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A Strong Woman Knows That It’s Time To Walk Away When This Happens

We hear stories about strong women all the time. They are powerful and fearless and they know what they deserve.

They know what they have to offer and they will never let themselves feel less than that.

No matter whether we are talking about life, work, or relationships, they have their standards set up high.

The only things that define a strong woman are her qualities. She doesn’t pay attention to the things that other people are bothered with.

So, to be in a relationship with a strong woman is a task in itself. She will never put up with things that are not worth her time or attention.

This means that a strong woman will walk away whenever she feels that her standards are not met.

You may ask yourself what it is that makes her let go.

What are the things that strong women don’t tolerate, no matter how hard they love?

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

Firstly, a strong woman will seek respect and if you don’t give it to her, she will walk away, without even turning around.

You need to know that strong women will never listen to you talking disrespectfully.

Instead, you will need to respect their opinions, wishes, and life plans.

If you can’t do that, a strong woman will walk away, without a fuss, as she doesn’t want to spend her life with someone who doesn’t understand her.

Also, a strong woman will walk away the moment you start making excuses or you tell her a lie. She simply doesn’t tolerate that.

Excuses don’t count in her world. She learned to go through life fighting and doing everything possible so that she gets what she wants.

That’s why she will never be with a guy who is full of excuses and who always has a reason why something didn’t work out.

Say it once to a strong woman and you can expect her to walk away the following day. She doesn’t fall for excuses.

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

It’s the same with lies; lie to her once and she will see through it. It will be a sign of disrespect which she won’t tolerate.

A strong woman will also walk away the second you make her beg for attention.

She will never spend days waiting for you to accept her invitation to go out. She has more important things to do.

That is why she will expect you to put in the same amount of effort in the relationship as she does. Anything else is less than what she needs.

She won’t call you or knock on your door when you neglect her for days and instead, she will see that as a sign that it is time to walk away and leave you.

The time and effort you are willing to invest must reflect hers; they are the only things that can keep her in a relationship with you.

Show her the opposite and she won’t have a problem with letting you go.

A strong woman will never let you play with her feelings. She knows what she deserves and what she expects from you.

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

Blame games and playing hot and cold don’t work with her.

You won’t get her to chase you, as that’s not her cup of tea. You can only get her to walk away, without even thinking about it.

A strong woman has boundaries that she will never let you cross, no matter how hard she loves you.

She knows what it is that she will let you do and she knows what she will never let you do, and she behaves by those rules.

If you mess things up once, she will wave you goodbye, with a smile on her face.

Another thing a strong woman will never let you do to her is expect her to be the one who fights for you, while you don’t even lift a finger.

This is a big no-no!

She expects a relationship to be a place where both people put in an equal amount of effort and attention.

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

She will give you the world if she sees that you are doing the same thing.

However, at the point where you change your mind and let her do all of the work, she will see it and she will stop it.

She wants love, respect, and attention but she wants the same amount she gives you. Anything less than that doesn’t work for her.

Trust me, she can live without you and she won’t have a problem locking the door behind you.

She won’t move mountains for you if she notices that you are not ready to do the same thing for her.

It is simple! What you give, you will get, so when you stop giving, she will walk away.

There will be no hard feelings – it is just the way she wants things to be in her life.

One of the things strong women are especially sensitive to is if you make comments about their choices.

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

If she wants to build her career, and you show her that you don’t agree with that, she will walk away.

If she wants to do something and you tell her that it is unacceptable, she will walk away.

She will walk away every time you try to control her life, as strong women don’t approve of this, not even as a joke.

It’s ‘her life’, so that means that she is the one who makes the choices, so some man she met by accident won’t ever have control over it.

She knows what is best for her, so don’t think that you can get involved in it.

You can’t tell her what to do or what not to do; trust me, if you do, she will only laugh at you and walk away.

She is her own person and no one has any right to make comments about her life.

DONE! A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

Only she has lived her life and she knows how many struggles she has gone through and how much pain she has survived.

That’s why you could never be the one who is in control.

A strong woman pulls all the strings in her life and she will never give them to you.

If she finds herself in a relationship where she goes through any of those things, a strong woman will walk away, instantly, without thinking about it.

She knows her worth and value and no one will be able to put her down or to treat her like less.

If you have any intention of doing that, you can freely walk away now, before she walks away instead.

A Strong Woman Knows That It's Time To Walk Away When This Happens

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