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6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Imagine a hero from a movie – he’s the one who always saves the day. Guys want to be that way.

Your man is dreaming about being a hero, and you can help him achieve it if you learn more about the hero instinct.

Women all over the world ask their man to open jars for them, but did you know that you don’t need to use force at all?

It’s actually enough to hit the lid of the jar with the palm of your hand, and it will be easily opened so why do we let men open the jars for us?

It’s actually a little trick on how to trigger a man’s hero instinct.

We let them realize how much stronger they are than us and it makes them feel like our hero.

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Of course, you don’t have to play the damsel in distress to trigger the hero instinct in men but asking him for help with something makes him feel needed. 

The hero instinct isn’t something new, and it has existed ever since men have. However, it has only recently been researched.

You have to understand the hero instinct in men if you want to have a better love life.

Men actually need women to trigger their hero instinct, even though they’ll never say it.

The hero instinct in a man is something he carries with him but he is not quite well aware of.

We are going to explain more about what the hero instinct is and give you tips on how to trigger it.

Once you start applying this advice, you’ll see that you’ll have better luck with your man.

He wants to be a hero, and the sooner you understand the hero instinct in men, the better.

The hero instinct: What it actually means and 6 ways to trigger it

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Girls grow up watching movies about princesses and want to become princesses and in the same way, guys grow up watching movies about heroes and want to become heroes.

Maybe there aren’t many heroes and princesses around, but just like a guy can make a girl feel like a princess, a girl can make a guy feel like a hero.

So, now you know the trick to opening jars, but you should still let your man do it. Why? You’re going to figure out the answer by yourself very soon.

He needs to be your stronger half, just like you need to be his prettier half.

His hero instinct tells him that he has to save the day and win the damsel in distress and you have to let your man be your hero.

Read on, and you’ll discover all about the hero instinct in a man and how to trigger it. Let’s get right to it and answer the question, “What is the hero instinct?”

What is the hero instinct?

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

So, what is the hero instinct? Haven’t you always known that guys love to feel like heroes?

Well, maybe we’ve always known it, but as I said, the hero instinct in a man has only recently been researched.

It turns out that it’s very important for women to understand the hero instinct and stay aware of it, especially if they want a man to fall for them.

Understanding the hero instinct as well as the hero instinct triggers could change your love life for the better.

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word hero?

I think that it’s a person everyone looks up to when it comes to being brave and doing amazing things for others and it’s definitely someone who people admire.

A hero never shows fear and is always skilled.

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

When you think about it, don’t we all want to be a hero or at least feel like a hero? So, what’s the difference when we talk exclusively about men?

The thing about them is that they need to feel like strong and heroic beings who are capable of helping everyone.

Women are happy when they’re heroes, but it’s not a necessity for women as it is for men.

Of course, we can’t talk about heroes without talking about movies. In almost every

Hollywood movie, there is a man who takes center stage and is the hero.

What he does is save all the good guys who are in a dangerous situation and protect the girl who stole his heart.

It isn’t a surprise that men want to be just like the heroes we see in movies.

Once you understand the hero instinct, you can start learning how to trigger a man’s hero instinct and these triggers that we’ll mention later will make him feel more empowered and in love.

The hero instinct in men

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Let’s take a look at six things you need to remember when it comes to making your man feel like a hero.

These six things are important for you to remember, so read them carefully, and we’ll see the triggers that you can use right after this.

1. He needs you to need him

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

It’s not only that men want to feel needed, it’s that they need to feel needed and this is especially true when it comes to the women they like. 

Deep-rooted biology and natural instinct can help you understand that need to be needed.

Let’s just look at the past. Men back then were warriors and protectors of their families.

Their main purpose was to fight other countries or tribes and to hunt animals that they’d take home for their families to eat.

Back then, women really needed men in order to survive. They needed men to protect them as well as their children.

Women and children would always look up to men and praise them for providing for them.

Maybe you think that that’s ancient history, but think about how things have been in our modern, western world.

Until the 70s, women and children mainly stayed at home while men worked and provided for them.

It was the culture we lived in until women were finally allowed to have more control and started working more.

The downside of that was that break-ups and divorces rose incredibly and perhaps it’s because men felt like their hero instinct wasn’t appreciated or supported anymore.

Women started to become their own heroes, and men felt like they’d lost their manly purpose.

2. He is a provider and he needs to feel like he is

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Times have most certainly changed, but men’s instinct to provide and protect hasn’t faded.

Still, the ways in which they do so are different so instead of hunting for food or going to war, men provide by buying a house for their family or putting a trust fund aside for their kids.

In modern times, it’s desirable for a man to have a good car, lots of wealth, a nice house, and to be the boss or run his own business.

Accumulating things such as a business or a house isn’t for a man’s own use, but for his family.

A lot of men now save money or buy property so they can leave something to their wife and children after they’re gone.

They see it as being the hero because of leaving their legacy. Men are providers and they need to feel that way.

3. He needs to fix things and save the day

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

We’ve mentioned buying a house for the family and helping with the finances as things that make men feel like heroes.

However, they can feel heroic even through some simple acts.

If you need something fixed, let your man be the one who will help and save the day. Remember that and use it to make him feel needed.

4. It’s important that you understand his hero instinct

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

It’s especially important if you want a man to commit to a relationship with you or fall in love with you.

There is a lot of advice on how to achieve that, but you can do all those things and still not get your man to be forever loyal to you.

The truth is, a man won’t be able to sustain your relationship unless he feels like the biggest hero in history when he’s with you and that is why you need to understand this subject. 

Use that knowledge, and you’ll become his eternal love and biggest priority.

If he doesn’t see that you think of him as a hero, you can be the prettiest woman in the world, but he still won’t commit.

5. You need to make him feel like a hero

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

There are many ways for you to achieve that, and we’ll get to it soon.

For now, you should know that the more appreciation you show for him and the things he does for you, the more he will love you. 

Men actually fall in love because of the way a girl makes them feel so it’s less about you and more about how he feels around you.

That is why it’s important for you to praise him and the things that he does.

You have to appeal to that instinct of his so that he will sustain a relationship with you.

6. You don’t need to be saved, he just needs to think that you do

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Making your man feel like a hero doesn’t mean that you should be any less of a strong and independent woman.

You can have your cake and eat it too. After all, most women don’t need a man to save them.

However, you have to understand that he needs to feel like he’s saving you.

So, you don’t need to play the damsel in distress; all you need to do is acknowledge how important it is to him to feel like a hero, and let him.

How to trigger a man’s hero instinct

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Learning how to trigger a man’s hero instinct is the best thing you can do for your love life.

It will make your man fall in love with you and stay committed to your relationship. 

Every man dreams of being a hero and you can make him your hero.

He will forever be grateful to you and appreciate you even more if you just listen to our advice.

Apply these 6 triggers into your relationship, and you’ll see the difference in no time.

I tried it in my marriage and things couldn’t have been better ever since my man finally started feeling like the hero he wants to be!

Your man might not put on a cape and fly through the sky to save a city in danger, but he can feel like you see him that way and it will mean the world to him.

Let your man save you, and you’ll save your relationship.

1. Ask him for help

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Of course, you don’t need to ask him for help with everything and you won’t lose your independence because he’ll still be aware that you are capable of doing everything on your own.

However, being too independent will make your man feel helpless and lost.

He wants to feel like he’s helping you, so why wouldn’t you let him? It’s actually really easy to make him feel useful, and what’s more, it benefits you. 

Ask for help with anything you want; it can be something as simple as changing a light bulb.

He will feel like a hero and really appreciate that you’ve asked for his help, even though you could have done it on your own. 

Of course, when choosing the job you’re going to give him, pick manly tasks, such as plumbing, engineering and fixing things.

If you ask him to do the dishes or go to your girlfriend’s baby shower for you, he’ll decline. The key takeaway is that he has to feel masculine.

When you’re not sure what the right decision is that you should make or are confused about something, ask him for advice.

You’ll get some useful advice from the most important person in your life and, in addition, he’ll feel like he has solved your problem so he saves the day once again, like a true hero.

What’s more, he’ll appreciate you opening up and asking for his opinion.

You can’t make a mistake by asking your man for help so when it comes to that jar I mentioned at the beginning, let him open it for you, even though you can do it on your own.

2. Say thank you

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

The most important part of this whole process is showing appreciation and gratitude for him.

It’s the biggest way in which you’ll make him feel like a hero so if you have asked for his help, don’t forget to say thank you.

It’s an easy way to show appreciation, and the more you show it, the more he’ll fall for you. 

Find other ways to show him your appreciation as well as he’ll realize that your appreciation makes him feel good, so he’ll want to spend more time with you.

What’s best about it is that he’ll start appreciating you more as well.

Men feel used and hurt when they aren’t thanked for what they have done, just like we do. 

Isn’t the feeling of not being appreciated for what you do around the house familiar to you?

Men need to be thanked when they do something, especially if you ask them to do it. Taking him for granted will only ruin what you have with him.

He isn’t your personal handyman and needs recognition in order to help you out again.

3. Set some challenges for him

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

Don’t overdo saying thank you. If he hasn’t earned that thank you, he won’t accept it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you don’t need to overdo it.

For instance, don’t start hugging him and thanking him for taking his shoes off when he walks in.

Men love challenges and that’s because challenges make them instantly feel like a hero, as it is like they’re given a mission.

What’s more, many of them are extremely competitive, so taking a challenge to prove themselves is something they look forward to.

Anything can be a challenge for your man, whether you ask him if he is up for a little redecorating or fixing your computer.

As for you, you get to sit back and relax while he does all the work to earn your appreciation.

After he has completed the challenge, don’t forget to give him the admiration and respect he has been working for.

I have to mention just one more thing here – men hate being nagged.

Planting a seed of some idea in his brain and letting it grow is more powerful than demanding something right away.

After you start challenging your man, you’ll see that it’s good for both of you.

4. Praise him in front of others for his work

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

What’s the one thing everyone notices about the movies with heroes?

It’s that they get recognition from everyone for the good that they’ve done so make your man feel like a true hero by doing this for him.

All it takes is for you to talk positively about him to others.

Talk about how he has really helped you and what he has done to make you feel so great and make a conscious effort to do this whenever you can.

Mention something specific or talk about your appreciation for him in general.

For instance, why not stop by his office with a cup of coffee to thank him for something he did for you.

Of course, his coworkers will be around and it will make him feel like he got his five minutes of glory.

His coworkers will think it’s sweet that you came by just to say thanks and will praise him too so he gets to feel great about you appreciating him and gets appreciated by everyone else at the same time, which will certainly make him feel like a true hero.

Actually, you should never talk negatively about your partner to others, unless you have serious issues.

If he finds out about it, it will make him feel hurt and betrayed. So, from now on, if you don’t have something positive to say about him, don’t say anything.

5. Make sure he knows how happy he makes you

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

You need to make him feel respected and appreciated by you in order to feel like a hero, but that’s not all.

Your man needs to know how happy he makes you; after all, isn’t that the purpose of your whole relationship?

If your man doesn’t feel like he makes you happy, he won’t stay with you.

Making sure he knows how happy he makes you is necessary, and it’s easy! After all, why would you stay with him if you aren’t happy?

The truth is, when people have been in a couple for a while, they tend to take each other for granted.

Most of the time, this is exactly the reason why they break up. Show your man your happiness because he needs to know that he’s a big reason for it.

Say, “You make me so happy,” to your man from time to time.

Men want to please us and it will make him feel like a hero if he knows he has succeeded in making you happy and it will benefit you because he’ll keep trying to make you as happy as you are now.

6. Let him do what he loves and support him

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct

There’s nothing your man will appreciate more than you letting him do whatever he loves doing.

This is especially important if he loves doing something masculine, like car mechanics or sports so if he plays basketball or collects old motorcycles, encourage it and support him.

Also, men love doing manly things with other men. If it’s important to him, you need to support it.

Even if it doesn’t interest you at all, you have to let him have time to do the masculine activities he likes.

For example, if he would like to go to the gym but you keep nagging him to do the laundry, he’ll feel restricted by those ‘feminine’ activities.

You have to support his hobbies. Tell him how amazing he is at it and how great his muscles look. Good luck!

6 Effective Ways To Trigger Your Man’s Hero Instinct min

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