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Does No Contact Work On Women? Can I Try It On My Ex?

Does No Contact Work On Women? Can I Try It On My Ex?

If a woman you love has left you, and you want her back, you probably wonder, “Does no contact work on women? Can I apply it and successfully rekindle the flame between us?”.

A post-breakup period is a time to reflect. A lot of questions pop up, and I can only imagine the toll that finding the answers will take on you.

When you desperately search for the best tactics to apply, you can’t tell which one will work. Some of them seem harder than others. Some seem more effective.

You will ask yourself how, when, and how long it’ll take for any of them to work. Well, we’re here to help!

Even though no contact is a hard tactic to pull off, it can be effective if you do it right. It’ll be hard to stay away from your ex for a long period of time, but you need to be patient and focus on the final goal (aka getting her back).

The no contact rule may work on both women and men, however, there are some differences in the way women behave during the no contact phase. So, it’s understandable that you’re asking yourself…

Does no contact work on women?

If you’re thinking about applying no contact on your ex-girlfriend, then there are some things you need to know first. This article will help you understand a woman’s mind and it’ll explain to you everything she’s thinking about.

Reading it will also give you the answers to all of the questions that are currently going through your head.

1. Will no contact work if I made mistakes?

Does No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her

If a woman has left you because you’ve done serious harm to her, you need to know that there’s less chance for a no contact to work. Any kind of abuse or cruelty is a huge NO! The same goes for any kind of disrespect and devaluing, too.

If you’ve done any of these bad things, you need to carefully think about them. What motivated you to behave in such a way? Are you ready to admit your mistakes and change your behavior?

Using no contact or any other tactic won’t help you get your ex back until you work on yourself. So, this is a perfect chance for you to finally improve as a person.

The sooner you start working on your issues, the sooner you’ll increase your chances of getting back together.

Certainly, there are several things you can do. First of all, it’s important to change any toxic patterns. Perhaps you act this way because you don’t handle stress and anxiety in a proper way. But you need to know that lashing out at your partner isn’t a healthy way of coping with these emotions.

Besides, it would be valuable to learn more about relationship dynamics. Repeating the same thing over and over again won’t be productive.

Don’t forget to take care of your mental and physical health, too. Improve on as many areas of your life as possible. A good place to start will be your work, friends, and family.

So when the no contact period passes, you’ll be fully ready to break the silence. A whole new and improved version of yourself will then be asking for that second chance.

Work hard before you reach out to your ex-girlfriend and hope for the best. No matter the outcome, you’ll be grateful that you had the courage to progress.

2. Does no contact work on her if I apologize?

DONEDoes No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her 2

“Does no contact work on women?” It’s been a while since you broke up and this question pops up. You can’t wait anymore and you think it would be best to break the silence just to apologize.

However, it’s not such a good idea. Begging for forgiveness quickly after the breakup will make you weak in her eyes. You’ll look desperate and this woman wants a man who’s strong enough to support her through any hardships of life.

Certainly, she won’t think that you can fill those shoes. If you’re not able to respect her decision to stay away from you, you can’t really blame her for that.

The more you devalue yourself by begging for forgiveness, the less chance you have that she’ll actually forgive you. She’ll know that she’s made the right decision to leave you.

Women often want to forget their exes quickly, especially when they weren’t happy in the relationship. Luckily for you, it doesn’t happen so fast. So, time can be on your side during the no contact period.

In the meantime, do everything that’s up to you. That will involve patiently waiting, and trying not to break the no contact rule. You’ll command more respect from her, simply by keeping your word.

You will need a lot of strength to stick to the no contact rule, so focus on other things you like to do. Is it learning something new? Maybe hanging out with your friends?

Whatever it is, you can use it to fill time while waiting for the no contact period to pass. You’ll start to feel much better as you stop constantly thinking about her.

I know you’re probably sorry because she’s not there anymore, but taking the time to process the breakup will give you a whole new perspective on love and life in general.

3. How to use this rule on women?

Does No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her

It’s hard to follow this rule and let your woman go. There’ll be good and bad moments, but if you take things day by day, both of you will have time to process the breakup and heal.

To apply this rule correctly, you can’t call, text, or visit her during no contact. This is a time of silence and a time for personal growth.

The only way to know how she actually feels about you is to leave her alone for some time. She will be tempted to reconsider her decision to let you go forever, and think of getting back together.

You may be desperate now and want to show her how sorry you are. You hope that she’ll see how much you care and accept your apology.

But, breaking the no contact rule will be counter-productive. Sending texts and calling her won’t give her the time she needs to process the breakup.

You can’t make her love you unless she decides so. She might even get mad at you because she was the one who broke up with you, and you’re just bothering her now.

However, by the time you reach out to your ex, you may already be so happy with yourself that you won’t care as much about her as you used to. She’ll be just another thing from the past; another lesson you had to learn. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

So, when you want to know does no contact work on women – don’t chase after them, and you’ll find out.

4. Can I make her want me back with no contact?

DONEDoes No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her 4

This breakup’s been hard for you and it’s normal to feel lost. After all, you two were sharing everything for a long time. You already got used to the tone of her voice, her gentle touch, and that look she used to give you…

And suddenly it’s all gone. As you’re left in shock, you realize that losing her wasn’t just losing a girlfriend, but losing a friend, too.

Our partners are often our best friends. We share the physical intimacy that we can’t share randomly with other people. This creates a special bond between just the two of you. You produce all four feel-good hormones that enhance your attachment to her.

Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are the so-called happy hormones. You can boost them with meditation, exercise, and diet, too. That’s exactly what you could be doing now that she’s not around.

Since she’s not the source of your feel-good hormones anymore, you need to find a way to experience them on your own. You need to realize that you’ll be okay even without her. No matter how difficult it seems.

Because no one likes, and no one wants a needy partner. Especially women who consider men to be the stronger gender. You need to show her that she can count on you. And you’ll show it by minding your own business.

If you play this game well, you can make her want you again. What other option do you have? “Does no contact work on women?” – you ask, and from my experience, I can tell you to try it out.

5. How do I know this rule is effective?

Does No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her

If you want to try the no contact tactic, you need to give your ex some time and space to really experience the breakup. If you manage not to contact her and beg her to return to you, she will contemplate your absence. She’ll start wondering where you are, and what you’re doing.

When she doesn’t have any info about you, she might become concerned about you. I don’t doubt that she’ll try stalking you on social media as well.

Most likely, she’ll ask your friends about you during this period. Loneliness will kick in and she might fear losing you for real.

What if she realizes that she has made a mistake? Maybe she didn’t think things through before breaking up with you. This doubt that arose with your absence will make everything more serious.

Time is your greatest ally; especially if you were a good partner. Always being there when she needs you, supporting her, taking care of her, making her laugh…

These actions are your first-class ticket to her heart. No woman is immune to such attention, and it won’t be easy for her to forget you so quickly.

Yes, you’re feeling sorry because, despite all of this, she kicked you out. But she had her reasons to do so. Sometimes women just need time to see what they really want. There’s nothing you can do about it but respect her wish.

Right now, your best shot is to stick to the no contact rules and see what will happen from there. Even though you’re not 100% sure it will work, it also won’t hurt you to try.

6. How long does it take for a no contact to work?

DONEDoes No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her 6

You can’t get back together quickly with no contact, so it does you no good to hurry things up. Just like with cooking, you can’t simply turn the heat up to the max in order to cook faster – your food will burn.

You need to let this thing run its course. Be patient and stop spending your days wondering if no contact works on women. You will burn out if you don’t accept the slow process.

Time will remind your ex how long you’ve been out of her sight. You need to wait as long as possible, a month at the very least! Any less than that, and there’s a chance that no contact won’t be effective.

Also, until she starts to think about you again, you need to learn to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, the woman of your dreams won’t care about you either.

You need to have enough compassion for yourself to work on your life. This will allow you to be productive during this time of no contact. So, when you finally break the no contact period, she’ll see that you were working on yourself, and this time you’re bringing a lot more good with you.

7. Will I lose her forever during no contact?

Does No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her

Men often think that they have to chase after women during the no contact period. They do it because they’re afraid of losing her forever. But the harsh truth is – your pursuit will just make it worse.

Basically, the more persistence you show, the less she’ll like you. She might even exploit the hard work you put into winning her over. If you continue chasing her after the breakup, she’ll just enjoy receiving your attention.

You won’t look serious at all. She’ll start to think that you’re pathetic and weak, and might forget you even earlier than you thought. She might even date another man while you sit on the bench.

Do you think this is good for your emotional well-being? I don’t think so. It’s highly important for you to wake up and get your things together. Clear your mind and try to stick to the no contact rule as much as possible.

Don’t be nervous and impatient. I know, it’s easier said than done but the last ship of hope won’t sink deep down into the ocean if you use no contact. And you won’t find yourself on a desert island waving the white flag up high, desperately looking for help.

Remember that staying quiet during the no contact period will make her want to find out more news about you. It wouldn’t surprise me if her friends started telling her everything you’re doing. Even though you’re not together anymore, she’ll start getting curious.

So, to prevent losing her forever during no contact, hide to the best of your ability. “Does no contact work on women?” – yes, if she can’t see you anywhere near.

A sense of mystery is very attractive, and she might even see you in a more positive light after the no contact period expires. Staying out of her radar won’t make you lose her, it can only make her realize how much she’d missed you.

8. Will no contact work on her if I break it?

DONEDoes No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her 8

The most common mistake men make during no contact is that they break it. Each time you have a crisis to reach out to her and break the no contact period, you can be sure that she won’t take it well. You need to accept that she’s not available to you now and it has to stay that way as long as possible.

Don’t forget to count the mistakes you make. The higher the number of mistakes, the lower the chances are to reconcile.

So, when you feel the urge to break the no contact rule, distract yourself somehow. It’s crucial to stop yourself from breaking it because if you do, you’ll hurt yourself even more.

What’s even worse, you won’t be a valid candidate for her. At that point, you’ll simply have to accept that she’s over you.

So, while you’re applying the no contact rule on your ex, you’ll have to find ways to live a life without her. Try listening to music, reading books, or taking walks in nature. Anything creative or recreational is good for distraction. You somehow got addicted to her and now you need to stop yourself from wanting to reach out.

Once you let go of the need to break the no contact rule, you’ll think more clearly and become more patient. If you break it, it won’t work, and she won’t want you back. This is important to remember.

You might even stop caring about her and move on peacefully with your life. Maybe you’ll see that you just weren’t a good match. The only thing left to do is to wait, and accept reasonably anything that happens in the end.

To sum things up

Does No Contact Work On Women Can I Try It On Her

The no contact rule will work on women only if you were a decent partner. If you didn’t abuse, manipulate, or deceive her, and she left you because she thought the two of you weren’t a match. When you apply the no contact rule in this case, it has a higher chance to work.

Also, it could be that she got bored in your relationship and she wanted more adventure in her life. She shifted focus to enjoying life fully and growing as a person. She didn’t want anything to stop her, not even you.

It’s not a secret that relationships take time and effort, and she simply didn’t have enough of either of those for you.

However, to intrigue her once again as a man, you need to give her space and not contact her. Forget sending text messages, calling, or even stalking her on social media.

If you open her stories on social media apps, she’ll notice it and think you’re desperate to see what she’s up to. Can you imagine how she’ll react if you like some of her photos from years ago? She’ll know that you’re spending your time yearning for her instead of trying to move on.

Don’t even think about bumping into her, either. You probably had those special places you visited as a couple. Restrain yourself from going there.

Maybe you had your favorite clubs and cafes that you visited with your mutual friends. Take some time off from this crew as well.

After all, your mutual friends might remind you about your past relationship by asking questions. You need to avoid hanging out with them because they’ll readily spread info about you to your ex.

Unfortunately, that’s not something you want to happen at this point. You need to stay mysterious as things that are unknown to us are always the most interesting.

Remember – you need to make her question your absence. Focus on yourself and building a life without her. No one likes being replaced easily, so she’ll feel jealous if she suspects you found someone new, or if you’ve become a whole new man. She’ll reconsider getting back together even if she really wanted you out of her life.

If you hear from your friends that she’s mentioning you and asking what’s new, it’s obvious that she still cares about you. You’ll be in the back of her mind and many things will remind her of you.

That’s the power of time. If you use it effectively, no contact rule will work for you. No apologizing, pleading and begging, and you’ll be just fine.

This time apart will also allow you to grow as a person. So, even if you don’t get this woman back, you’ll know that you deserve the best. With or without her.

Does No Contact Work On Women? Can I Try It On My Ex?

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