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16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

If a man doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, there will be signs that he’s no longer in love with you.

Does he still love me? I asked myself that question over and over again while I was in a relationship with my ex.

What I realized wasn’t just that he didn’t love me, but that he never loved me.

Our relationship was toxic, but I loved him too much to accept it and give up on us.

He treated me badly and would break up with me as soon as things didn’t go the way he wanted, just to take me back after a few days and continue the torture.

I asked him whether he still loved me when he was, for the hundredth time, angry with me for no apparent reason. He said he didn’t.

Why was it so hard for me to believe him? When there are so many signs he’s no longer in love with you, you have to believe it.

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

As for my ex, I realized he never loved me once I found a real man who truly loves me. I needed someone to tell me that before.

My ex didn’t love me when he was annoyed by me, when he wasn’t willing to put any effort into our relationship, when he seemed withdrawn and when he told me that he needed space.

You need to repeat that to yourself for as long as it takes to get it in your head because those are some of the signs he’s no longer in love with you.

He never loved me because he treated me badly, insulted me, and humiliated me. Does he still love me?

I don’t care about that anymore, and if you see the signs that he’s no longer in love with you, neither should you.

Don’t waste any more of your time on a man who doesn’t love you, because you deserve so much better and you will have that.

Just keep your head up high and don’t let this man break you.

If there are signs that he’s no longer in love with you, your only option is to let him go and move on.

Trust me that it’s for the best, and you’ll be grateful to yourself for doing that one day, once you meet a real man who will love you more than anything.

A man shouldn’t ever make you question his love for you if he’s the right man for you, so don’t ever forget that.

Here are all the signs that he’s no longer in love with you:

1. Everything about you annoys him

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

He once thought that your laugh was the sweetest thing about you, but now it irritates him.

When you ask him simple questions, you get harsh or short responses.

He doesn’t like to cuddle with you anymore because it makes him uncomfortable, too itchy or too hot. In fact, it looks like all the things you do simply annoy him. 

When I noticed this in my past relationship, I knew he didn’t love me anymore, but I refused to believe it.

You have to accept these signs that he’s no longer in love with you as the truth. It doesn’t matter if he used to love you, because all that matters is how the two of you feel right now.

Maybe he was easy-going and fun before, but he’s now constantly frustrated with you, and you need to realize that it’s a sign that he wants out.

Of course, it could be just a phase if he’s going through something at the moment.

He could be short-tempered because he has some problems at work or doesn’t feel accomplished.

However, if this is something that lasts a while, you have every right to believe he’s not in love with you anymore.

2. He doesn’t put any effort into your relationship

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Does it feel like you’ve been in a one-sided relationship for a while now? You probably feel powerless, tired, and annoyed, all at once.

Your relationship is obviously failing, but it looks like he couldn’t care less because he does nothing about it.

He doesn’t try to get close to you anymore, and he hasn’t initiated any of your dates lately.

The communication between the two of you almost doesn’t exist anymore, and it looks like nothing could serve him as a trigger to invest himself, and his time, into your relationship.

3. He is closed off to you

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Was he really open with you before? Maybe he used to share stories about how his day went, about how he felt, or about anything that crossed his mind.

Now, he has shut down and seems closed off to you, which could be one of the signs he’s no longer in love with you.

However, it could again be just a phase and the reason he seems withdrawn maybe doesn’t have anything to do with your relationship or you.

The reason he’s pulling away could be that something is preoccupying him or he needs to withdraw in order to solve his problems on his own. 

Something like this is perfectly normal.

However, if he has seemed withdrawn for a while now and he doesn’t even communicate with you anymore, nothing about that is normal, and it looks like a major red flag.

4. He tells you that he needs some space

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

That space he needs could be healthy space, but it could also look like he is pulling away.

So, how do you figure out which one it is? It all depends on the amount of time you’ve been in a relationship.

Most couples want to spend a lot of time together in the first few weeks or months, so they get together whenever they have any free time.

Once the honeymoon phase passes, both partners often need some space because they want to spend time with their friends and do other things.

These things I mentioned are completely normal, but what isn’t normal then?

If your man is constantly pushing you away, it’s not normal, just like it isn’t normal if the two of you get together only once a week, unless there is a good reason for that.

It’s not normal if he regularly pushes you away, calls you clingy, or makes you feel bad about wanting to be with him.

All that is just manipulation and signs that he’s no longer in love with you.

If, however, your situation is normal, be sure to read our article on how to give him space.

5. He doesn’t respond to your texts for hours, doesn’t call you and doesn’t text first

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Everything is, most of the time, quite intense when a relationship is starting.

The two of you want to spend all of your time together, and you text each other a lot.

As your relationship continues and matures, it’s normal that there’s less intensity, and you don’t text each other as much.

However, if he often disappears for days and even gets annoyed that you’re upset about it, it shows that he doesn’t really want to talk to you… or be with you for that matter.

Has he stopped texting you first when the morning comes? Does he ever call just to hear your voice and find out how you’re doing?

If he doesn’t respond to your texts for hours, doesn’t call you, and doesn’t text first, these are huge signs of disrespect and love fading away.

6. You have communication issues

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and everyone knows it, but we still pretend that a lack of communication is not a huge issue.

How can you be sure that there are communication issues in your relationship? Well, you’ll need to answer a few questions.

Do you feel completely comfortable talking to him about your problems? Does he listen carefully to what you tell him?

Are you aware of everything that’s happening in your man’s personal life?

Have your conversations gotten more meaningful and deeper compared to when you first started dating?

Ask yourself these questions, and your answers will make it clear to you if there are communication issues in your relationship.

If there are, you can try fixing them, but they could also simply be signs that he’s no longer in love with you.

7. He never has time for you, and it looks like he’s avoiding you

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

A clear sign that your relationship is close to its end is when your partner no longer makes you his priority.

He can be busy all he wants, but if he cares about you, he’ll make time for you.

Giving you an excuse not to spend time with you by saying he’s busy is just an avoidance tactic, nothing more.

He avoids you because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the truth and tell you that he doesn’t have such strong feelings for you anymore.

Of course, if he cancels a date once or twice because of a responsibility or because he’s tired, it’s perfectly understandable.

However, when he starts making excuses every single time, it’s because he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and he has no desire to spend any more time with you.

8. He doesn’t make compromises

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

In his opinion, he doesn’t need to compromise on anything, which makes you the only person in the relationship who’s trying to make it work.

You’re forced to juggle your own life, change plans, move appointments, and ultimately shape yourself according to his wishes and needs. 

My only question for you is, why? Why do you have to be the one who shouldn’t bother him with anything, who must accept him for who he is, and who needs to change?

The truth is, no one likes compromises, but compromises are necessary in order to build a healthy, strong relationship.

A man who isn’t willing to compromise isn’t prepared to put effort into a relationship.

From all that, you can only come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have strong feelings for you and doesn’t care that much about your relationship.

9. He doesn’t care when something’s bothering you

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Being in a relationship comes with the benefit of having someone you can rely on, someone who supports you.

When things get tough, it’s the best feeling in the world when you know you can rely on your significant other to be there for you and have your back.

This doesn’t mean you should rely on your boyfriend to fix your problems, make you happy, and improve your mood.

What it does mean is having a special person in your life, someone who lets you be yourself, who is glad to always be on your side, and who’s ready to help you in any way when you’re going through a hard time.

That is exactly what helps couples bond and build intimacy in a relationship.

If your boyfriend isn’t interested in comforting you when you’re upset, and even acts like he doesn’t care when something’s bothering you, it shows he wants to move on.

10. He doesn’t care about your opinion

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Of course, I’m not saying he has to ask for your permission before doing something, but is he really free to do whatever he wants with his life?

If the two of you are in a relationship that is serious, or you at least want it to be serious, every decision he makes will affect you in some way… and the same goes for the decisions you make because they affect him.

It goes without saying that if the two of you are living together and he decides to quit his job, it will definitely affect you… just the same as if he decides to be a vegetarian, starts smoking, or has a fight with his parents.

Whatever he decides to change in his life, it will definitely affect you, and that’s understandable and normal.

A relationship is, at the same time, a partnership.

Does your boyfriend ignore you when he needs to make an important decision? Are you always the last to know about what’s happening in his life?

This shows that he doesn’t care about your opinion, and that’s a big sign that he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore.

11. He tries to hurt you when you’re fighting and doesn’t fight fair

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

Arguments happen in every relationship, but it’s how you fight that is the difference between a healthy relationship and one that’s coming to an end.

Do the two of you fight fair and try to fix things, or do you fight to hurt each other?

If your boyfriend fights with you with the intention of hurting you instead of solving a problem to move things forward, it shows that your relationship is about to be over.

His meanness and cruelty during your fights might be a result of negative emotions coming to the surface.

He could be feeling frustration, resentment, or anger in the relationship, and your fights are his way of expressing these emotions.

If that’s the case in your relationship, it shows that he’s miserable and wants out.

12. He doesn’t want to talk about your relationship and even gets angry when you ask him whether he still loves you

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

What would you do if he told you that he was unsure about whether you loved him? Would you be angry or worried?

You would probably try to find out why he feels that way because you would be worried that you did something wrong that led him to question your love.

So, how come he gets angry when you go to him with the same question?

He hides behind that anger, using it to avoid a conversation that is painful, and it’s because you have exposed the truth he can’t really hide from.

It’s very likely that he still needs to accept the fact himself that he doesn’t love you anymore.

The best defense tactic is attack and anger, so he uses that to avoid the painful truth.

13. Your needs aren’t important to him anymore

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

He was attentive to all your needs before, but he’s now focused only on himself.

Your boyfriend just wants to spend time with his friends and do what he wants and he doesn’t want to be there for you when you need him.

This shows that your relationship is close to its end although another explanation could be that he’s testing your boundaries or he takes the relationship for granted.

Whatever the case may be in your situation, when your boyfriend stops putting the same amount of energy and time into your relationship as he did before, it makes you frustrated because you long for the way things used to be.

What you need to do about it is remember the things you want when it comes to the relationship and the goal you had in the beginning.

It’s important that you have enough courage and self-love to accept nothing less than what you want, without expecting him to change and without blaming him.

If the problem is that your boyfriend takes your relationship for granted, you should step back to focus on your well-being and yourself… which could encourage him to step up.

However, if he has no intention of putting some effort into the relationship, even after you have made your needs clear and took a step back, it shows that he just doesn’t want to do what needs to be done to make the relationship last. 

This is because he doesn’t want it to continue at all.

14. He doesn’t want to make any plans for the future

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

When a man doesn’t want to make any plans for the future with you, it’s because he doesn’t want to have a future with you.

This is one of the biggest signs he doesn’t care about you anymore.

You try to make plans with him for a holiday in a couple of months’ time, but he only finds excuses not to.

He doesn’t want to talk about what you will do or where you will be in a couple of years.

All this is because he’s planning to break up with you, and knows there will be no future with the two of you together.

15. He is unhappy

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

All of us are in a bad mood every now and then, and it’s nothing out of the ordinary when that happens to people who are in a relationship.

However, if your boyfriend seems to constantly be in a bad mood, and it seems like nothing outside of your relationship is causing it, it’s a sign that your relationship is the reason for it.

Relationships are happy and good only when both partners are happy in the relationship.

When that changes and one of them is always in a bad mood, with no signs of their mood improving, it’s often a clear sign that the relationship is about to end.

16. He has stopped saying he loves you

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You

The sad truth is that you wouldn’t have to ask yourself if he still loves you if he still did.

This is because men in love make their love obvious.

They are enthusiastic regarding the relationship and want their girlfriend to know how much they care for her.

Of course, not all of them will write love songs or romantic love letters, but they won’t ever let the woman they love question or doubt their love.

If your boyfriend doesn’t show you he loves you anymore, like he used to, and even stops telling you he loves you, it’s probably because he doesn’t.

How does he react when you tell him you love him? Does he hesitate before answering?

I know how painful that can be. What hurts the most is that you know he doesn’t love you anymore, but you love him too much to accept it.

When a man truly loves you, and you tell him you love him, he won’t hesitate, won’t pause, won’t look away, and won’t roll his eyes.

He’ll simply say he loves you, and you’ll be sure of it.

Don’t worry, because you’ll meet a man like that, but right now, you need to accept it if your relationship is over and move on.

16 Undeniable Signs That He’s No Longer In Love With You