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Karmic Soulmate Meaning: What’s With This Toxic Connection?

Karmic Soulmate Meaning: What’s With This Toxic Connection?

What is the meaning of a karmic soulmate? Is there something that you need to be aware of? Are you currently in a relationship with your karmic soulmate?

You bonded with your partner almost immediately. He seems like the person that you could spend the rest of your life with, but something just isn’t right.

You feel it deep within you that this is going to hurt and that you won’t leave this relationship without breaks and bruises. Something is going on, and you’re sure that the universe’s hands are involved.

The way you met and the way your relationship is going isn’t something that usually happens to people.

So, what is a karmic relationship? What’s the meaning of a karmic soulmate? And what are some signs that you’re stuck in a karmic relationship that will eventually end in a lot of tears?

Well, the good thing is that you can learn all the answers to those questions in this article. We’ll help you find the explanations you need.

What’s the meaning of a karmic soulmate?

Karmic Soulmate Meaning: What's With This Toxic Connection?

You’ve heard about both of these terms, am I correct?

Everyone is saying that karma will get the ones that wronged you. Which can also be presented as: “What goes around, comes around”. It’s believed that everyone has karma and that it’ll come back to you.

Your karma depends on your actions. If you’ve been a good person, then karma will bring the best things forward for you. However, the bad people in this world have to be on the lookout. Karma has no mercy for those who wronged others.

The second term is a soulmate. That’s someone with whom you have a strong emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical connection. It’s like your souls were made from the same star.

Being in a relationship with your karmic soulmate is oftentimes intense and volatile, with extreme highs and lows. You feel like you’re constantly on an emotional roller-coaster.

Even though the connection is so strong between you two, these relationships don’t last long. This isn’t your life partner, but rather a lesson that you need to learn before you find the person that you’re destined to be with.

You need to be extremely careful with this relationship because it can be very destructive. People have said that it left them broken afterward.

So, are you in a relationship with your karmic soulmate?

8 signs you’re in a relationship with your karmic soulmate

1. The infatuation is instant

The meaning of a karmic soulmate is obvious once you meet him. You’ll find out what an instant connection is like, and you’ll be infatuated by this man right away.

At first, you’ll feel like this is the man of your dreams. You’ll want to spend every waking hour with him and talk to him, touch him, and learn more about him.

However, infatuation isn’t love. This phase is very significant for this type of relationship.

Usually, people need more time to fall in love with someone. To get to know each other and then decide whether they’re right for each other. But with a karmic soulmate, you’ll feel an instant connection that burns like a fire from within.

2. He’ll bring out the worst in you

Karmic Soulmate Meaning Whats With This Toxic Connection 2 1

Here’s where the relationship becomes so toxic. The sign of a karmic soulmate can be seen in the way he triggers the worst parts of you. He’ll trigger your biggest traumas and insecurities. You’ll never feel like you’re enough, and you’ll see parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

You’ll start to argue about things that you never thought you’d argue about. There will be times when you’ll feel extremely jealous and disrespected. You’ll even find yourself in situations where you’re completely hysteric. You didn’t even know that you could become this person, but here we are.

This is when you know that this isn’t the type of soulmate that’s meant to stay in your life forever. This is a karmic bond that you need to learn from and then let go of.

3. There are too many coincidences that led you to him

When you look back, it’s quite easy to mistake your karmic soulmate for your actual soulmate, or even your twin flame. There were so many coincidences that led you into each other’s arms that it seemed like the universe wanted the two of you to be together.

Well, you’re not completely wrong. The universe is trying to help you release your karma and find your actual soulmate afterward. However, this relationship is quite toxic.

Before you became an item, you’d see him everywhere. You would bump into him constantly. He may have dated your friend even before you two started dating. There’s just so much that played into this entire relationship.

It’s easy to confuse these signs with something good. However, the meaning of a karmic soulmate doesn’t change just because of the circumstances that led to you meeting each other.

4. You constantly feel anxious

Karmic Soulmate Meaning: What's With This Toxic Connection?

This karmic bond isn’t one you expected. It’s not something positive, but rather an occurrence that brings a lot of anxiety into your life.

You feel panicked about your future as if there’s always something that may go wrong. You’re not far from the truth. Your body and soul know that this isn’t the person that you should be with forever.

Which is exactly why your mind is never at ease. You can feel yourself drifting into obsessive thoughts, trying to figure out what’s actually going on.

Also, this anxiety can be based on real-life events. When you’re in an unstable relationship like this one, you know that bad things will never stop happening.

5. You can’t seem to communicate

Whatever you say seems to go over his head. Whatever he says throws you into a screaming fest.

You’re unable to communicate properly. The only thing that comes out when trying to talk about issues you’re facing is hurtful words. You end up insulting one another without even trying.

A karmic relationship is extremely toxic precisely because of these moments. You manipulate each other, gaslight each other, and end up hurting more than ever before.

Even though you know that communication is key to a healthy relationship, you can’t communicate with this man, no matter how hard you try.

6. The relationship is extremely unpredictable

Karmic Soulmate Meaning Whats With This Toxic Connection 4 1

The meaning of a karmic soulmate is one that transcends reason. You need to understand that this relationship will be extremely unpredictable.

There’s not a chance in the world that it will be secure and stable enough for you to predict what happens next. You never know how he’ll react when you bring up an issue. You never know if he’ll cheat on you or disrespect you.

One day, he’s the best boyfriend a girl can ask her. On these days, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

But you know that this won’t last long. You’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your relationship is so unstable that the bad days are eating at your mental health.

You go off on each other, even on days when nothing led up to it. But a karmic partner exists in order to keep you on your toes – it’ll never be easy with this man.

7. You become extremely codependent

A karmic bond can also be seen in the codependency that occurs. At one point or another, your relationship became so toxic that you became codependent on your partner.

It’s like when people abuse substances, and they end up getting addicted to them. They know that it’s not good for them, but they also don’t know how to stop. That’s what’s so scary about addictions.

Your karmic relationship brought you to the point where you don’t have any friends and your relationship with your family is on the rocks. He’s the only person you have in your life, which is exactly why you cling to him.

If it was a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t be in this state. Being in a healthy relationship also means that you’ll maintain other healthy relationships.

But you’re codependent on your karmic soulmate. And as we all know, codependency never ends well.

8. You learn a lot about yourself and relationships

Karmic Soulmate Meaning: What's With This Toxic Connection?

The meaning of a karmic soulmate can best be seen through the amount of lessons that you’ll learn about each other and romantic relationships. You’ll learn what you do and don’t want in your life.

You’ll learn that love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to be a safe space for your worries, hopes, and dreams.

Your karmic soulmate will never be able to grant you the things that you need in a relationship. He won’t be able to give you the respect you deserve, nor will he understand the boundaries that you set.

So, once you’re able to leave this hellhole of a relationship, you’ll be a much better partner for the man who’s actually meant to stay by your side forever.

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