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19 Signs He Doesn’t Care About The Relationship

19 Signs He Doesn’t Care About The Relationship

It is actually pretty easy to spot the signs he doesn’t care about the relationship, but it’s hard to accept that fact, so we keep pretending like everything is okay and ignore the signs.

But that doesn’t help the situation, and the only thing you are achieving is deceiving yourself because it’s hard to admit the truth. Still, if he really is showing warning signs and you are stuck in a toxic relationship, this will most certainly lead to heartbreak, so it’s better to face the facts now before it’s too late.

You will notice yourself that something is wrong, but you will ask yourself why he isn’t trying to fix things, why he isn’t arguing with you and why he is staying in the relationship if he isn’t happy.

But the truth is, he probably doesn’t care about the relationship enough to try and make it work, and he is too much of a coward to end things.

You will hear sentences from him like, “I don’t have to justify myself to you,” “Do what you want,” “I don’t trust you,” “If you don’t like it find someone else,” and others that are just red flags and what men say when they don’t care anymore.

One day he will be calling and texting you, and things will finally seem okay, but then the next, he won’t answer his phone at all. And just when you get used to not having him around, he will show up again, and things will start all over again.

You don’t plan ahead to see each other, and he gives you last-minute notice just because all of his other plans have fallen apart. He isn’t scared of leaving you disappointed; in fact, he does it all the time because he is not afraid of losing you. If he also keeps talking about how he isn’t ready to commit, these are clear signs he doesn’t care about the relationship.

What you need to understand is that you deserve to be in a healthy relationship and to have someone who pays attention to the little things your boyfriend stopped doing a long time ago.

When my boyfriend dismisses my feelings, I tell him that I have no intention of staying in a toxic relationship, and he has to treat me right if he wants me to stay with him.

Sometimes that works, if he actually does care about you, but in other cases, he will say that you can leave if you aren’t happy with him, and that is definitely a red flag and your cue to leave because he obviously doesn’t care enough to fight for you and make you stay.

If he isn’t scared of losing you, it means that he feels like he has nothing to lose, and you don’t have to take that because you deserve so much better.

You deserve to have someone who will cherish you and be scared of losing you because you mean so much to him. When my boyfriend dismisses my feelings, I make it clear to him that I don’t have to put up with that, and I deserve better. And you should do the same because if he actually cares for you, he will put in an effort to change. But if he doesn’t want to change and work on the relationship, it simply doesn’t mean that much to him. And you don’t need to be with someone who will take you for granted.

Read on to discover the signs he doesn’t care about you and takes your relationship for granted to find out the truth before it’s too late. It’s better to find out sooner than later because it will only hurt you more the longer you wait to end things with a man who doesn’t appreciate you enough to put in a little effort into your relationship.

Signs he doesn’t care about the relationship

He has stopped texting you and doesn’t even answer his phone. Lately, he seems strange, distant, and difficult, and you have noticed something is wrong, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He is acting differently toward you, and there is a change in his personality, so what is going on?

Maybe it’s only a question of getting comfortable in the relationship, and the honeymoon phase has passed, but he still cares for you. But it could be that he is actually showing signs he doesn’t care about your feelings anymore and might even be looking for a new girlfriend.

Every one of us girls would like to be appreciated by the man she loves, but sometimes things just don’t happen the way we dreamed, and the harsh reality breaks our hearts. Surely he used to love you, otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten involved with you in the first place. But does he still love you?

People change, and so do their feelings, so it can happen that the love fades, and all that’s left is to stay civilized during a break-up. Still, don’t rush into anything until you read all the signs he doesn’t care about the relationship, and notice if he is showing all or some of them.

1. He is always busy and doesn’t spend time with you

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

Maybe he has a lot to deal with it at his job, but that isn’t an excuse for not spending time with you because we are always able to find time for people who mean something to us.

You need to understand that guys are never too busy to be with the girl they love, so if he never has time to be with you, it’s one of the signs he doesn’t care about the relationship. Because for a relationship to work, you both have to be equally active in making it work by spending time together.

You are simply no longer a priority to him, and that is one huge red flag. It means he has a choice between you and his job or a hobby or friend and he will choose all those other things ahead of you. He is actually too busy to be a part of the relationship.
If he has, in addition, become distant and avoids spending time with you, the warning signs couldn’t be clearer.

2. You have to chase him

If you feel like you have to beg for his love and always chase after him, these are the warning signs that he simply doesn’t care anymore. And be aware of the painful truth – the more you chase him, the faster he will run.

You must understand that he is most likely not worth it. Why would you chase someone who doesn’t want to be chased? It will only cause you tears and pain. You must remember that you should not beg for anyone’s love.

Let him go if he wants to go and never look back because you don’t need to chase someone who doesn’t want to be with you when there are surely a lot of guys who would chase you instead, and you deserve that.

Being the only one who puts effort into the relationship will drain you emotionally, and you must remember that both partners need to contribute equally to the relationship in order for it to succeed. And he is certainly not going to appreciate your efforts since he is making you chase him.

3. He talks to you carelessly and blames you for everything

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

You will see the difference in the way he addresses you because he will rarely use the sweet nicknames he used to call you when you first started dating.

He might also become verbally abusive by using your weaknesses against you, and there is no reason why you should take that kind of behavior. He might even start calling you names instead of cute nicknames. All in all, he will make you feel like a fool because he simply doesn’t care about you anymore.

And when you two have a fight, he will find a way to blame you for everything. He defends himself and blames you because it makes him feel better.

He doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions or his words. When a man doesn’t care about his girlfriend, he will always make her take the blame even if he knows he should be the one to blame.

4. He will show you with his text messages that he doesn’t care

Text messages can be the easiest way to see when someone doesn’t care for you anymore because it’s easier for people to say what they mean when texting than with a face-to-face approach.

Also, if it takes him a long time to reply to your texts, and when he finally does, he answers with one word, he is not interested in your relationship.

If he never asks questions, it means he isn’t interested in you. This is especially true if the only texts you have been getting from him lately are at night.

5. He stopped doing the little things he used to do

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

Whether it’s remembering an important date or giving you small signs of affection and thoughtful presents, he stopped doing such things because his love for you has faded away.

When he forgets an important date, you won’t be able to hear the remorse in his tone, and he won’t try to make up for it.

You don’t need to spend any more time with someone who doesn’t care enough for you to remember important details about you.

6. He is the one who makes all the decisions

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

He has stopped asking for your opinions when it comes to making important decisions because he doesn’t care about them anymore. He thinks he is more capable and smarter than you, which means that he doesn’t see you as an equal partner. He might even treat you like you are beneath him, and that is unacceptable.

If he has a need to be in complete control to feel like a bigger man and treats you like you are not capable of making decisions, you don’t need him putting you down or not respecting your opinions.

7. He refuses to make an effort

Why would you be with someone who doesn’t make an effort and refuses to work on your relationship? When you are the only one who’s trying, your relationship might as well be over since it concerns only you. If you are stuck in a one-way relationship, it’s time for you to give up on it if he refuses to make an effort.

He might even act like you leaving him won’t hurt him at all, and he is just a passive bystander in your relationship who doesn’t care about its future. Maybe he has even found someone else or has given up on your relationship altogether and is just waiting for you to give up as well.

It’s not fair that you have to do all the work in your relationship and it’s not what you deserve, so you should stop making an effort as well.

8. He doesn’t want to listen to you

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

We all know that communication is the key to a successful relationship, and without it, it can’t even be called a relationship. If you are starting to think that your boyfriend is no longer your friend and doesn’t care about anything you say, it is clear that he doesn’t care about your relationship anymore.

A man who refuses to listen to you also doesn’t respect you, and you don’t deserve that. You have to understand that you can’t have a relationship with someone who takes you for granted and doesn’t want to hear your opinions.

9. He never calls first

If he cares for you, you won’t always be the one who calls him first. By calling you first, he would show that he is thinking of you and wants to hear your voice. So if he has stopped doing that and you are always the one who calls him first, he might not care about you anymore.

In addition, if he always waits a long time before answering the phone, doesn’t show enthusiasm in his voice, and doesn’t want to talk to you for long, it’s obvious that he is no longer interested in you and your relationship. Sometimes, his actions will show you he no longer loves you before he says so himself.

10. He shows no interest in your life

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

In a successful relationship, your partner will want to know all the details about you and will always aim to get to know you better. He will want to hear all about your life. But if things aren’t like that in your relationship, there is definitely something wrong.

If he isn’t interested in hearing about your day, how you feel, or what’s bothering you, he no longer cares about your hopes and dreams.

Maybe he isn’t even interested in meeting your friends or family members and doesn’t even know what you do for a living or how you spend your free time.

11. He flirts with other girls

You need to get it in your head that a guy who loves you will have only you on his mind and will never risk the beautiful thing you two have for another woman. But if he is doing everything he can to replace you as soon as possible, your relationship is in trouble.

He will even flirt with other women in front of you without feeling any remorse. If you are in a situation like that, you need to tell him that you aren’t going to take that kind of behavior.

12. He isn’t jealous

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

Since he is already looking at other women, he won’t mind other guys looking at you because your relationship is already over, and he just hasn’t made that clear yet.

A guy who loves you will be afraid of losing you, so he will act jealous when he feels that someone could take you away from him. But if your guy doesn’t care about other men hitting on you, he doesn’t care if he loses you.

13. You are not a priority to him

A man who loves you with all his heart will make sure you are his top priority. But if he treats you like a second choice, he doesn’t care for you anymore.

He will always put everything else ahead of you and will be with you only when there’s nothing else to do.
You should never settle for being somebody’s second choice so instead find a man for whom you will always be a top priority.

14. He treats you the same as everyone else

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

When a man loves you, he thinks you are special and treats you accordingly. But if your man treats you like he does everyone else in his life, he doesn’t consider you an important part of his life.

You need to respect yourself, so don’t allow anyone to treat you that way. You shouldn’t be like everyone else to him, but a special person who is the most important one in his life.

15. He is not protective of you

Men are protective of the girl they love, and the safety of their loved one is very important to them. He would protect you from any ridicule, bullying, or harassment if he cared for you because love is protective.

But if he is even the one who is ridiculing or bullying you and it never crosses his mind to be protective of you, he doesn’t love you.

16. He isn’t concerned about your future

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

And that is because he doesn’t want to be a part of your future. If he cared for you, he would care about your future by making sure you pass your exams or do all your assignments. He would encourage you never to settle for less or give up on things because he sees a future with you and wants you to be successful.

But if he doesn’t care for you, he will only consider the here and now, because he doesn’t plan to be with you in the future, so your future doesn’t concern him.

17. He doesn’t want to make sacrifices for your relationship

Consider how much sacrifice he is willing to make for you to see if he really does love you. Because a guy who loves you would do anything just to be with you and make you happy, while putting his own needs aside.

But if he only thinks of himself and refuses to make even the smallest sacrifices, it is because he no longer cares for the relationship and is not willing to make sacrifices for someone he doesn’t see a future with.

Be careful when he becomes selfish because this is a sign that he cares less about you, and when it’s combined with his refusal to make sacrifices, he no longer wants to be invested in a relationship with you.

18. He doesn’t show you respect

20 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

Love can’t work without respect, and for a man to treat you right, he has to respect you. If he has lost all respect for you, he probably doesn’t even love you anymore. It’s hard to show respect to someone you do not care about.

You will see a lack of honesty in how he addresses and compliments you. He will also no longer value your opinion because he doesn’t respect you. You need to know that you deserve someone who will love and respect you. You should not tolerate disrespect in a relationship, especially if he is always rude to you.

19. He abuses you

People who love you will never abuse you; on the contrary, they will protect you from harm. So whether he is abusing you emotionally, verbally, or in any other way, leave now.

You don’t deserve having anyone raise their voice at you, let alone their hand, so if he is doing so, you should leave him immediately because he doesn’t love you, and you should never tolerate abuse in a relationship.

Unfortunately, many women stay in an abusive relationship due to low self-esteem, but don’t let yourself become one of them and don’t let him make you his victim.

You deserve so much better, and you should finally become aware of that because he doesn’t love you anymore and there is no reason for you to stay in a loveless relationship.

19 Signs He Doesn't Care About The Relationship

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