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My Sister Is My Best Friend

My Sister Is My Best Friend

Every girl has that one person who completes her and always understands her. That person always has her back, is always there for her, and will never leave her. For me, that person is my sister. My sister is my best friend, my guardian angel, my therapist, my protector, my advisor… my everything.

She is the one who will catch me if I fall, no matter how many times I fall. She is there for me 24/7, even if I am acting ridiculous. And she is never too busy to talk to me, and nothing and nobody else will ever be more important for her. No matter what I try to do in my life, my sister is my biggest support. She believes in me when no one else does and when I lose faith in myself. She is the one who always pushes me to keep going, even if I want to give up.

Sisters have a special bond, and I could never hide something from he or lie to her without her realizing it. My sister has the strongest intuition when it comes to me.My Sister Is my Best Friend

All of you who have a sister know what I am talking about. How many times have you tried hiding something from her, but she sees something is wrong the moment she lays her eyes on you?

If you have a sister, you know very well what I am talking about. Not all people are close with their siblings or have a friendly relationship with them, but when it comes to me and my sister, we are definitely best friends for life. Whenever anything happens, she is the first person I go to.

No matter if something bad or good happened to me, she is the first person I turn to. And she will never ignore me. Even if my problems are sometimes petty and foolish (and most of the time they are), she is the only one who takes them seriously when they are important to me.

Even if I bore her with repeating the same things over and over again sometimes, she will listen to the same stories for the hundredth time and advise me. When I fall in love, I have the tendency to complain about the same guy over and over again.My Sister Is my Best Friend

This is usually the same guy she told me that would hurt me and who really ended up hurting me. But she will never tell me that she told me so, because she is supportive and has my back, even if I am wrong.

Of course, she always points out my mistakes, but only in my face. She is always brutally sincere when we are alone, but she always defends me in front of everyone, even our parents.

This was not always the case. When we were younger, we could barely stand each other. I was the only child until she came along, and I couldn’t bare the fact that I was no longer everyone’s center of the universe anymore.

When we got into our teen years, we were constantly fighting about every little thing and couldn’t wait to tell on each other to our parents. I remember envying my friends who had no siblings. But, in later years of high school, I began to realize how lucky I was for having her, and our relationship started to change.

I guess our relationship grew, as we both grew up and realized we are each other’s best friends. Of course, I had many friends besides my sister. But, she is the only one that always stuck by my side and never betrayed me.My Sister Is my Best Friend

Of course, like all siblings, me and my sister fight and argue. But, as we grow older, we know better and realize that those fights are meaningless and couldn’t matter less. Now, we understand that our relationship is magical and that we were each other’s gift from God.

Many people have trouble finding good and loyal friends. Maybe you just need to look around you, because I assure you, if you have a sister, you have a life-lasting friend who loves you unconditionally, and you couldn’t be luckier. So, what are you waiting for? Call your sister and tell her how much you love her.

My Sister Is my Best Friend

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