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When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It’ll Lead To This

When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It’ll Lead To This

We’re all guilty of giving a man too many chances. You completely give up everything you used to stand for in the name of the love you feel for that man.

It doesn’t matter that it’s completely one-sided. You just want to show him that loving someone means being there for them.

But giving a man too many chances can lead to a disaster that you’re probably not ready for.

You give up on all of your standards.

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

Before you met him, you knew what you wanted from a relationship. You wanted someone loving and caring but also someone who understood that love is so much more than kisses and hugs.

Love’s about compromise and communication just as much as a gentle touch. You’ve given up on everything that you believed to be right.

Why? Because this man wasn’t able to keep his promises or constantly work on himself.

He doesn’t think twice about lying to your face about how he’ll change and then he does the same thing over and over again.

It doesn’t matter if he’s breaking your heart because the only person he’s thinking about is himself. He doesn’t even want to consider your words or even if he does, he changes only for long enough to convince you to stay.

He thinks that he can do whatever he wants to.

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

After you try to talk to him and stand your ground, he changes for a couple of days and then he goes back to his old ways. So you give him one chance after another.

But now you’ve given him one too many. However, you still see the good side that’s hidden behind those awful moments.

That’s what you’re holding on to. That’s the man you fell in love with and the man you want.

But now, because you’ve given him so many opportunities to change and he never has, he believes that he can do whatever he wants.

Why would he change if he knows that you’ll stay by his side whatever he does?

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

A man who sees that he can’t do anything to drive you away is a man who will never change. He’ll get through your nagging and show you a day or two of decent behavior and then he’ll go back to being the piece of trash that he’s always been.

Do you genuinely believe that this is how the rest of your life should look? Or do you understand that he’ll never be the knight in shining armor that you’re looking for?

At some point or another, he’ll simply stop respecting you. Not that he respects you a lot right now but he reminds you of just how insecure you are and he shows you that you’re all bark and no bite.

You’re usually able to control yourself and make everyone respect you but you love him, so you got into a toxic attachment that you don’t know how to get out of.

Once he sees that you don’t respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself, then he won’t respect you either. He won’t listen to what you have to tell him and he won’t work on your relationship.

Once he stops respecting you, he only sees a little girl who’s desperate for his attention. A girl who’ll do anything and forgive everything just to stay by his side.

But one thing you have to understand is that you’re blocking your own blessings.

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

You give him one chance after another and you hope that he’ll change. But your blessings can’t come to you if you continue to run after him.

There’s no way for you to live a happy life if you always choose to be miserable with him.

A short moment of happiness is nothing compared to a lifetime filled with misery.

And I understand you completely. I get it.

You feel like there’s no love out there that’s remotely as good as this one. You believe that no man will ever treat you this well, even though he treats you like you’re replaceable, all because he gives you a spark of joy every once in a while.

Do you genuinely believe that this is as good as love can get? Do you truly think that there’s nothing that life and love can offer that’ll be as good as this?

If you ask me, you’ve given this man too many chances. At this point in time, he’s only using you as a punching bag for his own awful insecurities.

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

He doesn’t understand all the things you’re doing to keep him near. He doesn’t even know about all those people you have to convince that this relationship is a good choice.

His presence is only blocking your blessings. He’s just wasting your time.

Instead, give someone else the chance to treat you right. He obviously won’t do it.

Stop playing the victim and stop believing that he’ll change one day because you think there’s potential in him.

He won’t change. He’s clearly not the man with whom you should spend the rest of your life.

This man is holding you back from meeting the love of your life and being treated like the queen that you are. So don’t sit around and wait for him to grow up, as it’s not going to happen.

He’ll always be a miserable man looking for someone he can play with. He’s not looking for a person who’s able to help him work on himself and who will call him out on his awful behavior.

That man is only looking for someone compliant enough so that he can manipulate her. Do you truly want that?

DONE! When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

Do you want to be his little toy? I didn’t think so.

He’ll never understand what he has until the moment he loses you and he’ll come running after you. But you deserve so much better than what he can offer you.

His love is mediocre at best and you deserve something epic in your life. So don’t hold yourself back just because you fear going out there in the dating world again.

You’ve given this loser too many chances.

When You Give Him Too Many Chances, It'll Lead To This

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