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13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

What are the signs a Pisces man is playing you? It’s not well known that water signs can be very manipulative. We see them as emotional beings who wouldn’t do anything to hurt you but actually, more often than not, it’s easy to get played by them. 

A Pisces guy, just like someone born under the sign of Scorpio or Cancer, can make you feel wanted but also confuse you to no end. One day, he seems to be interested in you more than anyone ever before but the next, you feel like you’re just bothering him.

Is this all a game to him? What would you say if I told you that he’s just toying with you, with no regard to your feelings?

You think that you’re the problem because you don’t know whether you should be more direct or if you should also play along. It creates a huge problem for you because you try hard to make it work but he doesn’t do the same thing. 

That’s why we’re here to help you figure out what you need to do in this situation. But first and foremost, what are the signs a Pisces man is playing you? 

13 signs a Pisces man is playing games with you

Even if you believe that every Pisces is a gift sent from God, you need to understand that they’ll use this preconception in their favor. 

Your Pisces knows that the world sees him as a sweet guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’ll use that misjudgment you have of him to manipulate you with this hot and cold game. 

I don’t blame you for not being able to see through his deceit but it’s good for you that we do. This zodiac sign won’t be able to mislead you once you know exactly what to look for in his behavior. 

1. You catch him in a lie

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

Have you ever caught him in a lie? One of the most obvious signs a Pisces man is playing you is when you know that he’s been lying to you. 

You thought that everything was going smoothly but then you noticed that he wasn’t following his words with his actions. You caught him out with his friends when he said that he was going to spend the night at home, for instance. 

Or perhaps he said that he was going to text you once he got home and then you saw that he was online but he didn’t message you at all. At some point, he even said that you were the only girl he was talking to but you’ve seen him texting others. 

Now that’s anything but acceptable in this situation. You want to believe that he’s being truthful but you can see how he plays with you all the time. 

A guy who’s serious about you wouldn’t do this. He would do everything in his power to show you that you can trust him but this Pisces male doesn’t care about your feelings. 

Even when you try to confront him about it, you can see that he tries to gaslight you. He calls you crazy for catching him in a lie. 

2. He’s only romantic when he needs something from you

There’s nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic at heart. You love to spoil the person you’re interested in and you love to be spoiled; that’s kind of why we look for a romantic partner. 

You know just as well as I do that a Pisces man in love is one of the most romantic people in this world. He’s even more romantic than a Pisces woman. 

So why is he putting you through this roller coaster? One day, he seems to be all over you but when you think about it more, you can see that he’s only trying to get you in bed. 

He needs something from you, so he does whatever he can to get that and this is especially relevant when he wants physical pleasure from you. He knows what he has to do to get that from you.

This is one of the sure signs a Pisces man is playing you. He gets what he craves from you and then he’s just out of there, with no sign of remorse for hurting you. 

That man is a walking heartbreak waiting to happen and you’re there just accepting your fate. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. 

3. He doesn’t want to define your relationship

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

Do you believe that the Pisces man you’re so interested in would act this way if he wanted to be with you? He doesn’t want to define your relationship because he doesn’t see why he would even want to do that.

To him, you’re nothing more than a fleeting moment, when all you want is to love him right. You want to show him that he’s the one guy who captured your heart. Yet here you are, wondering what you did to deserve this type of behavior. 

You’re trying to have ‘the talk’ with him but he seems adamant about running away from it. You try to bring it up every time you get the chance to do so but then he brushes it aside. 

He tells you that you’ve been having such a fun time but you’re ruining it with these conversations. Instead of assuring you that you’re exclusive, he ignores your questions altogether, which isn’t very reassuring. 

4. Serious conversations make him feel uncomfortable

I don’t know a bigger red flag than this one, so I can assure you that this one will be more than obvious. At this point, your compatibility doesn’t even matter. One of the clear signs a Pisces man is playing you is that serious conversations make him feel uncomfortable. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius, or any other sign – the moment you realize that this Piscean man doesn’t want to have serious conversations with you, you’ll also see that’s he’s starting to fidget. 

If you’re an Aquarius woman, you may have more problems with this sun sign than anyone else but you’re not safe even if you’re any other sign. 

He doesn’t want to lose you because you’re meeting his needs. He knows that you’re easy to manipulate so he doesn’t want to let go of you but when you try to have a serious conversation with him, he gets nervous and uncomfortable and he likely can’t give you an explanation for his behavior. 

His body language immediately changes. He becomes very protective of his body and he can’t look into your eyes anymore. He knows that he’s playing a dangerous game with you. 

The very moment you start to bring up serious things like family, friends, or your relationship, he’ll want to run out of the building and he won’t look back. 

5. You don’t know anything about his private life

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

So many questions are going through your head right now. You know little things about him but you don’t know anything about his private life. 

His mood swings don’t let you see into his soul and you don’t know how you’ll even find out anything about him. His personality traits are quite obvious but you don’t know anything about his past. 

Did he have a happy childhood? What’s his favorite memory? What’s his dream job? 

You spend so much time together, yet you know nothing about him. Why can’t you just have these conversations without so much hassle? 

This is obviously because he’s playing with you and he knows that you won’t be in his life for much longer. He keeps everything a secret and doesn’t try to give you insight into anything about him. 

If you didn’t have these feelings for him, you may even be okay with this but you want something more to become of this relationship, and all he’s giving you is crumbs about him. It’s frustrating at this point but it’s clear that he’s playing you. 

6. He doesn’t make any plans for the future

One of the most obvious signs a Pisces man is playing you is when he doesn’t talk about a future with you. Pisces are such hopeless romantics that they don’t want to lose their love interest under any circumstances. 

When a Pisces man falls in love, he does everything under the sun to show you that he wants you next to him throughout his life. He’ll talk to you about getting a place together, about all the places where you could travel together, about all those adventures that you could experience with him. 

However, when he doesn’t talk about any of this, then he’s not that interested in you. He just sees you as someone to pass time with but he also doesn’t want to let go of you for now. That’s who he is as a person and even if it hurts you, it’s true.

If you’re a Virgo or Capricorn, then this is probably driving you insane. You want to see structure in your relationship but he continues to play these mind games. 

7. He doesn’t try to make you feel better

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

Let’s be honest for a moment. Everyone goes through tough moments in their lives. We all have days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed. 

When you feel bad, you want to have someone next to you. You want to know that you can trust someone to love you and hold you close. 

Your Pisces would be perfectly capable of showing you that the world isn’t that bad of a place. However, he chooses to completely ignore the fact that you need him.

This doesn’t even have anything to do with his horoscope but it’s more something that all men have in common. When a man is interested in a woman, he’ll do everything in his power to show her that she’s safe with him. He wants to be her hero. 

However, when you find yourself in this situation instead, you just know that he’s playing with you. He’s nice to you when he needs something but once you try to get that behavior when you truly need it, he’s cold toward you. 

8. He takes ages to respond to your texts

Do you think that a guy who likes you would take ages to respond? 

If you’re an air sign, communication is the most important thing to you. An Aquarian tends to ghost people even when they like them but a Gemini or a Libran doesn’t like to be kept waiting when it comes to texting. 

If he takes ages to reply, this is one of the signs a Pisces man is playing games with you. He sees your message but he doesn’t bother to reply to you. He doesn’t care enough to get back to you right away, even if you need something immediately or if it’s about something important.

It’s just that he couldn’t care less because all he wants is for you to be available to him when he needs you for something. There’s a good chance that your Pisces guy only responds if it’s something relevant to him and that’s just so sad.

9. He puts minimal effort into everything

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

Why would he put effort into a relationship that’s nothing more than a waste of time to him? His ego becomes inflated once he knows that you’re doing everything in your power to impress him. 

You put so much effort into everything that you do for him but he couldn’t care less. He just wants to give you the bare minimum that he needs to keep you close. 

A Pisces man likes to give everything he has to the woman he’s in love with. When he thinks that he’s found his soulmate, he does everything possible to make her happy. 

The fact that he doesn’t do that for you says enough. It shows that he’s not interested enough in you and that he has no plans to make you his girlfriend anytime soon. 

If you’re a Leo or Aries, you like to be spoiled. Any fire sign would generally be an awful match for this water sign anyway but if you are one, then you know that you’re constantly unsatisfied with the relationship you have with this man. 

10. He never answers your questions

Have you been talking to her? Does she mean something to you? What are we? Where do you see this relationship going? 

It doesn’t matter what you ask of him right now, he just doesn’t respond to you. Whenever you try to get any type of answer out of him, all you get is a confusing reply. 

He may even gaslight you by saying that you’re crazy for even asking about it or he’ll tell you that he already told you the answer to that. 

How many times has he told you that you ask too many questions? This is because he couldn’t care less about your need for answers. He just wants to be left alone. 

Also, the more questions you ask, the more obvious it’ll be that he’s just trying to hide the truth. He gets anxious about all of those questions you have for him, so he’d much rather stay silent or manipulate you into believing that he already gave you all the answers you’re looking for. 

11. Everything and everyone is more important than you are

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

As stated before, people born under the sign of Pisces are known for their romantic nature. If you’re the one for them, they’ll cherish you from the moment you step into their life. 

So if your Pisces man doesn’t make you a priority from the get-go, he’s playing games with you. He doesn’t care about your emotions or how much it hurts you.

You put him first. To you, there’s no one more important than him, even if you don’t want to show him that. For now, you just want to feel like you matter to him.

However, here he is, showing you once again that you’re not as important to him. Everyone and everything is higher up on his priority list. You’re nothing more than a waste of time to him.

He wants to spend his time with his friends or playing video games. He’ll do whatever it takes to show you that you’re not essential to his happiness. 

This doesn’t apply to moments when he needs you for something, though, as stated already. When he wants to use you for his pleasure, then you’re the most important human being that exists. 

The issue here is that you’ll think that you’re important, when in actuality, the only person he’s thinking of is himself. 

12. He cancels plans at the last minute

One of the signs a Pisces man is playing games with you is that he cancels plans at the last minute. 

For a moment there, you thought that he wanted to spend time with you. You thought that he wanted to be there for you and that he finally wanted to put more effort into your relationship. 

However, here he is again, showing you that he’s completely uninterested in seeing you. More often than not, he has an excuse as to why he’s canceling on you and he’s so good at lying that you even believe him.

If you end up asking him for more information, he just goes off on you or doesn’t want to talk about it. If anything, he starts yelling at you and telling you that you’re trying too hard.

He may even tell you very mean things and those insults won’t stop when he sees you that you’re hurt. He’ll continue telling you that you’re just nagging him, that you’re clingy, and that you don’t have a life without him. 

This may sound a little bit too specific but I’ve had one too many encounters with Pisces men, so I know how they behave in these situations. 

13. He doesn’t reach out first

DONE! 13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

It hurts, I get it. That’s why you choose to reach out to him first. You feel like he would reach out to you too but you just seem to always want to talk to him first. 

I can tell you with certainty that he wouldn’t contact you even if you didn’t talk to him for days or maybe even weeks. 

If he was truly interested in you, your Pisces crush wouldn’t be able to spend a moment without talking to you. He would always message you because he’d want to give you the feeling that you’re important to him. 

He would want to show you that he’s your best friend as well as your partner. But here he is, playing his little mind games with you. 

This Pisces man is testing you to see how long it’ll take you to realize that he’s just doing this for his own selfish needs. 

What you should do once you see the signs a Pisces man is playing you

Now that you’re able to see many of the signs your Pisces man is playing you, you also want to know how you can play this game better than him. There’s only one thing that you can do right now and that’s walk away. 

Wait! Before you close this article because you feel attached, hear me out! 

I understand your feelings, I think your emotions are valid, and the fact that you’re so in love with him says a lot about your devotion toward this man. The problem here is that you need to value yourself above anything and anyone else. 

A Pisces man will continue to drain all of your energy while also telling you that you’re the only woman he’s talking to right now. Unless you want to continue this stupid cat and mouse game until there’s nothing left of your heart, then please keep going. 

However, if you want to see a change in his behavior as well as understand your value, you need to walk away from him. This is the perfect time to show him and everyone else that you’re able to choose yourself over a toxic man. 

Just understand that your mental health and your happiness are much more important than this guy. If he doesn’t know what he wants in life, then he can go and be confused somewhere else. 

This isn’t as heartbreaking as a break-up but you still have the right to mourn. Just please leave him.  

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13 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You Like A Game

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