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Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame: 6 Key Differences

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame: 6 Key Differences

Karmic relationship vs. twin flame – what’s the actual difference? In both these cases, the universe’s hands are involved, but many people don’t understand what’s actually going on.

Many people use these two terms interchangeably, but the truth is that there are multiple differences that we need to be aware of.

You’re currently in a relationship where you feel like it was sent from the universe to teach you something valuable. You just don’t know if this is something that karma brought your way, or if your two souls were intertwined through every lifetime that you’ve had.

Either way, both of these relationships have their own difficulties and paths that will lead you toward a bigger purpose. Love seems to have something in store for you, so you want to know if you should fight for this relationship or if it’s just a lesson you have to learn.

What is a twin flame relationship?

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame: 6 Key Differences

In the karmic relationship vs. twin flame debate, there are a few key differences you need to consider before you label your relationship. So, let’s start off by defining what a twin flame relationship is.

Well, the old Greeks believed that people were created by the gods with four feet and four arms. They had two heads and two hearts. As punishment for their sins, the gods decided to separate those bodies.

That’s when your twin soul came into existence. The two parts of the same body will forever search for each other. In every single lifetime, you’ll be searching for your twin flame.

Sometimes, these relationships can be extremely chaotic because you didn’t learn as much as you needed. For instance, you find each other, but you’re not compatible with each other. If anything, you feel immense love and attraction but are extremely toxic to each other.

However, once you’re ready to face each other, this relationship won’t experience any type of turbulence. You’ll fall into each other’s arms, and you’ll feel like your soul is finally at home.

What is a karmic relationship?

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame 6 Key Differences 2

Karmic relationship vs. twin flame: the discussion continues! Now we’re diving into what a karmic relationship actually entails.

A karmic relationship is almost impossible to maintain because it’s so toxic and volatile. It’s devastating how much damage it can do to your mental and emotional state, because of the extreme highs and lows that you’ll experience.

Karmic relationships are usually there to help you learn more about yourself, love, and romantic relationships. These relationships are short-lived because once you serve your karmic department, you’ll have to leave the relationship.

Karmic relationships are characterized by huge fights, arguments, and uncertainty. You’ll get worse before you get better. At first, it’ll bring out the worst parts of you until you learn what it means to love someone fully and honestly.

You’ll also be able to learn what you’re expecting in relationships and what you have to offer. You’ll learn your worth and start to choose yourself more.

This is perfect because you’ll learn what you need to know about yourself and how you can become a better partner for the actual love of your life. No one deserves to be stuck in a karmic relationship, because it’ll continue to spiral until it takes everything you can offer.

So now that we know a bit more about these two relationships, what are their differences?

Karmic relationship vs. twin flame: 6 key differences

1. Your connection

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame: 6 Key Differences

As forementioned, there are a couple of differences between these two types of relationships. But, probably the biggest difference is in the connection that you’ll have with your partner.

If you’re in a karmic relationship, you’ll feel an intense need for this person. It’ll be mostly physical and quite obsessive. There won’t be a deeper connection, even though you may feel like it’s there.

This physical connection and attraction towards each other will draw you into the relationship and it’ll feel like fire in your body. However, there’s no connection between your souls. Whenever you try to talk about something, the other person dismisses it.

You can’t understand what he’s saying, nor does he want to listen when you’re explaining a problem to him.

However, in a twin flame relationship, you can understand each other without even saying a word. Of course, you’ll be connected on a physical level as well, but the mental and emotional connection will be undeniable.

Every touch will feel so special and meaningful when you meet the eyes of your twin soul.

2. The lessons you’ll learn

Even the lessons you’ll learn in a karmic relationship are different from the ones in a twin flame relationship. There’s so much to learn in both of them, but they’re so different.

In a twin flame relationship, you’ll learn about genuine love. You’ll learn what it feels like to love and be loved. You’ll learn how amazing a romantic relationship actually can be and how you deserve to be loved.

Both of you will yearn for your twin soul in ways that you never thought to be possible.

In a karmic relationship, you’ll learn about all the things that a relationship shouldn’t be like. It’ll be intense and toxic to the point where you may think that love isn’t worth the fight, but you’ll start to love yourself unconditionally.

You’ll understand your own boundaries and what you shouldn’t settle for in your future relationships. It’ll be intense in an emotional sense because it’ll drain every ounce of energy you may have.

3. The benefits

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame 6 Key Differences 3

Only one of these relationships will benefit you, and you can probably guess which one that is.

A karmic relationship will break you into a million pieces. Of course, you can consider the lessons you’ll learn as benefits as well. You may think that this is the type of relationship that could benefit you more because the pain will teach you what you need in your life.

However, your twin flame will make you flourish. He won’t break you, he won’t hurt you, he won’t discourage you from the things you want to achieve.

You and your twin flame will push each other to become the best versions of yourself. There’s no chance that you’ll feel incompetent or insecure when you’re with your twin soul.

4. The longevity of the relationships

Karmic relationship vs. twin flame relationship: Which one will last longer?

Well, to be honest, a karmic relationship isn’t made to last. It simply exists to teach you a couple of lessons and to make you pay up your karmic debt. It doesn’t exist to last a lifetime.

However, a twin-flame relationship is exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if you don’t turn into each other’s life partners in this incarnation, but you’ll be together for a while.

You may realize that you want to continue your journey without each other, but your twin soul will follow you through every single reincarnation that you may have in the future.

However, there are so many instances where people search for their twin flame, so once they find each other, they’re not ready to let each other go. This type of relationship is sacred, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The universe created twin flames exactly for this reason. You’ll always find a way back to each other.

5. The destructiveness level of the struggles you’ll face

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame: 6 Key Differences

There’s not one relationship in this world that doesn’t face certain struggles. Nonetheless, a karmic relationship is filled with arguments, fights, and destructive behavior.

You’ll feel like you’re losing yourself the more you’re stuck in one. It will seem like you can’t get out of the state of depression and anxiety that this relationship put you in.

In a twin flame relationship, you’ll face certain struggles. But although there may be some differences between you two, you’ll be able to go through them with ease.

This is simply because your souls are connected on a higher level. It’ll seem like you’re floating through this experience because there’s nothing that can push you apart. You’ll be able to handle everything that this relationship throws your way because you know, even on a subconscious level, that this relationship is made to last.

6. The compatibility

Karmic relationship or twin flame, which one gives you a feeling of unity? Well, you can probably guess this one as well.

You’ll never feel like you’re entirely compatible with your karmic partner. Even though there may be a lot of intense emotions, you’ll see that your life paths aren’t compatible. There’s nothing that’s giving you that sense of stability.

You won’t have the same goals in life or the same outlook on your future and romance.

On the other hand, your twin flame partner will be your mirror soul. He’ll be good at things that you never thought about, while you’re fulfilling the things that he’s lacking.

A twin flame is your perfect match. Your compatibility will be obvious to you as well as to everyone around you. This is probably one of the most obvious differences between these two relationships.

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