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Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation? 10 Clear Signs She Does

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation? 10 Clear Signs She Does

Does my wife miss me during separation? Has she found some other guy? If she hasn’t met anyone yet, is it because she’s thinking about giving us a second chance? 

These and many more questions pop into your head since you both decided that it’s time to separate. The act of separation is way more difficult than most people think and it’s usually accompanied by loads of questions: Is there a way to win my wife back? What was the reason we decided to separate? Does she even miss me? 

Perhaps you’re not aware of it, but if you’re wondering about whether or not she misses you, that’s a clear sign that it’s you who misses her in the first place. If the situation was different and you didn’t reminisce on your past memories with her, then you wouldn’t think about her for a second.

That’s why you’re still keeping her gifts at your house, and you feel sad and lonely every time something reminds you of her.

If you’re honest with yourself, you miss how beautiful your marriage was and how you always had someone who had your back, come hell or high water. Once things got too complicated and messy, though, you both agreed that it was time to separate.

Now that you’ve realized how much she means to you and you’ve finally accepted that you made a mistake, you’re wondering if your wife misses you during separation.

And the thing is, it bugs you not knowing how she feels about you or where she actually is and with whom. The only thing that you do know is that you can’t live without her and you want to give your marriage a second chance.

What caused the separation?

Before jumping right to the signs she misses you, it’s important that you recognize the root of your problems and what actions or behavior led to your wife asking for separation.

I know you’re eager to get her back because you miss her, but you must recognize your mistakes and work on them to be a better husband to your wife once you get her back.

1. Infidelity or emotional abuse

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

One of the most common reasons couples decide to separate is because of either emotional abuse or infidelity in their marriage. It’s also two of the most heartbreaking reasons behind couples parting ways.

But what many people don’t realize (at least during the act of cheating) is how much a simple act can have such devastating consequences on someone’s marriage.

Once you engage in the act of cheating, there’s no turning back the clock. You committed yourself to finding someone else who satisfies your needs and you didn’t even think about how your partner would feel about it.

And the worst thing is there’s no more trust between you and your partner. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to regain that trust once it’s broken, but it takes a lot of effort and time to build it back up again.

It all depends on the type of infidelity. You probably know most of them such as emotional and physical infidelity, cheating via social media, etc.

And most people would agree with me saying that emotional infidelity is the worst of them. Why? Because you didn’t just give your body to someone other than your spouse, you also gave your heart.

It takes a lot more time to forgive and recover from emotional infidelity than a physical one. It’s worse being unfaithful with your heart than with your body.

2. Money problems

 Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

Another reason for you separating could be that you two had some financial problems that became a real burden to your marriage, which is especially true if you have kids.

No one wants to be the only one who does all the work in the relationship or marriage.

Maybe one of you continually splurged money that the two of you didn’t have, leaving you knee-deep in debt. Or perhaps you lost your job, which made it difficult to manage the household expenses.

But even if both of you have jobs, you can still have financial problems.

And as such, your marriage became unpleasant and tough. You no longer focused on the positive things that made your marriage unique and beautiful. The only thing that came to mind was how to solve the next financial issue.

Money causes people to have a lot of arguments, which does more harm than good to your marriage. It only deepens the resentment you already feel for each other and causes you two to go your separate ways.

If it sounds familiar to you, then you should think about what might help you to solve your financial problems in the future. Have an honest conversation with your partner and try to find a solution together, as a team.

3. There’s no more excitement in your relationship

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

When was the last time you and your wife went on a date or attended a concert? When was the last time you bought her flowers and made her favorite meal, just the two of you?

If you can’t remember it, then the reason you separated might be because your marriage became stagnant and boring.

It’s one of the most common reasons spouses decide to separate.

It’s not something that anyone wants to hear. After all, before marriage, everything was going perfectly. But with all of life’s challenges, it can be difficult to find some time just for yourself.

It’s important to keep the spark alive even when you’re married. That means you should agree to have date nights, surprise each other as often as you can, and even spice things up in the bedroom.

Often, partners become comfortable with each other to the point where they forget what was like before they got married. It’s okay to act casual, but the problem comes in when spouses start taking each other for granted.

As a result, married life becomes dull and monotonous. And as time passes, they develop negative feelings and no longer enjoy spending time with each other.

4. Unhealthy communication

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

Healthy communication is absolutely vital to a healthy marriage. Being clingy, disrespectful, or unwilling to compromise will only push you away from each other. The love that you once had will start slowly fading away.

Don’t think that a strong marriage can survive if the couple has unhealthy or no communication, because it simply can’t.

Most people associate a nagging person with a wife, but that’s not always the case. Men can also raise their voices and be disrespectful toward their wives.

So if you wish to get your wife back, then you need to realize who was the one responsible for unhealthy communication.

If it was you, then start changing your habits and patterns and work to be a better husband to your wife.

Don’t just look at her when she talks, but actively listen to what she has to say and engage in the conversation. Ask for her opinion about a particular manner and take it into consideration next time you make a decision.

Open and honest communication can only strengthen the bond you two share.

5. Lack of effort

 Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

As spouses grow comfortable around each other, they stop putting effort into their marriage.

You’ve heard people say, “Real men don’t make excuses, they make an effort.” But that’s something that can be applied to women as well.

If you want your marriage to function properly, then both parties need to put in an equal amount of effort. The union can’t function if one partner does everything in the marriage.

A loving and healthy marriage consists of trust, compromise, and respect. And the effort is there to tie all those things together into one beautiful union. Without it, a marriage can’t survive.

That’s another reason for so many relationships stagnating and becoming boring. Do you remember how you drove to your partner in the middle of the night just to tell her that you love her?

Do you remember how happy you were when she gave you a small, thoughtful gift and how much it meant to you? 

To keep that spark alive, you have to remember that little things do matter. They show that you care for each other and that you’re putting an effort to make it work.

If you want your relationship to be as it was before you got married, then roll up your sleeves and put some sweat into it.

Make a romantic breakfast in bed, send her a good morning text message, kiss her goodnight, give her a flower for no particular reason.

As trivial as it all may seem, those little things mean a lot to a woman. She’ll appreciate you more once she sees that you’re giving your best to make her happy.

Signs your wife misses you during separation

Now that we covered the possible reasons why you and your wife got separated, you’re probably wondering “Does my wife miss me during separation?”

If you miss your wife, then pay close attention to the most obvious signs she misses you during separation. It may just help you get your spouse back.

1. She’s trying to make you jealous

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

Have you discovered that your wife posts more now that you two are separated? Is she more active on her social media profiles than she was before?

If you notice a change in her behavior on social media, then it could be a sign she’s trying to make you jealous.

That’s especially true if she posts pictures of her and her male friends and coworkers. If that’s the case, then you know that something is going on in her life.

Don’t overthink too much about the various reasons why she does it. In fact, there are two possible reasons women would actually do such a thing. The first is to make you jealous and the second is to see if you’re still interested in her.

Either way, she’s testing you to see if you still have feelings for her.

I understand that separation is tough, but you shouldn’t interpret some of the signs as an indication that she’s cheating on you. It will only make you desperate and sad.

However, if you want to test her like she’s been testing you, then post a few pictures with some of your female friends and wait for her reaction.

If she contacts you to ask you who they are and what your intention with them is, then you know she misses you during separation.

2. She mentions you to everyone

Does your wife talk about you with your mutual friends or family members? If she does, that’s a sign she misses you a lot.

There’s definitely a chance for you to get her back if she talks about you to everyone. Think about it, she wouldn’t bring up your name if you weren’t on her mind all day.

But if she uses every opportunity she gets to talk about you, about your happy moments and experiences together, that means you’re definitely still on her mind.

Her friends and family might even think that she’s a bit annoying to talk about you all the time, but she doesn’t care! She’s still interested in you and now it’s your time to show her you’re ready to fight for your marriage.

3. Her friends contact you

 Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

This sign is closely tied to the previous one. Have you been wondering why her friends are reaching out to you lately? Is it pure coincidence or is there something more to it?

Well, they probably contacted you because she told them to do so. That’s why you’ll hear them say something dramatic about her just so they can gauge your reaction to it.

Afterward, they’ll be sure to pass that information to her. That way, she’ll know whether or not you miss her without directly asking you.

If you want to know if your wife misses you during separation, you can use the same technique on her to see if she misses you.

Tell your friends (if they’re willing to participate in your shenanigans) to contact her and see how she’ll react when they say something dramatic about you. Is she interested in finding out more about it? Or does she seem indifferent?

The way she reacts will tell you whether or not she misses you.

4. She asks about your future plans

If she seems interested in your future plans or the reason for you quitting your job, then she’s still interested in you.

The truth is, she cares about you and is secretly hoping that you include her in your plans. She wants to stay updated on why you’re planning to move elsewhere or why you decided to buy a new car.

And now it’s your time to let her know whether or not you want to get her back. She’s wondering if you still have a place for her by your side, that’s why she’s been asking all those questions about your future.

Say that you want her back before it’s too late to save your marriage.

5. She reminisces about your old memories

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

Another way to tell if your wife misses you during separation is if she brings up old memories and funny situations back when you two were content.

She’s nostalgic about the good old days and wants to remind you how happy she was when the two of you were together. 

On top of that, she wants to show you that you can still be happy together. The real question is do you want the same?

She’ll know everything she wants from the way you react to the old photos when she shows them to you. Remember, don’t hide your joy if you want to get your wife back.

6. She flirts a bit with you

If you’re wondering whether or not your wife misses you during separation, then pay close attention to her body language and the way she dresses when she’s around you.

Does she “unintentionally” touch you? Does it seem to you that she took extra time to look gorgeous? And is she wearing that special outfit that’s only intended for special occasions? 

All these little things prove your wife misses you during separation. She’s subtly flirting with you.

And why does she do that? Well, it’s apparent that she still wants you and is interested in getting back together. She wants your full attention and she knows she’ll have it if she looks flawless.

7. She’s having a hard time moving on

 Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

It’s tough knowing that you’re separated from your spouse. But some women have the strength to carry on with their life as if nothing ever happened.

They quickly get back on their feet and even start dating other guys.

Not every woman is that lucky. Some of them have a tough time moving on after being separated from their husband. They believe they’re unworthy of being loved and start developing trust issues.

Perhaps the reason she’s having a hard time moving on is that she misses you during separation and still wants you two to be together. Have you ever thought about that?

The worst thing you can do is to play any mind games and make her wait. Approach her and have an honest conversation about your issues. Maybe she’s waiting for you to make the first move?

Don’t let her wait for too long if you’re still interested in saving your marriage.

8. She constantly contacts you

Many women, after separating or divorcing their husbands, apply the no-contact rule and don’t text or call them for thirty days. By doing so, they slowly erase them from their lives.

However, your case is different because your wife still contacts you. Perhaps you have mutual obligations and that’s why you have to stay in contact, but still if she texts or calls you for no particular reason, that’s a clear sign she misses you.

After all, she wouldn’t waste her time on a man she’s not interested in.

Sadly, many guys misunderstand this sign, thinking the wife is calling or texting them because she is feeling lonely or just wanting to make you jealous. While that might be true in some cases, most times it’s not.

Maybe she truly cares about you and wonders how you’re feeling after being separated. Perhaps she’s worried that you might find someone else, so that’s why she’s staying in contact with you.

9. She’s still in touch with your family and friends

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation 10 Clear Signs She Does

There’s no reason that your wife should stay in touch with your family or friends (and vice versa) after separating.

The only real reason she contacts your friends or family is that she doesn’t want to give up on your marriage yet.

On top of that, she knows that she can gather some information about you and your love life from them. Also if she wants to reconcile, she may even rope them in to help her.

Once your friends and family get inside your head on how wonderful she is, you’ll have no choice but to find a way to get her back.

10. She shows signs of jealousy

If you’re still in contact with her, does it seem to you that she’s jealous every time you hang out with your friends or post something on your social media?

Perhaps some of your mutual friends have told you that she’s acting jealous of your female coworker?

Your separated wife wouldn’t be jealous if she wasn’t still interested in you. She isn’t ready to give up on you, so that’s why she’s showing signs of jealousy. 

She uses everything she can to get your attention, including teasing you about certain things. After all, she feels a bit insecure now that you two are separated and wants to make sure you miss her the same way she misses you.

Should I tell my separated wife I miss her?

If you still have feelings for her, I suggest you go for it. Maybe she’s waiting for you to make that first move. Even if you don’t receive the answer you’re looking for, at least you’ll know that you did everything you could to bring her back. You didn’t just sit and wait. Instead, you proved your words with your actions.

Does My Wife Miss Me During Separation? 10 Clear Signs She Does

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