will try to appear calm and collected in every situation. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t provoke them. As a matter of fact, it’s quite easy to push their buttons as long as you know what you’re doing.

So, what are some things that narcissists hate the most? What’s something you can do to blow their cover and show the world who they actually are?

Get ready to find out what makes them turn red with anger because they’re aware that they can no longer fool you.

10 things that drive narcissists crazy

Here's What Narcissists Hate The Most: 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy

What most people don’t realize is that narcissists have very low self-esteem. They’re not as confident as they try to appear. That’s just a mask they wear to threaten others and make them follow their lead.

When you learn more about their patterns of behavior, you’ll realize that they do everything to protect their image and the reputation they’ve been building for years. Now, the real question is, what’s something you can do to tear them down? Is there something that drives them crazy?

The answer is a big, fat ‘yes’! Here’s what they despise to the bone:

1. Feeling like they’re not important

Narcissists have a huge ego, and the more they make others suffer, the better they feel about themselves. They thrive on the pain of others. It sounds terrible, but they actually feed their ego on it.

These people are mental, and they don’t care about anyone else except for themselves. That’s why they have this inner need to always be at the center of attention. They need to be talked about, looked at, and treated with respect.

Once you make them feel like they’re not important, they will instantly lose their minds. They can’t tolerate being treated the same way as others. This makes them feel as if they’ve failed in life.

2. Being ignored

Don’t ignore their words! Don’t go no contact with them! And most importantly, don’t reject their proposals! Or, do everything mentioned if you want to make a narcissist go crazy.

So, it’s obvious that they love to be in charge, which is why they can’t stand being ignored. If they’re talking about something and nobody’s listening to them, they will start to crumble right in front of you.

They can’t tolerate the fact that no one is interested in what they have to say. This realization will make them go bonkers, and they will soon lose their composure.

Again, this is something they can’t afford since they have a reputation to keep. They want to act all confident and calm, but deep down, they’re losing it because they’re being ignored.

3. Losing control

Heres What Narcissists Hate The Most 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy 2

Narcissists use all sorts of techniques to gain control over people. They love-bomb you, play the victim, and take on different roles just to be in charge. But it’s all in vain once they start to feel like they’re losing control.

Their plan involves getting people hooked and making them follow their lead blindly. They never wanted to lose control or to feel like they couldn’t make others do something they wanted with the help of different manipulation techniques.

This brings us to our next point.

4. Being told ‘no’

When it comes to rejection and being told ‘no’, narcissists instantly turn into small children. It feels as if they’re having a meltdown just because you told them that you’re not going to do something they wanted.

This isn’t a pretty scene, and at first, you’ll feel confused about what’s going on. You would be surprised to see a grown person losing their composure just because you didn’t want to do something for them.

In their heads, the idea of being in charge comes with no additional surprises. They have it all planned, and it’s up to you just to do as they tell you.

But once you turn against them and say ‘no’ to their requests, you’re in for a big surprise.

5. Being criticized

No one likes being criticized, but we’ve all learned to live with it when we feel that what the other person is telling us can help us grow. Narcissists, on the other hand, don’t care about becoming a better version of themselves. In their heads, they’re already perfect, and there’s no need to change anything.

So, whenever you give them a talk about something they should change or whenever you criticize something they did, they will instantly lose their patience.

These people simply don’t know how to respond to criticism. They can’t say, ‘You’re right about that.’ A sentence such as this one doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

That’s why it’s so hard to have a normal conversation with them. As soon as you tell them something they don’t agree with, they will lose their minds.

6. Seeing other people succeed

Here's What Narcissists Hate The Most: 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy

Obviously, it’s really hard nowadays to find someone who’ll be happy about your success. That’s just the bitter truth. But when it comes to narcissists, they take this behavior to a whole other level.

It’s not that they don’t like seeing others happy. It’s more that they lose their composure every time they see someone having it better than them. This feels like a direct attack on them.

The thing is that deep down, narcissists don’t think highly of themselves. But they do everything they can so others don’t realize that.

However, when they see someone successful, all of their insecurities instantly flow up to the surface. And that’s when you know that things are about to get rough.

7. Being laughed at

Narcissists don’t do well with criticism. But what makes them even more angry is when they’re being laughed at. Don’t even try to go that way if you don’t want to see them burning with anger.

This is definitely something you can do when you wish to provoke a narcissist and see his true colors. I just have to warn you that it’s not a pretty sight, and you may regret your decision somewhere down the line.

8. Taking responsibility for their actions

These people don’t think they should be held accountable for their actions. Even if they hurt you, they’ll still have the courage to say that it’s your fault.

No matter how hard you try to explain to them what actually happened and that they’re the ones to blame, you still won’t get them to listen. In their world, they’re perfect, and there’s not much you can do to change their image of themselves.

9. Being seen for who they actually are

Heres What Narcissists Hate The Most 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy 4

Narcissists will do everything to present you with this created and polished version of themselves. All of their actions stem from the fact that they want to appear impressive.

But when someone sees their true colors, they instantly get upset. They’ve been working so hard to get you to like them, and the idea that you know who they actually are drives them crazy.

10. Being abandoned

I’m sure that narcissists believe that they’re the ones who’ll leave you and not the other way around. They can’t tolerate being abandoned since they have to be the ones to walk away first. They have to be the ones to reject you.

When they find themselves in a situation where their supply turns them back, they feel attacked on a personal level. Their main goal is to keep others around for as long as they want to and then leave them without explanation when they no longer suit their needs.

However, when you leave a narcissist before he gets a chance to walk away from you, he feels immensely hurt. It’s the kind of pain that can’t be described.

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