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INFJ And ENTP: Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos?

INFJ And ENTP: Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos?

If it’s true that the opposites attract, then INFJ and ENTP relationship is a match made in heaven. Or maybe not?

Even though these two seem to be on the opposite sides of the personality spectrum, it’s actually far from that. These individuals are closer than you think and this relationship is at the helm of success. You don’t believe me?

Ask INFJ and ENTP partners!

They tend to stay in long-term relationships and it seems like they do it effortlessly. Of course, not a single relationship can survive without compromising and understanding, so neither can this one.

Are you wondering how can rigidity and chaos co-exist?

If you know the whole story about yin and yang, then you know that the white dot in the black part and vice versa, indicate the presence and unity of two opposites.

Similar to yin and yang, INFJ and ENTP relationship represents unity in diversity, change and harmony, accuracy and absurdity – all in one.


INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

In order for us to tackle the type of relationship INFJ and ENTP have, we need to understand each type independently. Since you’re reading this article, you’re familiar with the 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The MBTI is a self-report questionnaire designed to identify a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences. It was developed based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types and it has four main categories: introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

So, what do INFJ and ENTP stand for?

INFJ – Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging

According to this personality test, INFJs are the least common type in the population. They love spending time alone (and they need it!) and they are focused more on ideas, rather than facts. INFJs will always listen to their hearts and let their feelings lead them to the extraordinary things they want to achieve.

They feel deeply, have a strong desire to make the world a better place, and tend to develop meaningful connections with other people. However, they appreciate emotional privacy. They’re also the ones who strictly follow rules and schedules, rather than being spontaneous.

To others, they seem quiet, sensitive, and sometimes reserved. INFJs are truly understanding and caring towards other people. They are constantly open to learning, self-growth, and development. Perfectionism is their second name and they are prone to burnout if they don’t find balance.

INFJs will never follow the road that is anything close to ordinary and they will withdraw if someone disrespects them or their feelings and values.

ENTP – Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perceiving

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 2

When it comes to the ENTP type, they make up 3% of the general population. They love spending time with people and are, actually, focused more on ideas as well. They make decisions based on logic and reason, and they are the ones who enjoy being spontaneous.

As with INFJs, ENTPs also want to make the world a better place, and they are eager to solve problems that others think are impossible. Challenges are what drive them and they will figure out everything on the go. They often question tradition and will most likely refuse to do the same task twice.

Others see them as charming, open-minded, and friendly people. They try to impress with their witty comebacks and interesting facts they know. ENTPs come off as confident and creative individuals who like talking about eccentric ideas.

Sometimes, they come across as unreliable because they’d rather discuss the concept than make it a reality. Also, they may struggle with describing details, because they tend to see the bigger picture.


It’s always a bit difficult to talk about or predict compatibility in romantic relationships, but that’s not the case with this couple. This relationship will go the distance, but only if both partners are committed and ready to compromise.

These two are able to talk about anything and everything and it will never get boring. However, INFJs can sometimes be annoyed because ENTPs will talk about big things they want to achieve, which rarely come into existence.

When working on something together, you have to go through every detail – you shouldn’t assume you’re on the same page. People with INFJ personality type love to complete things in order and do them according to the schedule they’ve created beforehand.

On the contrary, ENTP type will figure out things while they’re working and they are really flexible with fulfilling their tasks. If communicated well, these two can make a perfect team because they will be able to fill in the gaps for each other.

The INFJ partner can, by default, be the one who listens because the ENTP partner speaks quicker and usually has more to say. This, however, can be really comfortable for both, since introverts don’t like to draw attention to themselves.

Then again, as soon as you find common ground, this relationship will flourish and you’ll make everyone around you want to have what you two have!

Why is INFJ attracted to ENTP?

Introverts hardly like to spend time with anyone but themselves. But, what is so attractive in ENTPs that makes them want to give up their solitary peace?

1. They don’t have to guess what the other person thinks

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

The relationship with ENTPs can be a bit difficult since they won’t think twice before speaking their mind. Plot twist – INFJs love this!

People with the INFJ personality type tend to overthink and overanalyze everything, so having a partner by their side that will be vocal about their needs and feelings is like an answer to all of their prayers.

ENTP is straightforward, so INFJ doesn’t have to guess what their partner is trying to say.

2. They do whatever they want

The thing that INFJs admire the most about ENTPs is that they do whatever the hell they want. They confidently walk through life and gladly accept any challenge life throws at them, which is something INFJs can only dream of.

ENTP partners are not afraid to speak up and always stand firmly behind their words.

3. They have a logical mind

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 4

As already mentioned, the letter F in the INFJ personality type stands for Feelings. They make decisions based on their feelings, but what they find extremely attractive about ENTP people is their logical minds.

Even with their introverted thinking, they can understand what an ENTP person is thinking. INFJs learn from their partners and will never consider that trait as something negative or insensitive.

4. They are mysterious

ENTPs are extroverts, that’s true. However, there is some kind of mysterious veil surrounding them. INFJs can easily read people, which is not the case with an ENTP person. That is very intriguing for people with an INFJ personality type.

Extraverts appear carefree and relaxed on the outside, but they hide a lot behind their facade.

5. Their curiosity

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

One trait that is really appealing to INFJs is ENTPs’ curiosity. They want to explore everything and learn as much as they can.

Introverts find that irresistible since they love to experiment and discover new things as well.

Why is ENTP attracted to INFJ?

Now we know what draws introverts towards these wonderful extroverts. But why do ENTPs fall for INFJs?

Let’s find out!

1. They are empathetic

INFJs are really warm and considerate towards others. Sometimes it seems like they put the needs of others in front of their own.

However, this is exactly what attracts ENTPs. They can go out to the loud world and come back to their person. INFJs will also help them to understand their feelings better.

2. They speak emotions

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 6

This is where the opposites attract, right? ENTPs are going to do whatever they want, yet they are not able to express their emotions freely.

On the other side, INFJs don’t hesitate to show everything inside because that’s who they are when the lights are out. ENTPs absolutely love that!

3. They can understand ENTP’s logical mind

Most of the time, it’s not easy to understand why ENTPs are talking about irrational things, but INFJs are the most rational feelers.

They enjoy listening to ENTPs and ENTPs are dazzled because someone finally understands them.

4. They don’t judge

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

As some say, ENTPs are the devil’s advocate, but they mostly speak for others.

INFJs will make ENTPs feel safe and therefore confident to eventually reveal their true self. They will be able to say whatever is on their mind without fear of being judged. And as we know by now, INFJs love authenticity, right?

5. They are mysterious

Who doesn’t like a healthy dose of mystery? Surely both of these personality types do and that brings them together.

How do INFJs stay focused on their schedule? How can they talk about different things and have me-time in only 24h? Those are just some of the mysteries ENTPs would like to solve.

9 reasons why they belong together

Apparently, both ENTP and INFJ enjoy each other’s company and characteristics. So, what are the main reasons these two belong together?

They are in the middle of the personality spectrum, which means they are more similar than other types. Surely, the one rationalizes things, the other one feels; one is an extravert, the other introvert. But they are actually two sides of the same coin.

If you’re questioning my words, I’ll give you 9 signs that prove INFJ and ENTP are a perfect match. Hope you’re ready!

1. Both are growth-minded

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 8

Both of these personality types aspire to do great things in life. And they want to acquire that through self-improvement, learning, and growth.

You’ll catch them sharing books or educational videos and they will often share advice with one another. They will use every opportunity to show off their strengths and somehow help the other person.

The INFJs will be able to share some tips about organizing, and help ENTPs to prioritize and progress towards their goals.

However, ENTPs have also a lot to put on the table. The determination they have in achieving what they want will also push INFJs to work harder. They will keep motivating each other and will surely make a great team.

2. They support each other

Whether we’re talking about goals or self-growth, these individuals will be the biggest cheerleaders for each other. They will compensate for their differences and push each other forward.

The INFJs will hold ENTPs grounded and sane because they’ll help with acknowledging and feeling feelings. They will help ENTPs to prioritize their goals and reach them faster. The INFJ people are great personality boosters which others recognize and appreciate a lot.

When it comes to ENTPs’ part in this relationship, they will be the biggest support for INFJs. Not only will they offer study advice, but also greatly motivate INFJs to make a serious difference. They will help feelers to go past their emotions and get to the facts quicker.

3. Their communication is next level

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

Never assume you’ll be able to understand what these two are talking about. One moment, they will talk about the birth of a star, in another, they will try to rationalize why is the sky blue.

INFJ people look for uniqueness and a deeper connection with someone they’re talking with, and ENTPs will openly speak their minds, which INFJs highly appreciate. They are both NOT interested in superficial things and you’ll rarely catch them in small talk.

They like to spice up their already interesting discussions with some humor and wit, which may confuse others.

4. There’s no fight for attention

Neither of these personality types is the one to fight for attention. They are naturally likable, so people are simply drawn to them without their effort.

Being in the center of attention is the last thing on INFJ’s list. When surrounded by people, they tend to pick conversations that seem interesting to them.

Although drawing attention is not something most of ENTPs will obsess over either, they don’t mind it. However, if you’re craving some attention from your partner, there are plenty of ways to make an introvert miss you (but that’s another story).

As obvious as it is by now, there will be no place for fighting for attention in this relationship. Since they care about the well-being of others, they will shower each other with care and love and they won’t expect anything in return.

5. ENTP pushes INFJ to try new things

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 10

Even though INFJs are a bit reserved, restless ENTPs will nudge them out of their comfort zone. This relationship will be dynamic and full of adventure.

It’s going to be really adventurous for both of the personalities. Of course, ENTP will be the one to organize fun and interesting activities that may be a bit weird at first for INFJs.

I’m not going to lie though, they will both enjoy those activities to the fullest.

6. INFJ loves ENTP’s quirks

To ENTPs, being rebellious is not strange, no matter the gender. Little quirks they have will attract INFJs, as we already mentioned.

ENTPs have some qualities other people may find weird, but INFJs will enjoy their uniqueness. Being able to balance on the edge of absurdity and still be adorable is what INFJs will undeniably fall for.

People with ENTP personality type confidently walk on the path everyone avoids and INFJs admire that.

7. Creativity moves both of them

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

The INFJ and ENTP relationship is far from usual since both are extremely creative types. They love thinking about the future and they are mostly focused on talking about it.

Being highly imaginative and smart at the same time will take them places. If they start some kind of business partnership, it may become really successful.

This is the team that can make each other’s craziest dreams become reality.

8. They both want to help others

Each one of them has their own personal view, but when coupled, they will work together on achieving a higher goal. The ENTPs are focused on entrepreneurship and they want to make the world a more effective place.

On the other hand, INFJs are humanitarians and they want to help others in any way they can. These people will learn a lot from each other when in any kind of relationship and will strive to become the best they can be.

If both are eager to accommodate and compromise on the steps that lead to their final goal, this couple can do wonders.

9. Both of them want to enjoy life

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 12

Their desire for pleasure drives them both through relationships and life. They can easily engage in similar hobbies, which could help them to connect on an even greater level.

INFJs and ENTPs are bound to come up with bold things and that trait will make them follow through with it. However, having quiet and calm moments in a relationship may feel odd and they may walk away from each other.

If they don’t accept the fact that it doesn’t have to be exciting all the time, this relationship will eventually end.

Weaknesses of the relationship

So after tackling all the reasons these two should be together and why they make such a great couple, it’s obvious that they can have a healthy relationship.

But in the end, there’s always a flip side to the coin. It’s time for us to figure out the weaknesses this relationship can have.

1. Making decisions isn’t easy

INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos

The decision-making process is not the same for both types, so this is where they may face difficulties.

INFJs take time to make a decision. They want to think about everything carefully before deciding what to do.

ENTPs, on the other hand, want to make the decision right away, as and when needed. That may cause them to make a reckless choice that INFJs won’t be happy about.

2. Sticking to the schedule vs. flexibility

Another problem that may arise is about ENTP’s flexibility and INFJ’s sticking to the schedule.

ENTPs absolutely adore spontaneity and they don’t want to be micromanaged by anyone. They are independent and like to do things their way.

On the other hand, INFJs love scheduling and arrangements in advance. That actually helps them to stay organized and focused on the tasks they have to do.

If there won’t be any compromising, both may feel overwhelmed and that’s when the relationship is destined to fail.

3. Organized vs. messy

DONE INFJ and ENTP Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos 14

ENTPs are by nature a bit messy. Their personality is vibrant and sometimes they can be scattered. This is going to annoy INFJs who are tidy people and like to have everything organized.

INFJs have the need to take care of their household and its structure, which at times may be really difficult if they are in a relationship with an ENTP person.

How can INFJ and ENTP relate better?

There are a couple of things both INFJ and ENTP can do if they want their relationship to be successful. So, let’s go through them.

ENTPs should give space to INFJ people so they can reflect on their ideas and proposals. They need time to give a thoughtful response, and even though it sometimes feels irrational, INFJs intuition will take them on the right path.

Also, as an ENTP you have to be supportive of your partner’s ideas and be patient with them to open up. Please be considerate when changing plans as well, because your flexibility can sometimes drive your partner insane.

As an INFJ in this relationship, you have to speak up for yourself. Don’t take things personally and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your partner.

You have to be patient with changes and try to be a bit more flexible when it comes to making plans. Your ENTP partner will also challenge your ideas to get the reasoning behind them, so don’t think they are not validating your opinion.

In the end, I want to tell you that yes, this relationship may be bliss, but only if both partners are ready to work on it. It will require a lot of compromise, communication, and love for each other.

If you manage to work on it properly, then the sky is the only limit for you two. Good luck!

INFJ and ENTP: Couple Goals Or Utter Relationship Chaos?

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