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The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Why are bedtime stories for girlfriend important?

Reading before bed has been a norm for ages. It is also a perfect way to bond with your girlfriend.

It’s not just about the story but also the lulling sound slowly taking her to slumberland.

If that is your voice you can be sure you’ll be in her dreams in a good way.

Thus, if you have never thought of this it is time to put it into practice.

This will even be more essential if you are in a long-distance relationship.

If you can’t be there physically to kiss her good night and tuck her in the least you can do is read bedtime stories for girlfriend.

Bedtime stories for girlfriend

To keep your relationship interesting you should seriously consider reading short bedtime stories for girlfriend. Bedtime stories aren’t just for kids.

They can even be naughty so that you escape the monotony of the average conversations.

Some of the best bedtime stories your girlfriend might enjoy include:

1.Little mermaid

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

It involves a mermaid and a witch. The mermaid promises the witch her fins in exchange for two legs.

It doesn’t go well because someone dies. It is full of suspense and you’ll keep your girlfriend fully engaged as she awaits the ending.

If you are looking for great short bedtime stories for your girlfriend then this will be a perfect one.

2. Snow white

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

It’s written by Brothers Grimm. Snow White, an innocent lady, meets a malicious queen.

The queen has up to that point believed she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her envy for Snow White cannot be contained and she orders a huntsman to kill her.

Therefore, Snow White has to flee and ends up in the forest where she meets 7 dwarves.

This has been a classic bedtime story for a very long and you need to read it to your girlfriend.

Short bedtime stories for girlfriend

3.The traveler’s wife

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This cute story is about a young man who gets the privilege of knowing how the life of his wife was even before they met.

It is one of the most captivating short bedtime stories you should read to your girlfriend. It’s also a great love story.

4. Beauty and the Beast

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Of all the fairy tales written about true love, none tops this. A merchant ends up at a thrilling palace in his search for shelter during a storm.

He encounters a beast that’s so angry he has invaded its palace. To save his life, the merchant has to promise the beast his beautiful daughter, Beauty.

Beauty is the most beautiful woman in the world and she becomes the queen at the palace.

This does not sit well with her sisters who are envious of her luck. They turn the beast against her and he ends up eating her.

This love story is full of heartbreak and magic but it is one of the best love bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

Romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend

Romance is not dead no matter how many love-gone-soar stories you may see on the media.

Reading romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend also helps your relationship.

Each of these stories has a lesson and some inspiration that helps you grow closer in your relationship. Some of the ones you can check out include:

5. Eternal love

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This love story is about Amanda and her husband.

Amanda’s husband was going on a business trip and he sends his wife a bouquet of flowers with a short note.

It reads, “My love for you will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies.” It was an 11-flower bouquet and she soaks them in water upon getting home in the evening.

Confused about the message, she watches as one flower after the other wilts and dies until one remains.

She realizes it is an artificial flower and it won’t be dying.

6. The bicycle ride

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Back in 1975, Charlotte Von Slevin, a 19-year old girl from the Swedish royal family travels to India.

The purpose of the journey was to get her portrait done by a gifted artist who happened to be a poor Indian young man. By the time the work is done the two have fallen in love but they can’t be together because of their current circumstances.

It is a real love story that has all the makings of fairy tales. If your girlfriend loves a good story then this is a perfect one.

It is not just about true love but also perseverance. It has a happy ending too. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

7. The man who moved a mountain

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

You may have heard the quote “love can move mountains” in many fairy tales or romantic bedtime stories.

Even though it isn’t physically possible a young man nicknamed “Mountain Man” did come close to doing exactly that.

He lost his wife after a fall accident where she was seriously hurt.

Their small village was isolated from the next town by a hill and he couldn’t get his wife the medical attention needed.

That’s how the mountain man decided to carve a path through the hill, which was termed mission impossible by many.

It took him 22 years to accomplish the task, reducing the distance to the next town to the village to 15km instead of the initial 55km.

He may not be a prince charming but in this cute story, he is more than that.

Cute bedtime stories for girlfriend

The world is a rough place but when you retreat to your home you shouldn’t take the heaviness of what is wrong with the world with you.

That’s why you need cute bedtime stories tell your girlfriend so that for a moment she can forget what might be wrong in the world.

If you don’t have any ideas in mind you can try the following:

8. Deep desires

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

It’s written by Charlotte Stein and it involves two neighbors who live in their own world with no idea of what is in the outside world.

The cute thing about the story is that these neighbors desire each other.

This is one cute story your girlfriend will be dying to see how it ends not to mention how erotic it is.

9. Dead running

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Your girlfriend should also be your best friend and depending on how you relate you’ll be running through her mind all day long.

If you go a step further to do something nice to her like reading romantic bedtime stories or cute ones you’ll have her hooked.

She’ll also be looking forward to bedtime whether you are reading short stories to her or telling her about prince charming.

Dead running is about a girl desired by two men who set out to pursue her. The situation is quite confusing to her and that’s why she runs.

It is one of those short stories that appear simple but you’ll be surprised at how the plot unfolds.

10. Hansel and Gretel

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

For any lover of romantic bedtime stories, this should be a favorite. If you consider your girlfriend to be your best friend you should read it to her.

It is one of the great cute bedtime stories to read to your girlfriend. Hansel and Gretel is full of suspense.

These two are left alone by their parents in the forest to die. They end up in a gingerbread house attracted by candy accents.

They are kidnapped by a witch who wants to eat them alive. It is one of those short stories everyone wants to know the ending even if it means staying all night reading.

Even people who have to work the next day have also found themselves burning the candle reading this great story.

Goodnight stories for your girlfriend

Not everyone falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow.

Good bedtime stories for your girlfriend will help her sleep easy and get enough rest in preparation for the next day.

Remember how important it is to read bedtime stories to kids, it is the same for adults, especially for your girlfriend.

The better part is that there is so much material to choose from.

Therefore, if you are looking for good bedtime stories for your girlfriend you can start with:

11. The princess and the Pea

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This story by Hans Christina Andersen is a fascinating tale that is straight to the point.

It’s about a prince who was praying to marry a real princess.

As luck would have it, a girl who claimed to be a real princess knocked on his door lost and all wet from the rain.

The queen had one test to confirm the girl was indeed a princess and she passed.

A pea was used in the test whereby the queen placed it under dozens of blankets and mattresses to see whether the princess will feel the difference.

It is one of the happy bedtime stories for your girlfriend that tells of the ways people can use in verifying the genuine nature of others.

12. Girl jacked

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This is a mystery-thriller that will have your girlfriend asleep within a short time.

Thus, when choosing good bedtime stories to tell girlfriend this should be at the top of the list. It is not scary but it’s quite captivating.

Your girlfriend will be hanging onto every word you say all the way to the end.

It’s like streaming a great TV show -the kind you give up sleep for even when you have a busy day.

Also, it is a great way to bond with your girlfriend.

On the same note, it makes for a great discussion topic instead of talking about the weather and the other boring things many couples are stuck discussing day in day out.

13. Silence Fallen

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This is like Twilight but with more intensity. Whether you have read or watched the Twilight series you know it is a great love story.

It is not just a happy story but also one of the sad bedtime stories for girlfriend.

Now, think of silence fallen as a more intense version of Twilight.

Some erotic episodes are thrown in as well to keep both of you entertained as you go through the story.

You don’t have to pick romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend all the time. Switch things up by picking something upbeat to keep it more interesting.

Funny bedtime stories for girlfriend

Once it grows dark it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. It is very possible even if you are just in bed with your girlfriend. 

Funny bedtime stories for girlfriend can do the trick. The laughter you share and memories will be warm moments to look back at later in life.

They also help your girlfriend relax and even smile especially when she has had a long day. Some of the stories on this list include:

14. The giggling curve

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

A boy and a girl go hiking in the forest. The girl didn’t know that the boy was afraid of heights.

Not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend the boy agreed to go. While on the hike, the boy slipped and he tried to hold onto something for support.

The support he grabbed was the girl’s butt.

This was a naughty move and even more shocking was the declaration from the boy that, “Finally, I’m ready to slip down from the best curve!”

15. Dog’s fear

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

A girl who afraid of dogs happened to be in love with a boy who loved playing with pets- especially dogs.

One day as she was coming from the washroom the dog started moving forward while staring at her.

She thought it was finally the day she’d be bitten by a dog.

What she didn’t know was that this was all pre-planned by the boyfriend who was standing right behind her. In the panic, she dropped her towel attempting to flee from the dog.

However, the boyfriend was right there to help her get her towel and that is how he won her heart.

16. A naughty fight

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This story is about a married couple who had a nasty fight.

Anger drove the wife to pack the husband’s stuff and ask him to leave, never to return in her life.

The husband remained mum while all that went down. Infuriated, she threw his bags out of the house.

While he was about to leave, the wife yells at him, “May you live long and always have a pain in your ass.

May you die slowly and die with a lot of pain!” The husband turned to the wife and responds, “So you want me to stay- thanks for the invitation to stay with you!”

17. Drunk boyfriend

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

A girl was trying to rescue her boyfriend after he has been left outside the bar for being too drunk.

She drives him all the way to his house and was helping him get to bed when she slipped and landed on top of him.

The boy pushed her away saying, “Move away lady, I love my girlfriend. I can’t be unfaithful to her- just go away”

Long bedtime stories for girlfriend

Picking a long bedtime story to read to your girlfriend every night means you’ll both have something to look forward to especially if you are far apart.

It doesn’t have to be a happy one because even sad bedtime stories for girlfriend are still okay.

There are quite several classic long bedtime stories you can read to your girlfriend. The top ones you can look into include:

18. The great gatsby

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This is one of the widely read novels throughout history but you shouldn’t assume that your girlfriend has read it.

It will remind her of her teenage years when she was in high school and how great her first love felt.

There is nothing that can ever top that giddy feeling every time you see your high school sweetheart.

Also, falling in love while you are a teenager means you don’t have a traumatic past to blot your happiness and the fact that you have no responsibilities makes it even better.

You have no other business but to love your sweetheart and it is a great memory to have even when you have aged.

You can review the novel as you read it together in each other’s arms.

19. The couple next door

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This is a long and interesting novel to read out loud to your girlfriend at bedtime. It is a great one especially when she is in a foul mood.

There is so much discussed in this book including intimacy, violence, and drama. Just like the name suggests, it is about a couple living next door.

The events unveiled as the plot unfolds are thrilling and if any of you is in a bad mood for one reason or the other this book will definitely lift your spirit.

You can rely on it during those moments when things are not going as planned because the bad mood can keep coming back based on what is going on in your girlfriend’s life.

Having someone to cheer her up when she gets home will mean a lot to her, especially if that someone is her boyfriend.

Sweet bedtime stories for your girlfriend

Love is sweet when done right and you have to find ways to have that in your relationship.

People don’t fall in love to be miserable but rather to enjoy the feeling.

That is exactly what you should do when you are in a relationship.

Sweet bedtime stories give people hope and remind them of the goodness that is in the world. They include:

20. Alice in wonderland

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

A good number of people have heard about Alice in Wonderland even if they may not have read it.

It is a sweet and captivating story and given how long it is you can enjoy it for some time.

Alice is a distraught little girl who falls into a rabbit hole and lands in a bizarre world.

The author describes it as “literary nonsense.” While reading the story to your girlfriend remember to voice it accordingly where necessary.

It makes it more fun.

21. Couplehood

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

This is another sweet and funny story that involves the day-to-day life of the typical couple.

The story goes through the normal things the couple goes through daily.

A lot of people can relate because the differences aren’t that much from what the other couples go through.

It will be a sweet story to go through with your girlfriend.

22. Outlander

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

It is quite a long read with moments of sweetness, romance, full suspense, and fights. Also, it is a great bedtime story for girls who love history.

Thus, if you are dating one of those girls you can be sure she will be crazy about you for picking this novel.

There is a lot to discuss as you go on with the novel and in the end, you’ll get some new insight or even be forced to question what you already know.

This isn’t a novel you want to skip.

23. Sleeping beauty

The 23 Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Everyone needs a dose of fairy tales no matter their age.

Children are mostly taken to be the only population who enjoy fairy tales because they haven’t seen the downs and the ugly side of the world.

However, you shouldn’t stop believing in fairy tales no matter what cards life has dealt you.

They make you forget about your problems for a while and you can rest in the bliss that is life.

Sleeping beauty will give your girlfriend just that. It is a great bedtime fairytale.

Sleeping beauty is a lady who falls asleep after pricking her finger on a spindle.

She can only be woken up by a kiss from her true love. Isn’t that sweet? It definitely is and your girlfriend needs to hear about it.

Besides books, you can create bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

The fact that you went out of your way to write her bedtime stories will be a gift enough.

Love is kept alive by acts of kindness and going the extra step to show each other how much you care.

Never stop trying to impress her and assuring her that she is loved no matter how long you have been together.

The Best Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

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