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15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

You’ve met a handsome guy and you like him a lot. The problem is you don’t know for sure if he’s interested in you. If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to learn the signs he wants you to notice him.

Love shouldn’t be that complicated. And when you like someone, it’s not that easy to hide your feelings from them. On the other hand, some aren’t sure what they’re feeling and are completely insecure about themselves.

But the good news is there’s no need for you to drive yourself crazy thinking whether or not that cute boy is interested in you. Why? Because you can totally figure out what’s going on with these signs he wants you to notice him.

People are actually not that great at hiding their feelings for someone. You might think that you’re capable of hiding how you feel from that handsome guy you met last weekend, but it’s almost impossible to do so.

Remember, we’re all human and we’re sometimes subtle. This is especially true for men, who aren’t that vocal – they show their emotions through their actions and behavior toward you. Also, they have a hard time expressing their emotions through words, so it’s up to you to dig deeper and recognize the signs he wants you to notice him.

Maybe he has a hard time making the first move because he doesn’t know whether or not you like him. So, you’ll have to start analyzing his every move and action to see if he’s interested in you.

He’s into you if you recognize these signs he wants you to notice him

If you’re still unsure about his feelings for you, then my advice to you is to just ask him.

After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen? At least you’ll know where you stand with him.

1. He tries to “invade” your personal space

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Every one of us has our own personal space.

It’s something that’s only reserved for us and not many people have access to it, especially those we don’t like.

On the other hand, if you’re into a guy and you really like him, then you’ll open up and allow him to approach you.

You might not be aware of it, but your actions could have given him the sign that you’re emotionally available and into him.

You invited him into your personal space without even thinking about it.

And now that he realized you’re into him, he’ll try to approach you and get into your personal space.

There are also guys who misunderstand the signs you’re giving them, so they try to weasel themselves in.

It’s up to you whether to reciprocate or completely shut them down.

The point is that he’s standing much closer to you than in a normal situation.

That’s an obvious sign he wants you to notice him, so he can know for sure if you like him or not.

2. He’s very nervous around you

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 2

So, you’re into this guy but you don’t know how to subtly tell him that. You want him to make a move but you’re unsure if he likes you.

Tell me this: How does he behave around you? Is he all clumsy and a bit awkward when you’re around him?

If the answer is yes, then you know he’s into you and he wants you to notice him.

He might even become very klutzy and stutter occasionally when trying to talk to you. That’s something most guys do when they’re really into a girl.

They become mesmerized by her beauty, so they forget what to say when they see her in person.

It’s like you’re in high school all over again. And it’s a completely normal reaction when a person likes another.

You get nervous and unsure what to do, so you start fidgeting with your hands, your palms sweat, and it’s almost as if you’re talking in a higher-pitched voice.

For most girls, that’s pretty sweet and genuine. And if your guy behaves anything like this, then he most definitely wants you to notice him.

3. He showers you with compliments

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Sometimes a guy will go out of his way to make sure you know he’s interested in you.

He’ll make sure you notice him. And one of the ways he’ll achieve that is by showering you with compliments.

By being very generous with compliments, he wants you to know that he appreciates you so that you’re flattered and flustered, and he gets to see your cute red cheeks.

He’ll make his mark on your mind and heart and he won’t stop until he reaches his goal.

That’s how guys work. They chase and chase and they love it.

They love the thrill of it and they won’t stop until they achieved their ultimate goal and that is to sweep you off your feet.

And if you think about it, showering you with compliments is a pretty good way to get you to notice him.

Who wouldn’t in their right mind notice a person who is always saying how beautiful and gorgeous you really are?

4. His friends know everything about you

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 4

Let’s say you decide to take a walk together and you run into his friends.

While chatting, you hear one of them saying how they already heard a lot about you or how it’s finally nice to put a face to the name.

So, you’re shocked and in awe because you don’t know what’s happening.

You’re seeing those people for the first time, so how do they know that much about you?

Did the guy tell them about you? If you think about it, he wouldn’t talk about you to his friends if he’s not interested in you, right?

That’s a clear sign he wants you to notice him.

It’s a clear indication that he’s really into you because we only confess our deepest secrets to our friends and he did that. You just have to pay attention and put the puzzle together.

He’s already emotionally invested enough that he told his friends about you.

Maybe he’s waiting for you to give him a sign that you can both take things forward?

5. He gives you a quick head-nod

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

You can’t tell me that you’ve never experienced this. It goes something like this: He glances at you for a long time from far away at a bar and then gives you a quick head nod.

You stare at him and you ask yourself, What does that mean? 

Well, if you knew how guys think, then you would know that it’s their way of saying, “Hey, what’s up.” 

You’ll see this happen at work, or in class, or even in public when you’re far away from each other and for some reason don’t want to approach him and talk.

He’s actually signaling you that he notices you in the crowd and he’s making sure you know that. It might sound creepy, but it’s actually not.

It’s just a subtle form of communication, and actually pretty flirty.

6. He doesn’t want you to leave his presence

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 6

So, let’s say you’re at a group party. You and your crush have a great time, but it’s getting late and you really should be getting home.

But wait, he gently grabs your hand and suggests that you should stay. What does that mean?

That’s an obvious sign he wants you to notice him. He’s going to come up with some lame excuse to make you stay if he’s really into you.

Why? Because that way he can spend more time with you and that means he can get to know you better and strengthen the bond between you.

Also, there could be another reason for him asking you to stay.

He might be planning something for the two of you later just to get you to notice him as more than just a friend.

If he has a plan, that means he put a lot of effort to prepare the whole thing out ahead of time.

7. He’s always around

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Does it seem to you that the guy you like is always around you? Like no matter where you go, you bump into him “accidentally”?

And whenever you ask him to go out with you, he’s always up for it and has the time?

If that’s the case, then it’s a surefire sign he wants you to notice him.

He’ll go the extra mile to make sure he always squeezes in a couple of extra minutes with you.

He’ll go even to extreme lengths and let everyone know that he’s spending his weekends with you and no one else.

He knows that in order to be truly noticed by you, he has to be around you first. You have to feel his physical presence.

8. He openly flirts with you

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 8

We’re often unaware of others flirting with us. That’s because we have our guards up and don’t let anyone invade our personal space.

However, that changes once you fall in love with a guy. Emotions break those barriers and you let your guard down.

And with this guy, you know that you don’t have a typical platonic relationship.

You feel the chemistry between the two of you, but you leave it to him to make the first move.

Because of that particular chemistry, you’re hyper-aware of him flirting with you.

Now if you’re courageous enough, you might flirt back and encourage him to make the first move, but more on that later in this article.

The thing is, if he’s openly flirting with you, such as touching your hand “accidentally” or staring at you for a long time, those are all signs he wants you to notice him.

And that brings me to the next sign…

9. His eyes are all over you

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Ask yourself this: Does he look at you the same way other guys do? Is his glance different from those other boys?

If your answer is yes, then he’s doing that so that you notice him.

He wants to draw your attention with his eyes. And as you know, men are visual creatures, so he’ll definitely check you out if he’s interested.

And now that you’ve caught him staring at you with his lovely eyes, there’s no turning back.

He’s just waiting for you to start to see him and then he’ll make his move for sure.

10. You get the opportunity to meet his friends

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 10

This is not that important if the two of you have mutual friends.

On the other hand, if the guy you’re interested in introduces you to his friends, then that’s a big deal, trust me.

We don’t open up and introduce everyone that we meet to our friends, right? That’s reserved for those special people who are dear to our hearts.

And that’s exactly what’s happening here, you just have to look closely and see this sign he wants you to notice him.

We don’t let everyone be a part of our inner circle.

Not all guys give that privilege and opportunity to meet their friends and family, because the decision of whether or not he’ll be with you heavily depends on his friends’ opinions.

11. He suddenly takes care of his appearance

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

This only makes sense if you recognized some of the other signs he wants you to notice him.

Guys are simple human beings.

When they accept their feelings for someone, they’ll go out of their way to impress them as much as they can. They’ll move mountains if they have to.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not the guy is interested in you, then pay attention to the way he dresses.

Is he looking more handsome lately? Has he improved his overall appearance?

Do you really believe that it’s just a coincidence that his dress sense is suddenly way better?

He does that with a specific purpose in mind – for you to notice him.

He wants to impress you somehow and what better way than to take care of himself and dress well. Women always fall for those men.

12. He gets jealous of other guys

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 12

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that can tell you how a guy feels about you.

Even if he’s able to hide his true feelings for you, he can’t hide the fact that he’s jealous of others lurking over you.

That’s why you’ll see him being very protective and jealous over you if some random guy comes up to talk or flirt with you.

He won’t tell you directly how he feels, but from his actions, you can see that it bothers him, A LOT.

That’s when you know he wants you to notice him – he doesn’t take kindly to other guys trying their luck with you.

He won’t approve if some other guy gives you attention since he knows that’s his duty.

He may even become a bit possessive, but you can’t blame the guy – he’s besotted with you.

13. He always supports you in your endeavors

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

If a guy wants you to notice him, then he’ll go to extreme lengths to make sure that happens. He knows he has to leave his mark somehow.

That’s why he’ll start becoming your support system.

He’ll be there no matter what, even if that means leaving his apartment and coming to fix a leak in your house.

Do you need someone you can watch your favorite movie with for the hundredth time? Call him and he’ll make sure to bring the popcorn.

Need a partner-in-crime for some mischievous plan? He’s only a call away.

He makes himself available to you because he enjoys your presence and wants you to notice him.

He’s attracted to you and he’ll use any opportunity he can get to support you in your endeavors.

14. He actively listens to you

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 14

How many times have you been frustrated by the fact that the man across from you doesn’t listen to you at all? I bet quite a few.

But this guy seems different, am I right? He actively listens to you and absorbs every word that comes out of your mouth.

You see how his eyes are locked on your lips, not because he wants to kiss you (even though that might be the case too), but because he’s interested in what you have to say.

He respects your opinion and listens intently. He’s not like the other guys.

He invests his time and energy into the conversation and responds to every question that you ask him.

That’s an obvious sign he wants you to notice him.

15. He follows you on social media religiously

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Social media can be very useful if you want your crush to notice you. But what if the guy you’re interested in follows you on social media religiously?

It’s like you manifested the guy you love. And the truth is, women aren’t the only ones who can be classified as social media stalkers.

Guys can be like that too, especially those who are hesitant to make a move.

That’s why this guy will respond to your social media posts immediately after you shared them.

Sure, you have a couple of hundred other guys that follow you, but what differentiates this guy from the others is his consistency.

He keeps track of all of your activities.

He’ll be the first one to comment as soon as you post something. He’ll view and react to all your stories.

But he’s very hesitant to contact you first for some unknown reason.

Maybe he doesn’t know how to cope with his feelings or he’s afraid of being rejected.

Now that you know the signs he wants you to notice him, here are simple tips to get him to make the first move

While some men might pick up on those subtle signs and changes in body language that you’re into them, others are just clueless and don’t know how to approach a woman.

That’s why you can use these simple methods to encourage him to make the first move.

Slip it into the conversation if you can

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 16

The next time the two of you hang out, try to slip into the conversation the fact that you love when a man takes the initiative and makes the first move.

Maybe you can say that you love those old-school gentleman habits when the guy makes a bold move on the girl and asks her out, or something like that.

Fidget a little 

Don’t be too nervous because it might come off wrong.

The best way to encourage him to make the first move is to run your hand through your hair or play with your earrings or necklace, all while flashing that beautiful smile of yours.

That’ll definitely draw his attention to you. He’ll pick up the signals and ask you out for sure.

Mention to him a movie you’ve been dying to see 

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Another way to encourage a guy to ask you out on a date is to give him an idea for one.

I know, it’s typically the guys’ duty to plan everything, but maybe he’s shy and doesn’t know whether or not you’d like his date plans.

Maybe you can bring up a movie that you’ve been wanting to see for a couple of weeks but none of your friends wanted to join you.

That will give him a clear idea of what you like.

Or perhaps you could tell him about this amazing restaurant that recently opened and you’ve been dying to visit.

Make it clear that you’re single 

DONE 15 Not So Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him 18

Sometimes guys can’t tell whether the girl is single or not. He may think that you have a boyfriend and those signs that you recognized are all in vain.

So, try to hint a couple of times that you haven’t been on a date in a while and that you miss that nervous feeling that you get when you start dating someone.

Be patient and don’t rush things.

Try to recognize those signs he wants you to notice him and then encourage him to make the first move if he’s the shy type.

And if the waiting is getting out of hand, then either tell him honestly how you feel about him or move on.

15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

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