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17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

When you see the signs your soulmate is near, you have every reason to be excited.

They’re telling you that a very significant and life-changing moment in your life is soon going to happen.

That moment represents a magical union – you’ll finally feel that everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

Just the realization that you’re finally together with your other half is very soothing, to say the least.

All of us go through life feeling like there’s something missing, even when everything’s alright.

We search for that special someone, knowing that the empty feeling will go away once we find them.

Trusting that there’s someone for everyone can be difficult sometimes, though.

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

When life gets us down and nothing seems to go according to plan, it’s hard to believe that the universe has a plan for us.

The truth is, it does. I call it universe, but it represents any divine force you believe in.

It’s not always easy to believe, but eventually, everyone gets what’s meant to come to them.

Maybe you’ve been through a lot during your life. It might have made you even doubt that there’s a reason for all that’s happened.

We’ve all been there, but eventually, we realize something. Everything that happens to us leads us to the future that we are meant to have.

It makes us who we are meant to become and teaches us valuable lessons.

All the heartbreak you’ve experienced had to happen so that you could meet your soulmate.

Okay, but when, right?

The universe will bring your soulmate into your life when you are ready for it.

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Most likely, it will be when you heal and the time is right.

This is supposed to be the most important relationship in your life that will last forever.

That is why it’s so important that we’re at peace with ourselves and that we heal before finding our soulmates.

Pay attention to the signs your soulmate is near to sense that your true love is coming.

They’ll help you prepare for the new, never-ending chapter of your life. You’ll be mentally and emotionally ready to live your love story for the rest of your life.

And this is how that story begins…

Signs your soulmate is near and you’ll soon be together

1. You have worked a lot on yourself and are almost completely healed

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Naturally, the relationship you’ll have with your soulmate is meant to work out and last forever.

This is why it’s crucial that you’re in the best mental and emotional state possible.

What this means is that you should dedicate a lot of your time to self-healing.

Your ability to love without reserve, freely, and with all your heart is important.

To really have that ability, you have to let go of any suffering and traumas from the past.

The universe lets you find your true love when you’re ready for a very powerful, lasting relationship.

If you’ve been working on healing most of your past wounds lately, you might be ready to meet your soulmate.

One of the signs your soulmate is near is if you feel like you’ve truly changed your whole life around.

Healing from bad past experiences isn’t the only part of working on yourself.

When we are interested in romance, it makes us put a lot more effort into personal development.

We start working on everything, from improving our self-esteem to our overall looks.

Suddenly, every part of us seems essential and we want to be the best versions of ourselves.

When we want to attract a potential partner, this is the way we work on it – by working on ourselves.

We try to put our energy only into the positive things.

If you’ve been doing this lately, your soulmate is probably doing the same. This way, you’re getting ready to meet each other.

2. You’ve found inner peace and balance

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Maybe you have been in a lot of difficult situations. This means that the universe was testing and re-testing you.

It’s something that happens to all of us.

By now, you’ve passed these spiritual tests.

You’ve overcame difficulties and learned your lessons, and now you’ve reached a spiritual balance you’ve never known before.

How can you know if you’ve found balance in your life?

Well, does it seem like everything in your life has somehow fallen into place?

Maybe you have a thriving social life, your finances are in order, and you have a good job that you like doing.

You’ve also regained your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

Most importantly, you’ve also healed from your wounds.

Ultimately, you’ve found inner peace and have faith in the universe. You know that you can survive anything that life could possibly bring.

That inner peace is actually the perfect mindset for finally attracting your soulmate.

They’re on their way and you’re soon going to be happy together.

3. You have high levels of loving, positive energy

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

When we’re about to meet our soulmate, we feel like we have a lot of loving energy – more than ever before.

High levels of loving, positive energy are necessary so that we’re able to truly nurture the love we find.

If you can give this energy, the universe will pick up on it. This means that it’s one of the signs your soulmate is near.

If you don’t feel this yet, maybe some draining or toxic relationship you’re engaged in is the problem.

Recognize all damaging relationships for what they are and walk away from them.

This will bring you one step closer to ending up with your soulmate.

4. You love yourself

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

By working on yourself and healing your wounds, you’ll reach a new level of self-love. The first step towards it is, of course, self-acceptance.

They say that you can love someone only when you love yourself first. Unfortunately, though, they don’t teach us how to accept and love ourselves.

Parents even often think that criticism is the proper way to educate their kids.

As a result, those children then become adults who struggle with self-esteem and self-love.

All is not lost though, because we can always improve our self-esteem and work on self-love.

Once we learn to love ourselves, we’re sending the message to the universe that we’re ready for what’s meant for us.

And by doing so, we finally meet our soulmates.

5. You’ve discovered your purpose in life

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Two soulmates often have the same or a similar purpose in life because they’re meant to help each other achieve it.

Sometimes, a soulmate can guide you toward discovering your life purpose… but this is not so common.

Most often, you find your soulmate after you find your life purpose. This is because most of us have to choose our own direction.

If you have discovered the path that’s meant for you, it’s one of the signs your soulmate is near.

Since you no longer have to focus on searching for your life purpose, you have more energy and focus to invest in a relationship.

This is exactly why you’re ready to meet your soulmate.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet. Before you’re about to meet your soulmate, you’ll simply somehow realize why you’re here.

The inexplicable hollowness you felt will fade away, and you’ll feel satisfied.

6. You’re open to new things

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

You started interacting with others much more than before.

Friends and family often invite you to spend time with them and engage in new or fun activities.

You’re meeting a lot more new people and regularly trying new things.

The point is, you’ve left your comfort zone and started really socializing.

This is one of the clear signs your soulmate is near and you’ll meet them soon.

After all, that’s how you find your soulmate.

It would be great if they would just ring your doorbell and say that they’re searching for love…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, so you have to “get out there.”

7. You know exactly what you want

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Do you know exactly what kind of relationship you need and want so you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of?

To manifest the perfect relationship, you only need two things.

One is to know exactly what you want and the other is having faith that the universe will give it to you.

Determine what your relationship needs to look like to make you feel happy and loved.

It’s okay to vividly imagine your soulmate as well, but don’t try to manifest a specific person.

Be specific enough so you can easily imagine the relationship you’d like, but not so specific that you prevent yourself from being open to surprising opportunities.

This means that you need to accept that it’s impossible to expect someone with the exact career, accent, and height.

You should know exactly which core values you’d like to share though.

If you know this, your soulmate is probably on their way.

8. You are completely over your past relationships

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Past relationships can stop us from having any new relationship, let alone a healthy one.

It’s a big problem when you still have emotional wounds that haven’t healed.

Another problem is if you haven’t really forgiven your exes. Also, if you’re scared of facing the same issues when you get into a new relationship.

This is not the mindset that will help you attract your soulmate.

If you are, on the other hand, completely over your past relationships, you’re ready for true love.

This means that you’ve healed and you’re okay with being single for some time.

Your past relationships taught you valuable lessons. The things you learned will prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

All this means that you are ready to be the person you’re meant to be – and be with the person you’re meant to be with.

9. You simply feel ready

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Do you know what might even be the best sign your soulmate is near? When you somehow simply feel ready for a long-lasting relationship with someone new.

It just seems like your mind and body are ready to love someone forever.

You have so much energy and faith that it’s impossible to ignore them.

Our intuition can be very strong and accurate, so if yours is telling you that love is coming, it is.

You just know that you’re about to meet a very special person.

Your heart beats with joy because it feels that it will soon be in safe hands that’ll treasure it for as long as they exist.

10. You’re having romantic dreams

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Everyone has romantic dreams from time to time, but you’re having them frequently.

Some even claim that they’ve recognized their soulmate from their dreams.

Or maybe you don’t necessarily remember your dreams, but you’re left with a joyful feeling afterward.

You feel happy the whole day because it was a good dream, even though you can’t recall the details.

The energies of soulmates sense each other long before the two of them finally meet in real life.

Your energies are even trying to get you two to meet, and they have been for a very long time.

This is why, when that day is near, you may experience many romantic and vivid dreams about them.

When these dreams start, you need to prepare yourself. Put everything in your life in order and work on healing all of those old wounds.

11. You feel strong emotions for no apparent reason

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Did you know that your soulmate can alter your mood even if you haven’t met yet?

Maybe you sometimes feel grief or happiness for no apparent reason.

Strong emotions somehow surprise you and you experience them out of the blue.

At one moment, you’re having an amazing day and everything’s just swell… The next, you’re feeling down and you can’t explain it.

What happened?

It could be telepathy that connects your and your soulmate’s consciousness.

You know how some partners both feel depressed at the same time just because one of them has a reason to?

They feel this way because they’re, in a way, a single unit or because their vibrations are in sync.

If your soulmate is currently thinking about you with melancholy in their heart, this feeling will transfer to you.

12. Love is everywhere around you

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Wherever you look, something reminds you of love.

Maybe you go for a walk and you notice a couple kissing or talking about how much they love each other.

You want to listen to the radio, and as soon as you turn it on there’s a super romantic love song playing.

Maybe you turn on the TV and there’s a love scene or they’re talking about love.

Even the news feed on your social media account seems to have love fever.

Your coworker gave you a heart-shaped cookie and your friends have all fallen head over heels.

It could be anything, but the point is that love is everywhere around you.

All these reminders of love are signs your soulmate is near!

The universe always sends us some signs before a big change happens in our lives.

This happens so we can become aware of it and prepare ourselves.

Your life is about to change for the better because you’ll soon get to let true love in.

13. You’re forgetful and easily lose focus

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Let me tell you one of the strange signs your soulmate is near that you probably don’t know about…

Have you been having trouble with forgetfulness and lack of concentration lately?

It’s like some misplaced thought interrupts you and transports you to another world…

What is responsible for this? Well, it might not be “what” but “who”!

Your soulmate is thinking about you… and they steal your concentration by tapping into your subconscious.

Their soul is deeply connected to yours, which is why you easily let them enter into your mind.

14. You trust the universe and don’t force anything

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Maybe you’re not trying to force any relationship because you trust the universe. Do you know that it’s one of the clear signs your soulmate is near?

Before, you might have felt a desperate need to find a partner, but you don’t anymore.

To manifest anything into your life, you need to surrender to the will of the universe.

Haven’t you noticed that whenever someone special comes into your life, it’s like they came out of nowhere?

Relationships usually happen when we’re not searching for love and least expect to find it.

This is because that’s when we don’t have to have another person to feel complete. When you’re most at peace with yourself, love finds you.

The energy needed for your soulmate to come is exactly that type of positive vibe and self-love.

15. You’re feeling inspired

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Lately, you’re feeling inspired and bold, so you’ve been trying new things and leaving your comfort zone.

This is one of the exciting signs your soulmate is near!

You’re open to any given opportunity. You act more spontaneously.

That’s not all. You also want to live your life the best you can.

You feel inspired to live healthy, get fit, learn new things, and chase your goals.

Anything that adds some value to your life is suddenly something you want to do – and you do it!

You want to be a better person, live a happy and fulfilling life, and increase your odds of meeting your soulmate.

This energy, creative vibe, and inspiration are actually coming from your soulmate.

They’re thinking about you and trying to make the same improvements in their life.

16. You’re simply happy with your life and yourself

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

There’s not much better than being happy with yourself and your life.

You love who you’ve become!

Maybe you don’t have everything figured out yet, and your life isn’t picture-perfect… But it doesn’t matter because you’re happy regardless!

You’re no longer bothered with what other people think. Instead, you’ve realized that the way you see yourself is what really matters.

You’ve learned to make yourself happy, and you know that you’ll be happy even if you don’t find the right person.

Having such confidence about life will attract the right people – including the person you’re meant to be with!

Opening up your perception like that is one of the signs your soulmate is near as we speak.

17. You trust divine timing

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

Maybe you had a need to control events before, but now you’ve given it up.

This is one of the signs your soulmate is near because the moment you meet them will be truly divine timing.

It will seem like it was all planned, because a “coincidence” that incredible can’t really be a coincidence.

The universe wants the two of you to find each other, so things will unfold and make it impossible for you not to meet.

A business meeting will be canceled, you’ll go on a surprise vacation, or someone will miss their bus…

Nothing can stop two souls from reuniting if they’re destined to.

The universe has a plan and you need to have faith in divine timing.

And once it happens, there will be clear signs you’ve met your soulmate.

Everything will make sense, and you’ll understand why you had to go through all that happened before that moment.

You’ll reunite with another soul that was always meant to truly love yours.

All the stages you’ll go through when you end up with your soulmate will be beautiful.

In closing…

DONE! 17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

I know that you’d like to meet them right away, but you have to be patient and have faith.

Work on yourself and invite your soulmate into your life by living it the best you can.

They’re probably doing the same right now, and you’ll be able to feel it.

When you see each other for the first time, you’ll be able to recognize each other.

Until then, you need to wait for this right person. And trust me, it will so be worth it.

You can learn how to manifest your soulmate, but the most important thing is to try to be the best version of yourself.

If you’re ready to meet your soulmate, I wish you both good luck (even though you won’t need it!)

17 Exciting Signs Your Soulmate Is Near And You’ll Soon Be Together

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