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Should I Tell Him I Miss Him? 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him? 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

“I miss him – should I tell him or should I keep it to myself?”

Missing your other half and not having him by your side is tough, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Expressing those deep and powerful emotions can be tricky sometimes because you don’t know how he’ll perceive it.

That’s why most women in relationships are worried about being too honest about their feelings. They don’t want to sound clingy or needy but at the same time, they have this powerful desire to say what’s on their heart to their partner.

You might feel overwhelmed by the constant question in your head, “Should I tell him that I miss him?” But you’re not the only one, trust me.

You don’t need to feel bad about yourself because men like to be missed too. Why? Because it’s a clear sign of affection and a direct confirmation that an intimate and deep bond has been formed between you two.

It’s also a reminder that your love for him hasn’t faded. When you connect with a man and you tell him you miss him, it actually brings the two of you even closer and strengthens your connection.

Keep in mind that men are rather protective of the woman they love the most. They’re not as worried about you leaving them or cheating on them as they are about other guys hitting on you – or trying to steal you from them when they’re not around.

So, how is this related to you missing him? Well, when he knows you feel that way, he feels safe and confident that you’re not going looking for someone else. You’re sending him a reassuring message that, no matter what happens, he’s always on your mind.

I miss him – should I tell him or are there less awkward ways to say this?

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

“I miss him but I don’t know if and how I should tell him!”

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or you see your man every day, missing him is no sin, despite what others may say to you. However, if it’s awkward for you to just say it or if you consider it to be a cliche, then don’t worry, there are other ways to convey this emotional and deep message.

Here are some alternative ways to tell him you miss him without actually saying those three little words.

1. Talk about memorable events (if you’re in a LDR)

If you’re unable to be straightforward and tell him that you miss him, then remind him of the reasons you should. Missing the guy who means the world to you is normal, but putting all those emotions in a text has become very difficult for so many people.

And one of the best ways to go around this topic is to reminisce about happy moments you’ve had with each other. You can choose whatever comes to mind. It could be something awkward and cute. It doesn’t matter. For instance, mention your first kiss or the first time you held hands.

The beauty of it is that you choose what to reminisce about. Eventually, as you talk with each other about those special events, his feelings for you will grow stronger and he’ll know that you’re missing him.

2. “Everything’s better when you’re around”

DONE Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It 2

Is your boyfriend also your coworker? Does he live in the same neighborhood as you? Or do you have mutual friends? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then telling him that everything’s better when he’s around could give him the feeling that you miss him.

If you don’t know what to say to him, then talking about something that went wrong at the office is a good starting point. Maybe you could say something like “The boss and I had a meeting today, AGAIN! Wish you were there to support me.”

That will prove to him that he’s on your mind and at the same time, remind him how much he means to you. Or if your mutual friends are arguing, then you could tell him that he’s the only one who knows how you feel. Either way, he’ll understand what you mean by that and definitely reciprocate.

3. “You said you were coming back this weekend, right?”

Asking yourself “I miss him, should I tell him?” is okay, but sometimes you don’t have to be direct, you just need to get a little playful with words. If your man went on a business trip, then asking him when he’s coming back will show him how much you miss him.

You can play around with it and admit that you’ve been thinking a lot about him lately. And adding “asking for a friend” at the end ensures that your guy gets the point and laughs a little when he reads the next.

You don’t always have to be serious to express your feelings for him. Something as simple as banter can be interpreted as a love message.

4. “I have a confession to make: This is the second time I’m thinking about you today”

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

Most men will respect you more if you’re honest and tell them you miss them. I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’ve just started dating, but saying what’s on your heart may not be as bad as you think.

I get why you’re being so cautious, though. You don’t want him to think that you’re a clingy woman who seeks constant validation from her man.

So, sending him a message like this is a more subtle way to say “I miss you and can’t wait to see you again.”

It’s simple and yet contains all the feelings you have for your boyfriend. It also implies you have been thinking about him, but not that much that it comes across as obsessive.

5. Use technology to your advantage

It’s a fact that guys don’t like texting as much as women do. They would rather see you in person, and if they’re brave enough, tell you how they feel and whether or not they’ve missed you.

So, what can you do if your man isn’t a big fan of messaging? In that case, you can always face-time more often when you’re in LDR. While texting is fun, it’s better to see the person you miss, to see his facial expressions, his smile, etc.

Therefore, whenever you miss him but don’t know how to say it, wait for him to finish his obligations and just call him. Or you could suggest to him that you see each other every night before going to bed. That way he’ll also know that you’re not cheating on him and vice versa.

6. Reminisce about intimate moments

DONE Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It 4

Talking about intimacy can be tricky, especially if you’re a shy person who doesn’t like sharing things like that. But when you reminisce about moments when you just stared into each other’s eyes or held hands, you’re actually sending a strong message.

Letting your long-distance boyfriend know that you hold those moments dear will ignite the spark you two share and bring you closer together. On top of that, it’ll also help him see that your feelings for him are honest and that you genuinely miss him.

If you’re at the beginning of your relationship, then you could start by talking about just one moment and seeing how he reacts. If he quickly changes the subject, then just run with it and don’t be too bothered by it.

7. Send a cute emoji

While some people would rather call you directly, others don’t mind texting you all day. And who knows, maybe your boyfriend enjoys receiving messages from you even when he’s at work.

If that’s true, then this could be the perfect opportunity to tell him you miss him without actually saying the words. But be careful how you initiate the dialogue with him.

First, you have to establish a normal and fun conversation. As a result, he’ll put his guard down and be more responsive. Ask him how his day has been, throw in a couple of simple jokes, and then, right at the end, when both of you are about to end off the chat, send him a cute emoji.

It doesn’t have to be anything special. You don’t need to scroll forever through the emoji list trying to find the perfect one. It could be something as simple as a hug emoji.

Believe me, he’ll realize that he was on your mind all day and that you’re sad because the conversation has to end.

8. “I feel safer when you’re with me”

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

Sometimes you just have to play the damsel-in-distress role, with the only one who can make you feel safe right now being your boyfriend. This way you’ll trigger the hero instinct in him and his love for you will only grow stronger.

And truthfully, it’s better sleeping next to someone you love than in an empty bed, am I right? That’s because most people, especially women, feel like they’re more secure when in relationships.

Sending him a text message like this isn’t too forward, but at the same time, he’ll know that you honestly miss him. You can also add a couple of emojis just to spice things up a bit and leave the rest to his imagination.

9. Tell him that he’s in your prayers

It’s difficult for men to talk about everything that’s bothering them. Usually, they like to keep things to themselves and deal with them alone. So, deciphering how your man is feeling and what he’s thinking can be tough, for sure.

Saying that he’s in your prayers could be useful for you if he’s going through a rough time or when he’s expecting a big promotion. It’s even powerful and effective when he hasn’t really told you that something is wrong.

And if you’re not the praying type, telling him that you’re rooting for or supporting him will show him that you miss him. It’ll also give him the much-needed energy to push through whatever he’s facing right now.

10. Send him a letter

DONE Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It 6

There’s nothing wrong with going old-school and sending your significant other a postcard or love letter. It actually means that you really care about the other person and would do anything to prove that your love for him is real.

Wherever he is, he’ll sure be surprised that you’ve put that much effort into reminding him that you love him. The thing is, not so many people use this method anymore, and even though some may think that it’s cheesy and stupid, he’ll certainly appreciate that you sent such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

11. “I’d give and do anything to see you right now”

A message like this may seem a bit exaggerated, but it’s perfectly fine if you’ve been together for a while. He has to know that, no matter the distance, you’re willing to do anything to see him.

That automatically tells him that you miss him.

Being in a long-distance relationship is challenging and not many couples stay together. But by keeping your conversations light and funny, you’re actually strengthening your bond. And this statement will probably get him to open up to you and admit how much he’s missing you too.

12. Go easy on him

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

“I miss him…should I tell him that? Or is there another way to convey that message?”

Well, telling him you’re missing him without actually saying those words is almost impossible. There will be times when he won’t get it, so you have to go easy on him.

Don’t be angry or upset if he doesn’t reciprocate. When you have the opportunity to see each other on a daily basis, it’s much easier for him to figure out that you’re only upset because you miss him. On the other hand, it’s a bit different expressing your emotions when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

13. Be joyful and happy around him (if you see him every day)

We’ve said that guys aren’t that emotional when it comes to relationships. Even though they’re smart and plan their every move, they can’t read your mind and know what you’re thinking at all times.

That’s why your behavior when you do get together is so important. Being unhappy and indifferent may send him the wrong message about you. Perhaps, he’ll think that you don’t want him anymore or that you have more important things to do.

You need to enjoy every moment that you share with each other. Be happy and cherish the opportunity you have to touch him, kiss him, and hug him. Because trust me, there are a lot of women out there who would give anything in the world to be with their significant other.

Once you do that, he’ll be convinced you’re really into him and that you miss his presence.

14. Compliment him

DONE Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It 8

You may be thinking that guys don’t enjoy being showered with compliments, but you’re wrong. They do like it, but you have to pick the right moment to say it and choose your words wisely.

Telling him that he’s strong, thoughtful, and kind is sure to put a smile on his face. Words like these will help you tear down his emotional walls, which is something that’s rather hard to achieve when it comes to men.

Some men might even be embarrassed when you compliment him directly. But that only happens if your guy is extremely shy or if you’re his first real love.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to say “I miss you” directly to his face, but he’ll realize that from all those nice and heartfelt compliments you give him.

15. Make eye contact

This is something that may or may not work when you see each other every day. While staring into his eyes occasionally will make him notice how much you were looking forward to being with him, there’s also a possibility that he’ll feel awkward about it.

So, if you want to avoid that, only make eye contact at the end of the date, or when those unpleasant pauses occur during conversations. These brief yet effective moments when you stare deeply into each other’s eyes will prove that you miss him and care deeply for him.

16. Flirt with him

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

Is your goal to make him feel very good about himself? Do you want your man to know that you miss him? If yes, then one way to achieve that is by flirting with him when you’re on a date or casually hanging out.

Flirting with your significant other is awesome because you have the opportunity to spread that vibrant energy of yours onto him and at the same time, help him know that you’ve been thinking about him.

I’m not saying that you should be all over him the moment you see him. There are also some other, subtle ways to flirt with your man. A gentle touch on his shoulder or a stroke through his hair will suffice.

17. Appreciate the time you spend together

Reminding each other how grateful you are that you’ve found each other is important to keep your relationship healthy. Sometimes, we take the other person for granted, not because we want to, but because we forget how much of an impact they have on our life.

Missing him reminds you that you enjoy being in his company and that you see yourself being with this man forever. But every now and then, you’ll want him to see that too. So, in such moments, you have to avoid being rude or self-centered.

The best you can do is to give him space to express himself and tell him how happy you are that you get to spend time with him.

18. Pick the right timing

DONE Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It 10

Picking the right time to say that you miss him can make all the difference in his response.

For example, if you tell your boyfriend that you miss him out of the blue and he’s not in the mood to talk to you or anyone else, he’ll most likely be annoyed instead of flattered that you miss him. As a result, he may think that you’re a bit clingy or needy, which is a major turn-off for guys.

However, there’s a way that you can use this tip to your advantage. First, help him find a solution to whatever problem he may have, then discreetly tell him that you miss him. That way, he’ll know that you support him and that he can count on you no matter what.

Expressing your emotions when he’s unburdened is the perfect time to get a healthy response from him.

19. Ask to meet up

If you want to sound more casual and friendly, then asking for a meetup is the right thing because he won’t think of you as being desperate. Also, if he makes time to see you again or if he initiates hangouts himself, that’s a great sign that he misses you too.

This also works well if you’ve been thinking about your ex lately and you want to give it another shot. It can help you reignite that old spark and increase your chances of getting back together.

20. Go with the flow

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

It’s easy to let your emotions cloud your judgment when you’re in love with someone. Most couples don’t realize how important it is to just go with the flow and not force their feelings on the other person. And this is especially true if you’ve developed feelings quicker than your significant other.

So, if you’ve just started dating and you miss this man, it’s best to wait it out and see how he behaves. Or you could give him subtle hints instead.

Should I Tell Him I Miss Him? 20 Subtle Ways To Make Him Feel It

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