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Watch Out: 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Watch Out: 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Falling for someone means giving them your heart and trusting them that they’re not going to break it into pieces. No matter how happy the two of you are together, there’s always this hidden fear of infidelity. What if your partner goes behind your back and betrays your trust? Are there any warning signs he will cheat in the future?

Love is a beautiful thing but at the same time, it can ruin you and change your life for the worse. To be more precise, it’s not love that causes you pain. It’s a cheating partner who decides that you’re no longer worthy of his respect.

When someone cheats on you, they show you that they don’t care about you anymore. They make it clear that you aren’t their priority.

This realization will leave you heartbroken and will change you forever. The moment you realize that you’ve been cheated on is the moment that’s going to change the outcome of your life.

Now, you can’t live in fear, waiting for this day to come. You can’t accuse your partner of something he didn’t do (at least, not yet).

What you can do is open your eyes and look for warning signs he will cheat in the future. Believe it or not, certain patterns of behavior can reveal if your partner is about to be unfaithful.

7 signs he will cheat in the future

Watch Out: 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Guys are usually simple to read. Even when they try to hide their feelings, they often fail to do so. They’re open books and when you know what to look for, you’ll be able to figure out even their deepest emotions and hidden thoughts.

So, even though your partner will probably try to hide his unfaithful behavior, the chances are that he’s going to fail at it. His actions will let you know what he’s up to, but you just need to know what to pay attention to.

Of course, you can’t be 100% sure that he’s going to cheat on you, but you can still predict what’s about to happen by checking out if he ticks any of the following boxes.

1. He already cheated in the past

People can change but only if they want to. Most of the time guys say that they won’t cheat ever again but still, they repeat their mistakes simply because they love the thrill they previously experienced.

Maybe he never cheated on you, but do you know if he was unfaithful to some of his previous partners? Did he ever mention how he cheated on any of his exes? Or have his friends ever told you that?

If you know for sure that he has already done it at least once, then there’s a huge chance that he’s going to do it again.

Now, if he already cheated on you and you forgave him, there’s not much to talk about. This guy had tested the waters and saw that you wouldn’t leave him. He probably assumes that you’ll forgive him every next time he cheats on you simply because you love him.

2. He still has dating apps on his phone

Watch Out 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future 2

Having dating apps on your phone while you’re in a relationship sounds sketchy, to say the least. I’m sure every time you bring this out, he tells you how you’re being paranoid and how he doesn’t actually use them. Consider this a major red flag and one of the signs he will cheat in the future.

Well, why he won’t uninstall them then? Huh, that sounds like a good question, right?

We all know why people use dating apps. They’re specifically made to get in touch with others who are looking for a relationship, a fling, or anything in between those two things.

A guy who’s already in a relationship doesn’t need this app. He has a girlfriend, so why should he meet other women online?

If you catch your partner using dating apps, be aware of what could come of it. I assure you that if he has them on his phone, he’s probably using them, no matter what he says.

3. He’s acting weird whenever you touch his phone

His phone is ringing and you take a hold of it to bring it to him, but he starts panicking as if you just committed the biggest sin there is. Or you may ask him to give you his phone so you can send yourself pictures you took that day but he instantly goes into a defense mode and tells you how he needs it right now.

If this was to happen once or twice, you wouldn’t be skeptical about it. But now that you’re thinking about it, you realize that he acts the same way every time you get close to his phone.

Something doesn’t add up. You don’t hide your phone from him, well, because there’s nothing to hide. So, why does he act so strange every time you get even remotely close to his phone?

That’s definitely one of the signs he will cheat in the future!

4. You already caught him lying

Watch Out: 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

Cheaters are usually liars which makes total sense. In order to keep the charade working, they have to find ways to balance their double lives. That requires a ton of lying and a whole lot of pretending.

So, when you catch a guy lying to you about something irrelevant, you may start to worry if there are some other more important things he is lying about.

Can you trust him when he tells you that he’s going out with his friends even though he comes home way later than he usually does? Is he actually busy at work and has to stay late or is it just another lie he’s using to hide his infidelity?

Listen to your gut feeling! If you feel like he’s lying to you, the chances are that’s exactly what’s going on.

5. He doesn’t put any effort into your relationship

Now, this sign on its own isn’t proof that he’s going to cheat on you. However, if you’ve already spotted some of the previously mentioned types of behavior, then you should take it seriously.

A man who doesn’t mind cheating on his partner won’t care about the state of your relationship. He won’t pay attention to you or your feelings and for a while, you’ll feel like you’re the only one making any effort.

No matter how much you keep nagging him, you won’t notice any difference. He’ll completely ignore your words because, honestly, he no longer cares about you. His only goal is to find someone new and exciting and when that happens, he won’t be bothered by crossing the line and cheating on you.

Of course, it would be way easier for both of you if he simply left you. Realizing that a relationship no longer makes you happy is completely fine. We all grow and change and sometimes, we lose our feelings for those who used to mean the world to us.

But instead of protecting you from unnecessary pain, this man decided to cheat on you and satisfy his own needs. He probably feels a huge thrill knowing that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing. So, he would rather feed his ego than be honest with you. That’s just great!

I know that even reading this hurts. But it’s better to be aware of the reality and have a proper talk with him before everything slips out of control.

6. Your relationship has lost its spark

Watch Out 7 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future 4

This is another sign that has nothing to do with cheating unless you realize it’s happening together with some other actions on the list.

For example, if your partner is always on his phone but doesn’t let you anywhere near it and the two of you no longer spend any quality time together, the chances are that he’s going to cheat on you.

Your relationship has lost its spark and you no longer feel like a couple. You don’t even think that you’re friends anymore. Everything has changed and every time you point it out, your partner dismisses you and tells you that you’re overreacting.

One thing’s for sure – you’re no longer happy. And this feeling that he’s going to cheat on you keeps haunting you everywhere you go. Is your gut trying to tell you something?

7. His friends think cheating is okay

You may be confused at first since you don’t get what his friends have with his cheating. But let me put things this way.

Have you ever found yourself in their company and they were talking about infidelity? What did they say? Do they think it’s okay to cheat on someone? Or were they against it?

Most guys usually act the same way their friends do. This is especially a case when you’re dating a younger man who thinks that he has something to prove to his pals.

His emotional immaturity will make him do certain things simply because his friends approve of it. The same goes for cheating.

If everyone he hangs out with says that they’re okay with infidelity and that everyone cheats at one point in their lives, you can expect your partner to cheat on you as well. Even if he used to think that this behavior was unacceptable, his friends might have changed his opinion.

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