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7 Karmic Relationship Stages: Steps That Alter Your Destiny

7 Karmic Relationship Stages: Steps That Alter Your Destiny

Karmic relationships usually don’t last a long time, but the intense emotions they make you feel are definitely out of this world. Everything is happening so fast and at one point, you may start wondering where will this bond eventually take you. So, what are the karmic relationship stages, and how do they develop?

For starters, these relationships are real emotional roller-coasters. They’re full of ups and downs, anger and passion, resentment and hope. The moment you meet your karmic partner, you have that sense that you’ve met a long-lost part of yourself. It truly feels as if you’ve finally met your soulmate.

But as your relationship moves forward, you realize that your expected soulmate is actually just a painful lesson you have to learn. What a bummer!

A karmic relationship is challenging and will definitely test your boundaries to the max. So, if you see all the signs you’re stuck in one and want to know where it will take you, then keep on reading. You’re about to find out your destiny.

Stages of a karmic relationship

7 Karmic Relationship Stages: Steps That Alter Your Destiny

Complex relationships such as this one usually come in waves. They’re always divided into different stages, which represent different chapters that are supposed to teach you a lesson.

Let’s see what’s about to happen and how this relationship is going to change your life forever.

1. The meeting is close

We all dream of our perfect partner and romanticize meeting them. We imagine the moment when our soulmate grazes our hand at a crowded café, looks us deep into the eyes, and smiles apologetically. Then, he invites you to sit down with him and from that point on, the rest is history.

With a karmic partner, you may not get a chance to experience your romantic version of a meeting, but you’ll definitely feel that something is about to happen. Your gut feeling will try to warn you that you’re about to meet someone significant, a person who’s going to change your life.

It’s hard to explain this sensation, as there are no words that could describe the way you feel at this point. It’s just that your intuition is trying to tell you that things won’t be the same ever again.

You may even dream about this specific person or a place where the meeting will happen. All in all, you know something is about to occur, but you’re not entirely sure what or when.

2. Everything is a coincidence

7 Karmic Relationship Stages Steps That Alter Your Destiny 2

You and your partner will meet by chance. There won’t be anything special about the meeting, as it will happen at the most random spot.

The main reason the events play out this way is that fate brought you together. The universe already had a plan for your paths to cross, and there was nothing you could do to change that.

But the weirdest part about it is the fact that, even though you just met, you already feel as if you’ve known each other your whole life. You experience this weird connection and know you can’t let this person go.

In the beginning, you think it’s because they’re your soulmate, but in the end, you realize that you felt this closeness with them simply because they were meant to help you grow as a person. But, more on that in a bit.

3. Intense feelings all over the place

Your whole relationship is going to be intense. From the very beginning till the very end, you’ll feel strong emotions that will make you question yourself. You never had any idea that you had so much passion inside you, but your karmic partner will bring all those feelings to the surface.

When you tell your friends about your partner, they will probably mention how you’re moving too fast. To other couples, your relationship will be too sudden, but to the two of you, everything will feel just right.

Your connection will truly be out of this world and something you never experienced before. Infatuation is probably the best term you could use to describe how you feel about your partner. But even that isn’t even close to your current emotions.

If someone were to tell you to marry this person right away, you would most definitely do it, without a doubt. It’s because, at this point, you feel like this person is everything you ever wanted and more. The two of you share a connection you never felt with anyone, and you don’t want to lose it.

But just bear in mind that these feelings won’t last forever. What you’re feeling right now will be fast gone. Sounds impossible, right? But here’s what will happen next.

4. Here comes the trouble

7 Karmic Relationship Stages: Steps That Alter Your Destiny

Two days ago, you thought that you couldn’t live without your partner. Now, you have a different opinion.

All of a sudden, you realize that your partner isn’t as perfect as you assumed. When you think about it, you realize that there are tons of things about him that annoy you to the bone.

It could be his lame sense of humor or the fact that he always plays the victim. Maybe it’s his selfishness or controlling behavior. Whatever the case, you start to realize that this man isn’t who you thought him to be. And that maybe, you fell in love with the idea of him that you created in your head.

From this point on, you start to resent him more. His behavior annoys you, and your relationship has more bad days than good.

A part of you will still love him, but you’ll start wondering if it’s enough for the two of you to make things work. Will you ever be truly happy with him, or are you expecting too much out of this whole situation?

And while you’re overthinking your relationship, you start getting into even more arguments and fights that lead nowhere. Everything will turn out to be more dramatic than you wanted it.

5. Repetition of toxic patterns

7 Karmic Relationship Stages Steps That Alter Your Destiny 4

At this point, troubles in paradise will put a real test on your relationship. But you still won’t be able to break up with your partner. You’ll feel the need to give him another chance and see if anything changes for the better.

So, you try to make things work, but on that road to recovery, you’ll realize one thing: He’s not willing to change!

Every argument ends the same way, and he won’t do anything about it. Every issue remains unresolved since he doesn’t bother communicating with you. That’s when you realize that things won’t change, no matter what.

You’ll notice that your partner has toxic patterns that he doesn’t plan on breaking. He’s not about to alter himself for you or your relationship, and you can’t convince him otherwise.

This is also the part of your karmic relationship where your limits are tested. The universe is trying to teach you a lesson in which you’ll grow as a person. It’s trying to push you to break the karmic cycle and get yourself out of it.

6. Should you stay or should you go?

After everything you’ve been through, you start to wonder if you should keep fighting for this relationship. Is it time for you to pack your bags and leave, or should you give your partner one more chance?

At this point, you may already feel emotionally drained. What started as an intense affection is now a desperate attempt to make things work. You’re not really sure if you have the energy to fight for this. Maybe it’s better to save yourself from any additional emotional torture and leave before it’s too late.

This will be one of the hardest decisions you ever had to make. Karmic relationships may look messy from the outside, but once you find yourself stuck in one, it’s hard to find a way out of it. Even though everyone keeps telling you to break up, it’s a decision that you have to make on your own.

And until something finally clicks in you, you won’t be able to walk away.

7. The karmic cycle is broken

7 Karmic Relationship Stages: Steps That Alter Your Destiny

You’ve made up your mind. It wasn’t an easy decision, but you had to do it for the sake of your well-being. After all the ups and downs you’ve experienced, you’ve realized that the time has come for you to leave.

You now clearly see that this relationship was never meant to last forever. It was only a temporary station on your way to healing and growing as a person. In the beginning, you never planned things to end this way, but right now, you know that every moment spent with your karmic partner led you here.

Breaking a karmic cycle is a torturous task that’s only for the strong-willed. It tests your boundaries and pushes you to the breaking point. But if you succeed in escaping it, you’ll know that you’ve learned your lessons.

You’ve paid your karmic debt, and you finally realize what you won’t tolerate in any of your future relationships. No matter how much you love the other person.

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