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250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

Are you familiar with the recent trend of sibling tag questions, also known as the ‘sister tag’ or ‘brother tag’ questions?

If you are, you’ll be happy to find a big collection of sibling tag questions in this article.

However, if you’re not familiar with it, this is the perfect chance for you to learn about it, and you’ll find everything that you need in this article.

Have you already considered creating videos with your family? It’s a lot of fun, and that’s why sibling tag questions have been created. But what are sibling tag questions?

Sibling tag, sister tag, and brother tag are basically the same thing, and it’s about your sibling and you answering questions.

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

Sibling tag questions are about yourselves as well as each other and their point is to see how you relate to each other as well as how different or similar you are.

The best thing about sibling tag questions is that you’ll get to learn more about each other and find out things you never knew about your sibling before.

If you have a brother, use the brother tag and check out all the brother tag questions we have prepared for you. There are also sister tag questions and cousin tag questions, so you can find exactly what you need. 

Are you looking forward to creating a sibling tag video? Then look no further, because we have prepared the greatest collection of sibling tag questions.

If you have a sister, sister tag questions are a great way to strengthen that bond and see how much you really know about each other.

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

Sister tag questions are important because there are not many things as special as the bond between sisters. I have sisters, and we had fun with the sister tag questions, so I’m sure that you will too. 

Even if you don’t have a brother or a sister, you can still have fun with cousin tag questions! Cousin tag questions can be used with any cousin you might have, and let’s not forget the importance of extended family.

Whether you’ll use sister tag questions, brother tag questions or cousin tag questions, you’ll be spending quality time with family, and that’s never a wrong choice. 

Let’s wait no more and see all the tag questions you can use. Remember to have fun and enjoy your family time because these people matter the most!

Sibling tag questions

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

1. What do you like about your sibling?

2. What is the age gap between you?

3. Please tell us, who has dated more girls/boys?

4. Are you closer now or when you were younger?

5. What do you and your siblings have in common?

6. Funniest/favorite memory together?

7. What was their most prized childhood possession?

8. What friend of the other do you like the most?

9. What is the worst memory that you cannot forget, which you share with your sibling?

10. What was the last text you sent to each other?

11. If you were born first, what was your reaction to your new sibling(s)?

12. Please tell us your favorite childhood memory?

13. Describe each other in three words.

14. Most memorable argument?

15. When was the last time you were angry at each other?

16. What did they do as a little kid that was super embarrassing?

17. Whose room is cleaner between the two of you?

18. Which things you and your sibling do to have fun together?

19. In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?

20. What habits does your sibling have that you would change if you could?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

21. Do you share secrets with each other?

22. Did anyone of you ever see a ghost or something paranormal?

23. Describe each other in one word.

24. Who takes longer to get ready?

25. What did they want to be when they grew up?

26. What nicknames do you have for each other?

27. Do you and your sibling eat junk food together?

28. What does your sibling talk about the most?

29. Can you remember your sibling’s greatest achievement?

30. Who likes dancing the most and why?

31. Do you compete with each other?

32. Favorite inside joke? (Explain?)

33. What do you do to annoy your sibling?

34. What was their favorite book as a kid?

35. Who has a better sense of humor?

36. What are the things at which your sibling is really bad at?

37. Who watches more TV?

38. What are you both good at?

39. What are you both bad at?

40. What do you think you will do in 10 years’ time, will you stay in touch?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

41. Do you have one favorite Youtuber?

42. Guess what each other’s dream job is?

43. What is something that completely changed about them as they got older?

44. Have you ever stolen anything from the other?

45. Which one of you is the laziest?

46. What is something you like to do together?

47. Have you ever had a crush on one of your sibling’s friends?

48. Do you have one favorite song together?

49. Does your sibling have a YouTube channel (give it a shoutout!)?

50. Who reads more?

51. What was the one thing about them everyone else commented on when they were young?

52. Who has the better singing voice?

53. Do you like to go on vacation with your sibling?

54. How much time do you spend together?

55. What is one thing your sibling can do that you can’t do?

56. Who has more friends, and why?

57. How many outfits do you have that are matching?

58. Who is the most athletic?

59. Who was the person they thought they were going to end up with in high school?

60. Who has the face to win beauty pageants?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

61. What is the last thing that you have talked about with your sibling?

62. Did you get along when you were younger?

63. Most humble one?

64. Which one of you is more dangerous?

65. If you got a call that your sibling was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to mind?

66. Who gets in the most trouble?

67. What’s one of their go-to comfort foods?

68. Who is more talkative?

69. What was the weirdest thing that you and your sibling ate together?

70. What habits does your sibling have that you would change if you could?

Sister tag questions

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

71. Which one of you got in trouble the most as kids?

72. Which of your beliefs in astrology, and why?

73. If your sibling could be invisible, where would they go, and what would they do?

74. Favorite brand of makeup?

75. Who is easier to get along with?

76. What’s one present they’ll always be happy to receive?

77. What is the one thing that your sibling needs and cannot live without at all?

78. Who has better acting skills?

79. Who is more creative?

80. What was your sibling’s favorite food as a child?

81. Do you follow fashion trends, which one is more in fashion?

82. If your sibling got a chance to be locked up with someone, who would they pick and why?

83. Favorite flower?

84. Do they want to get married?

85. Who is your sibling seeing right now?

86. How many boyfriends your sister had till now?

87. Who is more introverted/extroverted?

88. What is your sibling’s favorite food now?

89. Do you believe in the same religion?

90. Is there anything you don’t like doing together?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

91. Who was your sister’s very first crush/boyfriend?

92. Is your sister good at lying?

93. Who sleeps longer?

94. What is one thing your sibling cannot live without?

95. Which one of you is the most childish and has made the dumbest decision?

96. What are both of your favorite video games?

97. Do they want to live in the same city as you one day?

98. Is there a physical trait in your sibling that you have wanted to have?

99. Has your sister ever cheated on her boyfriend?

100. Which one of you is most likely to turn out like your mom or dad?

101. If your sibling could, what’s one movie that they would watch forever?

102. Do you love each other, more than anything?

103. What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they have become older?

104. What was their worst fear as a kid? Has it changed?

105. Which one of you is closer to your parents?

106. Would you like to hang out with your sister’s boyfriend if you could?

107. What is the dumbest decision your sibling has ever made?

108. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

109. Which sibling has a weird habit?

110. What is one thing your sibling might not know about you?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

111. What are their weaknesses?

112. Who out of the two of you is more immature?

113. Who is more down to earth amongst you?

114. What is the smartest decision your sibling has ever made?

115. Who is more concerned with their appearance?

116. Do you have the same dreams and goals?

117. What is something weird that you eat?

118. What’s their guilty pleasure TV show?

119. If you ever move away from your sis, what would you most miss about them?

120. Who is having a better sense of styling and fashion amongst you?

121. Which one is most likely to have a big family?

122. Who is more likely to date someone based on their appearance?

123. Do you plan to study at the same university?

124. What is the one dish you want mom to make you when you feel down?

125. If you guys could take a sibling trip, no parents or other relatives or significant others, where would you go?

126. Do you both recall memories of childhood and laugh out loud together?

127. If your sibling was an animal, what would they be?

128. Who is the diva?

129. What is your sister really bad at?

130. What is one giveaway sign that they are really stressed, really hungry, or really tired?

Brother tag questions

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

131. If your sibling could go to any country, which would it be?

132. Who is the most money-conscious sibling?

133. What’s your sibling’s biggest talent?

134. Are they good with technology?

135. Either you or your brother are materialistic?

136. If your sibling’s life was a movie, which actor would play their role?

137. Who is most likely to work a normal 9-5 job in an office?

138, What’s your sibling’s favorite movie?

139. Are they book smart or street smart?

140. If anyone ever put a gun on your brother’s head and asked you to sing a song without missing a word, which song that would be to save him?

141. Who’s better at math?

142. Which one of you would get married first?

143. What’s your sibling’s favorite song?

144. Do they prefer dogs or cats?

145. What is a unique thing about you and your brother?

146. Who’s the better cook?

147. If you had children which one of your siblings would you trust to look after them?

148. When did you both last go shopping?

149. Do they want to live in the city, country, or suburbs of a city?

150. Between you and your brother, who takes a bath daily?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

151. Who is more pessimistic/optimistic?

152. Which sibling is most likely to move far away from home?

153. Which one is taking more selfies?

154. Were they obsessed with their birthday growing up, or did they not like all the attention?

155. If you can describe your brother in 5 words, what would be those?

156. Is there anything you don’t like doing together?

157. What is one thing your sibling doesn’t know that you got away with as a child?

158. On a scale of one to 10, how much do they care about social media?

159. When was the last time your brother and you got a photoshoot?

160. What’s your sibling’s favorite ice cream flavor?

161. Have you conspired to keep any secrets from your parents, if so then what were they?

162. What is something they have in common with your parents that you don’t share?

163. Which is the best tourist spot you and your brother would like to go together in future?

164. If your brother was a dog, what breed would they be?

165. What are you most proud of them for?

166. What was the first prank you played with your brother?

167. What is your sibling’s shoe size?

168. How many horror movies have you and your brother watched together?

169. What’s your sibling’s favorite sports team?

170. Who usually wins in an argument between you and your brother?

250 Greatest Sibling Tag Questions 16 1

171. Biggest lie you sibling ever told your parents?

172. Who spends more time in the kitchen?

173. What is the best gift you have ever given?

174. Have you ever hidden anything from your brother?

175. What is your favorite brand, and why is that so?

176. Who is the most enthusiastic among your siblings?

177. Most likely to volunteer?

178. Which one of you is bold enough to jump from a plane with a parachute?

179. What is the gift your sibling gifted you on your last birthday?

180. Most likely to join the Army?

181. What is your brother’s favorite social media platform?

182. What do you think that your brother thinks about the most?

183. Which one of you would dare to go bungee jumping/zip lining/paragliding first?

184. Who is the best gamer among you?

185. Most likely to run for office?

186. What website do they visit the most?

187. What is the one dish that your mother or father always made when you were sick?

188. Did you ever cry together?

189. So, who loves any type of chocolates and can have them forever?

190. Most likely to become the Pope?

Cousin tag questions

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

191. What is your cousin’s Zodiac sign?

192. Who was the better student in school?

193. Which one of you rushes into a relationship with somebody and which one doesn’t mind waiting?

194. Who is very compassionate?

195. Most likely to be a celebrity?

196. What is their favorite color?

197. What is one thing that makes you jealous of your cousin?

198. Which one of you is most likely to make the first move and approach a guy/girl he/she likes?

199. Who is very cordial and loves to make new friends?

200. Most likely to snitch?

201. Have you been through a terrible breakup?

202. If someone gave you $1 million, would you stop talking to your cousin for one year?

203. Which one of you will watch cartoons even when they already have children of their own?

204. Who is pretty amazing and curious about everything?

205. Do they have any tattoos?

206. Which one of you is most likely to participate in some reality show?

207. Which emoji does your sibling use frequently?

208. Who likes the rain?

209. What’s their most-used excuse for avoiding someone?

210. Does your sibling love sweets? Which are there favorites?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

211. Who is a complete pizza lover?

212. When was the last time someone made you cry, and your cousin consoled you?

213. What’s their most-used excuse for avoiding someone?

214. Which one of you is more spoiled?

215. Who wants to hang out with celebs?

216. Can you both ride a roller coaster together five times straight?

217. Have you ever been in a physical fight?

218. Can you imagine living together for the rest of your lives?

219. Who loves to collect all types of electronic gadgets?

220. Do you both share your shampoo and conditioner?

221. What’s their most used pick-up line?

222. Who was the guy/gal your sibling loved the most?

223. Which fast-food chain did you last visit together?

224. When do you wake up in the morning?

225. What’s the last time they kissed someone?

226. According to your standards and perception, who is the perfect partner for your sibling?

227. Who is known to be the cutest of you all?

228. Is there anyone from the both of you who likes fruits and vegetables?

229. What’s their favorite piece of jewelry?

230. Do you think your sibling is ready for a committed relationship or should he/she stay single and fabulous?

250 Greatest Sibling Tag Questions 17 1

231. So, who is a fan of comic books and animated characters?

232. Is there any friend that both of you share?

233. What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?

234. How old was your sibling when he/she had his/her first kiss?

235. Who can manipulate every situation?

236. Which phone do they use?

237. How do you celebrate when you experience something awesome?

238. Have you ever dated somebody and felt too embarrassed to tell your sibling? Tell them now.

239. Who wears trendy and modern clothes only?

240. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?

241. Have you ever both fallen for the same boy/girl? How did you manage the situation?

242. What do you all do on a beautiful weekend?

243. Do you chew your pens and pencils?

244. If your sibling was a flower or a tree, which would they be?

245. Does your sibling have any secret wish?

246. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

247. Is there anything in this world you don’t like doing together?

248. Who is very shy and timid in nature?

249. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

250. Do you remember what the name of your sibling’s last boyfriend was?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions

251. Who is totally self-obsessed?

252. Are you afraid of heights?

253. How would your sibling behave if his/her boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on him/her?

254. How do you handle your siblings when they start fighting with you?

255. Do you sing in the shower?

256. How long did your sibling’s longest relationship last?

257. Who is nice to even strangers?

258. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?

250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions
250+ Greatest Sibling Tag Questions 18

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