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Solving The Mystery: Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?

Solving The Mystery: Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?

He replies to you every couple of days, so you’re wondering what would happen if you start to ignore him? Would he even care that you don’t send him texts anymore? Or would he miss you even more? But the question that’s really bugging you is this – do guys notice when you stop texting them?

If this is something that you can relate to, then you should definitely stick around to find out the answer.

Many women face this question when they’re trying to decipher a man’s intentions. They’re eager to find out whether a man would even react if a woman stopped talking to them, or simply walk away from her and continue with his own life as if nothing ever happened.

Do guys even notice when you stop texting them? How to know when to stop texting a guy? And what happens when you start to ignore him for a couple of days? You’ll get your answers and much more in this article.

But before that, it’s important to know that, generally speaking, men aren’t all that good at verbalizing their feelings. You’ve probably dealt with your fair share of men, and it’s possible that you recognized a certain pattern in their behavior regarding their emotions – they usually don’t speak about them.

Whether that be in person or online, men tend to show their feelings through actions rather than words. From a young age, they’re taught that showing one’s emotions is a sign of weakness. They’re therefore conditioned to believe that if they open up, others will perceive them as less manly and competent.

Nevertheless, the dating scene isn’t the same as it was three decades ago, and there are many ways you can communicate with the person you like.

When will a guy notice that you stopped texting him?

Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

Unless that guy gets about a dozen texts a day, then it’s very likely that he notices when you stop texting him.

Despite his busy schedule or inbox flooded with messages, he’ll still think about you whenever he sees or hears something that reminds him of you. He’ll wonder why he hasn’t heard from you lately and may even start to think back to the last conversation you two had.

Truthfully, it’s all about what the guy felt when you were texting each other. Maybe he feels fulfilled and joyful whenever he gets a chance to text you. Or it could be that he’s texting out of sheer boredom.

So, here are a couple of scenarios to determine whether a guy would notice that you stopped texting him.

1. He’s curious about what happened between you two but is too afraid to ask

It’s not so much that guys don’t notice when you stop texting them, but often that they just don’t say anything about it. Maybe he continues to ignore you for months on end and eventually determines that it’s for the best to leave you alone.

By no means am I saying that he’s cold-hearted and cruel if he does this to you. There could be various reasons for him deciding not to talk to you again.

Maybe he’s already in a relationship. Or maybe he thinks that the two of you wouldn’t have a great future together. Or perhaps he’s too afraid to surrender to the temptation because he’s infatuated by you.

Whatever the case might be, he may still have strong feelings for you but is too afraid to ask you what happened. Perhaps you said something that made the entire situation awkward, or he’s confused or embarrassed about what to say to you.

This happens more often than you think, and not many women notice it. Usually, they get lost in their own world and fail to see things as they really are.

2. He loved your text messages

DONE Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them 2

The best-case scenario is that the guy felt comfortable talking to you and loved receiving texts from you. His heart started beating faster whenever he saw your name on his phone and he couldn’t wait to text you back.

If this sounds like your guy, then he might have already caught some serious feelings for you. He got so used to communicating with you every day that it’s strange for him to suddenly not hear from you again.

After experiencing such positive emotions with you, it seems unreal to him that you’d stop texting him. Now he’s feeling lost and wonders what the hell happened.

He might even go crazy and start chasing after you. That’s one emotion that your sudden absence can trigger in him.

But then again, there’s a possibility that he feels sad and depressed now that you’re ignoring him completely. He may even get angry at you.

You’ve heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And well, that’s partially true. Your abrupt disappearance has had an effect on him, not just emotionally but mentally as well.

3. He just texts when he has nothing better to do

It may be difficult to accept this, but sometimes we do text someone just because we’re bored and don’t have anything better to do. I mean, you can’t say that you haven’t done this – everyone has.

So, if the guy’s been texting you because he’s bored, then you won’t see any reaction from him. Your communication was only based on the fact that he needed you to pass some time and that’s it.

There’s still a chance that he will notice that you stopped texting him, but don’t expect that he’ll be madly in love with you now that you’re ghosting him. He won’t feel any grief or sadness – it’ll simply be as if nothing ever happened.

4. He’s happy for you

Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

There’s a chance that the guy you’ve been talking to for months now is just happy for you, even though you stopped replying to each other’s messages. Maybe he’s thinking that you’re busy doing something important in your life. Or perhaps he’s just happy that he could catch up with you at the time.

So, to answer your question about whether guys would notice when you stop texting them, the answer’s yes, they do. But he doesn’t feel anything negative toward you. He thinks that you’re on good terms and that your relationship is perfectly fine where it is now.

The very fact that he didn’t have any strong emotional reaction shows you that he considers you a friend and nothing more. He isn’t in any way interested in pursuing you romantically and probably wants it to stay that way.

Maybe that’s not how you expected him to react when you stopped texting him. But if he doesn’t text you first, then it’s possible that he’s moved on with his life. It was great talking to you, but his intention isn’t to make a move on you.

And who knows, it could be that he saw a picture of you with a guy somewhere on your social media profile and doesn’t want to cause you any trouble.

5. He enjoyed your attention

This is another scenario when the man doesn’t feel any emotions toward you, but just likes the attention you’ve been giving him. If this is something that you can relate to, then know this: You’re his ego booster and not someone he plans to be romantically involved with.

There’s a possibility that he might miss you, but not as a person. Rather he will miss the attention he used to receive from you.

And what’s even more shocking is the fact that he may get upset or a bit irritated because you don’t text him as much as he wanted you to. Still, he won’t have a problem getting over you and will quickly find a way to cope with the lack of attention.

Sooner or later, he’ll forget about the negative emotions he had for you and you won’t occupy his mind at all if you don’t choose to text him again.

6. Your texts irritated him

DONE Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them 4

Sometimes we get carried away and don’t think how much we text someone. It could be that your constant messaging was annoying and he couldn’t find a way to tell you that. Perhaps he was being nice to you and didn’t want to hurt your feelings, so that’s why he played along and waited for you to notice the cues.

In that case, he won’t be bothered if you stopped texting him. The truth is, he might feel happy that he finally shook you off. You were nothing more than a distraction for him.

I’m not saying that all guys are like this. Some might be pretty straightforward and tell you to stop bothering them.

When should you stop texting a guy?

What many people forget is the fact that dating should be fun. However, most of us are perplexed by those unwritten dating rules that make things more complicated than they should be.

Those rules can make it seem as if dating is some sort of a weird game when in reality, it’s an experience you should be enjoying.

But how do you know when to stop texting a guy? What are some red flags that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to texting a man? And should you be worried if you’re the one who always texts first?

Keep these cues in mind and you won’t feel as if you’re putting too much effort into someone who doesn’t deserve it.

He doesn’t ask you out

Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

Perhaps you’ve been texting for a couple of days, weeks, or even months and now you’re wondering what his real intentions are. You ask yourself if he’ll ever be ready to ask you out because it seems a bit strange that he hasn’t done it by now.

Well, there’s a possibility that he’s overloaded with work duties or that he doesn’t know how to make the first move, but those aren’t really great excuses if you ask me.

The real truth is that he’s keeping you as an option in case some of his other girls bail on him, or it could be that he has no romantic feelings for you at all. He’s enjoying the attention he receives from you, but that’s all there is. His intention isn’t to be in a relationship with you.

Either way, you’re better off stopping texting this guy if he doesn’t ask you out after a couple of days.

He gives one-word replies

Is he one of those guys who aren’t that talkative and would rather wait for you to start a conversation with them? And even then, he’s giving you simple answers such as “yeah” and “ok”?

If you can relate to this and if this is something that’s happening to you a lot, then take that as a sign and leave him immediately. Believe me when I say that your man isn’t interested in you at all and he knows that.

For some reason, he just refuses to come out and tell you he doesn’t want you in his life. Perhaps he’s even trying to keep you as his backup plan.

He’s full of excuses when you do ask him out

DONE Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them 6

Maybe you were the brave one, took the initiative, and asked him out a couple of times. He confirmed that he’d like to go out with you, but then at the last minute, he gave you an excuse for not being able to make it.

Perhaps something came up that he couldn’t ignore or he had to do something he forgot.

If this is the case with your guy, then you need to know that he’s not being serious about you and is only stringing you along. He’s leading you to believe he has the same feelings for you as you have for him but then drops you at the eleventh hour.

In order to save yourself from heartbreak, you should definitely stop texting him.

He doesn’t add you on social media

It’s normal for a guy to add you on social media after you’ve exchanged numbers. After all, he’d want to see your pictures and learn more about you. But this guy doesn’t seem to care at all.

He has no need for you to comment on his pictures or to even like them. He does everything he can to avoid having that conversation with you and is all mysterious about his social media profiles.

And he doesn’t want you to know about his personal life. For all you know, he’s probably trying to keep you in the dark regarding his relationship status.

This is definitely a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. And one of the ways to find out the truth about his unusual behavior is to ghost him then see how he’ll react.

His friends know about you

Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

There’s a possibility that his friends know everything about you even though he’s not replying to you as much as you want him to. But the thing is, if he were interested in you, then he’d be texting you and going out of his way to impress you. Yet, that’s not the case with him.

So, don’t be surprised that all of his friends know about you. Unfortunately, you’re the girl he’s making fun of. Basically, you’re the entertainment for his group of friends. You need to write him off immediately.

You start to question your own worth

If you ever feel bad about yourself when you’re talking to a guy, then just cut him out and move on. You don’t want a man who’ll make you question your own worth.

His words and actions should never put you down, no matter how much he means to you. You’re better than that, and you definitely deserve more than he’s giving you right now.

Also, don’t be afraid that you won’t find anyone else. As they say, there is plenty of other fish in the sea.

He takes forever to reply

DONE Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them 8

If he takes hours to reply to your message, then he’s probably not that into you. The fact is, no one is that busy that they’re unable to take their phone and type a simple reply. It’s just a matter of prioritizing things.

I mean, it’s perfectly okay if he’s busy at work, but even then he can say that he’ll respond when he gets home. On the other hand, if it takes him all day to send you a message and doesn’t seem to be interested in talking to you, then just stop texting him.

What will happen when you stop texting him?

He begins to miss you

Guys will notice when you stop texting them and start missing you because of the void you left behind. If he has any serious feelings for you, then the silence from not texting him will impact him both mentally and emotionally.

He’ll start to question whether he’s done something to insult you or if you don’t feel the same way as he does. So, it’s only a matter of time before he begins to feel your absence.

And when that happens, he’s most likely to chase after you and be more appreciative of you. He won’t be able to resist sending you a text message first. After all, replying to your texts has become his daily routine.

You gain control over the situation

Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

It’s terrible to feel as if you’re losing control over the entire situation when you’re texting a guy. You fill your mind with all sorts of ideas and you’re uncertain what will happen next. Fear and sadness become your constant companion.

Well, making the decision to stop texting him will remove a lot of those negative emotions. You may feel terrible and perhaps even guilty the first couple of days, but soon, you’ll start to see things for what they are.

You’ll suddenly realize that life goes on even though he isn’t interested in you romantically. Your life doesn’t revolve around one guy. And even if he doesn’t notice that you stopped texting him, you can search for your happiness elsewhere.

You will gain some control over the situation and it won’t bug you if he doesn’t text you ever again.

You have time to consider your feelings

It’s tough to accept the fact that someone doesn’t have feelings for us. Perhaps you thought that ignoring him would force him to chase after you, but that doesn’t happen all the time. If a guy doesn’t have any feelings for you, then he won’t feel the need to fight for your attention.

But that form of rejection can lead to you being obsessed with the guy. Eventually, you create this entire narrative that you need to attract him and gain his approval in order to feel good about yourself. But the reality is far from that.

Truthfully, you don’t need a man to prove to yourself that you’re worthy of love. You’re an amazing, intelligent person – even if he doesn’t say that to you.

By not texting him, you’re giving yourself some space and time to reconsider your feelings for him. And even if he doesn’t notice you’ve stopped texting him, don’t let that bother you. A man like that doesn’t deserve you in the first place.

If he cares about you then he’ll want to hear from you every day. He won’t try to dodge you in any way.

He rethinks his opinion of you

DONE Solving The Mystery Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them 10

If you stop texting him and he starts to think about you, then the fact that you don’t talk to him as much will force him to question his opinion of you. Maybe he thought that you were a desperate girl who’d do anything and everything to be with him, then the opposite opinion will start to grow in his mind.

You’ll appear more confident and attractive to him because you stopped chasing after him. This is an excellent way to get back a man who seems to have lost interest in you.

Solving The Mystery: Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?

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