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The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

What to text a girl to make her smile? Send her one of our love paragraphs for her that will surely make her smile as soon as she reads them, as these loving texts are a great way to express your love.

Let these love paragraphs for her inspire you to come up with your own and change them to suit you, or use them exactly as they are. In either case, you won’t make a mistake. There are the right words to describe your feelings, and we have found them for you.

The top 48 love paragraphs for her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her 1 2

“Do you love me?” Girls ask this question a lot, and, “Yes,” isn’t the perfect answer they’re looking for but you’ll find the right answer among these love paragraphs for her.

You might not know exactly what to say, but now you know where to find the right words. These love paragraphs for her are just the words you’ve been looking for. 

Love paragraphs for her will make answering your girlfriend’s question a lot easier. She wants to know how much she means to you, and you can finally let her know with love paragraphs for her. Don’t hesitate to send some of the love paragraphs for her whenever you feel like it and think of her and she will have a smile on her face as soon as she reads your loving message.

So, if you’re wondering what to text a girl to make her smile, love paragraphs for her are the answer. Whether you use them for texts or letters, love paragraphs for her are perfect for any occasion. 

However, don’t just wait for a special occasion to send them. Fill her days with joy by sending love paragraphs for her as good morning texts, and don’t forget about goodnight texts as well. What to text a girl to make her smile? Choose any of the short or long love paragraphs for her from our list.

Paragraphs to make her smile

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

Every girl loves a guy who can make her smile and putting a smile on her face will be easy if you use these paragraphs to make her smile. Smiling is the best medicine, so be sure to send her some of these paragraphs when she’s feeling down and they will certainly turn that frown upside down.

1. Watching you walk across a room is the greatest gift. The way you move is so graceful and easy. The way you smile makes me feel at peace.

Knowing you’re walking towards me is a feeling so hard to describe. It’s like coming home, a comfort, only the home is coming to me. I will never know such love, such peace, as you. You’re my home.

2. The doctor took an x-ray of my heart and almost fainted. He asked me what happened with a scared look on his face. I told him, don’t worry, I gave my heart to you. That’s why it is missing.

3. I honestly believe that if you were born 1000 years ago, I would be driven to invent the time machine so that I could travel back and meet you. A love like ours is bigger than the time-space continuum. I would travel across time and space, learn a new language, and transform myself in any other way imaginable for a love like ours.

4. I want you to know that you are the most important thing in my life. You’re the reason I do everything. When I get up in the morning, I feel so grateful for every second I have with you and have here on earth.

You give my life meaning, you give my days such joy, you are the reason I smile. Thank you for being with me, for joining me on this journey through life. Your love is everything to me.

5. You know how magnets have a magical way of attracting to each other? That is how my heart feels when I am with you. I simply can’t explain the attraction I am feeling.

6. I wish I could explain how I feel when you smile. The way my world is brightened up by your smile, I cannot describe. All I know is that the best times in my life are when you smiling at me.

I will work toward keeping that smile on your face every day. And even when we are apart, keep smiling, for I will feel it wherever I am.

7. There are moments when we’re together, where I wish I could make time stop. I often think to myself that I could easily stay in this moment forever. Just being with you, sitting with you, touching your cheek and stroking your hair.

Your head on my shoulder is everything to me. Every moment I spend with you is the best moment of my life. I love you, and I will go on loving you through all the moments we share together from now until forever.

8. Before I met you, all my relationships always seemed so hard. They were something I had to work at, and it felt forced. With you, everything is so easy.

Loving you comes so naturally, and it has from the very beginning. It’s as if I looked up and there you were: This amazing woman.

And then there it was: This amazing love I have for you. It’s been the greatest surprise of my life.

9. Wow! I think I am 101% in love with you. Can I be so bold to invite you to study with me Saturday afternoon and after, invite you to go to the movies and then, invite you to go to dinner and then, invite you to go dancing and then, if you were not tired of my lack of objectivity, ask you a kiss? The answer, please, or shorten the process by giving me this kiss at once!

Long sweet paragraphs for her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

Sometimes, you can’t say everything that lays on your heart with just a few words and that is why long sweet paragraphs for her are here. These long paragraphs for her go into detail and express strong emotions. Choose any of these sweet paragraphs for her, and feel free to add something to make them even longer!

10. I wanted to take the time to tell you just how much you mean to me. You’ve become a rock in my life, something solid and secure I can lean on. Knowing you’re by my side makes me so eternally grateful, I can hardly put it to words.

I had felt happiness before, but nothing prepared me for the happiness I feel when I’m with you. I don’t know what I said or did that made me lucky enough to deserve you, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the best man I can be so that you can be proud.

Thank you for all that you do and have done for me. You have taught me what it is to love. You’ve shown me how beautiful life can be.

11. I hope you know how much you mean to me. You are such an important part of my life. In fact, you are the center of my life.

Everything I do is for us, and I hope you know that I am always trying to do the right thing that will make our relationship a stronger one. You have inspired me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and I hope that I can somehow repay you for everything that you have done for me.

Without you, I would be a completely different person. You have taught me so much about life, and because of you, I truly know what love is.

12. Call me a fool, but I would rather be your fool than be the wisest man devoid of the joy of loving you. I do hope that my time with you shall be remarkable with every act of tender affection I show you.

Believe me, baby, you make me come alive in ways I never expected. If there were translators that specialized in simplifying the words inscribed on my heart for you, I wouldn’t mind hiring one at any cost.

Don’t make me go away, my love. Please, allow me to prove my unflinching love for you. I promise you won’t regret having me as your lover.

13. I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you. But I am so grateful to have your love, support, and affection. Thank you for being you and for having me by your side.

Your presence in a room makes my light feel so much lighter, and my heart yearns for you when you are far away from me. Now that we are miles apart, I cannot wait until we are together again.

When I see you again, I will never want to leave your side. You are the only person in the world I can imagine building a life with. From the bad times to the wonderful times, with both heartbreak and laughter, you are still my person.

14. Knowing you has been such an amazing adventure. Ever since I met you, I knew that my life would never ever be the same again. Since I have known you, life has never been sweeter.

Thanks to you, my life is more exciting and full of happiness. You have helped me open so many doors that I would have left closed and undiscovered if it were not for you.

With you, I am bolder, less afraid, and ready to conquer my next adventure. Knowing you, loving you, and being loved by you in return has been the best adventure of my life, and I never want our adventure to come to an end.

Cute love paragraphs for her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

Cute love paragraphs for her are guaranteed to melt her heart. All girls like cute things and can’t resist smiling when they see them and that’s why you should send some of these cute paragraphs to your girlfriend!

15. I am a man. That’s superb. But I am a man in love. In a world where incessant heartbreaks are looming, it is almost insane to find your soulmate this soon.

I am grateful to have found you. Believe me, honey, I had no hope of finding my actual soulmate. I had planned on settling for anyone, just for the sake. Drowning in love is what I never bargained for.

But here I am, living my best life with you. I have you to thank you for accepting me just the way I am, notwithstanding my excesses and baggage. You make everything feel simpler, babe: I will keep choosing you over and over again.

16. Thank you for loving me and accepting me unconditionally and providing me with undivided love and attention. I thank you for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had.

You’ve always been my rock in hard situations and the sunshine when it’s cloudy outside. You’re my everything, and I am crazy about you.

17. I am seriously crushing on you, and I need you to know this. I am ready to let you know that I am crazy about you, and whatever you say does not matter right now. All that is important is that I like you and I want you to know that.

18. I want to spend every second of every day with you. If I could, I would stop eating and sleeping just so that I could devote more time to being with you.

You have changed my entire outlook on love. Even though I have been hurt many times, I believe in love again because I have found true love with you.

19. Do you want to know how great my love for you is? Well, you can fly to the sky and find the wall of our universe.

That is how big my love to you. You will not find it because my love is limitless, and you do not need to doubt it.

20. What we have together is unique. It is a special bond that is strong and unbreakable. We can make it through anything we encounter, and we only grow stronger from the trials we face together.

Together, we are strong. Being with you has made me a better person, and I can’t believe that I found you.

Ever since I met you, I never want to let you go. The attraction that you and I share is one that is so intense, and I never want to be separated from you.

21. Girl, you’re the most amazing person I’ve met in my entire life. You give my life a different meaning. You’re my jewel of inestimable value that I guard jealously.

Without you, my life will be like the sky without the star. You complete me because I feel empty when you are not here with me.

22. Nothing will come between me and by you for our love is destined to last forever.

I will be with you all through your ups and downs as you will be with me through my dark days. I will love you forever.

23. We’ve been through so much you and I. We’ve had our ups and downs, moments where I thought we were in real trouble. But we’ve come through them all, and we are so much stronger now.

Stronger in our love, in our relationship, and in ourselves. I know whatever life throws our way (and I know we’re not done yet), we’ll be ready to meet it head-on, together.

As long as we’re together, there’s nothing we can’t face. I am so in love with you. I’m so happy to have been on this journey together.

Love paragraphs for her to wake up to

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if she always woke up smiling and thinking about you? Well, this is possible if you send her some of the love paragraphs for her to wake up to. There’s no better feeling than when you open your eyes to find a loving text from your boyfriend waiting for you so surprise her with some of these love paragraphs for her to wake up to the very next morning!

24. A day that is void of your voice is to me an incomplete one. For with your voice comes the soul melting laughter, which is all I need to have a great and happy day.

I hope mine makes you feel the same way. Good morning my Cherie.

25. Wish me a good morning with the right words, baby! Tell me you love me to the moon and back!

26. The sun is rising in the sky, but to me, the day doesn’t start until you’ve risen out of bed. You’re the only source of light and warmth I need, lighting up my life with your smile and warming me with your mere presence. Now that you’ve gotten up and read this, my day has truly started, thank you!

27. The rising sun always brightens my morning. The cool, soothing breeze in the evening cools my thoughts. The singing birds bring untold joy to my heart.

However, nothing makes me feel complete, like seeing your beautiful face. I love you, and will always love you.

28. Your sweet laughter sends shivers down my spine, and your voice brings me ecstasy. This reason is why I want to hear your voice every morning when I wake up.

I can’t think of anything more angelic than it. You are my sunshine, and I want you to keep shining all day.

29. You have clouded my thought, morning, afternoon, and night. I am completely in love with you with my body and soul. My love for you will exist to eternity.

30. Here I am, saying Good morning to the most beautiful, caring, loving, and the most romantic woman in my world. You represent every good thing in my life, and I am not ready to lose you to anything in the world. Good morning, beloved.

31. I wake up with your thoughts. I just miss you so much, and I simply can’t stop missing you. I have missed you for the last 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds.

I simply don’t know what I would do without you. I wonder whether you think about me as much as I do.

32. Good morning to the beautiful woman that owns my heart, and the woman I wish to spend my whole life. You are my woman forever, and I desire you more than anything in the world.

Good morning, bae. In everything you do today, always wear a smile.

33. I know I don’t always say the right thing. Sometimes I’m quiet and don’t say anything at all. I don’t always help out as much as I should or show up on time. I’m a work in progress, I know.

But thanks to you, I have something to work towards. Having someone in my life who I care about, love, and cherish has given me so much. I wish I could say the right thing for you, and I wish that I had those right, perfect words that would help you understand just what you mean to me.

All I can say is that I love you, and I will go on loving you. If I get nothing else right in my life, loving you is the one thing I will get right.

The best love paragraphs for her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

Some words are simply the best and that’s why we have selected the best love paragraphs for her that are guaranteed to make her think of you. These love paragraphs for her are loving, heart-touching, and romantic, just like you need them to be.

34. Have I ever told you how much I really love you, babe? Do you know what kind of peace and stability you bring to my life every day?

I swear that the day I met you was the best day of my life. My heart can belong to you and to nobody else. That is how much I love you.

35. You are my world. I’ve honestly fallen deeply in love with you, and I am not afraid to say it. We have been through thick and thin, and we are still going strong.

I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. I love you so much I can’t even explain it! Forever and ever, baby.

36. Do you know how many hours there are in each month? 730 hours. Roughly. Do you know how many of those hours we spent together out of that 730?

I don’t know either, but I do know that, out of that 730 hours, I wish I’d spent every single of them with you. Happy one month anniversary, baby, I really love you!

37. You are more beautiful than a summer sunset on the ocean horizon. You are more breathtaking than the lush landscape on a mountain.

You shine brighter than the stars in the country sky. You are more alluring than any song that was ever sung. I had not seen what the real meaning of beauty was until I found you.

38. Sometimes, when I think about our relationship, I wonder, what does the future hold in store for us? What surprises are right around the corner? We have already had so many wonderful, exciting adventures.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. With you at my side, I know that life will always be exciting.

You are the only person in the world I can imagine building a life with. From the bumps in the road to the wonderful times, with our fair share of both heartbreak and laughter, I know that there is no one I would rather spend my future with than you.

39. You gave me the best love of my life. Now, all I have to do is live my life for you and always show you how much I appreciate the tender care and affection you have given to me.

You are my superstar, and your name will forever be crested on my heart until the end of time. We are perfect together.

40. I can’t imagine my life without you. Your love is a vital element that makes my life complete. Without you, I feel incomplete. I love you, baby and nothing is breaking our bond.

41. I wish I could make you feel my love. I wish you could know what it is you make me feel for you. How desperately I want and need you.

I would cross oceans and deserts, climb mountains, sail the seas, go to the ends of the earth for you, just to make you feel my love and to let you know how very very precious you are to me. You mean so very, very much to me. I love you.

Why I love you paragraphs for her

The Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her 1

“Why do you love me?” How many times have you heard this question from your girlfriend? Well, you can answer it once and for all with these ‘why I love you’ paragraphs for her. Choose any of these paragraphs for her and finally prove to her that you love her deeply and wholeheartedly.

42. I love you for many reasons, but one is, you make me better every day with your never-ending love. You offered true love from your heart to me. I am only giving them back to you in folds.

43. It’s better to be in a right relationship with the right person and at the right time than to be in a perfect relationship with the wrong person. And you, my love, will always be the right person for me today and forever, and our relationship is on the right foundation – true and unconditional love. I love you so much, beautiful.

44. I love you in a place where there’s no space or time. My love is everlasting, ever-growing, and ever-present. My love for you knows no bounds.

I was drawn to you and your soul in a way I can’t explain. It was like I just knew, here she is. This is it.

She is it. You’ll never know how much you mean to me. I can only tell you that my soul will love you forever.

45. Over the years, I have come to admire everything about you. You are an epitome of elegance.

Also, you are a powerful woman who wields her influence like a magic wand, causing me to think twice about losing you. Keep this close to your heart: I will forever and always support you in the pursuit of your happiness because you mean so much to me.

46. You are my happiness, the only treasure I adore with a complete passion. Since the day you came into my world, my life has never remained the same. You brought an endless smile to my face, amazing joy to my heart, baby I love you!

47. You’re my best friend. The person I can tell all my secrets to, the first person I want to talk to when I wake up, and the last person I want to talk to before I drift off to sleep.

When something good happens to me, you’re the first person I want to tell. When I’m troubled by something or if I get bad news, you’re the one I go to for comfort and support.

But you’re so much more to me than a friend, you’re the love of my life. You’re my friend, my lover, my comfort, and my strength.

I am so lucky to have you. I just wanted you to know how happy I am to have you in my life.

48. I thought there was no true love until that blessed day when you set your foot in my world; I began to realize how much it means to be in love with a true heart. I acknowledge your sacrifices just to make me happy—indeed, you are a wife material! I love you!

Top 48 Love Paragraphs For Her

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