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This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He’s The Good Guy

Most of us are familiar with how narcissists prey on their victims. You know how their narcissistic world works and how they like everything to be under their control. They like to play mind games with people.

The first thing they do is to pick a certain person – the so-called “selection process.”

A beautiful human being who has no idea what’s coming since she possesses charming qualities such as empathy, kindness, and the ability to forgive and forget. But most importantly, she has an abundance of understanding, which will prove to be her downfall.

Most people think that a narcissist picks a random person, but that’s not true. He puts in a lot of preparation and thought before deciding who to sway and destroy.

He strives to be perfect, so that’s why every piece needs to fall into the right place so that he knows his mission will be accomplished.

He wants you to think that everything that’s happening to you is purely serendipitous – that nothing is planned, everything is spontaneous. He wants you to be amazed by him, that’s why he hides his true face beneath deceptive masks.

DONE! This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

You never know who you’re dealing with because a narcissist will evolve and change as your relationship moves to the next level.

By the time you’ve dug your own hole and fallen into his bottomless pit of manipulation, he’s done his job and he moved to his next victim.

Before you even comprehend what happened to you, he’s gone, never to return.

He left you wondering why you were his victim and not someone else. You were used and you didn’t even realize it at the time.

But the most intriguing part is this: How did he sway you so well and yet come off as the good guy? 

How do people get to like him even though he’s secretly a narcissist who gets off on destroying others’ lives? Someone who never takes his masks off and never reveals his true face?

Is he really that good at pretending to be a good guy? 

That’s what we’re about to find out here.

If you think that you’ve been fooled by a narcissist who played the good guy, keep reading this because it might help you avoid the next one.

1. Keeping up fake appearances is his specialty

DONE! This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

The tricky thing about narcissists is that they can yell at you, tease you, use you, and humiliate you however they please when the two of you are alone, and then pretend as though nothing happened and give you a big smile or offer to help you with something.

That’s what’s so tricky and scary about him.

He switches his masks with such ease and elegance so that others see him as the good guy and not someone who is faking his appearance.

If the situation asks for him to put a good guy mask on and pretend to be one, he’ll do that in a flash without any hesitation.

The truth is he doesn’t have any problem mistreating you in private and then publicly coming to you or someone else’s rescue if need be.

His most prominent personality trait is just that: duplicity.

And when you see him helping others or asking you if he can help you in public, you’re shocked because deep down you know that he’s not a good guy.

But you know the worst part? No one will ever know that.

2. He’ll treat others nicely because he might need them in the future

DONE! This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

You see, narcissists always have an ace up their sleeves. They’re always prepared to use someone when they need to. That’s their mantra.

He never reveals his true face because he underhandedly knows that he might actually need something from them at some point in the future.

That’s why he puts his good guy mask on and puts on a show where he’s the most perfect human being who wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

The saddest part is that you are the only one who knows his hidden truth –that side of him he saves just for you.

You have a kind heart, you’re forgiving and beautiful, and you want to warn others about his true face, but you don’t know how.

He controls every aspect of your life.

He knows your every move and you know that if he finds out that you went behind his back, he’ll punish you for it.

So that’s why you say nothing and you keep everything inside yourself hoping that someone will see you hurt and come and rescue you.

3. He’ll use his charm to instantly disarm people

DONE! This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

A narcissist deceives people. His most powerful weapon is his charm and few people can resist it.

It’s simply his innate skill that he learned from a young age and now it comes extremely handy in deceiving others into believing that he’s a good guy.

It doesn’t take him too long to disarm people, even those who are most suspicious of him.

Some might see past his first layer of deception, but he’ll quickly use his charm to lure them back in again.

There are those who even confront him about it, but he need only use his charisma to reassure them and erase any doubts.

His charm is very deceiving. It can make you buy his lies and eat out of his hand within minutes. That’s how powerful it actually is.

He’ll push you to your breaking point and make you question whether or not something is wrong with you because you didn’t trust HIM.

After all, why wouldn’t you fall for a guy like him who is sweet, handsome, and a true gentleman with perfect manners?

What’s there not to like? (Except the fact that he puts on fake appearances just for the sake of luring you into his trap.)

4. He always plays the victim 

DONE! This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

A narcissist is always prepared for any situation.

He doesn’t have just a plan A, but carefully prepared plans B and C up his sleeve. His inner thought process is different from the rest of us.

He knows that with great risk comes great reward, and if he gets exposed, then he’ll defend and portray himself as the victim.

He knows how to blame his target.

His actions are crafty and infuriating because they destroy your psyche.

The most painful part is that others believe his lies and you’re the only one who knows the truth, and you can’t do anything about it.

His evil always prevails.

This Is How A Narcissist Deceives People Into Believing He's The Good Guy

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