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50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

Text messages are often the primary tool used when you want to land the guy you like.

However, are you still wondering what to text a guy to make him want you?

Well, don’t worry because I’m going to help you get the guy of your dreams.

I’m going to tell you how to text him, and additionally, I’ll show you messages for those already in a relationship. 

Sending a text message is a great way to show your emotions and feelings to the guy you like.

Your goal should be to make him feel special and wanted by you, whether those messages are flirty or cute. 

Text messages are very direct and efficient and everybody uses them in today’s world because they are effective, so they work.

Sometimes a person is shy and lacks confidence, therefore they use text messages to avoid the awkward chit-chat that can happen when you engage in a phone conversation with a stranger.

If you want to create attraction and be flirty, the best way to successfully achieve that is by texting the guy you like.

Whether they are good morning messages or sweet texts, it will surely pique his interest if you use them properly. 

Text messages have become a standard part of dating, so it is of the utmost importance to know how to use and be good at them. 

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

There are different techniques you can use to make this man crave your attention and be eager to see you, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. 

Also, there are certain don’ts that might harm your image, so definitely pay attention to what I’m about to write. 

Messaging has become a part of the golden rules of dating, and you need to master the skill of it.

Sometimes the guy you like might misinterpret a message you have sent, or you may worry about whether the guy you like doesn’t immediately take to you. 

Text messaging can be a powerful way to make this guy fall in love with you instantly.

He will be intrigued and his interest will go through the roof if you do it properly.

If he responds to your messages, you have hit the jackpot because it shows that he is thinking of you. 

How and what to text a guy to make him want you?

You should stay positive no matter what!

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

We all have problems in life. No matter what, issues occur and they come in waves, one after the other.

Despite this, it is easy to forget that everyone has them, and when we eventually meet someone whom we like, we might let loose and start complaining about the negative things happening in our life.

Everyone has some bad days, but if your first message is the type that is an instant attraction killer, then you definitely need to work on your texting game. 

A man will fall for a woman who tries to remain positive at all times. 

You should not bombard him with negative messages or ones about how bad your love life was before you met him, because he might think you don’t have control over your life.

He might even take it a step further and think that he is responsible for the way you feel. 

So, be cheerful, positive, and happy. Make sure that your text messages reflect your feelings. If you make him feel comfortable, he will come back for more. 

Don’t annoy him with text messages

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

During the early dating period, you should never text him too much or at least don’t text him until he has responded to your message.

Maybe he will think you are needy and clingy if you text way too much.

The problem with messaging is that you have to wait for a response.

You’re not engaging in a direct face-to-face conversation, so you need to be patient and wait. 

You never know what he is doing or if he is busy. He might be immersed in work or busy with his family.

The goal of your text messages is to build a romantic relationship and not to suffocate this man. 

You need to show him that you have a life. Don’t let text messaging ruin your private life just because you like him a lot.

If you are busy, don’t stop what you are doing just at the expense of responding to him. You don’t have to respond ASAP. 

Respect yourself and wait until you’ve finished what you started.

Maybe send him a quick message saying you are busy at that moment and you will answer him later.

Exercise positive behavior and healthy texting habits, as this is a great way to build self-respect and to keep him interested at the same time. 

You have a life outside of him, remember?

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

When they engage in messaging, most people tend to forget they have a life as well. Remember, men like the thrill of the chase.

Sometimes it is better to be unavailable just to show the guy you like that you have a life besides him. 

It might be an instant attraction killer if you go overboard and act clingy. Learn how to take it slow and steady.

If you have something to do, tell him you are busy and you’ll talk later. Playing hard to get sometimes really works. 

I know that you feel nervous if you don’t respond to him immediately.

By no means should you play games but just so you know, life doesn’t stop when you start messaging the guy you like.

Maybe send him pics of what you are currently doing; for example, running on the treadmill or drawing. 

Remember, you should have your me time, no matter what. And know that guys are hardwired to chase women.

It is in their nature to win over a girl who makes herself a little bit unavailable.

Ask for his help with a certain matter

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

Let’s face it, men need women, and women need men.

That is a fact. I’m all for feminist movements and independent women, but sometimes you just need advice or help from the guy you like.

You should not shy away from asking him to help you with something.

You’ve seen those movies or music videos where men are fixing things, am I right? This is because they want to feel useful.

Men fix things. They like to fix things. You should not reject his help because if you do, you are automatically rejecting his love. 

He will be instantly more into you if you ask him for help, even if you don’t need it.

Maybe ask him about what you should wear that night and send him some pics.

At the same time as asking him for help, you are intriguing him and making him want you more. 

He needs to feel useful and by asking him for his opinion, you are giving him what he needs. 

Don’t overuse emojis

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

As I mentioned, texting has become a standard form of communication in dating.

The thing is, with the revolution of texting came emojis, which is a simpler way of saying what you are feeling.

Everyone uses them, from teenagers to grandmas and grandpas. They are a fun way of expressing your intention, without the need for words.

It is easy to misinterpret a message, so people use emojis quite frequently. 

Well, if the guy you like uses emojis quite a lot, then go ahead and reciprocate. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to go overboard with them. 

On the other hand, if the guy never uses emojis, don’t look like a teenager begging for attention with them.

You should match him with whether to use them or not, so keep that in mind.

Be funny  

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

Have you ever imagined what a guy’s reaction will be when he reads your message? Well, if you haven’t before now, then you should start thinking about it. 

Everyone loves to laugh and messaging can be a great way to show how funny you are.

Even if you don’t know how to tell a joke, you can send him funny videos, memes, GIFs, and so on. 

The more you make him laugh, the more he will be into you and he will fall for you.

If you want to make a guy yours, making him laugh is a great way to do that. If it is funny to you, it will be probably funny to him. 

Men like women who can make them laugh, especially on the first date, so be witty and quirky.

If you can tell an inside joke, he will like you even more, because it will be something only you two will understand.

It will bring you closer together. He will definitely feel more connected to you, despite not seeing you in person.

Use compliments  

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

Well, this one is simple. Everyone likes compliments, as they show how great and wonderful a person you are.

But the thing is, usually, men hardly receive any.

If you want to make him want you even more, then there is no better way than to stroke his ego a little bit. 

Texting a guy (or anyone) compliments has the same effect as in real life; it makes people feel good about themselves.

This is not just relationship advice, but a true fact. If you want to make a guy fall in love with you with compliments, you can never go wrong.

Compliments are a straightforward way of telling a man you like him. 

Maybe he took a couple of selfies and posted them on social media.

Make sure he knows that you like him by complimenting his looks or something you find interesting in the picture.

This is also a great text conversation starter. 

Now that we have covered what to text a guy to make him want you, it will be easier for you to figure out which are the best texts that suit your purpose. 

Texts for a good morning that will make him want you

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

You know how important it is to start the morning off right. It is good to know that someone cares for you and knows how precious you are.

If you want him to show you his emotions, then a good morning text is a must when messaging him, as it will put a smile on his face. 

If you are already in a relationship, it is important your partner knows that you love him even if you can’t be there physically with him. 

You could send him messages such as: 

1. I’m so grateful that I get to wake up knowing that I have you in my life. I thought about you last night.

2. I’m awake and happy to have the opportunity to see you later. 

3. I hope you have woken up because it is a great day and I want to spend it with you and no one else.

4. Good morning handsome. The only thing missing beside me is you. I wish I could wake up in your arms again. 

5. You are the most handsome man I have ever met. Remember that throughout your day. 

6. Good morning, darling. I wish we could quit our jobs and hang out all day every day for the rest of our lives. 

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

7. Remember this; even when there is rain outside, you fill my heart because you are my sunshine. 

8. Do you know who has two hands, two feet, and the ability to teleport into your bed? Well, it certainly is not me. And now I miss you. 

9. Babe, not to scare you, but I want to break up… your daily routine, of course, with this funny message lol. I love you. 

10. Did you know that a river otter is monogamous with their life partner? Neither did I. It is so cute. I’m thrilled that both of us really like otters. 

Text messages that will make his heart melt and make him fall in love with you instantly

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

You know how I said that men rarely get compliments at all? That is a proven fact, and if you want to make your guy fall in love with you even more, then you should definitely seize every opportunity to compliment him.

It doesn’t need to be anything special, but the purpose of the message is to make him feel special.

11. I’m so glad that you came into my life. My heart melts every time I get to see your gorgeous eyes and smiling face.

12. You sure know how to make a girl laugh. Yes, your jokes are corny and I may roll my eyes every time you tell them, but I enjoy them. 

13. I want to see your smile every day. That is why I love to make you happy. 

14. I’m so lucky to be loved by you. You are amazing because you constantly show me you’re thinking of me. Thank you for doing those little things. They mean the world to me.

15. You really astonished me with how well you managed and solved that problem. It inspired me to work even harder. 

16. Darling, look at how your hard work and dedication paid off. I really love your attentiveness and tenacity.

17. I just want to lay my head on your broad chest. It feels like I’m home. 

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

18. You have such a great sense of humor. People should definitely go to watch you sometimes, you know?

19. Wow, you’re so handy. You can fix just about anything, can’t you?

20. I have never met a man with whom I can talk about the English Renaissance the way I can with you. You really surprised me, and that is really attractive. 

Text messages to send him throughout the day to ease his mind

Well, as we know, everyone has some bad days. Maybe there was a problem at work, or he just had too much work to do that day.

It is always great to ease his mind with a surprise message. By doing that, he will know that you think about him and he will find you even more attractive.

21. I know how stressful it is at work now, so I decided to make dinner for you tonight. What would you like me to cook or do you want to get takeout? Let me know. I love you. 

22. I’m so proud of you, remember that. I hope you are killing it with the presentation right now.

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

23. A little birdie told me you are working hard at your work. I’m proud of you. You have earned a free massage, which you can redeem at any time (tonight) while we are watching your favorite movie. Sounds great, right? 

24. It’s been 7 hours, 32 minutes, and 22 seconds since the last time I saw your beautiful smile. I’ve been missing you, darling. No, wait. Now it is 7 hours, 32 minutes, and 35 seconds. 

25. Hi honey. I know you’re pretty busy at work, I just wanted to say hi and I hope you get through this day with a smile on your face. I love you.

26. I’m counting down the minutes until I get to kiss your lips again.

27. I can’t decide whether the best part of my day is waking up next to you, or going to sleep with you. Hurry home so I can compare the two again.

28. You know, the funny thing about having a dream come true is that it is so much better than you ever imagined it would be. I love you and I’m thinking about you. 

29. I’m always amazed at how energetic you are when you see me because I know how hard you work. Miss you.

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

30. I can’t stop thinking of you. Maybe it’s because I know how badly you dress when I don’t pick out your clothes lol.

Flirty text messages that will make him fall in love with you instantly

You know, if you cannot see or physically touch a person, there are other ways that you can turn a guy on. 

I know that sometimes you run out of ideas when you have been flirting with a guy. It is difficult to make a man want you and to excite him. However, if you know that he likes you, then you can try out these flirty text messages:

31. I just wanted to say that if you are going to make a move, today would be the perfect time to go for it and spend the day with me. 

32. The fact that I spent more time texting with you over sleeping must mean you’re pretty special!

33. You have multiple choices. Would you like me to send you a text that just says hello? Or should I tell you I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I saw you? Or should I tell you to just come over already? 

34. I’m not great at sending text messages. This is my best one. Maybe you can help me learn a few tricks? 

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

35. You can only use four emojis to tell me what you feel about me. GO!

36. I’ve been grinning like an idiot ever since I saw your name pop up on my phone. 

37. You look awesome, you know. And how do I know that? Because you look great every day.

38. Answer me this question. How long have you been waiting for me to text you?

39. You know, I have a problem now, and I think you can help me with it. I can’t stop thinking about you. 

40. You really know how to make a girl feel special. 

Text messages for a good night

Just like those messages in the morning that brighten your day, a goodnight text is also important.

If he has a special place in your heart, then let him know that you miss him and his company. 

Make him think about you right before he closes his eyes and starts dreaming about you. 

If you’re asking, “What to text a guy to make him want you?” try these out:

41. Wish I could fall asleep in your arms.

DONE! 50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

42. I wish I could see your beautiful face when you sleep.

43. I’m cold. Come over and maybe we can warm up together. 

44. I hope that we meet in our dreams. Miss you. 

45. I realized that I’m more comfortable in my bed when you are with me. 

46. I don’t want to sound sappy, but I get butterflies when I think of you. I’m happy to know you. Sleep well.

47. You know there is a problem, right? I’m in my bed while you are in yours. 

48. Can’t wait to wake up and have the opportunity to see you again. Good night.

49. My wish is that you could always kiss me goodnight. 

50. Just wanted you to know that you are going to be in someone’s dreams tonight. Miss you.

So, the next time you wonder what to text a guy to make him want you, consider using some of these above-mentioned text messages and see what happens.

50 Text Messages That Will Make Him Want You And Fall In Love With You Instantly

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