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14 Warning Signs He Doesn’t Value You Anymore (Move On)

14 Warning Signs He Doesn’t Value You Anymore (Move On)

What does it mean when your boyfriend stops calling you? Does he seem distant and cold toward you and can you say that he’s changed lately, that he doesn’t behave the same way he did at the beginning of your relationship? Unfortunately, those could all be signs he doesn’t value you anymore.

I understand that the start of your relationship was great. He made you feel alive again, you believed that it was true love, and you felt butterflies every time you saw him.

Don’t get me wrong when I say this but every beginning is just like that. Going through the ‘honeymoon phase’ is all sweet and peachy but it doesn’t last forever.

Love isn’t the only thing that matters in a successful and beautiful relationship. You have to respect each other at all times and have each other’s back, come hell or high water.

However, if you’ve started wondering whether or not he respects you, that could be a sign he doesn’t value you anymore. He simply doesn’t make any effort to make you happy or show interest in satisfying your needs now.

Don’t think too much about what’s going on inside his mind because there will be obvious signs showing that he doesn’t value you. Whether he expresses them intentionally or not, they will be there.

The truth is if he cared so much about you and if he respected you enough, then he wouldn’t leave you feeling unworthy of love or unhappy in your relationship.

I know that you long for those days when he treated you with nothing but love but it’s better to be hurt by the bitter truth than protected by a lie.

Before making any sudden decisions, take a step back and evaluate the situation.

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On

You never know but the guy you love so dearly could be going through a tough time in his own life and as a consequence of that, he seems distant and cold.

It’s difficult to know what’s going on inside a man’s mind if he doesn’t share his thoughts with you.

Maybe something tragic or stressful has happened or he lost his job, which could be the reason why he’s acting indifferent and closed off. You have to take that into consideration before making any conclusions on your own.

You shouldn’t judge him before knowing the entire truth, as it’s pivotal for you to get to the core of the issue so that you don’t let your emotions govern your actions.

Take a step back if you have to and see things as they are and not how you want them to be. Be as objective as possible and then make your decision about whether or not you should stay with him.

Signs he doesn’t value you anymore

Another reason why he’s acting differently toward you could be that he doesn’t value you anymore. In that case, if you see any of the following signs, it’s better for you to leave him and focus on your own happiness.

1. He takes you for granted

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

Does your significant other ask for your opinion or does he make all the decisions by himself? Do you feel like your emotions aren’t that important to him anymore?

Well, if you can say with certainty that he always prioritizes himself and his feelings, then that’s a clear sign he doesn’t value you any longer.

Even in times when you need his help or when you’re sad, you just pretend that you’re okay so that his day isn’t ruined by your mood.

It’s completely fine if this happens once in a while, since everyone has their bad days, so maybe you can let it go. However, if this occurs frequently and without reason, then he’s taking you for granted for sure.

He only thinks about himself in your relationship and doesn’t consider you a part of his life anymore. Maybe he even wants to break up with you but doesn’t know how to say it to your face.

Either way, your best option would be to confront him and find out what’s been going on in his life. And if he continues behaving the same way after you have the talk, then you should take the initiative and leave him.

2. He makes you feel like you have to chase him

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 3

Another sign he doesn’t value you anymore is when you have to beg him to spend time with you and to put some effort into your relationship.

When you confront him about this, he’ll likely deny it because he’s a coward and can’t speak the truth.

Unfortunately, deep down, you feel like he isn’t the same man you used to know and you feel like he’s slipping through your fingers.

And no matter how hard you try and how much you give yourself to him, you can’t prevent that from happening.

The thing about men is that they don’t like to be chased by women. The more you chase him, the more distant he’ll be with you.

The bitter truth is that he doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with you any longer but at the same time, he doesn’t dare say that it’s over between you two.

He’s playing mind games with you. Sometimes he’s cold and other times he’s hot, so you don’t know what to think.

You have to realize that no man is worthy of being chased. You can’t force someone to love you and if you have to chase him, then it’s probably not meant to be.

Eventually, you’ll end up disappointed by the guy, crying yourself to sleep every night, thinking about what could have been.

I know that it’s tough for you to accept things as they are but you have to if you want to give the right man a chance to find you.

Keep in mind that if it’s real love, you won’t have to beg for it. Instead of chasing after him, let go of this guy who has disappointed you many times and see whether he comes back after you ignore him.

3. He guilt-trips you

4 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

Does it seem to you that your boyfriend always finds a way to make you feel guilty? Is he someone who gains pleasure from your guilt?

If the answers are yes, then that’s an obvious sign he doesn’t value you anymore and it’s time to leave.

He’s the type of guy who’ll use anything he can from your past to shame you and make you feel like you’re guilty of anything bad that happens in your relationship.

He’ll never accept or apologize for his mistakes because he believes that he’s perfect and you’re not.

On top of that, every time you two argue about a particular issue, he makes sure to bring up your past so that you feel guilty and ashamed of yourself. Eventually, you give in to him, giving him the pleasure of having the last word.

However, the right man for you would never do that because he would respect you. He would never stoop so low as to bring your past into a conversation, let alone use it against you.

That’s something that only cowards would do as they have nothing else to use against you except some of your previous mistakes.

4. He never makes time for you

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 5

Maybe your boyfriend is a career-oriented man who works hard to achieve his goals and that’s completely fine as long as he knows how to balance his work life with his love life.

He genuinely may have a lot on his plate right now but despite all of his work, if he does value you, he’ll make time to hang out with you.

If a guy doesn’t have time for you and can’t even give you at least a few minutes of his day, it’s an obvious sign that you’re not on his priority list. He doesn’t value you, nor your time for that matter.

It means that he would rather do something else – for example, going out with his friends or to the gym – than spend some quality time with his girlfriend. He’ll choose all those things over you because he doesn’t value you enough.

You should believe him when he says that he’s too busy to care for you because it’s definitely true. He neglects you under the disguise of being too busy and he does so on purpose.

Know that you’ll have no place in that man’s life, as he’ll only care about himself and no one else.

5. He makes all the decisions by himself

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

Do you feel left out by your partner every time there’s a need to make an important decision? Does he ask for your input or does he do all the work himself?

If he tries to prove to you that he’s more capable than you or that you’re not smart enough to make any decisions about major stuff, that’s a clear sign he doesn’t value you anymore.

It’s simple actually. Your partner doesn’t include you in the decision-making because he sees you as someone who’s beneath him.

You’re not his partner in crime anymore or maybe he’s a toxic manipulator who always tries to get his own way no matter what.

It’s important to him that he feels like he has complete control over you, as by doing so, it boosts his ego and he can prove to himself that he’s a real man.

Don’t be fooled by his sweet words because that’s an obvious sign you’re in a toxic relationship and you should get away from him before it’s too late. Eventually, he’ll make you feel worthless and you’ll start doubting yourself.

The last thing you need in your life is a narcissist who puts you down and doesn’t respect your opinion at all. Move away from a toxic partner in good time and give yourself enough space to heal afterward.

6. He makes you feel like you’re not worthy

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 7

Every relationship has its own ups and downs but if your partner makes you feel like you’re not worthy every time push comes to shove, then he doesn’t value you enough.

He makes sure to let you know that he’s actually doing you a favor by being with you and this type of behavior can have a huge impact on your mental health as well as your emotional well-being.

The more he treats you like this, the more you’ll believe that you’re not worthy at all.

You may be blinded by love so instead of accepting the bitter truth, you justify his actions by saying that he does it out of love for you. But in reality, he constantly belittles you because he doesn’t value you any longer.

Keep in mind that you’re worthy of being loved and not just by him. Every one of us deserves to experience true love but you need to be patient, as the right man will come.

However, this man is clearly not for you if he injects a sense of worthlessness in you. Remember, never settle for anything less than you deserve!

7. He makes zero effort in your relationship

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

There’s no point in being in a relationship with someone who puts no effort into making you happy. If you’re the only one who does all the work, then your relationship is already doomed to fail.

You shouldn’t be the only one fighting for survival while your significant other does nothing. His passive behavior is just a reflection of how much he cares about you and your future altogether.

While your desire is to stay with him, it seems that he actually wants you to leave him, which wouldn’t harm him in any way.

He makes zero effort in your relationship and this could be because he has new plans with someone else and is just waiting for you to break up with him.

There could be a few different reasons why he’s not happy with you anymore but there’s no excuse for a man to treat his woman like that.

A real man would never hurt a woman who cares about him, as he knows that she doesn’t deserve it.

8. He rarely listens to you

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 9

An important factor in every successful and long-lasting relationship is having healthy communication with your partner. And one of the warning signs he doesn’t value you is when your partner refuses to listen to you.

It’s true that men have a shorter attention span and that they sometimes have difficulty listening to you, even if they love you.

This is because their mind is preoccupied with many different things, while women usually like to take things one step at a time.

However, if you feel like your man doesn’t listen to you at all and that he’s no longer your friend, then it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t value you now. He has lost interest in your relationship and you.

You have to be prepared to make a tough decision because if your man doesn’t value you, then he doesn’t deserve you at all. You can’t have a happy relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect your opinion or takes you for granted.

You’re an amazing woman who deserves a lot more, so make sure to find someone who’ll treat you better than him. Eventually, he’ll figure out how much you mean to him once you decide to walk away from him.

9. He doesn’t talk about the future

 14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

A major sign that he values and cares about you is when he talks to you about your future together, which means he cares enough to keep you in his life. Also, he wants to figure things out in a way that includes you and only you.

However, if he doesn’t include you in his plans or doesn’t talk about the future, then he’s clearly not interested in being with you anymore. He’s taking another path in life that doesn’t involve you.

Many people will change their lifestyle for the one they love; they will change their job, habits, or even move to another continent if they have to. This guy doesn’t bother, as he doesn’t even want you in his future.

10. He’s not interested in your life

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 11

Ask yourself this: When was the last time your partner did something together with you, something that you wanted to do?

Perhaps he forces you to join him in his adventures at the weekend or does things that only he wants to do.

Well, that’s a clear sign he doesn’t value you and the truth is he’ll dismiss anything you suggest because he’s not interested in your life anymore.

He doesn’t put any effort into finding out what interests you or what you hold dear to your heart and value in your life, which are all red flags that he’s no longer interested in being in a relationship with you.

Instead, he only wants to have your utmost attention because he doesn’t see you as an equal partner.

He’s a toxic man who only cares about himself, so instead of being at the top of his priority list, you’re at the bottom and you should never settle for such a man.

11. He treats you like everyone else

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

It’s never a good sign if a guy treats you like he does everyone else, as it shows how little he respects or values you.

You’ll never find happiness with a man like that and you’ll always be dissatisfied with your life. It’ll feel like you have to beg, force, or chase him in order to have his undivided love and attention.

That’s not something that a strong woman does and neither should you. You should never settle for someone who treats you like you’re his last option.

If you give up on a guy like that, you’ll have the chance to meet a man who’ll prioritize you over everyone, as your happiness will be more important than his own.

12. He compares you to others

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 13

No woman should ever have to hear her man comparing her to another woman, as that’s one of the most disgusting things a guy can ever do to his partner.

He compares every choice you make with what other people do, whether that’s your choice of what to wear or what career path to follow. As a consequence of that, you’ll start questioning your own choices.

The reason your significant other does that is because he doesn’t value you, so you should leave him immediately. You should never put up with a man like this, as you’ll never be truly happy in your relationship.

Even if he promises that he’ll change for you, he won’t do so because he doesn’t think you’re good enough for him.

13. He undermines you in front of others

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

Does your partner seem to enjoy making fun of you in front of his friends or family or yours? If so, then that’s a clear sign he doesn’t care about you anymore.

It’s always a good thing to know how to take a joke but if his intention is to hurt your feelings, then you don’t deserve to be in a relationship like that.

You may be afraid to retaliate because you know he’ll keep doing it no matter what but the longer you stay silent, the more he’ll be encouraged to keep making those jokes.

Later on in your relationship, you’ll have had enough of it and hopefully you’ll gather the courage to walk away from him.

14. He makes you question your own beliefs and values

DONE 14 Warning Signs He Doesnt Value You Anymore Move On 15

Maybe you fell in love with him because you thought you shared the same values and beliefs but something about him has changed. Now, he makes sure that you feel that your beliefs and values are all wrong.

However, you shouldn’t believe in the things that he says and just because he doesn’t agree with you, it doesn’t mean that he’s right.

You can have your own opinions and you should have the freedom to share them with whomever you want.

If you stay with a man like that, there will hopefully come a point in time when you’re going to realize you’ve had enough and you’ll just leave him. It’s not true love if you have to change yourself completely for him to accept you.

14 Warning Signs He Doesn't Value You Anymore (Move On)

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