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20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Maybe you’ve noticed this girl, but you haven’t noticed signs she wants you to make a move, so you’re just waiting… But should you?

There might be some signs she wants you to make a move that you overlooked or didn’t notice at all.

Women can sometimes be hard to decipher, but as long as you know what to pay attention to, you’ll know what’s on her mind. If she can’t get you out of her head, she won’t be able to hide it so well.

Often, men don’t see the signs they expect or misinterpret the ones they get. It might be the reason why they sometimes don’t approach the girls that like them.

I say it’s time we stop that and make dating easier for everyone! You don’t want to miss your chance with a cute girl just because you’re not sure that she likes you.

If she’s showing signs she wants you to make a move, don’t just stand there – go get her!

Don’t lose your shot with her just because the signals she’s sending are not that obvious! If she’s interested in you, it will show in the way she acts around you, so keep your eyes wide open.

Don’t miss out on what might be a great relationship just because a girl is too shy to be straightforward and tell you outright that she’s interested. You can tell by the way she behaves, and you’re about to learn how.

Signs she wants you to make a move

1. She comes up with excuses just to spend time with you

 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

If this girl is into you, she’ll want to spend time with you as much as possible. Naturally, she’ll need to find a way to do that without seeming needy or clingy.

That’s why she always has an excuse to see you.

She wants to learn more about you, but she can’t just come out and tell you that. Instead, she’ll tell you she needs your help with something, or she needs to show you something…

Whenever she wants to spend some time with you, she’ll apparently have a good reason for it.

And she’ll want to spend a lot of time with you, preferably alone. This means that her excuses will somehow require you to meet her alone instead of among a group of friends.

2. She gets in touch with you at random hours

When a person calls you at an ungodly hour, you assume that it’s something important. But it’s only this girl you know who’s asking what you’re up to…

Well, she either woke you up or called past midnight, so what does she think you’re doing? Hopefully, thinking of her because she’s trying to hint that you’re on her mind!

Most people consider the hours between midnight and 6 am their personal time, even if they’re awake. This girl still can’t resist texting or calling you at that time, and you can’t figure out why.

Well, maybe she’s been thinking about calling you the entire day, and she just couldn’t wait any longer! Maybe she wants to be the last thing you think of before you fall asleep, and she can’t sleep since you’re constantly on her mind.

Either way, when a girl calls and texts mostly at odd hours, you can safely take it as one of the signs she wants you to make a move.

3. She stares at your lips

DONE 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move 2

When the two of you are talking, you notice that she shifts her focus from your eyes to your mouth.

Is she trying to read your lips, or is there something else going on?

If you catch her staring at your lips, it’s very likely that she’s imagining kissing you. This is especially true if she bites her lip.

It’s one of those subtle body language signs that you might not have even noticed before. When she stares at your lips, she’s imagining kissing you or wondering whether you’re a good kisser.

Are you going to let her find out? If you see more signs she wants you to make a move, you definitely should.

4. She shows signs of jealousy

You might have noticed that this girl doesn’t like it when you mention other women. As a matter of fact, she gets bitter or possessive when she sees you around other girls.

She likes you, so she feels fragile and scared that some other girl will get all of your attention. Clearly, she wants all of that attention for herself, and seeing you around other women bothers her.

If you haven’t noticed this yet, you can easily test it. Simply mention some other girl that could be your potential partner and watch her reaction.

If she’s interested in you, she surely isn’t going to react positively to potential competition. Be careful not to give her the wrong idea though.

If you like her, you don’t want her to think that you’re interested in some other girl. Doing so could make her give up on you and assume that your heart is already taken.

5. She flirts with you

20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Flirting is a pretty obvious sign a girl’s into you, but guys sometimes don’t even realize when a girl is flirting. One of the reasons for this is that everyone flirts somewhat differently.

How can you know then? Well, there are some things all girls do when they’re into a guy.

Does she laugh at all your jokes? Be honest, are your jokes really that funny?

Does she also tease you playfully? Maybe she also plays with her hair or touches her mouth.

These are huge signs she wants you to make a move, so don’t keep her waiting. If you like her, give her a smile and let her know you like her too.

You might also notice her leaning toward you and trying to get closer. She feels comfortable around you and enjoys your company, so her body language will be different around you than others.

And when you’re in a group of friends, she’ll always try to be near you. She’ll want to sit or stand close to you, or she may even try to get you to be alone with her.

6. She always initiates contact

If she’s into you, she won’t hesitate to initiate contact. She will text and call you first, but she’ll make sure to have an excuse.

Maybe she’ll instead reach out to you on social media. She might just send you something funny or cute and tell you that it reminded her of you.

If she always initiates contact, it means she wants you to initiate something too. She won’t keep chasing you if you don’t make a move soon.

For now, she just can’t help it because you’re constantly on her mind. Whenever she reaches out to you, it’s because she’s thinking of you and wants you to think about her too.

7. She gets nervous around you

DONE 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move 4

When we like someone, we are more present in the moment and hyper-aware of the situation.

We don’t want to do anything embarrassing, awkward, or unappealing in front of our crush. This is why we get sweaty palms and go all fidgety when we’re around them.

We get it in our head that they can see right through us.

This girl might be feeling like you can hear her heart beat faster when she’s around you. It’s why she might seem nervous or clumsy when she’s near you, even though she’s not usually like that.

This is one of the cute signs she wants you to make a move, so don’t keep her guessing.

If you see her stumbling over her words, biting her lip, and playing with her hair, make your move!

8. She lets you meet all of her close friends

If she wants you to meet her friends, or even her family, she’s crazy about you.

Our family and friends are the people we love and who know us best. When we introduce someone to them, we intend for that person to stick around.

This means that she doesn’t just like you, she’s thinking about something long-lasting. Why else would she let you into her inner circle?

If she’s inviting you to go out with her friends and her, she wants her friends to meet her crush! Most likely, her friends already know all about you, and they’ll analyze you to see if you’re good enough for her.

If you’re into her, make sure to leave a good impression on those close to her.

9. She pays more attention to her appearance

 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

One of the clear signs she wants you to make a move is when she tries to look extra good for you. She’ll always dress up before seeing you and make sure she looks the best she can.

You’ll also notice her being more aware of her appearance in your presence. She will often adjust her clothes and hair or fix her makeup.

If there’s a mirror somewhere near, she’ll often look to check if she looks as great as she wants to.

She might try to draw your attention and make you check her out. She might even apply a particularly lush lipstick to make you notice her lips and evoke the desire to kiss her.

10. She bats her eyelashes

You probably already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it anyway. When a girl bats her eyelashes or even winks at you, it’s a surefire sign she likes you.

Unfortunately, though, this sign can be misleading because it’s not something she’s doing on purpose.

To be sure that it’s one of the signs she wants you to make a move, see if there are other signs as well.

11. She teases you

DONE 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move 6

What seems like playful messing around is often all about dropping hints. She might be too shy to tell you directly that she’s into you, so she’ll tease you to let you know.

Maybe she’ll even jokingly mention something about the two of you becoming a couple. Even if she doesn’t, the way she teases you will reveal her feelings.

When she is strangely playful around you, she’s actually hoping that you’ll get the message and make a move. Tease her back and see how she reacts!

12. She wants to touch you and be close to you

Another sign she wants you to make a move is when she uses every chance to touch you. She’ll want to be near you and use that opportunity to get even closer to you by touching you.

This is not as obvious as you might think, because she may simply let your knees or shoulders brush. She’ll move slightly closer to you when you’re sitting near each other.

When she touches you, whether unconsciously or consciously, she’s sending you signals.

Most of the time, women avoid physical contact when they don’t like someone. If she’s constantly touching you instead, she’s crazy about you.

Maybe she’ll even lean in while you’re talking and touch your knee. She might tell you that you seem strong while touching your arm.

Try to gently touch her too – something simple like brushing back a loose strand of hair from her face – and see how she reacts. If you feel like there’s electricity between you when you touch and she doesn’t flinch, make your move.

13. She lets you know she’s been thinking about you

20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Sometimes, a girl will be straightforward and let you know that you’ve been on her mind lately. If she’s been thinking about you a lot, she might just want to admit it.

When a girl says something like this out of nowhere, there’s no doubt about it: She wants you to make a move.

Don’t make her feel embarrassed about admitting that she can’t get you out of her head. Instead, ask her out and be confident if you like her back.

14. She smiles when she’s around you

A woman who likes you will smile a lot whenever you’re near her. This is more than sheer friendliness – it’s a clear sign of interest and attraction.

You don’t even have to tell a joke for her to grin when you come near her. But when you do crack jokes, even dumb ones, she smiles and laughs like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

If she’s already fallen head over heels for you, she’ll laugh at pretty much everything you say. It might even seem strange when she’s laughing even though you didn’t try to be funny.

The truth is, she enjoys your company and wants you to like her back. This is especially true if she smiles as soon as she sees you and her whole face lights up when you walk into the room.

15. She wants you to introduce her to your friends and family

DONE 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move 8

Showing interest in meeting your friends or family is a clear sign of attraction. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the signs she wants a serious relationship with you.

Why else would she be so interested in getting to know the people closest to you? She wants to become a part of your inner circle and learn more about you.

Clearly, meeting your family is a huge stepping stone, so you might not be ready for this. But if she’s looking forward to meeting your friends, it’s also a big deal when you haven’t even started dating yet.

She wants to know what kind of people you spend most of your time with and what they’ll think of her. If she’s interested in you, she will want your friends and family to like her.

You will notice that she doesn’t act completely natural and tries extra hard to leave a good impression instead.

She knows how important these people are to you, so she wants them to see her in the best possible light. After all, she wants to become an important person in your life too.

16. She wants to get you alone with her

If this girl is into you, she will want to have you all to herself, meaning, she’ll want to spend time alone with you.

I already mentioned this, but it’s such a big sign that it needs to be mentioned separately.

If the two of you are often hanging out in a group of friends, she’ll try to find a way to get the two of you alone together. What’s more, if those friends are good friends of hers, they might try to help her achieve this.

If everyone suddenly has better things to do when she arrives, it’s not because they don’t like her. They want the two of you to get a chance to be alone together because they know she’s into you.

If she likes spending time alone with you, she trusts you and feels comfortable in your company.

She’ll want you to make a move while you’re just the two of you, so she might drop more hints. If she moves closer to you, it’s one of the clear signs she wants to be more than friends.

When you find yourself alone with her and she keeps dropping hints, make your move. If you don’t, she will assume that you’re not into her, and she’ll probably back off.

17. She keeps track of everything you say

20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Maybe you don’t even remember telling her certain things about yourself, but she sure remembers them. In fact, she seems to be all ears while you talk and keeps track of every word you say.

She’s simply that interested in getting to know you better. While you talk, she carefully listens and asks follow-up questions.

She recalls your particular likes and dislikes and might even use them to surprise you. For instance, she might show up with your favorite coffee because she remembers which one you usually order at the coffee shop.

She knows your favorite color by the clothes you wear and remembers details of your childhood you’ve told her about.

If this is how this girl acts around you, you should definitely make your move and finally make her your girlfriend!

18. She asks you a lot of personal questions

She’ll ask you about personal things such as your childhood and past relationships if she’s into you. She will also want to know about your hobbies and what you like to do to unwind.

Maybe she already knows you well enough, but she wants to learn more and really get to know the real you. This is a clear sign she wants to be more than friends.

She wants to know more than what’s on the surface and to have meaningful conversations with you.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between politeness and genuine affection when talking with a girl. But if she is really engaged in the conversation and wants to know personal things about you, she probably likes you.

19. She locks eyes with you

DONE 20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move 10

When you’re talking, she stares deep into your eyes and listens to every word you say. She tilts her head and has a cute smile on her face while doing this.

If she’s genuinely interested in things you have to say and comfortable enough to maintain intense eye contact, she’s sending you strong signals.

Maybe she’s even expecting you to kiss her the next time this happens, so don’t keep her guessing and let her know you like her back!

20. Her friends act weird around you

Most girls tell their friends everything, especially when it’s about having a crush on someone.

If this girl is into you, it’s pretty much a sure thing that her friends know about it. They might not be that good at keeping it a secret, though.

Most likely, they will give you hints and try to get the two of you to hook up.

They’ll giggle and smile when you’re around and might even start teasing her. Maybe they’ll instead constantly glance at both her and you like they’re trying to signal something with their eyes.

As long as you pay attention to how her friends act around the two of you, you’ll know if she likes you!

A word caution, though: You should check for the signs she only wants attention and is wasting your time. Some girls will just string you along without any intention of taking things any further.

But if you’ve noticed many of the signs I mentioned here, c’mon – it’s time to make your move!

Go for it!

20 Often Overlooked Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

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