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A Woman Who’s Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

A Woman Who’s Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

Even though love is a beautiful thing that most of us get the chance to experience, there’s the other, bad side of love that we’re all trying to evade.

Being broken and hurt can really change your perspective on life, especially if you’re a woman, because it’s a well-known fact that women are more emotionally mature than men. So, when a woman’s heart is broken, she starts acting differently around people who are precious to her.

While change isn’t normally a bad thing, the changes that happen when you’re hurt by someone you love can really damage you for the rest of your life.

And if you’re wondering how to recognize a woman who’s been hurt too many times, then pay close attention to her behavior. It’s in those little everyday activities that you can see her soft heart has been broken more often than she can count.

1. She stops believing in the idea of true love

DONE! A Woman Who's Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

Whenever someone mentions true love and how everyone is destined to find the right one, she just laughs and perhaps cracks a few jokes here and there about it.

That’s because she’s never had the opportunity to experience genuine love for herself.

Her broken heart is all that’s left. She’s still fixing all the little cracks that people inflicted on her.

She refuses to believe in something that she hasn’t experienced for herself. And if you ask her about her love life, she tells you that she wants to be that cool aunt everyone loves having around on their birthday.

It may sound weird to you, but that’s how she feels because she has failed at love many times in her life.

2. She makes fun of romance

Almost everyone loves being the center of someone’s attention. You can’t say that you don’t love it when someone approaches you and tells you how good-looking and beautiful you are.

But a woman who’s been hurt too many times acts differently than the rest of us.

If a man approaches her and starts talking about how wonderful she looks, then she’ll probably laugh at him and even make a funny scene about it.

To her, buying your significant other roses is disgusting and it’s a cliché that no one should fall for.

Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for her and she isn’t too keen on hugs and kisses. In fact, she resents PDA and turns her head whenever she sees a couple hugging.

3. She isn’t able to trust anyone

DONE! A Woman Who's Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

Having trust in your partner is an essential pillar of every healthy relationship. But what happens when you’ve been hurt too many times? Do you really believe you’ll trust anyone ever again?

That’s exactly how a broken woman behaves. It’s not that she doesn’t want to trust anyone, but her feelings have been taken advantage of by many people. That’s why she’s afraid to let others into her life and see her true self.

Experience has taught her that everyone lies, no matter how much they love you. Sooner or later, the masks come off and everyone shows their true colors. This is why she won’t and can’t trust anyone ever again.

4. She starts hanging out with self-destructive people just like her

Have you ever heard of the phrase “misery loves company”? Well, no one is more familiar with that phrase than a woman who’s been hurt over and over again.

And why is that? Because she’s absolutely miserable. She doesn’t mind sending a text message to her ex when she’s drunk because she knows she doesn’t want anything serious. She just wants to have some fun.

Toxicity has taken over her mind and soul, so that’s why she seeks out people who are similar to her – to commiserate with. She may not surround herself with toxic and broken people consciously, but rather subconsciously.

5. She hurts other people in the same way she was hurt

DONE! A Woman Who's Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

No one in their right mind has the goal of hurting other people, except those who are downright toxic or manipulators in disguise. But a broken woman might hurt you in the same way she was hurt.

It isn’t necessarily that she’s out to hurt other people, but she’s most likely going to do so.

Her goal isn’t to inflict the same kind of pain on other people and make them experience what she did. She isn’t going to do it on purpose.

But her soul has become so cold and rigid that she doesn’t realize when someone is hurt by her words or actions.

She’s most likely to wreak havoc in her path, albeit not deliberately.

6. She embraces sadness as a part of her life

She rather dwells on the past and things that she could’ve done differently than focus on the here and now. Sadness and depression are all that she knows now and they’ve taken over her entire life.

It’s okay to seek closure when something bad happens to you, but that shouldn’t be your primary life goal.

Eventually, things will get better, but a woman who’s been hurt too many times doesn’t know anything else than to embrace the sadness as an inevitable part of her life.

7. She keeps rethinking the same story over and over again

DONE! A Woman Who's Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

The truth about a woman who’s been hurt too many times is that she’ll keep repeating everything in her mind. She’s constantly thinking about the things she could’ve done differently to prevent things from going downhill.

She loses her identity because her mind doesn’t allow her to move forward. She’s too focused on those awful things he did to her and how he made her feel alone and not worthy of anything.

A Woman Who's Been Hurt Too Many Times Will Do These 7 Things

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