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How To Attract An Intelligent Man

How To Attract An Intelligent Man

We all have ideals we look for in a partner: good looking, funny, kind…it’s almost the full package when they have those things. But what we really want is an intelligent man. Someone with smarts and emotional intelligence. Someone who takes dating seriously and is looking for more than just a good time. Someone who knows how to respect women and give them the things they want. Someone who is attractive in their personality and is attracted to smart women too. But it can be hard to know how to attract an intelligent man when you’ve been unlucky in the past.

You’ve been attracted to guys before who make the same mistakes over and over and never change their way of life to become better people. Now, it’s time to date a guy who will say all the right things and make you feel like a woman. Here are some tips on how to draw a smart man in your direction.

1. Go to an environment where intelligent men hide outHow to attract an intelligent man

Where do intelligent men go for a good time? Sure, there will be times where they’re in clubs, or casinos, or working out at the gym. But an intelligent man takes an interest in other things too.

What about art, literature and music? You might meet an intelligent man in a library, a museum, a gallery, or even at the theatre. Guys who have high levels of intelligence understand that culture and beauty comes in art as well as in knowledge.

Their perfect date location is somewhere stimulating and interesting, and they like to spend their time learning. If you’ve got an interest in one of these things, and are attracted to guys who make being smart extra attractive, you’ll likely meet people on your level in those environments.

2. Attend a night class or take part in a degree

How to attract an intelligent man: show that you’re intelligent too. An intelligent man wants someone he can engage in interesting conversation with.

A woman who can match up to an intelligent man is certainly worth dating, no matter what way you look at it. You want a smart man, and the chances are he wants a smart woman who will make him think and keep him on his toes.

Study up on a subject that interests you, and maybe meet someone you like at a class. You’ll have a baseline to start your conversations off, and you’re likely to have plenty more in common too.

Set your bar high and push your limits; women who aim high have interesting things to say, and intelligent men understand that. You’ll land a date with a great guy in no time!

3. Trust your instinctsHow to attract an intelligent man

When you meet someone new, trust your gut as to what they’re like. If they seem like they might be a little insensitive or rude, it’s likely they’re not intelligent either. Just don’t make too quick a judgement – first impressions aren’t always completely accurate.

However, people who come across well to a woman on their first date are often good at heart, and that shows emotional smarts.

People with high intelligence are more sensitive to people’s emotions, and it’s all part of being a smart person. It’s a great bonus if they’re good looking too, but this kind of dating is about more than the way you look. It’s about just appreciating what’s in the core of a person.

4. Be true to yourself

If someone is talking about something you don’t understand, there’s no reason to pretend you know what they’re discussing.

You’re not going to be condemned for not knowing everything. Instead, ask them to explain the subject. It’s better to ask questions and take an interest than fake knowledge and get caught in a lie.

Asking questions suggests a thirst for knowledge, not naivety. It’s a good habit to get in to, and will surely help capture an intelligent man’s attention.

An intelligent man is always looking to teach the people around him, and to learn from those closest to him, so you can both educate each other in some way!

5. Take pride in your achievementsHow to attract an intelligent man

Big or small, your achievements show off your skills. If you want to know how to attract an intelligent man, you might be surprised to know they like when you show off your assets. Being proud of yourself is something an intelligent man will see as a good thing.

A lesser man may say that you’re full of yourself, but showing off a little is sure to attract a smart man. He understands that knowledge is something to take pride in, and he’ll feel proud of you too. He may expect praise in return for validation, and you know you can appreciate his achievements in the same way.

6. Know your own worth

Part of attracting an intelligent man is knowing how much you’re worth. Know that your worthy of the love of a good man, not the useless exes from your past.

Respect yourself and don’t go chasing people down. Wait patiently for someone worthy to come your way, and don’t force it. A smart man will be able to see your worth anyway, and if your personalities click, you’ll be drawn together no matter what.

7. How to attract an intelligent man: be yourselfHow to attract an intelligent man

The fact that you seek out an intelligent man shows intelligence in you. You deserve a man who is smart as well as every other desirable quality.

If you’re comfortable in your own skin and act as you usually would, you’re sure to attract an intelligent man. It may take time to find someone that fits with you, and that’s okay.

Not every relationship works out, and it’s rare to be lucky first time around. However, if you give anything time, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

How to attract an intelligent man

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