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This Is How You’ll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

This Is How You’ll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

When you manage to make the girl with the guarded heart fall in love with you, just know that you have something special.

She’s not the type of girl to fall in and out of love easily. She’s been hurt one too many times, so she’s scared of letting anyone in. Why would she break her own heart by loving someone who isn’t able to give her the same love back?

This also means that she’ll take double the time to trust someone.

With other girls, it’s different. They see a man and if they see that he’s trustworthy, they give him a chance. Maybe it’s not that easy, but it’s definitely easier for them.

When it comes to the girl who’s been guarding her heart for so long, it’s hard to pinpoint when she will start to trust you. She’ll question everything you’re doing, everything you’re saying, and especially her own feelings. She won’t let you come close to her if you’re not someone worthy of her.

And believe me when I tell you that when she finally decides you’re deserving of her, it will be the happiest moment of your life.

So try not to lose her before you’ve even gotten the chance to get to know the real her. Don’t lose her overnight, because that actually could happen quite easily.

You’ll lose her if you ever start to pressure her into going faster than she feels comfortable.

DONE! This Is How You'll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

She will take things slowly because she wants to make sure that you’re serious about her. You won’t pressure her into doing things that she doesn’t feel ready for if you truly want to be with her.

She knows that because a man who genuinely is interested in her would wait for her, no matter what. You would take your time, get to know her, understand her and then make the next move.

You’ll respect her timeline if you truly want her. She’s not someone who simply jumps into commitments. That turned out to be a huge mistake in the past.

You’ll lose her when you tell her that there’s something seriously wrong with her for needing this much time to develop a connection with you.

There’s no reason for you to think that! Her feelings are valid – it’s up to you to respect that about her.

You’ll lose her when you start to get frustrated with her.

DONE! This Is How You'll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

If you expect her to answer all of your questions, she’ll always find a way to dodge them. She will never tell you straight up what’s going on in her head, which may make you mad.

I get it. It’s frustrating when you’re ready to open up to someone, give them your all, while they’re taking their sweet time with everything.

But you can’t pressure her into telling you her deepest and darkest secrets. There’s so much pain and hurt in her that she can’t just wear her heart on her sleeve like that.

Those walls she built up around herself are there for a reason. Before they crumble down, you have to show her that you’re going to stay.

She won’t trust you enough if you don’t show her that you won’t hurt her as everyone else has.

Otherwise, she will draw back into herself. She will ghost you and leave your messages unanswered for days.

You can’t just plan your future with a girl like her.

DONE! This Is How You'll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

You have to understand that she won’t listen to you. If anything, you’ll only succeed in scaring her. She will run away before you even get a chance to realize what’s going on.

When you make plans for the future, the only thing that she hears is boundaries and pain. She probably went through too many situations where she would hope to have a future with someone, only for them to abandon her.

She doesn’t want to skip ahead years into the future. A woman with a guarded heart wants things to unfold naturally, and to see what will happen.

You’ll lose her when you start crowding her and putting boundaries on her.

She’s a free spirit because she realized that she’s better off alone than with a man who doesn’t know how to treat her right. Because of that, you’ll never be able to just tie her down.

More times than not, she’ll ask you for more personal space. She’ll tell you that she needs time to think, to breathe.

And if you crowd her and pressure her into talking to her, she’ll walk away from you.

Never try to tell her what she does and doesn’t need to do. She knows herself better than you’ll ever know her.

DONE! This Is How You'll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

So stop telling her that you’re the one who can help her when she doesn’t want to trust anyone with her own issues. Besides that, she can’t think clearly when someone’s right there, eyeing her constantly.

There may come days when you’ll wish to see someone else instead of her. You may wish for a girl who’s not that complicated and not that hurt. When she realizes that, it’s over.

You’ll tell her to stop analyzing everything, to stop overthinking, to just let herself go. That’s when she’ll take her things and move on.

Because if you truly loved her, if you truly cared about her, you wouldn’t encourage her to change.

She doesn’t have to change. Her commitment issues came to the surface when her past crept up on her.

You just have to show her that you’re worthy of something real and something serious. Unless you do that, she will never see you as something more than just another man who just wants to use her and discard her like she means nothing.

Think your steps through before you decide to fall in love with a girl with a guarded heart. Because your actions may actually push her away way quicker than you’d think.

If you’re not ready for this battle, then don’t even enter the war in the first place. Because she won’t be an easy win.

This Is How You'll Lose The Girl With The Guarded Heart

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