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Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

He can call you weak. Let him do that as much as he wants. Let him blame you for not fighting for this relationship.

What he doesn’t know is that only a strong woman can walk away from a man and teach him a lesson. Only a woman who knows she’ll have it better once she’s gone is capable of letting go of a man she cares about.

You could’ve stayed with him because I know that you liked him more than anyone else before. You could’ve stayed and wasted your time on a man who’ll never be able to see your worth.

But instead of that, you did the hardest thing you ever had to. You walked away from him because you knew he’d never change.

No matter how much you loved him, he would still keep acting the same way. It’s in his blood to lose the ones who actually care about him for those who will be gone by sunrise.

You didn’t let him walk over you, lie to you, and manipulate you. Even though you love him, you knew it was time to let go.

It wasn’t easy and only you know how much energy it took you to finally pack your bags. But you had to say goodbye to him. You had to do it for the sake of your happiness.

DONE! Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

You couldn’t wait for him to finally change his behavior and realize what he has in you. Instead, you showed him that you’re aware of your worth and that you’d never beg him to start acting differently.

You gave him a chance and when he decided to waste it, you realized that you had to go.

And for doing that, he has no reason to call you weak. If anything, you showed him how a strong woman always puts herself first. She loves herself more than anyone else.

Even though you were prepared to go to the moon and back for him, you could never let him walk over you. And that’s exactly what he was trying to do.

He thought you’d keep waiting for him. That he could keep giving you lip service and you’d still be there for him.

But the joke is on him. Because strong women never wait for those who don’t show them they’re willing to put in some effort. Strong women don’t beg men to stay with them because they know they can always find someone better.

By walking away from him, you taught him a valuable lesson. You showed him that he can’t have the best woman of his life if he intends on playing with her feelings.

DONE! Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

You didn’t come into this world just so some man can treat you however he likes. It’s not your duty to wait for him until he finally realizes your value.

You want a real man. Someone who’ll treat you with respect because he knows he’ll regret losing you. You want someone who’ll keep showing you how much he cares about you.

No, you don’t need an immature boy who thinks that the world is his just because he’s good-looking. You don’t need a coward who’s afraid to commit because he thinks that he’ll lose a chance to be with someone else.

If you’re not enough for him, then there’s nothing to talk about. He doesn’t deserve you, not now and not in the future.

And even if the day comes where he comes knocking on your door, begging you to get back together, you’ll shut it in his face and teach him yet another lesson.

No one plays with the heart of a strong woman because once she’s out of your life, she won’t need you anymore.

His time is over. He lost you for good.

DONE! Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

Right now, it makes him feel better to call you weak. He feels like he’ll make you come back if he convinces you that you won’t ever find a guy like him.

But he doesn’t realize that the world is filled with those who are the same as him. They want to be loved but don’t know how to give anything in return. They jump from relationship to relationship thinking that will make them happy.

And at the end of the day, as the sun goes down, they realize that they’ve wasted their chances and lost the best woman of their lives.

Just like that, a guy who called you weak for walking away from him is the same guy who’ll come running after you once he realizes what he’s lost. He’ll beg and plead for you to come back into his life, but the answer he’ll get won’t make him happy.

By rejecting him one more time, you’ll show him that you’re one strong woman. One who’s not afraid to be on her own if that will make her happier.

A woman who’ll teach a man a lesson when he thinks he knows everything better than her.

DONE! Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

Don’t listen to his words as you make your way out of his life. He doesn’t deserve to spend a minute more with you because you’re worth so much more than him.

It’s obvious that he still has no idea what he wants from life, but he has the audacity to call you weak. Well, we’ll see who’s weak when he starts texting you like crazy once he realizes what he lost.

We’ll see if you’re still the weak one when turns up at your door and begs you to let him in.

You’re a strong woman who had the courage to walk away from a man you care about because you couldn’t let him treat you less than you deserve.

You’re a strong woman for teaching him that he can’t be with someone he doesn’t respect.

Congratulations on letting go of him. You did the right thing when you showed him that you won’t let anyone play with you, no matter how much you love them.

Only A Strong Woman Can Walk Away From A Man And Teach Him A Lesson

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