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She Stopped Texting Me Every Day: What To Do If She Ignores You

She Stopped Texting Me Every Day: What To Do If She Ignores You

I understand the position you’re in. I know how you’re feeling if you’ve been thinking, “She stopped texting me every day. Is it because of something I did and what can I do to turn the situation around?”

We’ve all been there and lived it. You met this awesome girl, you exchanged numbers, and you started texting heavily during the next couple of days.

She sent you messages every day and you thought you really hit it off. But suddenly, the situation’s changed and it seems as if she’s completely forgotten about you.

It’s not that you don’t hear from her at all, it’s just that she doesn’t seem to be the same as she used to. So, you analyze her every move and look for clues where you might’ve made a mistake and pushed her away.

Still, the odds were in your favor the whole time. You can’t seem to wrap your head around as to why she stopped texting you every day.

So, you start planning a strategy on how to get her attention again not to lose this amazing woman for good.

Keep your composure and slow things down. Don’t make any sudden decisions based on how you feel right now. Take a step back and assess the situation before confronting her about your texting.

Freaking out because she stopped texting you every day?

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

Understanding why she stopped texting you every day will definitely help you to forge a plan to get her attention back. If you don’t find out why she doesn’t message you as she used to, then you’re going to overthink things even more and make things worse for yourself.

I know I used to overthink the dating game way too much.

When a woman stops calling or texting you, it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong move. But the part of you that’s saying “slow down,” “take it easy,” and “don’t send her dozens of messages” is always right.

You need to listen to yourself more!

Listen to that voice telling you that you’ll be making a fool out of yourself if you keep calling or sending her pathetic messages. While your mind is filled with all sorts of negative assumptions, that inner voice is trying to save you.

I’m here to help you figure out the reasons she stopped texting you every day and what to do to avoid having your heart broken.

Why has she stopped texting you every day?

1. She’s lost interest in you

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

The most common reason for a girl to stop texting you each day is that she doesn’t find you interesting anymore. This would be more likely if she hasn’t responded to your messages for more than a few days and if she’s been avoiding seeing you altogether.

Also, if she hasn’t agreed to hang out with you again, that’s also another clue that she’s lost interest in you.

Don’t be too hopeful that you can change things around if this happens to you because she’s likely already made her decision and probably moved on.

If you’re still baffled about her not texting you every day, then pay attention to how she behaves when she sees you in person. Does she avoid looking you in your eyes? Does she distance herself every time you hang out in a group?

Also, take a look at her arms. If she crosses them when she sees you, that’s a sign she isn’t interested in you anymore.

You may think that she didn’t show you any clues, but those subtle signs were always there, you just failed to recognize them. Perhaps she gave you one-word answers or never initiated your chats, but you didn’t see them due to your emotions.

2. She’s upset over something you said to her

Perhaps you may have irritated or upset her because of a thing you said or did. The best way to know this is to go through your recent text messages and see if you can spot any instance that may have caused her to be upset with you.

She’s likely to avoid texting you entirely because she fears you might hurt her again. Keep in mind that even though women are great at verbalizing their feelings, they’ll avoid doing it with a guy they’ve recently met.

That’s because a woman doesn’t want to make things worse and open room for unnecessary arguments.

And if you recall offending her in any way, then don’t be that guy who doesn’t know how to say he’s sorry. Give her a reason to believe in you and present a genuine apology to regain her trust.

A woman wants a guy who admits to making a mistake and does everything in his power to show that he can do better.

Be that guy and you’ll get her attention back.

3. She believes in doing one thing at a time

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

Another plausible reason why she stopped texting you could be because she likes dealing with one thing at a time. Perhaps she isn’t the kind of woman who likes to mix things up.

Maybe she’s at a family gathering right now and wants to give her time and attention to them. Finally, when she returns home, she’s all yours.

Many girls like to be fair to everyone without having to compromise.

If she’s at her job, then she’ll focus on the tasks at hand and won’t pick up her phone to reply to you. She’s a woman who wants to keep the different areas of her life separated.

So, maybe she’s focusing all of her time on something she’s passionate about.

If you’ve noticed that she doesn’t take off to do something else when she’s on a date with you – of course, unless something very urgent comes up – then this could be the reason that she stopped texting you every day.

4. She thinks you’re being too aggressive

Being too pushy is never the right move when you’re trying to win over a woman.

Even if she thinks you’re the most handsome and smart man she’s ever met, once she realizes that you’re too pushy or troublesome in her life, she’ll stop texting you.

Also, it could be that she’s uncomfortable with how you behave around her.

You’ll definitely lose the woman you’re chasing if you’re trying to force her into a date when she’s not ready yet. And asking so much from a girl you’ve recently met is damaging to your ego and reputation.

For example, you might lose the girl you’re after if you ask her to send you private photos.

You need to stay patient and respect her boundaries if you’re really into her. Don’t propose any form of commitment if you see that she wants to keep it casual and isn’t looking for a long-term relationship.

5. She’s testing you

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

“She stopped texting me every day. Could it be that she’s testing me to see if I care about her enough?”

You’re not wrong if you think this way because a girl might change her behavior to see if you still care about her.

By doing so, she’ll get to know your personality because women are generally more interested in what a man does than what he says.

That’s why she’s intentionally behaving this way. Perhaps she thinks that you’re putting in less effort than you used to and now she’s testing you to see if you’re a real man or not.

The fact that you’ve noticed her indifference is a good sign that you still care about her. The thing is, she needs a man of actions, not of words.

6. Your conversations have become too boring

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

Let’s say that you two really hit it off when you first started texting each other. You couldn’t stay off your phones, texting all night and day.

But as time passed, your conversations became monotonous and there was nothing left to ask but “What now?”

And let’s all admit it. No one likes dull conversations and boring people.

But even though she stopped texting you every day, it doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in you anymore. It could be that those frequent awkward silences are just making her feel uncomfortable.

To avoid it, she prefers not texting or calling you at all. And who knows, maybe she’s waiting for you to take your texting to the next level?

What should you do if she stopped texting every day?

It’s completely natural to ask this question if you’ve noticed that she’s changed her texting habits lately.

But, what you do next will make all the difference between getting her back or losing the girl forever.

Your worst mistake is to put too much pressure on yourself. If you do that, you’ll look desperate and needy and she won’t give consider giving you another shot.

1. Shift your attention to things you can control

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

The best way to be in charge of the situation again is to focus on things you can control, instead of what you can’t. You’ll definitely feel much happier and satisfied with yourself and won’t be bothered if she moves on from you.

Keep in mind that she’s a strong, independent woman who can do whatever she wants and you can’t change it. You can’t force her to like you and fall in love with you if she doesn’t feel it naturally.

You can’t control her emotions, thoughts, or actions. The only thing you can control is yourself. Never expect her to act the way you want her to.

And you should never play mind games in order to get a girl to like you.

But if you control yourself and everything within, you’ll feel much calmer. Also, you’ll be emotionally prepared should another girl ever stop texting you.

2. It really doesn’t matter why she stopped texting you every day

I understand that you freaked out the moment she stopped texting you, but you need to keep your emotions under control.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on seeking an answer that doesn’t change the situation, you should plan your next move. Think about what to do and not do right now, so you can begin to fix it and not make it worse.

Many men stress too much about the entire situation, but the smart thing to do is to take a step back and give yourself a break. Then figure out an effective strategy that will lead you to the results you’re looking for.

Remember what your end goal is – to realize that you’re worth her attention so that she falls in love with you. Thus, your strategy should be to show her that you’re a real man who knows what he wants and won’t stop at anything until he gets it.

Knowing why she stopped texting you every day doesn’t change anything. All that matters is what you do next and having the proper attitude to win her over.

3. Avoid jumping to conclusions

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

Most guys turn into a detective when a girl stops texting them. They overanalyze the girl’s messages, thinking they’ll be able to solve everything if they just knew the reason it happened.

But it’s never smart to make decisions or any kind of move when you’re emotionally clouded because you’re more out of touch with reality and less logical.

You’ll only want to draw conclusions when you give yourself enough time to calm down and process all of the information surrounding the situation. If you haven’t done so yet, then your mind will jump to conclusions that for the most part aren’t true at all.

You might assume she’s not interested in you anymore, when in reality someone close to her was in need and she couldn’t reply to your messages. Or perhaps she took a road trip with friends to the middle of nowhere and stopped texting you because she didn’t have cellular service.

Either way, just avoid making rash decisions based on assumptions. You’ll only make the situation worse.

4. Change your mindset

As I said earlier, even though you can’t control how the girl feels about you, you can control your mindset. So, instead of overanalyzing her every word, be “whatever” about her not texting or calling you every day.

You know why this mindset works so well? It helps your mind relax a bit instead of driving yourself crazy and thinking about what went wrong.

But remember that it won’t work if you’re all bent out of shape and crying yourself to sleep each night for her not texting you every day. You can’t adopt the “whatever” mindset if you’re constantly talking about it.

The men who manage to change their thought patterns and truly don’t care are the ones who don’t necessarily feel the need to announce it to anyone. They’re just doing it.

Also saying “Whatever man, I don’t care!” helps you shift your focus to other people and things, and giving your energy to them. When you do that, you’ll also find more success with women because they’ll notice you’re cool and relaxed about everything.

I get it – it’s tough to detach your emotions and mind when you’re in this horrible situation, but nothing is impossible if you really want it. It’s crucial that you exercise self-restraint when you’re trying to get her attention.

5. Don’t blame yourself

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

In most cases, it’s not your fault if a girl stops texting you. But even if it is, don’t be too hard on yourself. Treat it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Remember, from each new experience, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned.

Women are attracted to guys who are able to man up and say, “I made a mistake and I learned from it. It won’t happen again. Can we please move on?”

It’s true that there are times where it’s beneficial not to show your emotions and instead just move on. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept your mistakes.

That said, you also shouldn’t let yourself dwell too much on something that happened in the past.

And if you don’t blow things out of proportion and quickly make amends, then the other person will also think that it’s not a big deal and move on too. Usually, the people we’re dealing with mimic our emotions regardless of the situation.

If it is actually your fault and you’ve owned up to it yet she’s being immature about it, then you need to rise above the situation and decide whether or not she’s even worth your time and energy.

6. Keep yourself occupied with other things

So, now that she stopped texting you every day, tell me this: Did the Earth stop spinning as well? I guess not, and you shouldn’t put your life on hold just because a girl didn’t take the time to reply back.

I understand you’re curious to know why she’s acting this way, but don’t let it take over your life.

You have other things to be grateful for and as they say, there are other fish in the sea. Keep yourself occupied with other things, tasks, and activities. Avoid doing nothing while you wait for her to contact you.

Keeping yourself busy will certainly help you forget how much time has passed. Besides, you’ll feel more fulfilled when you shift your mind toward something else and not overthink about why she ghosted you.

7. Be patient

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

A real man doesn’t care if it takes weeks or months until a girl texts him back. He can wait for as long as he needs to because he keeps himself busy chasing his dreams and achieving his goals.

Being good at the waiting game is your best strategy in getting her attention. Sometimes, women need more time to process their feelings and thoughts. I know that it isn’t fair toward you to make you wait that long, but you can’t do anything about it.

You’ll only make it worse if you try to force her to confess her feelings for you.

If you genuinely believe that she’s the right one for you, then you need to be patient while she’s doing whatever it is she’s doing.

Stop counting the minutes and hours until she texts you back. It doesn’t matter. Focus your attention on something else and improve yourself with each new day.

It’s true what people say: Patience is a virtue.

8. Don’t be texting her over and over again

One of the worst mistakes that you can make if she stopped texting you every day is to pester her with calls or messages. That way, you’ll ruin any chances of her getting back to you.

No matter how frustrated and upset you are right now, those are not justifiable reasons to blow up her phone with texts. If you’re thinking it’s going to help the situation at all, you’re wrong. You’ll only dig that hole deeper.

All that proves to her is that you’re needy, controlling, and thinking only about yourself.

But if you step back and wait for her to contact you, it tells her that you’re not a maniac who doesn’t know how to control himself and his actions. Instead, she’ll see that you’re a mature man who can handle stressful situations appropriately.

Once she finally reaches out and sees that you’re totally cool about it, she’ll be all the more attracted to you.

9. Don’t sacrifice your self-respect

DONE! She Stopped Texting Me Every Day What To Do If She Ignores You

By self-respect, I mean that you tell yourself that you’re better than this, you deserve much more, and you won’t sacrifice yourself for anyone who doesn’t see your worth.

Always prioritize your self-esteem, personal happiness, and self-respect over any woman or relationship.

This may sound extreme and you may disagree with me, but tell me, how many people do you know who are stuck in unhappy marriages or relationships because they ignored all the red flags that the other person isn’t right for them?

Don’t be like them. Respect yourself enough to know when to stop investing your time and emotions into someone who’s obviously not meant for you.

Have self-respect and walk away if you see that she’s purposefully ignoring you!

She Stopped Texting Me Every Day: What To Do If She Ignores You

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