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13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

Are there any concrete signs a Scorpio man is playing you? Or have we just heard so many awful stories about this sign that everyone has become paranoid?

The stories can’t all be false, or can they?

There’s just something about a Scorpio man that’s so alluring yet at the same time dangerous. This water sign is known to be a player and his favorite games involve the hearts of others.

The way he understands life is that the end result is more important than the journey. That’s why you’re scared you’re nothing more than a means to an end.

You can’t be sure if his intentions are pure or not. After too many heartbreaks, you’re scared that this time your heart will get broken to the point of no return, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your Scorpio guy will try his best to hide the clear signs he is playing you, but you’ll be ready because they’re not as mysterious as he’d like to believe. He’ll realize sooner rather than later that you see right through his little schemes.

That said, it’s a bad thing to generalize an entire zodiac sign based on the experience of a handful of people. I can promise you that every person has a specific natal chart that can tell you more about them.

We’re only talking about men whose sun sign is in Scorpio here, so you don’t get confused if your Scorpio man doesn’t fall into the stereotype.

13 signs a Scorpio man is playing you

1. You haven’t really gone out on any actual dates

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

Let’s take a moment to reflect. How many times has he actually taken you out on a date? Has he invited you to a dinner date or have you only been hanging out at his place?

You’re trying really hard to find excuses for his behavior, but you know just as well as I do that this is one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you. It won’t turn into a serious relationship if all you’re doing is spending time isolated from the world, kissing behind closed doors.

People go out on dates in order to get to know each other better and to spend some quality time together. Your Scorpio man is playing you because a guy who actually wanted to have you in his life wouldn’t behave this way.

A Scorpio guy in love would never act this way because he’d want to impress you. He’d take you out on so many different dates.

However, your guy obviously couldn’t care less at this point. I hope you understand that, even though it hurts.

2. He doesn’t care to get to know you

Another red flag sign a Scorpio man is playing you is when he’s not even trying to create an emotional connection with you. He isn’t even trying to get to know you.

He doesn’t ask questions about your past or your dreams for the future.

Asking personal questions is the only way you can know if someone is compatible with you in the long run. But if he thinks of you as someone who’ll only stay the night, then he doesn’t have to know anything about you.

He may drop a question or two out of the blue, but it won’t be anything too meaningful. If he wasn’t playing with your emotions, he’d do all he could to understand you better. His curiosity would get the better of him.

When a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he can’t get enough of you. That’s why this is one of the obvious signs that he couldn’t care less about you.

3. You know almost nothing about him

DONE 13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke 2

Creating an emotional connection with someone is very important to you, but he obviously doesn’t share your enthusiasm. Whenever you ask him something, he expertly dodges the question.

You don’t even realize what he’s done, because his lips are already all over you. He doesn’t give you time to think about his behavior because he only wants one thing from you, and it has nothing to do with sharing information.

Why would he open up to a woman that he doesn’t want to keep around for a longer period of time? You don’t need to know his favorite color in order to do the things he has in mind.

This is definitely one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you. He says that he wants to take things slowly, but there’s no way it would take someone this long to open up.

This fixed sign shares this information with his loved ones. If he’s not sharing any personal stuff with you, you’re simply not one of those people, however much it may hurt to come to terms with that.

By avoiding these deep conversations, he’s actually making sure that he can walk away from you much easier.

4. He rarely initiates communication (unless he needs something)

Whenever he texts you first, your heart practically jumps out of your chest. You feel like crying tears of joy because it’s such a rare occurrence.

I don’t want to be the person to burst your bubble, but you probably realized by now that he only does this when he needs something from you. As someone who doesn’t take you out on dates, he texts you to invite you to his place.

Initiating communication means taking the time to text you to see how your day’s been. It means caring enough to call you to see if you’re feeling okay. It means he’s been thinking about you so he couldn’t help but contact you.

However, none of these things seem even remotely accurate when it comes to your Scorpio man because you’re seeing signs that he is playing you and your emotions. You’re always the one to text him first and it breaks your heart.

I can promise you that if a water sign is genuinely interested in you, he wouldn’t leave you guessing like this. Scorpio is the same element as Pisces and Cancer. Do you truly believe that these signs would ever approve of this behavior?

It’s just another sign that he’s not genuine but is rather just looking for someone to pass his time with.

5. He refuses to introduce you to the important people in his life

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

We can’t really claim that this is one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you because the same thing happens when you’re dating other signs. Someone born under the sign of Aquarius or Aries would never even think to introduce you to their family.

The thing that truly is specific to this sign is that they put a lot of value on their family and friends. A Scorpion wants to know if his partner is approved by his loved ones, but this one isn’t trying to get that approval. That’s probably because he knows you won’t stick around for much longer.

He’s probably anticipating a breakup in the near future, so explaining to his friends why you’re not together anymore would just be a chore. It’s easier this way because he doesn’t put any value on your relationship.

Okay, I feel like I’m being a bit too harsh, but you know that this is true considering that you’ve been questioning your relationship this entire time. He obviously doesn’t see you as a permanent person in his life.

6. He degrades you most of the time

Now, here’s a clear sign a Scorpio man is playing you: when he degrades you and then pretends like he’s joking. You need to understand that he’s still a water sign. If he truly did like you, then he wouldn’t even think about saying something mean to you.

If you’re a Virgo or Capricorn, you probably don’t care about his opinion because you know that his opinion of you is a reflection of him. However, if you’re a Taurus or even Gemini, you may get insulted quite easily and it hurts.

You’re falling in love with this man and all he has to say is another critique about your outfit.

You feel like you’ll never be good enough for this man because he finds so much pleasure in telling you that there’s something wrong. When the smile on your face falls, you see his eyes sparkling with joy.

He wants you to know how unimportant you are to him. But when you do ask him about this behavior, he probably thinks of a stupid excuse saying that he’s been joking with you.

Anything along those lines will leave his mouth, but I want you to know that he’s lying. It’s not a joke. Especially not to a water sign.

7. He never keeps his promises

DONE 13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke 4

Is there anything worse than a person who doesn’t follow up their words with actions? He’s like a walking representation of a broken promise. This man, I swear to God, can make you feel like you’ll marry him, just to yell “SYKE!” right to your face.

At this point, you can’t even blame the compatibility between your zodiac signs. This Scorpio male obviously tries to give you a reason to not expect much from him by being the biggest jerk.

He tells you he’ll call you to hang out – he doesn’t. He says he’ll be there to support you – he doesn’t even remember to show up to that important event.

If you’re looking for an obvious sign a Scorpio man is playing you, this is it. Because, at the end of the day, you know that he won’t keep his promises. He promised to love you and keep you safe, but his actions don’t support his behavior.

8. He’s never there for you

When a Scorpio man likes a girl, he won’t be able to stay away from her. He won’t leave her side, especially when she needs him. Your man obviously doesn’t care about you that way.

How do you know that you’re seeing signs a Scorpio man is playing you? Well, you don’t see him around when you need help. He doesn’t care to assist you or to play the hero.

He’d much rather hang out with his friends than come over to comfort you when you mourning or to help you get better when you’re sick. He does everything to become a guy you can’t rely on.

If he wasn’t playing with your feelings, he wouldn’t leave you alone in those hard moments. He’d cuddle with you and make you tea (or whatever else you need). This way, he’s making sure that you’re aware of your importance in his life.

Even if he tries to gaslight you into believing otherwise, you’ll soon start to see that your gut has been right all along.

9. He doesn’t care about your boundaries

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

When a Scorpio man wants something, he’s going to get it. Even if that means breaking all boundaries to get there – especially when he’s playing with your feelings.

For example, have you ever told him to not touch you and he simply didn’t listen? Or perhaps you said you didn’t want to get physical before you got to know him and he couldn’t care less?

Every person has boundaries and their partner should respect those in order to have a healthy relationship. There’s a good chance that you tried to communicate these with him, but it’s nothing more than a joke to him.

This is one of the big signs a Scorpio man is playing you, because if he really wanted something serious with you, then he’d respect you. The fact that he doesn’t respect your boundaries only means that he wants nothing but to use you.

He’d rather let you cry than tell you about his true intentions. This isn’t how a man whose intentions are genuine behaves towards a woman, and horoscope has nothing to do with it.

10. He doesn’t want to post you on his social media accounts

What’s his excuse? Does he say that he wants to keep your relationship private? Or he just doesn’t post that much, even though there are multiple pictures of him with his friends or even selfies on his account?

He acts like a 15-year-old boy who doesn’t know that these things are important nowadays. Instagram has become a playground for people who want to cheat on their partners because it gives them the freedom to do these things without getting caught.

It’s so much easier for them to pick up girls this way. He’s probably texting other girls, so he doesn’t want them to know that you’re a part of his life. It makes him feel like he’s going to lose his roster if he posts a picture with you.

This is a major sign this Scorpio man is merely playing you. If he was serious about your relationship, then he wouldn’t make excuses, but rather do the things that are important to you.

You’re obviously distraught. You’re trying to make him understand but that doesn’t change his stance on things, because he knows that you’re not permanent in his life.

11. People only know you as his friend

DONE 13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke 6


At one point, you’ll bump into his friends or coworkers. It’s literally inevitable, however hard he may try to avoid it. He’ll have to introduce you to someone at one point.

So when he does, he introduces you as his friend. The stabbing pain in your chest makes you feel like your heart is giving out and it knocks the breath out of your lungs.

The friends he told he was going out with you only know you as one of the girls he’s seeing. There’s nothing special about you and he makes sure that you understand that.

What kind of a monster should a Scorpio man become for you to realize you’re seeing signs he is playing you like a wicked game. You’re the girl no one considers important to him and he’s made sure they see you like that.

Even when you try to confront him about it, he gaslights you. He says that you’re overreacting about something so minuscule and that you need to calm down. What he doesn’t consider is how much it hurts you.

12. He compares you to his exes

Why would this be a sign that a Scorpio man is playing you? It just sounds like someone who wants to get rid of you and not someone who wants to keep you around for those late nights.

But take a moment to think about it.

Whenever he compares you to his ex-girlfriends, you have that awful feeling like you’re not good enough. After so much of his manipulation and gaslighting, you want to show him that you truly are good enough. You want to make sure that he knows that you’re better than his exes.

For instance, he may compare your performance in bed to his exes. He’ll tell you that they did things that you’re not doing and he’d like to see you try. Or, he says they wore more provocative clothes than you do, so he wants to see you dress up a little bit more.

The truth behind this is that he’s playing a mind game that he finds amusing. He’s seeing you struggle to keep up with all the comparisons, but he still doesn’t tell you that he loves you for who you are. He doesn’t care to get to know you well enough to fall in love with you.

That’s exactly why he’s continuously trying to make this entire experience worth his while. It’s sad, but you know that he’s playing you whenever he compares you to anyone. It’s unfortunately very common for Scorpio women and men to use the insecurities of others to their advantage.

13. He uses your empathy against you

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

You’re an empath. You understand that people are going through life with very painful stories to tell. No one has the privilege of a life that isn’t traumatic to some extent.

That’s why he uses your empathy to get what he wants. He tells you about his traumatic childhood and about everything that he had to go through. This leads to a moment where you feel like he’s opening up to you and you hold onto that information.

Would you really say that those stories don’t have an underlying motive? Water signs are master manipulators because they understand the emotions of others and they use them against people.

This is one of the signs a Scorpio man is playing you because he’s doing everything in his power to turn your own brain against you. He’s playing with you and your feelings as a way to establish dominance.

But the only way he can do this and still keep you around for his pleasure is when he uses your empathy against you. He knows that you’ll shed tears for him and that you’d feel too bad to call him out on his bad behavior.

He even knows you won’t leave him if he tells you that everyone’s left him before. This man also knows you’ll excuse his awful behavior by always keeping his trauma in the back of your head.

He’ll use you and then throw you out of his life when he thinks you don’t serve him anymore.

Final thoughts

Could it be that I’m mistaken? Could it really be that this is the only way a Scorpio man knows how to love?

I highly doubt it. Every person in this world, no matter their natal chart or what the stars say, can be a decent human being.

The guy you’re currently stuck with is playing games with you and he’s obviously having a great time. Cut his fun and show him that a strong woman isn’t a toy for him to play with until he finds something shinier.

You’re a wonderful individual who deserves true love. At the first sign a Scorpio man is playing you, do yourself a favor and walk in the opposite direction.

13 Signs A Scorpio Man Is Playing You And Sees You As A Joke

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