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4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

If you’ve ever been in the company of narcissists, then you know how toxic their behavior is.

They create a false sense of reality and go through life believing that their version of the story is the right one.

They convince themselves and those around them that what they’re telling is true, and there’s no way to prove them wrong.

Narcissists twist your mind and make you go crazy. Their game is so strong that you start blaming yourself, even though you know that it’s wrong.

But they convince you to follow their lead, and because they know how to do that, you end up being caught up in a sick game that keeps playing in front of your eyes.

Narcissists are great liars and they know how to make you trust them.

They lie straight to your face, love-bomb you, and then make you the cause of the issue. No matter what you do, you’ll always end up being the one to blame.

They switch roles with you. In reality, you’re the good, caring, and noble one, but after you come under the hand of a narcissist, you become evil, cruel, and selfish.

This brings me to the next point and the general idea behind this article.

In order to play the narcissistic game the right way and get the best results, narcissists have different roles they love playing.

These roles help them get to their goals.

Depending on what a narcissist wants, he puts on a costume and gets himself ready for the stage. Once his goal is fulfilled, he changes costume again and takes on another role.
DONE! 4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

Narcissists can keep doing this their whole lives because they don’t see anything wrong with it.

To them, hurting people’s feelings and manipulating them is a game they just can’t stop playing.

Their false sense of reality prevents them from seeing the truth, which makes it impossible to end this game.

But what are the roles that narcissists love to play? Which costume can you expect them to wear?

Let’s find out!

1. The Victim

DONE! 4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

If a narcissist starts to sense that he’s losing control and wants you to feel sorry for him, he takes on the role of victim.

He’s now a poor, weak person who did nothing wrong but others somehow still decided to hurt him.

Maybe he’ll start bullying you or make you feel guilty for something you didn’t do.

Then, the second you react and stand up for yourself, he pulls out his victim costume.

Now, he’s the one who’s only been joking with you while you decided to bully him and make him feel guilty.

He convinces you that he did nothing wrong and acts like an angel.

Then he gives you a story of how his whole life people treated him badly.

They played with his feelings, never gave him enough love, or even made him feel worthless.

Now that he finally found a way out of those painful relationships, you’re doing the same thing to him – at least that’s how his version of the story will sound.

He’ll ignore the fact that he’s the one who’s been treating you badly. That scenario doesn’t exist in his head.

He’s just a victim of your bad behavior and he feels terrible because of it.

2. The Mr. Right

DONE! 4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

You’re hit with attention and appreciation. He looks like everything you’ve ever been asking for.

Kind, loving, and a man who doesn’t pressure you into anything.

For a second, you feel like you’ve found your perfect guy, and you’re over the moon because the time has finally come.

He gives you all the love you ever needed and then some.

The one who you’ve been asking for your whole life has arrived. And now that you have Mr. Right, you feel like the happiest person in the world.

And no, he doesn’t move fast in the relationship – he makes you feel like you’re the one in control.

But after some time, you’ll realize that all of that was a part of this narcissist’s plan to win you over and get whatever he wants.

He made you feel that you’re the one making choices when in reality he already had everything planned out.

He knew that by making you feel loved, he’ll be able to get everything he wants.

And the second he fulfills his wishes, he’s out of your life and gone forever.

3. The Guardian Angel

DONE! 4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

A narcissist can act as a protector. A person who is always there for you and will always help you in times of need.

He protects you from the wrong people and helps you become the best version of yourself.

Whenever you need help, your guardian angel appears out of nowhere and saves the day.

But it all comes with a price. Don’t think for a second he’s doing it for you because he truly wants to.

Instead, he’ll make you return the favor faster than you think.

In fact, he’s leading to into a trap where you’ll have to help him every time he calls you.

And if you don’t, he might combine his current role with that of a victim, and act as if you’ve used him.

Narcissists know where their game is taking them from the outset. They know how to pull the right strings only to get what they want.

So, don’t even bother playing against them because you’ll hardly be able to win.

Your guardian angel will turn into a destructor – the role that suits him best.

4. The Saint

DONE! 4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

Imagine this guy.-He’s suffered his whole life and struggled to earn a decent life.

In spite of that, he’s always been there to help other people in need.

He sacrificed his own life to help his friends, family members, or even complete strangers.

When you look at him, you’d say that he has a golden heart.

His sad face tells the story for itself and you reckon this guy is a real saint walking on this earth.

Now, would you ever be able to screw a guy like this over?

Would you ever be able to play with his kind heart and hurt him, even though life had walked over him?

The answer is no, and a narcissist knows that.

That’s why he chooses to play the role of a saint – the cruelest costume he could ever wear because he couldn’t be further from it.

He’ll win you over to his side and by the time you eventually realize he’s manipulating you, it’ll be too late to leave.

If you do, you’ll be the one who leaves a guy who’s already suffered enough. You’ll be the one who’s toxic and plays with other people’s feelings.

That’s how it works when you find yourself in the hands of a narcissist.

He does everything he can to get what he wants, while acting as the world’s best and kindest person.

His games will drive you crazy, but be brave enough and leave him or you’ll spend your whole life suffering.

4 Roles Narcissists Love To Play To Hide Their Intentions

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