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The Power Of Walking Away When He Won’t Commit To You

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won’t Commit To You

Is your relationship going through a rough patch right now? Are you giving your everything to let him know that you care about him but it still feels like he isn’t as invested as you are? Are you considering walking away when he won’t commit?

All these questions are going through your mind if your partner’s emotions seem a bit off and you feel like he doesn’t love you like he used to anymore.

So, the next thing that you think about is using the power of walking away to get his attention and make him chase you.

When a woman decides to walk away from a man, she’s actually sending him a message that she’s perfectly fine being on her own and that she doesn’t need anyone to feel loved or wanted.

But why does that happen only once she chooses to leave her partner? Well, truthfully, most men often don’t realize the real value of their significant other until she’s no longer part of their life.

Once she proves how strong she actually is, then he immediately starts thinking about her. He tries to figure out what he did wrong and finally realizes the mistake he made.

He mistreated her and let her go – two of the worst things any man could do. Then something rather ironic happens.

Instead of working on himself and making sure he doesn’t repeat the same mistake twice, he starts chasing her, hoping that she’ll take him back. He can’t stand being away from her, which is why he does everything in his power to get her back.

A strong woman doesn’t beg, chase, or force anything – she walks away!

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

A man can underestimate his woman and think that she’ll dance to his selfish tune but that’s not always true. In some cases, she packs her bags and leaves him without any hesitation.

She takes her happiness and well-being into her own two hands and makes sure to never be taken for granted ever again!

Those strong women trust their gut at all costs and once they notice that a man isn’t meeting their standards, they act.

They don’t wait for their heart to be torn apart but instead, they do something to protect it, and one of the ways to do so is by walking away when he won’t commit.

They’re completely aware of the fact that changes don’t happen overnight. You have to really want it to become better not just for the other person but also for yourself.

So, that’s why a strong woman doesn’t wait for her man to somehow magically change and instead, she walks away.

A woman like that knows that men fall in love when you’re gone and not when you’re present all the time. A man will respect you in your absence and not your presence.

The only way to make your man treat you the way you deserve it is to walk away from him. That’s when he’ll know how you truly feel.

I understand if it’s hard for you to do this. However, if he refuses or doesn’t know how to fight for you, what other option is there?

It takes a strong woman to walk away from a man who won’t commit to her. But by doing so, she teaches him a valuable lesson – to step up his game if he genuinely loves her.

Only then will he pursue her like a real man instead of acting like an immature boy. And if he doesn’t make an effort to win her back, then someone else will.

Remember, a strong woman won’t settle for anything less than she deserves. That’s the power of walking away when he won’t commit to you.

This can also be applied if you’re stuck in an almost relationship. You can use this method and wait for him to come back to you.

Times when you should consider walking away from him

There are many benefits of walking away when he won’t commit to you. However, your goal should be to teach him a valuable lesson and avoid having your heart broken.

Keep in mind that you’re walking away from him to protect your self-respect and to prioritize your happiness and own life over him. It’s definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself.

While some people will argue that walking away is a selfish act, that’s usually not true. Walking away means loving yourself enough to not let other people take you for granted.

1. He sends you mixed signals

DONE The Power Of Walking Away When He Wont Commit To You 2

If you’ve ever asked yourself how an indecisive man behaves, well here’s your answer – he sends you mixed signals. And I’m talking about those signals that will drive you insane.

One day, he’ll be totally in love with you, and the next, he’ll treat you like you mean nothing to him. You’ll feel lost, confused, and have no idea how to save your fragile heart from his toxic behavior.

It could be that you’re unaware of his mixed signals because you’re really into him. And instead of seeing the truth for what it is, you’re busy looking for excuses that will justify his poor behavior toward you.

Even if your gut’s telling you to pull away, you’ll fail to do so since you’re invested in making it work. He constantly plays games with your mind and heart and it drives you crazy.

So, what do you think will happen if you continue tolerating this kind of behavior? Nothing, obviously, as he’ll carry on with his games and you’ll continue rationalizing them.

But what if you decide to walk away from him? What will happen then?

You’ll finally be free!

There are only a few ways that can help you get rid of an indecisive man and one of them is to walk away from him. He needs to understand what he had and what the consequences are for his poor behavior toward you.

Eventually, when his mind becomes clearer, he’ll realize that he has been given an ultimatum – to be with you or to let go of you forever. Either way, he has to make a decision.

There’s no second-guessing here and that’s exactly the kind of message you want to send him.

2. He ghosts you

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

Usually, when we’re head over heels over someone, we tend to ignore all the red flags that show the person isn’t right for us. So, if he ignores or ghosts you, then you must be wondering what’s keeping him from falling in love with you.

Is it something about you that he finds unattractive? Or does he have some issues with himself that he needs to take care of?

In most cases, the first question will be more on your mind than the latter one. As a consequence of that, you start showering him with attention and believe that he’ll come around and magically love you with all of his heart.

But of course, that won’t happen. The more you give of yourself, the more you push him away from you.

There are a few reasons why a man may ghost you. It could be that he isn’t ready for a serious relationship right now and is only casually dating.

Perhaps he’s playing hard to get so that you go crazy about him. Or another reason could be that he’s not interested in you at all.

But what you should keep in mind is that sometimes a man doesn’t know whether or not they have genuine feelings for you if you shower them with too much affection.

That’s because he doesn’t want a woman who’s too available and doesn’t have her own life.

If that’s the case, then your guy will gradually start losing interest in you since you’re the one chasing him when it should be the other way around.

On top of that, some men are manipulators in disguise and their only goal is to boost their ego for as long as possible. The only way you can save your heart from a man like that is to walk away.

3. He takes you for granted

DONE The Power Of Walking Away When He Wont Commit To You 4

You don’t have to think too hard about why more and more women are taken for granted.

The number one reason why that happens is that the man feels like he has won you. He believes he has you in the palm of his hand.

However, most women tend to forget that men live for the chase! It’s in their nature to fight for a woman and to compete with other men.

Once you start dating a man, that’s why he’ll do anything to win you over. He’ll give you promises, buy you dozens of flowers, and pretend to be the perfect boyfriend.

He’ll delete all the other girls from his social media profiles and reply to your every message and call without keeping you waiting.

But once he realizes that you’re interested in him, that you’ve fallen for his little tricks, he’ll start to take you for granted.

All the previous chasing suddenly stops because he thinks he has control over your thoughts and actions. Then he enjoys boasting about it and talking to others about what an amazing woman he just won.

Usually, men like to brag about their achievements but they forget one thing – every woman possesses the power to walk away. And she’ll do so once she starts feeling neglected and being taken for granted.

What happens next?

Once you slowly start pulling away from your man, it’s only natural to think about the possible consequences your actions can have. It’s always good to ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve once you’ve made the decision.

In this case, you can expect a lot of things to happen and some of them may surprise you. You’ll certainly see your man being confused and shocked by your decision to walk away when he won’t commit.

After a certain period, he’ll experience an epiphany. He’ll come to see how meaningless his life is without you and his heart will start yearning for you.

If you really believe that he’s your true love, then walking away will prove to be just some obstacle you two have conquered that will strengthen your relationship altogether.

What happens when you walk away if he won’t commit to you

1. He’ll realize that he’ll end up alone

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

The fear of being alone is something that every man wants to avoid. So, instead of trying to find the love of their life, they’ll rather hang on to any relationship.

But the thing is, you can use this emotion to your advantage and make him fight for you.

Once you do decide to walk away when he won’t commit, you shouldn’t contact him for some time. Instead, give him space and this internal fear that he has will only increase over time and it’ll make him come running back to you.

This is one way to keep control of the situation while using the no contact rule at the same time.

Keep in mind that men are attracted to people and places where they feel most safe. And no man would want to be separated from that one person who gives him unconditional love and support.

If your wish is to make him run after you, then walking away when he won’t commit is your best option.

Leaving him alone with his own thoughts will create a hole in his heart. His life will suddenly be turned upside down and your absence will intensify his feeling of loneliness.

Eventually, those emotions will push him to do things he never thought he would do for a woman. Needless to say, he’ll come running back to you.

You just have to be patient and wait.

2. He’ll acknowledge your independence

DONE The Power Of Walking Away When He Wont Commit To You 6

Many men are a bit too possessive once they finally win over a woman. They start seeing her as theirs and want to keep it that way.

They’re convinced that nothing they do can change that because they gave their best to pursue her and now she’s theirs.

The truth is, they forget that the same woman is still independent and has the right to leave them whenever she wants to.

For some inexplicable reason, a man believes that no matter how he treats her, she’ll stay in a relationship with him.

But a strong and independent woman isn’t afraid to let go of a man who keeps her from growing and living her own life.

This will make him realize that no matter how hard he tries, she always has the option to walk away. She doesn’t need him to be happy and she’s perfectly fine on her own.

He’ll see that she won’t tolerate his poor behavior forever.

Why? Because she’s a high-value woman who has standards and won’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

If she notices just for one second that she’s being taken for granted or that her feelings aren’t reciprocated the way she wants or needs, walking away when he won’t commit is her only option. And she won’t hesitate to do so.

By walking away, she’s sending him a clear message that she no longer has the desire to have him in her life because he didn’t respect her enough.

A woman’s independence comes as a shock to many men. They understand that in order to keep such a strong and independent woman by their side, they have to work hard.

3. He’ll be aware that you control the situation now

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

Many men will play mind games or ignore you just so they feel like they’re in control of the relationship. They know that if you have control, then you can set your own rules of the game.

A man thinks that if he makes a mistake, his woman will turn a blind eye and make excuses to justify his behavior because he knows that she’s so into him.

That kind of control gives him the total freedom to do and say whatever he wants without facing any consequences. Or that’s what he thinks will happen.

The power of walking away is immeasurable. When a woman decides to leave a man, he’ll certainly get a taste of his own medicine.

He’ll realize what it’s like to be powerless. And if you have ever wondered how to regain control of a situation, this is how you’ll do it.

Your guy will realize that he no longer possesses the luxury of messing things up in the relationship. He knows that from now on, if he wants to stay with you, he has to roll up his sleeves and put in the extra effort.

Proving he’s worthy of your love will become his number one priority.

The control he once had will suddenly disappear and the only things that he can control are his words and actions. If his intention is to get you back, then he’ll have to sweep you off your feet.

4. He’ll start chasing you hard

DONE The Power Of Walking Away When He Wont Commit To You 8

As you already know, a man lives for the thrill of the chase. He loves it, seeks it, and can’t get enough of it.

The thing about men is that it’s not that hard to keep their attention. As long as you’re a bit unavailable to them, they’ll chase you endlessly.

They hate when things are given freely to them. That said, it’s not that they don’t want someone else’s attention, it’s just they rather enjoy giving it to others.

Once they see that you’re completely mesmerized by them, they become bored and shift their attention to someone else – in this case, to another woman.

Most relationship experts will agree with me when I say that attracting men is all about the chase. When you give him the opportunity to chase you, that’s when you know he’ll stay loyal to you.

Keep in mind that you’re the grand prize and that your attention and respect should be earned and not be given so easily. He has to fight for it.

5. He’ll become aware that he’s replaceable

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

When it comes to chasing women, the most thrilling thing for men is the feeling of being irreplaceable. They know that when they chase a woman, they have to compete for her affection and attention with other men.

They have to come out on top because it’s the only way to be regarded as the chosen one. After a certain period, when he knows he has finally won a woman, he thinks that no one can take his place.

He feels like a king because he was crowned the winner. But little does he know that if a woman sees that she isn’t being treated the way she deserves, she’ll strip him of that title and walk away.

That’s why walking away when he won’t commit will force him to realize that he’s replaceable. He’ll be scared that you may find someone better and stronger than him.

Suddenly, the urge to compete for your attention with others will intensify. He wants to prove to himself, to you, and to others how strong and irreplaceable he really is.

Let’s face it, no one likes to feel replaceable, especially not men. It hurts their ego and they feel like they’re worthless.

6. He’ll see you as a high-value woman

DONE The Power Of Walking Away When He Wont Commit To You 10

Walking away when he won’t commit is powerful because it’ll make him realize that you don’t need him at all. All of a sudden, he’ll start thinking to himself that he doesn’t deserve you.

Your decision to walk away from him says that you’re a high-value woman who respects herself enough to know when she’s done with someone. And no real man can be indifferent to this concept.

Walking away from a man who won’t commit means valuing your own self-worth and having self-love.

He finally understands that you’re not the type of woman who’ll wait for him to text back and that you won’t make excuses for his bad behavior.

On top of that, he’ll know that you won’t stay with him if he doesn’t prove himself to you. He’ll start seeing you as someone who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of being alone.

He’ll realize that you’d rather be single than in a loveless relationship. If he’s a real man, then he’ll start going over your relationship to see what he did wrong and start making a move to win you back.

The Power Of Walking Away When He Won't Commit To You

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    Absolutely, 100% accurate and true info. Remember, no matter how much you like him, this is not an interview and you do NOT have to prove yourself or your value by accepting less than you want.. Know your value.