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10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

“Ignorance is bliss.” You’ve heard the cliche a hundred times.

But figuring out how to deal with ignorant people can be stressful and aggravating – knowing how to manage them is true bliss. 

Sometimes the things that people do and say astonish me. Human behavior is strange and sometimes downright outrageous.

It’s difficult to know what someone else thinks until they decide to speak out. 

That said, we’re capable of talking about each other in a very dangerous, harmful, and simply awful way. 

It’s like we don’t think straight and forget that all of us face similar problems and challenges day in and day out. 

We’re unable to see the similarities and instead choose to see the differences that set us apart.

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Arguing with ignorant people can be a really tough job.

In moments of great anger, you can’t think straight and just want to scream and fight back, saying something equally mean. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or a family member, the only thing you can think of in the moment is to tear them apart. 

But you have to calm yourself and move on.

I know that it’s frustrating that they think they know more than others and refuse to see your point of view. 

You may think that your friends or family are bad people just because they’re ignorant. But that’s far from the truth.

They’re simply not aware of their lack knowledge about a certain topic. 

Take a computer expert as an example.

Although he’s knowledgeable about computers, he might not know about drawings or how to mount a TV on a stand. 

Also, a common misconception is that ignorant people are stupid. But that’s not the case.

Knowing how to deal with ignorant people is one thing.

It’s also important to know how not to become one.

And later in this article, I’ll touch on things you can do to stop being ignorant when you’re in a relationship. 

So, what are some qualities of ignorant people? 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

These are people who only see their own point of view.

They’re arrogant people who reject your opinion no matter what you say to them. 

They only recognize what suits them and don’t want to accept your point of view about a certain topic.

Even if you present them with evidence to back up your opinion, it simply doesn’t matter to them. 

They think they’re know-it-all people. Surprisingly, they might even retaliate and say your words are just ignorant comments. 

Another characteristic of ignorant people is they don’t listen to you during the conversation. 

You might talk for hours and hours on end, yet they still won’t acknowledge your opinion. Sometimes it’s hard to even listen to them.

Never forget, you play an important role in the conversation. You are the listener, after all. You can always ignore them.

Ignorant people have this tendency to interrupt you either by making awful comments about you or asking you silly and unrelated questions. 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

They simply refuse to accept your opinion. They don’t want to see the truth. Your opinion doesn’t matter to them.

And, for them to feel superior and to prove their own personality, you’ll always receive some rude comments.

The sad part is they’ll act as if they have the right to behave like that. 

That said, if you don’t know how to deal with ignorant people, arguing with an ignorant person can damage your mental health and lower your self-esteem.  

Such people have a hard time telling right from wrong. 

And sometimes, you won’t even notice them. A rude person might not be very loud or destructive, but quiet and unnoticeable.

That’s why it’s hard to differentiate an ignorant person from a stupid one.

An ignorant person will try to show their superiority to you one way or another, and they will love it. 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

And what’s ironic is that they’ll be thrilled by the power they think they have over you. 

When you’re talking with them, it’s like you’re speaking different languages.

It’s not that they’re too stupid to understand what you’re saying, they merely refuse to accept even the simplest words. 

And that might affect your well-being and drain you from your energy. 

Just remember, they’re living in a state of ignorance and blindness. Don’t let them get to you.

You have the right to be upset with them because they’re blatantly showing their ignorance.

But, you decide what you’re going to do with that anger.  

They might disturb your spiritual balance. But, luckily for you, there are ways how to deal with ignorant people. 

You get to choose who your friend or lover is.

Another cause for their ignorance could be that they read a lot of lies and untruths from social media. 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

With today’s technology, it’s hard to know the absolute truth about something.

We are constantly bombarded with information and with the lack of time we have, we simply acknowledge it all as truth without deeply investigating it. 

But don’t worry, ignorance can be cured. It’s a short-term thing that most people realize they possess one way or another. 

How to deal with ignorant people?

There are many different ways, so I’ll mention only the most important ones. Let’s get into it then. 

1. Self-control is key

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Dealing with ignorant people can be very exhaustive and frustrating. That’s why it’s important to practice self-control.

It’s actually the number one thing you should always do when confronted with someone who isn’t aware of their own ignorance. 

As I previously said, confronting an ignorant person can and will affect your health. 

In order to stay healthy and live a successful life, you have to practice self-control.

Don’t let your emotions govern your actions. 

As I said before, you get to choose what to do with your anger.

If you know you’ve got an ignorant person in your life, don’t just back off and reject them.

Every bad or good experience is an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

So, dealing with an ignorant person gives you the chance to practice self-control.

You’ll enhance your mental abilities to control your actions. Of course, those people will distract and drain you.

On the other hand, whether or not you’ll let them do that is always your choice and no one else’s. 

2. Don’t expect too much from an ignorant person

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

You may find that the source of your frustration is because you have unrealistic expectations about the other person. 

We always give others the benefit of the doubt. It’s natural for human beings to expect that others will do the right thing by us.

At least this applies to those who are emotionally mature. 

You may not know much about the other person who you think is ignorant.

Keep in mind that everyone has different backgrounds, childhoods, opinions, and priorities than you.  

Not everyone is going to meet your high expectations. Reconsider your standards and set them accordingly for each and every person you meet. 

Don’t just assume they’ll act according to what you think is appropriate and right in certain situations. 

Always adapt your expectations and no person will ever disappoint you.

I know it’s hard to think about that in situations where anger takes over your actions, but as I said before, that’s where self-control comes in.

Take deep breaths and try to think clearly in those situations. 

3. Ask a friend for advice 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

When in need of help, ask a friend. A cup of tea and a truthful conversation can go a long way. 

That’s why you can always ask a friend for advice if you’re dealing with an ignorant person. 

Sometimes the best therapy for your mental health isn’t going to a psychologist.

Instead, it’s having an honest conversation with your friend or loved one. 

In moments when your blood is boiling and you can’t think straight, getting a different perspective can really help you know how to deal with an ignorant person. 

So, the next time you find yourself arguing with an annoying person, hear them out and then walk away.

Ask your friend for advice and come back stronger than ever. 

4. Try to be kind

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

This is a tricky one, I know, but hear me out. 

It sounds pretty impossible to be kind to someone who irritates you, I know that.

But if you learned to practice kindness, then you will understand that ignorant people are not all bad. 

They just lack knowledge about certain things or are not well-informed.

When you realize this, then you can access your empathy for them. 

Remember, ignorant people talk about things they have little or no knowledge about.

They have learned to talk about certain topics without knowing all the facts. 

It’s not always the case that you can influence their opinion, but you can certainly try.

You can try to gently educate them about the situation and see how they respond to it. Do they accept your opinion or refuse to see the truth? 

Act according to their response. 

You never know what someone else is going through in their life. Maybe a little bit of kindness can brighten their day. 

I realize that it’s hard to be kind to someone who rejects your help. But always try to be a better person and give them a hand. 

It’s an amazing feeling when you know you’ve helped someone in times of trouble.

And who knows, they might even change their attitude toward you. 

5. Ignore them 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Remember, you choose who stays and goes in your life.

Ignorant and rude people have one thing in common, and that is they both need your attention. 

They’re attention seekers and nothing else. 

That said, a rude person will be rather invasive and pushy to get your attention, no matter what.

On the other hand, an ignorant person will take a different approach. They try to present themselves as someone who knows best. 

They have all this information inside their hand, so they try to impress you with their mental abilities. 

But, no matter what either of them says to you, they’re both equally annoying. 

You can always choose to avoid them, even if it seems inappropriate and rude.

Sometimes it’s for the best to ignore them and not give them any attention. 

I know it sounds pretty silly, but you can always walk away. In moments of frustration, we forget the simplest option: to look the other way.

Whether or not you decide to engage is up to you. Don’t feel forced to do anything you don’t feel like doing. 

Simply end your conversation with them and move on with your day. 

Don’t give them the opportunity to affect your mood. You have to reclaim your power, and this is how you’ll succeed. 

I know that sometimes you feel like you’re going to burst if you don’t stand up for yourself or say something insightful, but that isn’t always the best thing to do. 

Remember, in moments when you’re talking to an ignorant person, they’re almost always unable to receive any feedback from you.

So just let it go and walk away from the argument.

 6. Try to have an honest conversation

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Sometimes honesty is the best weapon you can use when dealing with certain people.

It’s true that some ignorant people are hard-headed, but the reason for such behavior might be because they want to protect their ego from correction. 

It’s difficult to think straight in situations when you’re arguing with an ignorant person, but you can always try to calm down, and then take them aside and explain how their behavior is damaging your mental health and self-esteem. 

This especially applies to employers who have ignorant employees who just don’t seem to get it otherwise. 

It’s really frustrating and damaging to the workspace when a coworker is constantly talking about relevant issues that they don’t totally understand. 

Try to have an honest conversation and it may surprise you to find out they’ve changed after you talked to them. 

7. Be emphatic

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Life can be really tough sometimes. We all go through our own difficulties, and some people have a hard time coping with their problems. 

Those problems might affect them more deeply than you, so that’s why they become really moody, cold, and defensive. 

So, try to understand their side of the story. 

In troublesome times, everyone just wants to be heard.

Try to remember, it can be difficult to listen to what someone has to say with all the problems that life throws at you.

But often the only way they can ease their mind is by talking to someone. 

So, try to be emphatic. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their struggle. 

Listen. Everyone around us is fighting their own personal battles. 

Before arguing with them, try to understand their trouble and don’t let your ego control your actions. 

8. Entertain your mind

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

We often find it tough to let go of something that’s bothering us.

The best medicine on how to deal with ignorant people is to distract your mind and keep yourself busy.

Try to occupy yourself with different things and don’t sweat about the irrelevant stuff. 

There will be always people who’ll try to get on your nerves, but remember, you can always walk away. 

Plug in your earphones and enjoy some alone time. Music is really one of the most efficient tools when dealing with an ignorant person. 

Obviously, it’s impractical to use it all the time, but try to make the best out of it. 

This is usually really helpful when you’re dealing with an ignorant person at your workplace. Arguing with them is never a one-time deal. 

Try to keep yourself busy and work professionally. Keep your end goal in sight and don’t let anyone get in the way of your success. 

9. Wait for them to make a mistake

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

Sometimes there’s no point in arguing with ignorant people.

If they’re not allowing you to give them input on certain things, maybe the best solution would be to not correct them and just wait. 

Eventually, they’ll make a mistake and hopefully learn from it. Try to hold back from giving any “I told you so”s afterward. 

10. The best defense is a good offense

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

If you can’t hold back, then express your opinion loudly and clearly. 

Withhold nothing, just for the sake of their discomfort. 

Speak what’s on your mind and let them taste their own medicine.

If someone is rude toward you, be rude to them. People who are hard-headed and truly ignorant won’t change their point of view so easily. 

But they might learn a different lesson when they experience discomfort and offense. 

What if you’re the ignorant one?

Now that you’ve learned how to deal with ignorant people, let’s focus on what to do if you’re being the ignorant one. 

Every one of us possesses ignorance in ourselves. It’s in our nature to feel and behave this way.

But what do you do when there’s ignorance in your relationship? And when you discover you’re the one who’s ignorant? 

Well, here are some tips on how to deal with your own ignorance in a relationship. 

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

First, you have to acknowledge your attitude and realize you’re acting ignorantly.

Take a step back and think about the actions and words you’ve said and done. 

It’s always a good thing to ask your partner about his opinion. Does he have a problem with something you said or done? 

Sometimes it’s in your best interest to see yourself through other people’s eyes. 

Evaluate your actions and try to be humble. 

If your partner tells you that you didn’t put enough effort into your relationship, don’t feel threatened and offended by him. 

Try to think about your relationship with a rational mind and heart. 

Don’t put your ego first – it’ll prevent you and your partner from developing a deeper connection. 

You have to work constantly on yourself to become a better person. Be open-minded and humble when trying to work things out with your partner. 

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your independence.

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

It means you’ll learn how to work with someone to achieve your goals and aspirations. 

You need to care about other people in order for others to care about you. 

Acting all independent doesn’t always work out. There will be times when you need the help of your partner or another person. 

Having that ignorant mindset will only bring you harm, and your relationship with those people will slowly deteriorate. 

Think before you speak.

Take time to think through your words because they can either make the situation better or worse. 

So make sure to think things through before you say anything to your partner. 

You need to be clear about your thoughts and show your partner you care about him. 

Don’t be ignorant and think only about your needs and emotions. 

You attract what you put out, remember that. If you use kind and sincere words when talking to your partner, he’ll know that you are honest about it. 

Be more involved with your partner’s life.

DONE - 10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

If you want to make things work and overcome your ignorance, then ask your partner if you can go along next time he goes somewhere. 

You can accompany him to the gym or join him on his hike. 

By doing this, you’re not just overcoming your ignorance, you’re also strengthening your relationship overall. 

Trust me, your partner will be grateful for that. 

To conclude…

It’s never a good thing to be ignorant, especially in a relationship. It almost always leads to a breakup. 

Ignorance isn’t a quality that any of us look for when starting a relationship with someone. 

You shouldn’t only know how to deal with ignorant people, but avoid behaving ignorantly ourselves.

Don’t worry if someone is ignorant or rude – maybe they have a hidden, valid reason for their behavior. Remember, everyone has their own path. 

There is no point in arguing with a person who always thinks they’re right. 

Don’t let them affect your mental health and lower your self-esteem. 

You have always the option to just walk away if you don’t think someone is worth your time and effort. 

But if you decide to stick around and help the person, then remember that it takes time and patience more than anything else.

Be the educator and not the other way around. 

10 Simple Ways To Deal With Ignorant People If They Bother You

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