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She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

A woman doesn’t stop loving you overnight. Women are fighters and they can hold on to the love they feel for their partner for ages.

The woman in your life won’t stop loving you because of one little mistake, but rather a long list of things that tell her it’s not worth the pain.

She will stop loving you slowly and you won’t even realize it.

One day, you will realize that she doesn’t smile as brightly anymore, and the next, she won’t look at you with that glimmer in her eyes.

You will feel like there wasn’t anything you could have done. It will seem like it happened so quickly.

When in reality, it took her months or years to realize that you’re not worthy of her love.

Even with the pained expression she has when telling you goodbye, you can clearly see the decision she’s made.

She doesn’t love you anymore and it’s your fault.

It’s an accumulation of both the little and big things you did, things that went by unnoticed by you.

Those things grew together in her heart and it stopped beating for you.

You don’t want that to happen? Well, she will stop loving you when you do these things:

1. You lie to her

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

Starting off with a big one, aren’t we? Women know when a man is lying to them.

I know I make it sound like a superpower, but it actually is one. Women have an intuition that’s far stronger than you might think.

Because of that, she knows when you’re lying. However, she won’t call you out on your lies right away, just to see if you’ll correct yourself.

If you lie to her about with whom you’re going out or why you can’t spend time with her, she’ll remember it.

Her heart will break every time you tell her a lie.

When she does call you out on it, she’s giving you a chance to make it all better. She’s giving you a chance to come clean and apologize.

Apologize and give her a reason to continue loving you, because if you don’t, she’ll walk away.

2. You’re indifferent

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

They say that indifference is worse than hate.

Indifference means that you have stopped being concerned about your partner or sensitive about what you say to them.

Indifference is what will prolong the process, yes, but it’ll be more painful than anything.

You will forget to show her that you care and she will convince herself that you don’t.

She will talk herself out of speaking to you about it because she’ll think that she’s just misinterpreting your behavior.

What will happen once she becomes aware of the fact that you actually do not care about her?

She will stop loving you. She will find someone better to love her. Someone who actually cares.

3. You’re clingy

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

Don’t be clingy. Ever. It puts a lot of pressure on someone when their partner is clingy. It gets irritating and annoying. I don’t think you want to be that.

When she wants to go out with her friends, stop automatically assuming you’re going with her.

Don’t get mad if you’re left alone because she wants to have a life.

Start going out yourself. You two are not joined at the hip. She will stop loving you when you act more like a clingy child than a grown man.

4. You’re possessive and jealous

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

A huge part of a relationship is trust. Trusting each other is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy relationship.

So why are you jealous if she never made you doubt her?

Instead of being so jealous of all her friends, why don’t you befriend them yourself?

Instead of keeping her by your side like a hostage, because you can’t seem to realize that possessiveness isn’t attractive, why don’t you let her live her life for once?

You are putting so much of your time and energy into being possessive and jealous, but in the end, it’ll just make her stop loving you faster.

5. Your actions don’t back up your words

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

Telling someone you love them and showing someone you love them are two completely different things.

If you make promises you can’t keep and if you don’t go through with them, she will stop loving you.

Anyone can tell her the things they are, but not everyone can show her that their love is true.

6. You ghost her

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

Imagine the way her face falls every single time she realizes you’re taking ages to respond to her.

You have to accept the fact that social media is a part of our lives. You can’t just run away from it.

She sits at home, looking hopefully at her phone, waiting for a reply from you. You can’t ghost her and not expect her to stop loving you.

She wants you to text her, she wants you to answer her calls and call her back.

I know it sounds like a minor thing but many people these days need it in order to feel validated by their partner.

7. You stop putting effort into the relationship

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

After a while, we all get a bit too comfortable in our relationship. We forget that it needs constant work and effort.

Strong and healthy relationships don’t just happen overnight.

Every relationship needs a lot of effort to actually work. It’s kind of natural that you will lose her if she sees you not caring.

The next time she brings up an issue in your relationship, don’t just write it off as her nagging.

Listen to what she has to say and actually work on bettering yourself.

She can’t work on this relationship by herself and she can’t be the only one putting in the effort. It’s a team effort.

8. She’s not your priority

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

If you want a woman to love you eternally and unconditionally, make her your priority. If you don’t make her your priority, she will stop loving you.

When you choose anyone and everyone over her then how do you expect her to keep holding on to your relationship?

Don’t leave her alone at home while you’re out with ‘the boys’ if she wants to spend time with you.

Don’t cancel your date just because of a whim of a moment that made you think that someone else could be more important than her.

She should be your biggest priority.

9. You cheat on her

DONE! She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

Obvious, isn’t it. When you cheat on her, she won’t love you the same ever again.

Even if she says she forgives you, her love and trust for you are constantly under question.

Cheating on someone is like a slap in the face. The cheater is telling their victim that they’re not worthy enough for them to stay loyal.

How would you feel? Would you still love her if she cheated on you?

She still gave you a second chance and wanted to love you again, but she’s losing the love she felt every single day.

Don’t ever cheat on someone who loves you.

She Will Stop Loving You When You Do These 9 Things

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